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So I just rewatched "Family of Rogues" and I am having like SO MANY Len as Dad feels. Not like Cold having kids or anything but the fact Lisa says that her brother pretty much raised her. Like Len walking that fine line between parent and big brother and getting her to school and checking her home work and taking her prom dress shopping and threatening her boyfriends and giving her hell for some stupid stunt and just being a PARENT when he should be a kid and all the feels make them stop! Help!

Have you seen this gifset [fixed link]?

But yeah, Len is all sorts of protective and paternal. The assumed age difference between he and Lisa (something like 11+ years) means he definitely did a lot of raising her. I have so many feelings about Len being a preteen or young teen out of his depth after Lisa’s mother left, trying to get a toddler to stop crying because Lewis wasn’t around and google wasn’t really a thing, having no idea how to deal with a tantrum because Lisa was raised in such an inconsistent environment when she was a baby.

I have so many feels about mid-teens Len walking her to the bus every day for kindergarten and making sure her coat was done up, packing her a lunch (and having no idea what to do, so the teacher calls up Lewis and chews him out and gives him a list of what should be in a kindergartener’s lunch and Len gets the brunt of that mistake because anything that makes Lewis look bad makes him very angry). I have a lot of feelings about Len giving Lisa a perfectly nutritional and balanced lunch every day after that from kindergarten until she’s old enough to demand he stop packing her a lunch, and a lot of feelings about him being the one to do the family grocery shopping on a very tight budget, making sure to prioritize the food he makes her meals with.

I have a lot of feelings about Len being taken on jobs with Lewis and trained to rewire systems, steal quick, and it actually being some of his better memories of after Lewis was out of Iron Heights the first time, because on a job his dad was sober, and focused, and paid attention to teaching Len how to do things right. The first few times felt dangerous and fun – scary to start but increasingly exciting by the time they were in the getaway car and he was being clapped on the back for his role in the job.

I have a lot of feelings about Len taking those skills and learning how to transfer them to pickpocketing and stealing at stores so he could provide things for Lisa that they couldn’t otherwise afford, when money was so tight because anything Lewis did manage to fence, he drank away fast.

I have feelings about how ‘jobs’ with Lewis only got worse though – being blamed for any detail that went wrong, yelled at or worse when they got home if anything had gone awry, seeing Lewis put bullets in people because he couldn’t make an efficient plan, and Len having to take the fall for his dad’s poor skills and get sent to juvie, rather than have Lewis back in Iron Heights just to get meaner. Those were some of the longest months of Len’s life – worrying about his baby sister at home, right around the time Lisa’s mom left (I headcanon), and then thinking he was about to be stabbed and die, and there would be no one to really look after Lisa, not properly. Mick Rory was Len’s guardian angel not just because he saved Len’s life, but because he saved Len to get back to Lisa.

I have a lot of feelings about Len dropping out of high school to work full time so they had enough money coming in to feed Lisa and pay for her skating lessons. There were some things in this world that Len couldn’t steal, and lessons were one of them. Reaching adulthood and living half in and and half out of Lewis’s house just so he could look after Lisa. A lot of feelings about all the times Len stood between Lewis and Lisa and didn’t back down, and about how Lewis grew more wary and suspicious of Len over time, this boy grown into a man who wasn’t afraid of him anymore or the pain he could cause. I have a lot of feelings about the first time it clicked for Lewis that he could use Lisa against Len, get him back under this thumb again, and how scared Len was that day, and every single day of his life thereafter until Lewis was locked away, until Lewis was dead.

I have a lot of feelings about Lisa looking up to her big brother, more of a parent than anything. About her being too young to know not to ask for things they couldn’t afford until she learned to recognize the sad twist to her brother’s face, and about how once he started to steal, she did too, if only so she wouldn’t have to ask her brother for things and see him sad. I have a lot of feelings about how she rebelled against him like most teens do to a parent, complaining and spitting mad when he threatened or stared down her boyfriends (how it became an inside joke years later when all the hurt feelings were done away with, how he teased her about kissing Cisco and it was like an old memory that made them both share a private smile in the midst of a kidnapping). 

