wow dumb things

I am intelligent
I am funny
I am strong
I am kind
I am thoughtful
I am a hard worker
I am responsible
I am enough
I am enough
I am enough

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do u think Raven (in the shower biz fic),once she saw Clarke stroll towards the shower w Bellamy in it, that she opened up the groupchat: Raven-it's happened!!- Raven-i'm @ bellamy n clarkes apt & theyre literally showering together!!!!!!!111!!!!!- Raven-who bet on 4 months- Jasper-IUFESJDKXNOUJFKXVCIHOFDLB- Jasper-FINALLY- Miller-yea that was me pay up *sunglasses emoji*-

this?? turned?? into?? a fic?? wow okay

wc: 2 458
part 1 | read on ao3

Saturday, 8: 53 a.m.
Mom and Dad aren’t home

Raven: i don’t mean to alarm anybody but i think bellamy and clarke are dating
Raven: or at least having sex

Harper: [click to view image]

Murphy: you can’t say that and then not expect us to be alarmed reyes
Murphy: some of us have money riding on this shit

Monty: pics or it didn’t happen

Jasper: [click to view image]

Miller: Jasper if you don’t stop fucking screaming i’m coming over there and choking you

Jasper: ooh kinky ;) ;)

Monty: excuse you, i’m the only one allowed to flirt with miller here

Raven: yeah jasper, keep your kinks to yourself
Raven: this is me kinkshaming you

Jasper: jokes on you kinkshaming is my kink

Monty: how much kink could a kinkshame shame if a kinkshame could shame kink

Miller: i will murder all of you is2g

Raven: we already have one psychopath in this groupchat miller we don’t need another one

Murphy: fuck you reyes

Harper: she didn’t say it was you murphy
Harper: … but we all know it’s you

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I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

Another Guardian Angel Fic

Summary: Dan has a guardian angel blah blah blah

Word Count: 3k

TW: underage drinking + hints at molestation almost happening (attempted non-con/drugging)

i found this in my drafts from like a year ago??? and since then i’ve written another guardian angel fic?? anyway this is also a guardian angel fic with a different premise from forever ago

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He kisses like he’s won a war. Hard, hungry, victorious—breathless, like he has spent the past years fighting and only now has he stopped long enough to catch his breath. His hands grasp—
                                                 at arms,
                                                          at clothes,
                                                                     at hair—
like you are the spoils of the battle, and he fears losing you to the demons that still snap at his heels.
He kisses like a man afraid that this will be fleeting, insubstantial, and will abandon him,
                    just like his parents did.
He still wears the fears of a child, jumping at shadows, flinching at raised voices. But Everything will be alright, you whisper, and your voice is gentle. You are his rock, his shelter, and he the disbelieving victor, scarred and bleeding but finally home, home.

more dex headcannons bc i cannot stop thinking about this precious boy AHHH

  • he likes boring cereal. not like raisin bran or anything horrible, but like. kix and rice checks and cheerios. (mostly bc he’s not a breakfast person and so anything too sugary will make him feel gross but ALSO bc it’s what his parents bought bc his siblings would NEVER agree on anything else than boring stuff)
  • he knows how to cook enough that he wouldn’t starve if he was on his own. this comes from years of helping out around his house and cooking dinner for his younger siblings when his parents had to work nights or were too tired. 
  • hates singing, but has an okay voice. this is discovered during one kegster when whitney houston’s i will always love you comes on and him and nursey get caught up in the moment
  • LOVES BABIES!!! LIKE!! HE LOVES BABIES SO MUCH!! when he sees a baby in public he always waves and the grins when the babies faces light up. the first time nursey witnesses this he literally almost melts into a puddle of affection and LOVE
  • he’s always warm. like. legit he is a space heater and nursey and him can’t share a bed bc they both run hot and so they wake up sweating and stuck together and they’re like “ugh” as they lovingly push each other away to try to get air
  • he was really into harry potter when he was younger, but stopped liking it as much when a few of his friends started comparing him to ron weasley every six seconds. it gets old.
  • doesn’t like his first name. there was always another Will in his classes when he was younger. one year in elementary school there were three Wills in his class, and one of their last names started with a P, too. It was horrible. 
  • HE’S ON THE ACE SPECTRUM!!!! (pry this from my cold, dead hands)
  • he was a very quiet kid. the only time he yelled or threw tantrums was when his older sister would pick on him or tell him he was doing something wrong (this ranges from school work to building a tower with blocks. she learned to stop giving “constructive criticism”)
  • likes to take naps, but only if someone is napping with him 8)
  • once he gets close to someone, he gets v protective and attached and will defend that person to the ends of the earth
  • doesn’t like his picture taken without his permission, even if the picture turns out okay
  • probably thinks that bugs are cool and used to collect them in jars. he didn’t have many friends ok
  • (HE HAS TO SAVE NURSEY FROM SPIDERS. “yo it’s chill an all but i literally will not be able to sleep or breathe in this room if that spider is alive and kickin’” “oh my god i’ll trap it and put it outside” “yeah….haha…ok……………but what if it comes back”) (#nurseyhasnochill #spiderkillingboyfriendoftheyear)
  • JUST LIKE. knows how to do a lot of weird shit? like he can make almost any animal in shadow puppets and he has mad tick tack toe skills, he knows basic oragami and can do all those weird cats cradle things with string? he can make a MASH board in like ten seconds flat, can braid hair, and knows how to construct a stable pillow fort in his sleep. At first everyone is like wtf but then if anyone asks he just shrugs and says that he had four younger siblings and only one hour of tv a night, and suddenly it makes sense
  • he has like. so many books. most of them are from thrift stores and he got them for 75 cents and they’re shit, but he’s read all of them anyway. when he was younger he would read anything that was given to him, but as he got older he started reading mostly historical fiction and scifi. he’s a nerd.
  • owns a pair of overalls. 
  • thinks the annoying trope of “trying to count someone’s freckles” is cheesy and stupid, and one time nursey tried and he pushed him off the bed. there are too many. it’s dumb

Look, guys, Dylan decided to be a porn cop for Halloween and I’m not ok rn.

The porn ‘stache. The cheesy sunglasses. The shirt opened for maximum sleaziness. I am so into it, send help. Why self why.

(I guess Latts dressed up as a cop too? I’ll be honest, I was too focused on Dylan to realize anyone else was even there.)

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I love the idea of Laurent just like casually slipping little magic tricks into his and Damen’s downtime cuz he’s GOTTA GET HIS PRACTICE IN, SO CONSIDER:

- laurent reaching up to tuck a curl behind damen’s ear and damen’s just internally like “omg,,,,so sweet, so cute” but then. laurent pulls his hand away to reveal a shiny gold coin which was ~tucked magically behind damen’s ear~. damen mumbles something about “using me to practice your tricks on again,” but the teasing smile on laurent’s face and the quick press of lips to his shoulder has him privately admitting he doesn’t really mind.

- laurent and damen are just walking through the halls one day and chatting, maybe on their way to or from a meeting, and suddenly laurent just PRODUCES FLOWERS FROM OUT OF THIN AIR (his sleeve) and wordlessly hands them to damen and damen just
L: (ㅎ.ㅎ)
L: (ㅎ.ㅎ)
D: …how’d you do that with your laces
L: (ㅎ.ㅎ) *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

I feel like I really needed a hug this week.  This guy probably does too ^ ^;


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i made some lil’ dodie wallpapery things

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would you like fries with that; do you ever make something and then immediately regret it



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