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I don’t know how to be good enough for you. And I’m sick of trying.
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Me while listening to the heathers soundtrack for the first time
  • me during Beautiful: wow this is great and really funny.
  • me during Candy Store: wow for a song about some huge bitches this sounds really good.
  • me during Fight for me: I wish I could see the musical so I can see how they act out the songs.
  • me during Freeze your Brain: aww sad back story
  • me during Big Fun: haha this is funny- wait, did Heather almost get raped?
  • me during Dead Girl Walking: WOW THANKS FOR TELLING ABOUT HER ANGRY SEX THANKS. also you can pinpoint exactly when they climax
  • me during The Me Inside of Me: wait. what happened? did someone die? im confused
  • me during Blue: WOW. THIS IS. WOW. OKAY. AND THIS IS HAPPENING? HER 'FRIENDS' WONT EVEN HELP? WHAT but tbh it sounds good
  • me during Our Love Is God: wow this is actually sweet. I wish I said someone to worship me. I wish I had a love that is like god. this is beautiful and- FUCK HOLD ON NVM. YOU CAN HEAR HIM GOING CRAZY FUCK THIS MUSIC IS A MASTERPIECE
  • My during Dead Gay Son: 10/10 increadible anD THE DADS ARE GAY TOO? KILL ME OML
  • me during Seventeen: uhh, y'all cant come back from killing ppl. there is no more normal for you. also how did you get away with that?
  • me during Shine a Light: wow what the fuck is happening here. is a teacher really telling them her life story? fuck. miss you need to see a therapist.
  • me during Lifeboat: wow really good and relatable but whos singing???? I may never know
  • me during Shine A Light Reprise : fuCK NOW THATS HOW YOU DO A GODDAMN REPRISE 100/10 FUCK ME
  • me during Kindergarten Boyfriend: skip
  • me during Yo Girl: wow that escalated quickly also haha i get the joke jd ur clever
  • me during Meant to Be Yours: wow what a perf transition also character development has never been better
  • me during I Am Damaged: so... hes dead? and im crying? okay
A Lesson in Love (Defining the Relationship)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,206

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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“Hello, Y/N.”

“Hey, T,” you respond, moving all of your stuff off the empty desk beside you to make space for T’Challa to sit. He sidesteps a couple of people standing in his way, leaning out of harm’s way when someone swings their arm out without realizing he’s there and slides into the desk with ease. His movements are as catlike and agile as you remember.

“I must admit, I was pretty nervous when Hill said she was choosing who was going to read over our drafts.” He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a folder. It’s black, which doesn’t surprise you; it’s safe to say that black is his favorite color. “But when she called my name after yours, I felt like I could breathe again.”

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My shipping of Zutara started during the Siege of the North when the pair battled behind Aang’s meditating form, but it was more of a oh look at her go - she’s whooping his ass kind of shipping. I thought it would be really neat if they ended up the same side somehow and fell in love, but let’s be real… it was only season one and Zuko was still an angry muffin (but not as big of a jerk as he could’ve been) for like 8,000 more episodes. Whatever.

But much ado later, I found them talking in the Crystal Catacombs and I thought Oh my god! These two could work! 

‘Why?’ you may ask. 

Well, I’ll tell you why! They were so ridiculously supportive of each other, even as enemies! Just look at some of the dialogue: 

Katara: Why did they throw you in here? Oh wait. Let me guess. It’s a trap. So when Aang shows up to rescue me, you can finally have him in your little Fire Nation clutches.
Katara: You’re a terrible person, you know that? Always following us, hunting the Avatar, trying to capture the world’s last hope for peace! But what do you care? You’re the Fire Lord’s son. Spreading war and violence and hatred is in your blood.
Zuko: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Katara:  I don’t?! How dare you! You have no idea what this war has put me through. Me personally.The Fire Nation took my mother away from me.
Zuko: I’m sorry. That’s something we have in common.

Look at that! She’d spent a good five minutes yelling at this boy, who also has his own disappointments, fears, and struggles lingering in his thoughts, but he pushes all of that aside to offer what little comfort her can to her. Sure, it’s not much - he can’t do or say anything that will change what happened - but instead of being his typical uptight, angsty self, he turns around and apologizes to her. He opens the door to let Katara see a sympathetic side to him, a side that’s battling with what the Fire Nation has done, and a side that truly believes all life matters even when someone literally tried to burn that idea out of him. 

And then, Katara, who could’ve easily stayed angry or brushed away his apology, turns around to face him and tells him that she’s sorry for yelling at him. 

Katara: I’m sorry I yelled at you before.
Zuko: It doesn’t matter.
Katara: It’s just that for so long now, whenever I would imagine the face of the enemy, it was your face.
Zuko: My face. I see.

Right there, my mind was blown. I expected Zuko to lash out at her for, you know, basically implying that his face (scar) symbolized the nation that had been terrorizing her and the world. Instead, he’s sorrowful. His expression is so heartbroken right then and devastated, and even though he doesn’t make a complete journey to the side of good, he’s still genuinely apologetic and remorseful for the pain Katara has faced. 

Katara: No, no, that’s not what I meant.
Zuko: It’s ok. I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I’ve realized I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark.
Katara: Maybe you could be free of it.
Zuko: What?
Katara: I have healing abilities.
Zuko: It’s a scar. It can’t be healed.
Katara: This is water from the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole. It has special properties, so I have be saving it for something important. I don’t know if it would work, but…

Man, oh man, does she get him. Up until this point, Zuko has been entirely closed off about what happened to him and the feelings surrounding scar. That all changes the very second someone outside of his uncle shows a bit of sympathy and interest in his past. She’s respectful. She doesn’t push him. Instead, she listens and then responds in a way that he never expected - with genuine support and helpfulness. 

What’s more, Katara is now looking at Zuko, her sworn enemy and the crown prince of the Fire Nation, as someone worthy of her time and affection. Look at that last line - It has special properties, so I have be saving it for something important - Katara sees him as someone who is special, someone who could be worth saving and helping.

