wow doodling is fun

I have zero self-control; here’s Lyra waltzing around in trousers and daring anyone to make a comment


Wow, I’m rusty.

I wanted to doodle something for fun (for once)but it sort of turned into a warm up for poses. I spent more time on this then I wanted too. ><;

Anyhow, this is just a scene from a BATIM fic i wrote a little while ago. I want to add more, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. It’s set in @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, only it’s set early in the ‘timeline’ (like Bendy isn’t even 10 years old yet, in term when he was created).

Meh, it was a good exercise I guess.


Pkmn SM x MonHun, again. 

this time Nanu as ニャンター (’Nyantaa’IDK what it’s referred as/called in dub vers of the MH game) because WHY NOT? 8D — & then we have Rajang replacing Tapu Bulu’s position in this verse…. >w>;; 

Nanu here is also a “King” (aka: Kahuna) chosen by some of their world’s strongest mons! & in this case, he was chosen - & respected - by the all mighty Rajang!  (;゜▽゜)  

((chose rajang cuz it somewhat look like a bull more than other MH mons IMO? plus, definitely way too strong enough to be worthy of the “deity” title))