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Top 5 skam characters' outfits? x

tbh im just gonna cut this one short bc lbr

1-5. every single thing that the girl squad has worn ever and isaks grey hoodie + evens jean jacket 


RWBY Relationship Week

Day 5: Coco Adel / Pyrrha Nikos

Words: 1,153


Coco Adel had a certain… habit, and it was pretty hard to miss. 

Even if you hadn’t been paying attention to the events leading up to it, when it did eventually happen, it turned more than just a few heads.

It tended to happen most often with her teammates, because they were the three people around her most often. But when the opportunity presented itself, Coco would… reach out to others as well.


She’d reach out and slap them on the rear. 

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Do you ship phan?

                   "Close your shirt more.“



                           don’t want to.“

                                ”You can’t look like a queen, 

                   if you dress like that.“

                                 ”You can’t look like a king,

                     with a face like yours.“