Oh, and turns out she was right: 

Just a few months after his desertion of the Fire Nation, the pair now has a mutual relationship full of respect, understanding, and support. Look how beautifully she listens to him. Look how perfectly she offers him the words and encouragement that he needs!  Look at the way she is looking at him!!!

Katara: Are you okay?
Zuko: No, I’m not okay. My Uncle hates me, I know it. He loved me and supported me in every way he could and I still turned against him. How can I even face him? 
Katara: Zuko, you’re sorry for what you did, right?
Zuko: More sorry than I’ve been about anything in my entire life.
Katara: Then he’ll forgive you. He will.

Wow. Just wow. They really have come full circle. For the girl who swore she would never forgive him, who swore he was worst person alive and the face of the enemy, to say that he will be forgiven… My god. Everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve faced, all of it culminates into this amazing scene where she tells him, Zuko, it’s going to be okay. I forgave you and your uncle will, too. We care about you. 

And the confidence that instills in him… suddenly he realizes that he’s important to this girl. He realizes that he’s valued by this girl. And her realizes that she’s someone he’s thankful for and he would protect her no matter the cost. And protect her, he does. 

First, by offering to fight Azula alone, even after his uncle warned that he would need help (I love her more than I fear you {@ Azula} - Zuko, in his head, probably), and second, by taking a fucking lightning bolt to the chest and nearly dying for her. (I still love her more than I fear you {@ Azula & Death} - Zuko, in his head again, probably)

Then, after this sacrifice, Katara expresses immense gratefulness for Zuko - I think I’m the one who should be thanking you - with no thought or reprimand for baiting Azula, risking his life, or risking the future of the Fire Nation. She just thanks him. Hell, she cries over him.  Then, when he’s back on his feet, coming face-to-face with his impending rule and the fall of his sister, she continues to hold on to him in a display of full support. 

It’s just such a beautiful relationship and I love it… for everything it was in the show and everything it continues to be through fan art and fan fiction. 


So. Me being me, I was bored and decided to turn on my sister’s old enV3 phone from the year 2008. I thought it would be a nice dose of nostalgia. It totally was. Went through some texts, the usual. Moved on to photos. Now, while going through some gems of my sister at her prime age of 12, I stumble upon something strange. “What the fuck?” I ask myself. 

Now, my sister is aware of my obsession with Aaron Tveit. Before I told her who he was maybe a little over a year ago, she didn’t know about him. So, how in the everloving FUCK. does she end up with this very specific photo of Aaron Tveit’s autograph? I run upstairs to find the n2n playbill I had him sign at the paramount to make sure I’m not seeing shit. 

Nope, I’m definitely not seeing shit. At this point, I’m literally shaking bc I’m so shook. It’s midnight and I’m dying, trying to hold in laughter to not wake my dad sleeping upstairs, and text my sister.


She asks me if I’m dying. I tell her the whole story, she asks what else he’s been in on Broadway. I list the shows. 

“Hairspray.” she says, “I saw it with chorus back when I had that phone.”

“Oh my god.” I say, “Why the fuck did you just take an isolated picture of his signature?”

“I have no idea” she says.

I press. TELL ME you still have this playbill. please. I need it. 

“Hahah no way,” she responds. 

So here I am, midnight on a sunday, freaking out because I turned on a 9 year old phone to find a random picture of Aaron’s signature on my sister’s phone who didn’t know who he was until me. Apparently she did. I am so shook. I was literally watching him sing without love on youtube this morning. I’m so jealous. 

Nothing more wild has ever happened to me in my life.

The Right Choice

Okay, so it has literally been a year since Snowbaz made it’s way into our world, brightening our days. I wanna write (another) Snowbaz fanfic for these two adorkable little boyfriends.

So here is Penny getting Simon and Baz to play Truth or Dare in their 7th year at Watford, knowing Baz’s secret….


Penny knew. Of course she did. She was Penelope Bunce, and the only one who rivaled her wits was Basilton Grimm-Pitch. And even Baz wasn’t smart enough to hide this from her. 

It was after a particularly nasty fight with Simon. Fists crashed against jaws and hands shoved chests against walls. Penny was trying to pull Simon away, and Agatha was pulling at Baz, but neither of them would stop. They kept coming at each other, as if magnets where pulling them together. 

Simon trips Baz to the floor, making him crash noisily. Baz quickly pulls himself to his feet and with a burst of speed, pushes Simon against a wall. Both of their breathing is labored from the intense fist-fight, and the air around them is hot like a summer day. Simon tries to wrestle himself out of Baz’s grip, but it’s no use. His hand is like an iron shackle around his neck that, no matter how much Simon tried, he could not break through. Baz pressed his knee against Simon’s chest, bracing him against the wall harder.  

Simon knows he’s lost the battle. He looks up into Baz’s silver eyes, sharp like a knife, waiting for him to give the final blow. The blow to end this all. For some reason, Simon isn’t scared, he isn’t frightened. He just feels at peace. He takes a deep breath, and is ready to let go. 

Something in Baz softens. His grip slackens on Simon and his sneer is gone. It’s replaced with worry and something that…. Penny can’t place her finger on…. almost…. affection? That can’t be right. But then…..

Penny thinks for a moment, studying Baz’s expression. Something clicks as he lets go of Simon and turns on his heel. No way, Penny thinks to herself, a small smile creeping onto her lips. Why didn’t she realize it sooner? All the staring, the sneers, the walls, it’s all been a cover up. A big, gigantic bluff. With a quick glance at Simon being helped up by Agatha, she races down the hall after Baz. 

She catches up to him, despite how fast he stormed off, and grabs his arm, turning him to face her. Baz looks at her as if she was some hideous monster that climbed out of the depths of hell. After hearing what she has to say, Baz isn’t sure if that isn’t the case. 

“What do you want, Bunce?” he says irritably. Pennelope is breathless from chasing after him and holds up her finger. When her breathing evens out, she looks at Baz with a horrendous smile, a smile that tells you she looked into the deepest and darkest parts of your soul and found useful information.

