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Here’s the thing. I’m usually vvvv into butch lesbians and not really attracted to femmes. SO TELL ME HOW TF I SEE KATE MCKINNON AND ITS GAME FUCKIN OVER???? HOW CAN SOME ONE HAVE THE BEAUTY AND GRACE OF A QUEEN AND THE SWAGGER OF A MILLION JUSTIN BEIBERS????? She walks out in heels and a dress and I’m like FUCK and then I see her in sweats and a flannel and I’m like FUCK. what kind of lesbian voodoo is this cause it’s got me SHOOK.

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Okay, I have this TTC AU headcanon that Yami really likes that sandwich, but sometimes he craves for other things. So he’ll go to a student and trade sandwiches. Or he’ll give it to a broke student. 

For Yuugi, the times he visits, he gives away the sandwich since it makes a student happy and buys another one.

Both of them usually get the egg sandwich.

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So I have this theory about Teen Wolf. You know how Stiles has to keep telling himself to wake up like when he was in the field and during class when "wake up" filled his notebook. And he got into that accident at the end of 3a? And it's said that when you're in a coma you keep getting messages to wake up. So I think that Stiles never made it out of his car and he's actually in a coma and that's why he keeps needing to wake up.


It’s been fun, guys, but the porch light is off. I’m a little worn out, I didn’t realise I’d get that many messages! But I hope you all enjoy your presents and have a wonderful Simblreen. :)

For those of you who missed the gift-giving, don’t worry! All four of my presents will be released publicly on the 1st of November.