wow doodling is fun

There had been a rustling of leaves and she had disregarded it nonchalantly, it was probably her neighbour’s cat or some other woodland creature scurrying about in the early morning. When she heard it again, this time louder, she decided she had to do something about that annoying animal. Heaving an irritated sigh, she placed her trowel on the ground and stood up, dusting the dirt and grass that clung to her apron. With a scowl deepening on her face as all thought of a relatively peaceful morning were shattered, she strode over to the other end of the garden where the elm tree stood. It was rather old and had been on the property ever since she purchased the land and it decidedly made a rather good spot of shade for an afternoon nap during the hotter seasons.

“Ah, a lovely morning to you, young lady.”

Of course, large trees came with the ever-constant burden of fetching a neighbour’s cat should the dastardly feline decide to become trapped among its branches and refuse to climb down. However, this had to be by far the most ridiculous situation she had been in to date and it was only the beginning of the day. She quirked an eyebrow at the man stuck in the tree – she could safely add men to the usual list of suspects now, she mused sardonically.  

“Would you be as so kind as to help me down? As you can see, I’m in a bit of a… predicament.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes – well, there was always a first for everything.

The AU that caffinatedstory talked to me about on Twitter and all I remembered was air potatoes

chek out dis doodlay of my fav son 

i kinda wanna open an ask blog and im more than a little tempted to make it 4 kish but,,,,,, no one likes tmm anymore ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 



The others never can never understand when stuff happens like this.

This is also based on that post and Kate gave me a wonderful idea about this on skype so like I finally got around to finishing and making it.