“I know your secret,” she says tauntingly. Baz somehow still manages to keep a calm composer, even though his insides are burning like a wildfire. 

“What the hell are you implying?” Baz says, looking at her as if she said the sky is purple. Penelope frowns. 

“I know what you are,” she says, her voice dropping.

“Oh god. Is this another one of Snow’s schemes to prove I’m a vampire?” She has a mischevious smile that makes her look like the devil himself. And it isn’t helping that her hair is a bright red.

“No. You’re gay aren’t you?” Those where the exact words he did not want to hear. Not out of Snow’s mouth, not out of Bunce’s mouth, not anyone’s mouth. It was his secret, and his alone. Well, at least she doesn’t know about–

“And you have a crush on Simon,” she finishes. For the first time in forever, Penelope sees Baz’s sneer vanish, replaced with a look of fear. His hands start to tremble and his eyes dart from side to side, looking for a way out. 

“N-n-no Bunce. That’s s-s-stupid.” But that stutter. That stutter was all Penny needed. An idea started to blossom in her brain, growing into a beautiful flower. Yes, Penny thinks, that will do nicely. She shrugs her shoulders, putting on a bored expression, and pushes past Baz.

When their shoulders brush, she whispers, “I want to help. Meet us in the Ancient Languages classroom.” And with that, she’s gone, leaving Baz to puzzle over what just happened.

Baz feels like his heart is going to burst as he edges towards the classroom. He hears laughter from the classroom. Two females, and one distinctly male. His pulse races faster like it’s going to be eaten by a cheetah as he presses his palm against the wooden door. It falls open at his touch and the laughter ceases as the door opens to reveal Baz. 

Simon is on his feet in a moment, the Sword of Mages in his hand. His bronze curls shine in the fading sunlight and his nose twitches in concern. His blue eyes momentarily flash anger, disrupting the calming sense of a blue sky on a summer’s day. 

“What are you doing here, Baz,” he snarls, making Baz flinch a little. 

“I invited him to play Truth or Dare with us,” Penelope says. Both Baz and Simon’s faces twist in annoyance, Simon not wanting Baz to intrude on this private game, and Baz realizing just what Penny is planning.

“Alright! Let’s get to it!” Agatha says with an unbelievable amount of excitement. They sit on the floor in a circle and pick who’s going to ask first.

“I feel like I’m at a sleepover,” Agatha says as she Simon her first question. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?” Agatha says. Simon, with a nervous glance at Baz, chooses “Truth.”

“Have you ever murdered a person,” Agatha says, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Jesus Agatha! What’s wrong with you! Of course I haven’t!”

“Okay, just checking.” Simon rolls his eyes and, surprisingly, turns to Baz.

“Baz, Truth or Dare?”

“T-t-truth?” Baz says. Simon smirks.

“Scared?” Baz doesn’t say anything.

“Okay, are you, or are you not a vampire?” Simon says. Baz should’ve known that’s what he’d ask. The answer slips out of Baz’s mouth before he can stop it.

“I am,” he  says, and then his eyes widen as he realizes what he said. Simon looks annoyingly pleased with himself.

“Bunce,” Baz says, rolling his eyes. 

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” Agatha lets out a groan.

“This game isn’t going to be interesting if none of you ever pick ‘Dare’,” she says. Penny sticks her tongue out. 

“Okay. Why am I here, Bunce?” Baz asks, hoping to get an answer. But Penny is smarter than she looks.

“I have a plan,” she answers simply, and then turns to Simon. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Sorry Agatha, but Truth,” he says, waiting patiently. Penny looks at Baz with that grin on her face. A storm is coming.

“Simon, have you ever, you know, thought of kissing someone from the same sex?” Oh. No. She did not just….

Simon’s face changes from relaxed to tense in a matter of seconds. Everything starts to twitch, and his fingers pat the floor nervously. He looks at Baz for a second, but then quickly looks at Penny. Baz isn’t sure if he imagined it. 

“N-yes,” Simon says, not only surprising everyone else, but surprising himself as well. This is going to get interesting.

They continue playing, doing some truths, and some dares. Baz tunes out to most of it, still processing what Simon said.

“Alright, one last one,” Penny says, turning to Simon.

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” he says with a shrug, stretching his arms back and yawning. His shirt lifts up a little, showing the barest hints of his stomach. If Baz had any blood, he would’ve blushed. An impish smile spreads across her lips as she looks between Baz and Simon. 

“Simon Snow, I dare you to kiss Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch for at least ten seconds,” she says, that damn smile never leaving her lips. Baz looks at her angrily, knowing that he should’ve never came. Simon looks agast.

“Are you crazy? We just found out he’s a vampire. He could kill me!” Baz rolls his eyes, trying to stay cool.

“I’m not going to kill you. It’s just one kiss, what could possibly happen?” Baz says. A lot, he thinks to himself. His fingers start to tap on his knee, doing the fingerings for “The Two Grenadiers” on the violin. He likes to play it when he’s stressed, and god knows he needs it now. 

“Alright fine Basilton.” Simon moves closer to Baz and his breath catches. He has never seen Simon’s face this close before full of something other than hate. His expression shows something Baz can’t quite put a finger on, but he just hopes he doesn’t make a fool of himself.

Simon is now so close that he’s practically in Baz’s lap. Simon swears Baz is blushing and it only makes him blush. 

“Should I–” Baz starts, but never finishes because Simon’s lips are on his. His eyes are open for a moment, looking at Simon’s long gold eyelashes, then he closes them.

It feels like they’re both on a roller coaster. Adrenaline rushes through them, but this time it isn’t because they’re fighting. Their hearts beat at the same rate, going faster than you could ever imagine. Simon’s large hands cup Baz’s cheeks and Baz melts into his touch, adjusting his angle a little bit, pushing Simon back a little. Simon pushes back, until they’re both on the floor, Baz’s hands in Simon’s curls, and Simon’s hands slipping down Baz’s back. Spidery cracks of fire appear on their skin, showing everything that they’ve put behind walls. There walls may have crashed, but they feel put at ease. Penny clears her throat.

