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All the signs exploring in the woods (Short Story)

Aries: “Omg yaaaas nature bitch look at all these trees”

Cancer: “Hey Leo did you bring all the food?”

Virgo: “What food? you meant this food?” *cleans face with napkin*

Leo: “Wow I knew my bag was feeling a little light”

Gemini: *using a mirror all the time to check their appearance*

Pisces: “Gemini, baby all these mirrors around me but all I see is you”

Capricorn: *barfs* “can you guys get a room”

Aquarius: “Oh my god guys come try these awesome mushrooms!”

*All the signs eat the mushrooms with water*

Aries: “Wow wait guys I’m not feeling any good *poops to death*

Taurus: “Yassss bitch, what a trip! I see Michele Obama’s face in those bushes!”

Gemini: “Wait do we have any more of these?” *starts running around like a wild animal*


Leo: “I wonder if you can make a house out of pizza”


Libra: “Do you guys think if I shaved my hair off I would confuse an eagle and they’d mistake me for their maker”

Scorpio: “I think I should be the ultimate scorpion rider, they will call me Scorpio The Scorpion! I’ma get rich!” 

Sagittarius: “Are you sure Aquarius ate those mushrooms I swear I feel like cutting a bitch”

Capricorn: “Hey guys if I was on a beach and sat down do you think it’s acceptable to call me Sandy Cheeks?”

Aquarius: “I FEEL SO ALIVE DO YOU FEEL ALIVE” *transforms into a dog*

Pisces: “Do you see my legs, feel my legs, they’re so soft. omg I can be it, I have what it takes to be americas next top model”


Hi guys! It’s the end of the year, and to celebrate 2013, I’ve decided to make a New Years Follow Forever uvu (Instead of your typical Christmas Follow Forever ahaha). These are all blogs that have made my dashboard and my Tumblr experience amazing this past year, and I want to thoroughly thank all of you for talking to me, blogging with me, and being friends with me (≧∇≦)/ ~

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