I have a lot of feelings about her getting in fist fights at school and Len having to teach her that just because their father solved everything with his fists didn’t mean that was the best way, and showing her how to be smarter than anyone else. I have a lot of thoughts about young and vindictive Lisa Snart who teachers adored in elementary but whose peers feared and admired in equal measures. Thoughts and feelings about teenage Lisa learning beauty is a weapon but scars are ugly, learning boys want one thing from you but that’s okay because she only wanted one thing from them – a distraction, some fun. Learned to see relationships as a mutually beneficial arrangement and left the feelings out of it.

I have a lot of feelings about her telling Len she wants to quit skating when she was young still because she’s old enough to realize they can’t afford the lessons and her private trainer, and Len being smart enough to realize what she’s doing, them fighting about him making her stay in lessons, neither being open and honest about it, both of them sad but secretly thankful she sticks it out and keeps practicing because she loves skating as much as she loves life, those years. And a lot of feelings about Len tearing up when she graduates high school and goes to prom and he’s so proud because he did that, he made damn sure that happened, that she got that, got to dress up and go to prom in a beautiful golden dress and got to get that certificate that will open doors never available to him.

And I have a lot of feelings about how crestfallen Len was when she was old enough to decide to continue on in the ‘family business’ (because of course Lewis was training her too, his ‘Plan B’). How even after the old man is in the Heights again (something I suspect was at least in part Lisa’s subtle doing), she doesn’t leave the criminal world, even if she’s sneakier and smarter at it than most others, never caught herself, mostly a driver, one keeping a legitimate job. And a lot more feelings about how privately horrified Len is the first time she kills a man, because he’d thrown up after his own first kill, shaking privately in the bathroom for an hour after to calm down, but Lisa is harder than he ever was at her age and when she kills it is with power and precision and she looks to Len, vulnerable for a moment like she was as a girl, eyes asking ‘did i do okay?’ and he doesn’t want to spook her so he just nods and says good job and privately mourns that she looks relieved and not ill. She’s shaken still, later, and he knows it, but she’s so much stronger than him and he doesn’t know whether to be proud or hate the world for making her that way.

I have a lot of feelings about Len raising Lisa into everything she is today, all the growing pains, distance of finding one’s own path, closeness of knowing you’re family and you’ll always have each other, above anything else. I have a ridiculous amount of feelings about Len and Lisa Snart.


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fma week: day 11 (18/03/14) alternate universe or taboo
↳ taboo - human transmutation

“alchemy is based on the law of equivalent exchange. the price of even a failed human transmutation was enormous. it cost my brother his left leg, and it cost me my whole body…”

I don’t understand how people don’t like Satine.  Actually, I do, because she’s a very difficult character in a lot of ways, and in particular in a couple of ways that make people step back and go, “Whoa there, that is a thing I’m not fond of.”  One: new female character. Two: “new” Mandalorian. Three: introduced as a love interest. Four: she’s a pacifist in a galaxy at war. Five: holy gods does she ever have strong convictions, it’s just because they don’t happen to be MURDER EVERYONE they’re easy to deride.

Occasionally I see her dismissed as “blonde Padme” and you know, that’s probably one of the most inaccurate descriptions of her character ever.  Yes, she’s a woman, yes, she’s a politician, yes, she’s in love with a Jedi, yes, she’s strong-willed, and…that’s about it.  Might as well describe Quinlan Vos as “Anakin with dreadlocks.”  Of course they’re set up to parallel each other.  Anakin and Luke are set up to parallel each other.  Obi-Wan and Anakin are set up to parallel each other.  Leia and Padme are set up to parallel each other.  Vader and Dooku are set up to parallel each other.  That doesn’t make any of them less valid characters.


Also, wow, once you hear that she was based on Cate Blanchett it’s all you can see.  Here is a helpful visual aide.

God, it’s not even that I don’t like Ted/Robin. Because I always have. It was never that. I have a ted x robin tag for crying out loud. I rewatch season two, when they were together, constantly. And trust me, I appreciate a full circle ending.

But spending all that time building a bullshit otp and developing a character to ~fall in love and finally decide what he wants and then have it all be for nothing? Crap.