“That was ten seconds,” she says. Simon pulls back, his lips pulling apart from Baz’s. Baz reaches up, going in for another kiss, but Simon stops him, and then closes his eyes and pulls Baz close again, letting his hands travel up Baz’s shirt. Penny and Agatha quietly slip out of the room, letting the boys find out that they where wrong about everything.

“You knew this whole time,” Agatha says with a smirk.

“Yes. Yes I did,” Penny says, taking one last look at the boy with a mess of bronze curls and the boy with silky black hair tumbling together on the ground. She smiles, knowing she made the right choice.


Reporter: So can you tell us what your life is like now that you and (Y/N) are together?

Nick: Wow…sure… honestly, I was really sad before (Y/N). I think this business can get really tough and demanding, and before I would just go home and stew about everything I did wrong that day. Now I go home and there’s this beautiful person waiting there with food or a movie or whatever I need. It’s amazing really. (Y/N) calls me on everything- and tells me I’m wonderful even when I feel like nothing. I mean, they’re my human, and I’m theirs. And it’s nice to know that I have a light when life gets dark. God that’s cheesy! Sorry for such a long answer… I guess I just really dig (Y/N).


Chris, the Ghost, and Mono

The other night, I told this story to my sister, who had somehow never heard it before. She demanded that I write it down. (I sincerely hope she’s not planning to use this as some kind of college life advice for my nephew.)

There are three things you need to know to understand this story, provided you are not my sister:

  1. I started college at 15.
  2. I almost immediately got mono and didn’t realize it, assuming that I was sleeping 16 hours a day because sleep was the best thing in the world and I’d suddenly gotten really good at it.
  3. I made most of my bad decisions – like, most of the bad decisions I would ever make, and almost all the ones I could think of – before starting college.

These were not things I had in common with my freshman cohort. Any of them, as far as I could tell. They were all older than I was, they seemed to have all the energy in the world, and they had come to college to make those bad decisions they’d been dreaming of all these years but apparently couldn’t quite commit to until they were away from parental backup and support.

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what im weak for this week

SOOOOO i haven’t done one of these in almost a month! i think it’s high-time to get back on track again! hopefully i can come out with the next one on the 11th instead of a month later.

this is long. like srsly long. like wow. it took me an hour. i could’ve written a whole fic.

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Seeing Larries reblog all the Jamaica quotes/gifs has me so :|. I don't know how people who believe they're together can justify that knowing what we do about what was going on last year. And all of the tags that are like "wow that must've been amazing" and "i'm so jealous". Idek. :|

Anon, did you see my post about Jamaica?

I don’t think Harry needed to stop his life when Jay was sick (or Louis, for that matter), and I don’t know that Louis wanted him to, but flaunting being drunk in Jamaica while your lover’s mother was sick and dying is…

Well, it certainly doesn’t fit the “pick someone who’s supportive” image to me.

ReaperTale!Sans for someone on UT Amino 

Considering the sketch is extremely old, I’m so glad they convinced me to finish it, seeing as it was sitting in my WIPs for like a month. I’m kinda proud of this. He looks very shiny tho haha 

The wings cause I wanted an “'Angel of Death” feel to it. I dunno what I was thinking. 

Art by me 

ReaperTale by @renrink

anonymous asked:

Pegging anon here again XD I hope you guys don't mind if i keep requesting (I just love you so much) Well...I was thinking about Zen playing with MC (tickles or smth like that) while them has gum in their mouth and oops. It came out. And then... you know... OMG MC, MY RAT TAIL D: yup, it seems someone needs a haircut. If you could write something like that with RFA+ V + Saeran + Vanderwood (Everyone with undercuts? omg i can't breathe) it would be great. Again, Thank you ♥

A/N: Welcome back pegging anon (๑ゝڡ◕๑) totally took inspiration for zens from you sorry but also a lil not sorry because it was a good idea xD We absolutely do not mind! Thank you for loving us, we love you too ^^! <3 SORRY IF THIS GOT TOO LONG I CAN’T HELP MYSELF (but omg can you imagine them with undercuts? quick someone make fan art) ~Admin 404


           -It was an innocent game of Twister or was it? wink wonk

           -He was showing you how good he was at the game! And he was winning!

           -Right foot red? GOTCHA


           -He slipped and accidently hit you in the chin, which caused you to yelp in pain

           -“OH MY GOD, MC??? ARE YOU OKAY??? OMG I’M SO SORRY!!!”

           -He’s busy worrying about you, but you were looking around for the gum you had in your mouth. Where the hell did it go???

           -When he goes to rub the back of his head and apologize for the 47th time, he feels something sticky

           - ew wtf is this oh mY GOD MC PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT YOUR BLOOD OR ANYTHING?????

           -You check it out for him, and…

           -“Oh.. well uh, there’s the gum I’ve been looking for, haha….”

           -…your….your what

           -You immediately drag him to a barber shop to get it fixed up

           -Pouting because??? He now has to get his hair cut? It took him SO LONG to grow it out!

           -Pouting too much to even tell the barber what he wants done to his hair, so you have to decide for him

           -At the end it looks like fine??? Like, now he has a little floof on the top!

           -When he sees it short in the back with a star etched into it???


           -Always tracing the star when he’s trying to think or focus on something

           -5000000% Putty in your hands if YOU trace the star lightly


           -The two of you were relaxing at home, so he decided to leave his hair down!

           -Get into the relaxed spirit!

           -He had been messing with you all. day.

           -Cooking? Comes in and tickles you from behind.

           -Washing dishes? Comes in and pokes your sides until you’re a laughing mess on the floor

           -You were SO. ON. EDGE.

           -He calmed down hours later, so you thought it was safe to chew on some gum, just to take your mind off of watching your back from the literal tickle monster in your house

           -At one point, he stepped incorrectly and you could hear the floor creak from behind you

           -So you took the opportunity to get your revenge!

           -You whip around and tackle him to the ground, tickling up and down his sides until he’s literally gasping for breath and is red in the face

           -You let him cool down, but you stay hovering over him

           - big mistake

           -Just when you thought you had your revenge, his hands were back at your sides, tickling you back!

           - big mistake part 2

           -You couldn’t get away fast enough! You ended up a laughing mess

           -Until you feel your gum fall out of your mouth and

           -P A N I C P A N I C PA NI C PANIC

           -He stops immediately and almost starts crying right then and there when he realizes it’s in his hair

           -It takes an hour of crying to drag him to the barber to get it fixed up


           -So you sit him down and talk to him about getting an undercut

           -“Zen, if the barber cuts just the bottom layer, it gets the gum out, and your hair will still be long-ish! It’ll just be short on the sides, the top will be longer, and you can tie it up if you want!”

           -Agrees because he can still keep his hair at least semi-long, it’ll just be a secret undercut

           -His hair goes down to his shoulders now rip the rat tail

           - you get it done too because holy hell you felt TERRIBLE




           - pls baehee it was an accident

           -You didn’t mean to fall asleep with gum in your mouth!!! But you were so EXHAUSTED!!!

           -She was just as exhausted when she came home! She didn’t notice either!

           -She woke up the next morning to something sticking to the back of her neck?

           -‘Did I sweat that much in my sleep last night???’

           -When she looks in the mirror and sees that it’s gum, she calmly woke you up


           -“MC? Did you sleep with gum in your mouth last night? I believe it’s found its way into my hair.”




           -She has to calm you down and invites you to the beauty parlor with her, to get a new hair cut

           -Goes for her previous hair style, the short cut


           -So you suggest getting it slightly shorter, but with a secret undercut tattoo instead of all of it short!

           -Once you explain what an undercut is exactly, she’s really liking the idea!!!

           -“MC! Would you get a matching one with me?”

           -So the two of you got cute matching undercut pieces of intricate lotus designs!


           -Makes sure to wear her hair up as often as possible because she loves it that much

           - also makes sure you aren’t sleeping with gum in your mouth anymore

           -Offers to do your hair for you so she has an excuse to trace your undercut


           -You asked him if your younger cousins could come visit!

           -He obviously couldn’t say no to you! You looked too cute asking him!

           -Well that and he loved you, jfc, he’d get you anything you asked for

           -What he DIDN’T KNOW, however, was how ANNOYING your cousins were!!!

           -They’d be perfect little angels when you were around! But the MOMENT you walked through the door threshold, they were DEMONS


           -Seriously considered making a few bodyguards come into the penthouse to play with them

           -But!!! He didn’t do that!

           -He had to get along with them! They were important to you!

           -He kept reminding himself that he needed to get along with them

           -That thought was thrown out of the window the moment one of them purposefully stuck gum to the back of his head

           - literally just smacked it to the back of his head

           -Couldn’t even get angry. Couldn’t say anything. Couldn’t make any facial expression.

           -Complete blank, Jumin.exe has stopped working

           -You happened to walk in the moment it happened and you disciplined your cousins

           -How dare they do that to your JuJu!!

           -You sent them home and spent almost an hour trying to get Jumin to respond to ANYTHING

           -He didn’t say anything, but took you by the hand, making you accompany him to fix his hair

           - expensive ass hair dresser omg

           -He has no idea how to fix this. REALLY doesn’t want his hair short, but that’s all the hair dresser kept suggesting

           -Before he got angry at the hair dresser, you suggest an undercut, that way he can keep some of his floof!

           -You even suggested getting a cute design in it!!

           -“But MC, would it be professional?”

           -Well, I mean, maybe???

           -“But Jumin, you could get a cute little kitty design! I think it’ll be super cute!”

           -That’s it, hands down, MC said “kitty” and said they’ll think it’s cute, HE’S GETTING IT

           -Honestly loves it when he sees it, and requests you take a picture for him totally not because it’d be blurry if he did

           -No fucks given if it isn’t professional, he’ll give dirty looks to whoever talks badly about it

           - lowkey talks MC into getting one too because he goes insane when he sees them with the kitty undercut


           -He doesn’t even need to get gum in his hair to get an undercut

           -He just really wants one!!!

           -He’s no longer part of the agency! He can do whATEVER HE WANTS

           -Was going to tell you

           -Was going to take you along

           -But decided surprising you was a lot more fun!

           -So he gets it done in secret, and comes home, calling for you

           -The moment you see him, you grab the closest lamp and hold it defensively beCAUSE THAT’S NOT YOUR CURLY-HAIRED GOOFBALL


           - mc wtf are you gonna do with a lamp pls, it’s me

           -He didn’t get it cut extremely short, it’s still pretty shaggy in actuality

           -But it took you a minute to register that, wow that’s Saeyoung


           -10/10 LOVE running your hands through it omg

           -When you get to the back of his head, you can feel the patterns of a spaceship and a few stars

           -“Okay but what did you expect me to get MC??? IT’S SPACE!!!!”

           -The sensation he gets when you run your hands over the shorter hairs immediately gives him chills

           - dear god dont do it in public

           -He’s so excited! It’s a shorter kind of shaggy than he’s used to, but!

           -It’s not in his eyes! It’s lighter on his head!


           -Tries his hardest to talk you into getting one too

           -“At least get a secret one MC!!! We can make a whole GALAXY if we just put our heads together, HA”

           - pls help me

           -The other members think it’s odd, but also very….Saeyoung-like

           -When you see him run a hand through his newly-found short shag, you dIE INSIDE

           -BECAUSE IT’S SO HOT???

           -Like the shag was amazing before don’t get me wrong but there’s juST SOMETHING ABOUT IT?????

           - I dunno if y'all know but sometimes with curly hair, if you cut it short, it gets evEN CURLIER WHY IS THAT A THING

           -That being said, his hair is even curlier than before!!!!

           - admin 404 requests some fan art of short shaggy-haired saeyoung, stat


           - hipster

           - wish i was kidding

           -but i am not

           -He didn’t get it just to do it though!

           -The two of you were innocently taking pictures at a local park!

           -He was the one taking pictures of you, but this time you decided it was your turn!