Having Robin realize she was still in love with Barney in season seven and pining for him that whole time? Crap.

It’s a disservice to the fans in the biggest way, and that upsets me more than anything else. 

I understand that they had the idea for this from day one. But the thing is, this isn’t season one. Season nine just ended. That’s nearly a decade of growth and development and changing, and I am disappointed. I am. I am very disappointed.

I am disappointed because Robin Scherbatsky, the character I have loved and devoted my time to for years, was barely featured in the finale. I am disappointed because they spent six years (or more, lbr, if we want to take it back to zip zip zip and stuff) developing a plot and romance for naught, despite understanding and knowing fan interest. 

They did not allow the ending to grow with the show - I believe that. And I wish it hadn’t happened. 

I can appreciate the Ted/Robin. I can. I love me a full circle ending. And I understand how important the Ted/Robin dynamic has ALWAYS been. 

And I get now why, after all these years, they always brought up the Ted/Robin of it all. Even last week, at Barney and Robin’s wedding. 

But I do, I really do, believe it was a mistake, and that it was unfair after all this time because they spent so many years making us believe that things would be different.

AND LET’S TALK ROBIN. I always wanted her to be all over the place and seeing the world and working and WE ALL KNEW SHE WOULD. Future!Ted told us she would live many places. And I am SO happy for her, in that way. 

But I do not see in any way how if she couldn’t make the long distance craziness work with Barney, she’s going to make it work with Ted. I don’t get that at all. Because I adore Ted, I do, but I’m pretty sure Barney is the one that would be a hell of a lot more okay with all of that. But anyway. 

And, my god, I feel like it’s a huge disservice to the Mother, too. Cristin is phenomenal. Tracy!!! It’s exciting to know her name, that really is wonderful and great. But it feels unfair to her, too - so many of us (almost all of us!) spent years looking forward to and excited about Ted finally getting to be with the Mother. Not to mention the fact that she should have sung more, and I wanted her to sing in the finale a bunch! - but that’s clearly more my issue. 

I also think it’s ridiculous that the kids would react so ~bleh over hearing the story of how Ted met their mother (and I get that it mostly WASN’T about how he met her and that’s the point but it SHOULDN’T have been because what the fuck have the fans been waiting for???). I get that maybe she’s been gone for a while, hell, maybe she already told that story to the kids before her passing, but their genuine nonchalance after all these years? Will never make sense to me.

I get it. I do. I so completely get the full circle ending that it’s almost painful because I wish I didn’t get it - then I could be angry and furious and nothing else, but mostly I just feel resigned, disappointed understanding. Which is the real disappointment of it all. It wasn’t what I expected. And, frankly, this show has been almost entirely what I expected over the years…until now. I get the keeping up with your ideas from the beginning because I love continuity more than anything. The callbacks were phenomenal, and I enjoyed them, but now…when I think about the ending of HIMYM? I will probably always feel nothing but crippling disappointment. 

And that’s a very unfortunate place to be at, as a fan. 

[I want to add, on top of this, because I know I’ve made a lot of criticisms, and maybe they seemed harsh to some of you idk - this show, himym, will never ever in a million years stop meaning everything to me. it is and always will be important to me. Maybe I didn’t like the finale, but I’ve had over 200 episodes that I adored, and I will be forever grateful for that. This show has changed my life, and I appreciate all of it. I just wish, sincerely, that it hadn’t ended like this. Because this is a disappointment I have not felt since Lost ended. And HIMYM was the show that gave me hope after Lost. So that??? Not helping. But, still. I may be actively furious and deeply sad, but this show will always mean the world to me. Always.]

signs as horoscopes
  • aries: sometimes you're really social, but sometimes you just need your space!
  • taurus: wow, do you ever like breathing
  • gemini: you have emotions
  • cancer: stop crying
  • leo: you say words that some people like and others don't
  • virgo: basic human trait
  • libra: people have come to you for advice at some point in your life
  • scorpio: sometimes you're impulsive, but you can be more reserved when you need to be
  • sagittarius: so relatable
  • capricorn: you really like music, or movies. you like some form of media, am i close?
  • aquarius: you have a sense of humor of some sort
  • pisces: fish