           -So you take a few candid ones, but just to play around, you pretend to be him

           -“Okay V, pose just like that, yes! Now tilt your head just a bit- PERFECT! Now look up and to the left? NICE, STAY LIKE THAT”

           -He couldn’t help but smile at how adorable you were

           -There’s nothing that could wipe the smile on his face!

           -Except…maybe… one thing

           -When he laid down on top of a short brick wall for a picture, he didn’t anticipate to lay his head straight down onto a wad of gum;;;;;

           - poor bby omg

           -You got really upset and started cursing the gum, the wall, the person who put it there, thE RISING COLLEGE TUITIONS IN AMERICA!

           - mc, sweetheart, it’s just an accident please stop trying to blame the american government for gum in my hair

           -The two of you decide to spend the rest of the day getting the gum out of his hair

           -Easy solution: Getting a hair cut

           -So the two of you go to the closest barber to get it done!

           -He asks what you think he should get done, and you recommended an undercut!

           -He can keep the floof, still have his side-swept bangs, and it’ll be all good!

           -Loved your idea! So he went with it!

           -When it was over with and he got a good look at it, he loved it even more!

           -Truly appreciates your opinion and is exceptionally happy at the large smile on your face!!!

           -He likes the feeling of when you run your hands through the top, but likes the look you get on your face more

           -For a good day or so, asks you to take more pictures of him and his haircut!



           -You were running from Saeyoung since you took the last PhD. Pepper

           -So you needed protection!

           -Who do you go for when you need protecting?

           - Edgelord McGee Saeran!

           -You almost tackled him to the ground before hiding behind him as Saeyoung ran into the room behind you



           -Why the hell were the two of you yelling? He crossed his arms and glared at his brother

           -“Hey, idiot, leave her alone. It’s just a drink, geez.”


           - Uh yeah okay whatever

           -He just stood there while the both of you bickered and he decided he had enough

           -He started to walk out of the room when he felt something hit the back of his head?

           -It didn’t hurt but something is definitely in his hair

           -You went to spit your gum at Saeyoung (like a child) and the fuCKER DUCKED


           -When he turned around, he saw the look of horror on both of your faces, before Saeyoung had to leave the room because he was about to laugh not about to die today lmao peace MC

           -Slowly raised his hand to the spot in his hair and realized it was the gum you were chewing a little bit ago

           -Goes completely blank. His resting bitch face becomes very apparent

           -No death glare, just…. blank

           -So you apologize profusely!! Offer to take him to get his hair cut!!!

           - okay but i dont wanna do that MC


           -He usually cuts his own hair, so having someone do it is very odd for him

           -Not to mention some person he doesn’t know is coming at him with a sharp object

           -You actually have to hold his hand so he doesn’t like, attack the hair dresser

           -Doesn’t know how to feel when he sees the short hair, he liked the shaggy mess he had

           -He decides that he can deal with it though when he sees how much you love it!

           -You’re almost running your hand through the longer hair on the top, and you lightly run them over the shorter sides and it drives him CRAZY

           -The sensations kill him, he blushes like mad and just sits in silence because???? What the hell is he supposed to do??? He doesn’t want you to stop

           - Still punches Saeyoung when he gets home though because it’s all his fault


           -Okay, listen,,,,,,

           -It wasn’t even your fault!!!

           -You’re just the one who pointed it out!

           -During their mission, wherever they were hiding had the gum there, okay?

           -“MC, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” okay but i just said i didnt?

           -Knows it wasn’t your fault but they’re just like???? So lost?

           -Super angry because they can’t shower now!!!!

           -Complains until you drag them to get their hair cut

           -PISSED because they like their long hair!!! UHG

           -Spends about an hour looking through the options and declines all of them

           -You show them a picture of someone with an undercut and they immediately pointed it out

           -“That one. I like that. Think I can pull it off?”

           -Yes, yes you can

           -They were calm throughout the whole thing, you thought they were going to put up a fight when the hair dresser came at them with scissors

           -Makes you leave so they can surprise you with the big reveal at the end!

           -You honestly didn’t recognize them, even when they were standing right in front of you

           -“Hey there sweetheart”

           -“Sorry I’m taken”

           -“Uh yeah, by me, idiot”

           -When you look up, hoOOO BOY



           -Since you didn’t say anything, they started to really worry that it looked bad

           -500% ready to go back and fight the hair dresser

           -You stood up abruptly and scared them a little, but as soon as you run your hand through their hair and down the side of their face lightly, they calm down and smile

           -“So? What do you think? Is it terrible?”

           -10/10 have to reassure them multiple times throughout the rest of the say that they look great and it really suits them!!!

           -Embarrassed every time you tell them they look fan-fucking-tastic

Thoughts on 5x20, 5x21: Shockwave

I know this is like, beyond late, but I didn’t want to articulate my thoughts without having seen the entire episode and then I was on vacation last week, so yeah, please excuse my beyond fashionably late response to the season finale. I have thoughts and A LOT of feels, but I’ve managed to narrow things down a bit.

- The first part of this 2-parter was kinda meh for me. There was a lot of set-up and no real payoff until the closing seconds when we were left in limbo… until the promo aired approximately 2.5 seconds later. Gotta love MC’s “cliffhangers”. They’re like, “Are they dead? Are they injured? Is the whole city blown to bits? Nah, just kidding. We can’t even begin to keep up the suspense. Here’s a promo for next week’s episode in which you will see all of our characters are alive and well”. Worst. Cliffhanger artists. Ever!!

- BUT, none of it mattered because this little cemetery explosion was only the appetizer. What they didn’t tell us was that we were about to get a much bigger, nail-biting explosion in which we would actually question the safety of, like, every single character. Gah! That murder room boom and Andy’s audacity had me on the edge of my seat and feeling all sorts of awful things. And yet, a whole big part of me loves that these sneaky motherfrakkers actually pulled off a really HUGE surprise without giving it away beforehand. LOVED. It!!

- Andy, Andy, Andy… you keep this up and you’re going to give me a heart attack! What the actual frak? Like, he snuck off and confronted the killer when no one was watching! I mean, it was brilliant, but still… I’m not over the undue stress he caused my poor Shandy shipping heart.

- Five effing seasons later and Sharon finally got the promotion she rightfully deserved! She was overcome with emotion. I was overcome with emotion. It was so beautiful and absolutely EVERYTHING! Honestly, this was the episode for me. I mean, I enjoyed the rest of it, but this whole scene beginning with Sharon finding out that she did not get the assistant chief job (YES!!!) and her emotional promotion was everything I didn’t realize I needed in my life. It was a wonderful way to end the season and put me into a happy bubble that I hope never bursts. And Mary was… just… wow! I know JD said that he thought her best scene of the season was the one where she firmly told the team that she was happy where she was, but I have to disagree. This was her best scene of the season. It was AMAZING and she was AMAZING and Sharon getting promoted was AMAZING. And now I’m all verklempt all over again.

Overall, a great way to end the season. The only problem now is that the season has ended and we have to suffer through another loooong hiatus. Ugh!

shoutout to meera reed bc i would’ve fuckin ran for my life and left bran with the white walkers but homegirl carried bran through the snow while being chased by the got zombies even if that meant like a .000000000000000001% chance of survival and when the white walkers caught up to them, u know what she did she fucking shielded his body with hers so yep she is underappreciated queen and just wow i need friends like the reeds in my life

Meeting the Shelby’s Pt. 3

When your eyes fluttered open and you took a quick look around, you were surprised to find yourself in an unfamiliar room. It was cozy, but your heart started to beat faster as you began to realize you didn’t know where you were. Your head was aching as you slowly remember everything that happened the day before. Your father was alive and dead all in the one day. You had lost everything you had, but possibly gained so much more.

You force yourself out of bed and to get dressed, walking downstairs to find that you were alone in the house. You were very grateful for the Shelby’s; for Tommy honoring your Father’s wish to give you the money, for Polly for letting you stay here in her house. You made yourself a cup of coffee and paced around the house, admiring it. You examined the pictures on the mantle piece, family photographs and individual pictures of her nephews and niece and children. You looked at them all, but found yourself drawn to Thomas’ picture.

Then the door suddenly slammed open and shut, causing you to jump. Polly entered the room, looking angry.

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anonymous asked:

I'm gonna cry imagine US Paps and you are chilling on the couch and he suddenly jumps off the couch and yells a meme. No reason, no explanation, and then he slowly sits back down on the couch. And you're screaming inside but he won't say anything and???????? The fuck


OK so I actually don’t know how to answer this, but I’ll tell you my reaction (because I don’t know how he would react because it’s US! Paps that’s doing the action so)

(and wow, how did you know who my fav skeleton was? besides Red lol. Red is v v sexy)

REAL LIFE! ALLOUETTE ( aka professional fangirl & girl who needs to get a life tbh but is too lazy too lol)

What. The. Frick. I would probably try to pry the reason out of him as to WHY he did that. Like, why? But I would probably be slightly concerned for him, and would ask him if he just wanted to bake cookies with me. I would probably forget that happened as soon as the cookies are done tbh because DORY I IS DORY. 


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Featuring: V/Taehyung (BTS)
Genre: Angst (kinda)
By: Admin L

A/N: I wrote this after driving home listening to Arctic Monkeys. The title was supposed to be named after the specific song, but I changed it. Feel free to guess which song it is!! :)

‘I was - I don’t know - I was, like, really hoping I’d see you tonight. Really.’ 

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Thoughts of You - Jumin Han x MC/Reader

Rating: PG13 for bed cuddling & slight innuendo

Summary: It’s just a habit of yours to sleep over in my house. It’s supposed to be a calming view, but I ended up having thoughts of you, which is quite agonizing sometimes. No spoiler, but I personally think you have to play Jumin’s route in order to understand his character post meeting the MC.


Note: Jumin Han’s POV

Lately, I’ve been losing quite much sleep. I’m very used to drinking three shots of espresso to keep me awake and focused on piles of documents I have to take home to prepare for the meetings scheduled on the next day.

But with you, it’s very different; the moonlight is now shining on those smooth, silky strands of yours. It’s soft, yet much more energizing than the dark-roasted espresso I took last night, when I was in need of you but you couldn’t come, because you had to finish your own thesis you’re going to defend in the near future.

You can’t focus when you’re with me, you give all of your attention to me; so do I. But you are my half. Whenever we’re apart, I feel very anxious. Especially when you went MIA for seventy-two hours last week. Well, I love the box of roses and the silk tie that you gave me as my birthday present then but you indirectly created havoc in my department because I almost went insane. I told you, “please don’t do that again” for so many times after that, but I didn’t know whether you listened to me or not.

You’re carefree, but caring. You put others before yourself, maybe that’s why you’re very understanding towards me. But then again, you’re very carefree, and kind. Do you have any idea how much I hated it when you comforted Zen in the chatroom and on the phone because he hadn’t been offered for a new role for quite some time? He was very flirtatious because well, he is and that’s his personality. I know you were just being kind and responsive towards his sugar-coated words, but it hurts just to imagine how strong his gravity is to pull you away from me.

I approach the bed, and stroke your hair to make sure that you’re real. Every strand of yours is now touching my nerve endings, telling my brain that you’re really here with me. Your usually soft skin is a bit dry, maybe because it’s mid January and I turned on the heater. If I turned off the heater, the chilling air will trigger your cold receptors and wakes you up, ruining the serenity you radiate when you sleep.

I wonder if there’s something I can do to prevent your skin from drying, because I know how much you hate it when I caress your cheek and I tell you about it, even though the skin will go back to normal once you rub the moisturizer you use in daily basis. You’re already buried under multiple blankets, I can tell that you can’t be separated from the warmth that is protecting your sleep.

I keep asking myself, “can I be part of the warmth?”


“can I be the warmth that protects you?”

The mattress shakes as you move your body, as I now face your back and your hands are now coming out from the layers of blankets that’s been covering you, bare, demanding me to hold your tiny upper extremities. I want to hold you so badly.

It’s so hard to contain myself as I have vowed that I wouldn’t live together with a woman before I’m pronounced as her legal husband. But I’ve planned to do so in the very near future, the heart-shaped diamond ring that I put on your right ring finger says it all. You have implied so many times before that you want me, you want me more than just the drunk make out session we did just some days ago.


You mumbled my name in your sleep. I was about to leave the room, but you changed my mind.

I sit on the other side of the bed where I can see your face clearly, decorated by your pale strawberry lips that I always love to kiss. You seem to be having a dream. I think it’s a good dream, but I don’t want any men other than me to run freely in your beautiful, but unpredictable head.

So I take that bare, cold hand that has been coming out from the blanket for quite long.

And you surprisingly pull me, making me fall to the bed, ended up lying down on the bed.

“______? I thought you were asleep..,” I can finally see your round, hazel eyes again. They’re a bit hazy since you were asleep just seconds ago.

“Jumin.. I had a bad dream…,” you’re still collecting your consciousness when you talk to me.

I don’t want you to feel even the slightest pain, so I embrace you on the bed as a reflex.

“Calm down, Princess.. what is it?”

“Get in the blanket, Jumin.. it’s cold…” I didn’t realize that I’ve complemented the layers of duvets with my hands.

I guess you think that my temperature is higher than the duvet, especially when I touch your skin. You need the warmth, and I want to become it. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand you indirectly demanding for me too long.

The moonlight is now gone, covered by thick clouds that will soon bring the rain, or perhaps snow. The lights in the room are all turned off since it’s your habit to sleep in total darkness. I wonder if there’s anybody who can watch.. I wonder, is God watching? Or maybe God is purposely letting us immersing into each other’s world tonight?

I dare to put myself into the innermost layer of the duvets that you purposely let loose. I want to be the warmth that protects you, yet I find myself soaking in your delicate warmth instead. I hold you tighter, kiss your forehead, and feel very pleased that you care to respond with your beautiful smile even though you’re probably half asleep now.

“Jumin..,” you mumbled my name again, your head drowns into my chest.

“Kiss me..”

I unconsciously lower my body so my face can face yours. I can feel your breath sneaking through my lips, creating a gravity that pulls my lips onto yours. It’s sweet. It’s tantalizing. It’s challenging. It’s crawling through my nerves.

It’s exciting, as I now can’t contain what I’ve been holding back ever since I met you for the first time. I was afraid of bothering you, but you surprisingly reply my kiss, with your arms latching on me. My hands shift to your back, holding you tighter as your legs are now around my waist.

You open your eyes again. Albeit you seem so foggy, I can still see my reflection in your diamond eyes. The reflection of me, filled by plenty thoughts of you. Thoughts of your mesmerizing beauty, thoughts of the things that brought us together, thoughts of our past, thoughts of you staying with me until God put one of us to eternal sleep,

and thoughts of you leaving me. Disturbing, but probable. You’ve seen my flaws, and you’re always very tolerant about it. I’m such a lucky man to have someone as patient as you to be in my life, yet I always wonder, what if my luck runs out? What if you actually hate me and hold back all of your thoughts of my weaknesses? What if you can’t actually live with it?

What do I do, if I have to live without you?

“Jumin, you’re still alive, aren’t you”

You pinch my nose to clarify yourself. I chuckle.

“You’re always funny, Princess..,” I said. Then you smile, pressing your lips on the gaping mine. It’s complicating my thoughts as they start to stimulate my lacrimal gland, dropping little drops of salty water on my cheeks, which makes her brows furrow.

“Darling what is it?” Her small fingers wipe the tears on my cheek that I’m trying to hold back. It’s really hard. Having my emotion burst is very annoying.

I don’t want to make you worry like that. I snake both my arms over your back until you can’t see my ugly frown. Being around you actually makes it easier for me to calm down, despite of the worries and many other thoughts are still lurking in my head.

“_____,” I try hard not to sound helpless. “Please don’t leave me,” said I as this familiar sensation of anxiety haunts me back, after months I’ve thought I’ve secured my place in your heart.  

However, my fears are followed by your light, cute laughter.

“Jumin, no!! Haha!”

Confusion and relief mixed together, both gazing into what seems to be happiness that you’re reflect, no, that you’ve been reflecting ever since you popped up into my previously bland and monochrome life.

“Don’t you dare to leave me too, Mr. Director! You might be able to get anything in life, but don’t enter my dream and suddenly make out with Zen in front of me!”

Wow, I never expected that coming. You did mention that you were having a nightmare, though. It was upsetting, but considering it’s you who said it, I think it’s safe to say that it’s quite hilarious as well.

I bitterly chuckled and sighed for a while before replying you.

“Such a bad girl, aren’t you? What kind of wild fantasy have you been imagining?”

You put your puppy eyes on, as you know that you’ve been behaving badly, and you need to learn a lesson through a little punishment.


WOW. I’ve never thought I’d finish this. It’s my first fanfic after almost 7 years lol I already bid my writing skills farewell;_;

Anyway I admit that I kinda went quite overboard in this, so I really appreciate if you guys want to give feedback on this!

I also want to make the smutty part two but it’s gonna take long since exams >

Tie Me Down

Pairing: Taehyung/Yoongi (Side! Jimin/Jeongguk)
Rating: Mature 
Genre: AU, Kidnapping AU (oh my god), Comedy, Semi-Crack, Romance, 
Word count: 11,900+
Chapter: ½

“I’ve just woken up with a fucking splitting headache, to find myself fucking taped to an office chair in a fucking living room that smells like unwashed socks and takeaway food. How am I? How do you think I fucking am?”

“Wow. That’s a lot of f-bombs you’re dropping. Did anyone tell you that you need a healthy dose of positivity?”

In which Yoongi’s life is a parody of Taken and Taehyung is just trying his goddamn hardest not to get arrested.

(“You know, when I think of being kidnapped I think of being trapped and hopeless in a desolate warehouse or something. Seeing as I’m secured to an office chair with scotch tape in what looks to be your living room, I can’t help but be a bit underwhelmed.” AU) 

Read at: ao3, or under the cut! 

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