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I don’t know how to be good enough for you. And I’m sick of trying.
—  🖤
Me while listening to the heathers soundtrack for the first time
  • me during Beautiful: wow this is great and really funny.
  • me during Candy Store: wow for a song about some huge bitches this sounds really good.
  • me during Fight for me: I wish I could see the musical so I can see how they act out the songs.
  • me during Freeze your Brain: aww sad back story
  • me during Big Fun: haha this is funny- wait, did Heather almost get raped?
  • me during Dead Girl Walking: WOW THANKS FOR TELLING ABOUT HER ANGRY SEX THANKS. also you can pinpoint exactly when they climax
  • me during The Me Inside of Me: wait. what happened? did someone die? im confused
  • me during Blue: WOW. THIS IS. WOW. OKAY. AND THIS IS HAPPENING? HER 'FRIENDS' WONT EVEN HELP? WHAT but tbh it sounds good
  • me during Our Love Is God: wow this is actually sweet. I wish I said someone to worship me. I wish I had a love that is like god. this is beautiful and- FUCK HOLD ON NVM. YOU CAN HEAR HIM GOING CRAZY FUCK THIS MUSIC IS A MASTERPIECE
  • My during Dead Gay Son: 10/10 increadible anD THE DADS ARE GAY TOO? KILL ME OML
  • me during Seventeen: uhh, y'all cant come back from killing ppl. there is no more normal for you. also how did you get away with that?
  • me during Shine a Light: wow what the fuck is happening here. is a teacher really telling them her life story? fuck. miss you need to see a therapist.
  • me during Lifeboat: wow really good and relatable but whos singing???? I may never know
  • me during Shine A Light Reprise : fuCK NOW THATS HOW YOU DO A GODDAMN REPRISE 100/10 FUCK ME
  • me during Kindergarten Boyfriend: skip
  • me during Yo Girl: wow that escalated quickly also haha i get the joke jd ur clever
  • me during Meant to Be Yours: wow what a perf transition also character development has never been better
  • me during I Am Damaged: so... hes dead? and im crying? okay
Prompt List of Sarcasm [2]

Prompt List of Sarcasm: One 

  1. “I just know something bad is going to happen.” 
  2. “You don’t look like an angel.” 
  3. “This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.” 
  4. “Don’t talk. Please.” 
  5. “I’ll make my own decisions, thank you.” 
  6. “This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.” 
  7. “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” 
  8. “Whoop! Whoop! Over-reaction alert!” 
  9. “It’s so ugly… I LOVE IT!” 
  10. “You lucky bastard.” 
  11. “We’re young. We’re fine. Let’s do some damage.” 
  12. “Who’s the bitch now, bitch?” 
  13. “I picked a helluva a day to quit drinking.” 
  14. “What’s that? Your stripper money?” 
  15. “Don’t you just hate those things you say that make you feel really blonde?” 
  16. “When I say problem, I mean global crisis.” 
  17. “Well, you don’t need to be snarky about.” 
  18. “If KARMA doesn’t hit you, I’ll do it.” 
  19. “Did you just fall?” “No, I attacked the floor.” “Backwards?” “I’m freaking talented!” 
  20. “Of course I can see you. I’m not blind you know.” 
  21. “The world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange.” 
  22. “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” 
  23. “You throw punches, I throw insults.” 
  24. “Wow, I wish I could speak whale.” 
  25. “Sometimes I forget my middle name.” 
  26. “Let me just pound your head into the cement quick.” 
  27. “Yeah, I got that from your 600 voicemails.” 
  28. “I love the way your foul little mind works.” 
  29. “Haha, made you look.” 
  30. “Have you ever tried to run in heels?” 
  31. “Oh honey, I have a fake laugh with your name written all over it.” 
  32. “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth.” 
  33. “All due respect, but that’s a bunch of crap.” 
  34. “Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.” 
  35. “Brains aren’t everything. In fact, in your case, they are nothing.” 
  36. “How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open.” 
  37. “I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.” 
  38. “Well aren’t we just a freakin’ ray of sunshine.” 
  39. “I’m the dumbest smart person you’ll ever meet.” 
  40. “You say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing.”
  41. “Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to lie to myself and try to like you?” 
  42. “I could do that, but I won’t.” 
  43. “How come you’re here? I thought the zoo is closed at night…” 
  44. “You’re just jealous because the voices are talking to me.” 
  45. “Oh, honey, don’t feel bad. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t have talent!” 
  46. “I’d like to kick you in the teeth, but why should I improve your looks?” 
  47. “Sorry… I wasn’t born with a filter.” 
  48. “At least there’s one thing good about your body. It isn’t as ugly as your face.” 
  49. “I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass.” 
  50. “People would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity.” 
  51. “You grow on people, but so does cancer.” 
  52. “It’s always darkest before dawn. So if you’re going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it.” 
  53. “Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.” 
  54. “If I throw a stick, will you leave?” 
  55. “Not all men are annoying. Some are dead.” 
  56. “And that’s why women living longer.” 
  57. “Well, this day was a total waste of makeup.” 
  58. “I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.” 
  59. “If we killed everybody who hates you, it wouldn’t be murder, it would be an apocalypse!” 
  60. “This is an excellent time for you to become a missing person.” 
  61. “Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?” 
  62. “I’m busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?” 
  63. “Don’t let your mind wander, it’s far too small to be let out on it’s own.” 
  64. “Don’t you realize that there are already enough people to hate in the world without you putting in so much effort to give us another?” 
  65. “I don’t know what makes you some dumb but it really works.” 
  66. “Don’t thank me for insulting you. It was my pleasure.” 
  67. “I’m impressed. I’ve never met such a small mind inside a big head before.” 
  68. “You are not as bad as people say. You are much, much worse.” 
  69. “Please keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested.” 
  70. “What do I say?” “I hear “hello” is really popular.” 
  71. “My ex had one very annoying habit. Breathing.” 
  72. “Please don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to myself.” 
  73. “You did what with who for how many muffins?” 
  74. “Heaven won’t take me and hell’s afraid I’ll take over.” 
  75. “I’m still drunk from last night.” 
  76. “I’m sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.” 
  77. “Zombies ear brains. You’re safe.” 
  78. “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.” 
  79. “I’d agree with you, but then we’d bot be wrong.” 
  80. “Babe, if a woman tell you “You’re right” that’s called sarcasm.” 
  81. “Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.” 
  82. “There’s someone for everyone, and the person for you is a psychiatrist.” 
  83. “I want to say I’m hear to listen to your problems, but I’m not a therapist and I don’t like you.” 
  84. “Your flexibility amazes me. How do you get your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass all at the same times?” 
  85. “I’m actually not funny. I’m just mean and people think I’m joking.” 
  86. “Oh, you don’t like me? Well have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck.” 
  87. “I’m sorry I slapped you… But you didn’t seem like you would ever stop talking and I panicked.” 
  88. “It’s called karma, and it’s pronounced ‘haha fuck you’.” 
  89. “I’m not jealous, I just don’t like the bitch.” 
  90. “Wanna see how far my six inch heel can go up your ass?” 
  91. “Oops, my bad. I could’ve sworn I was dealing with an adult.” 
  92. “You look like something I drew with my left/right hand.” 
  93. “Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” 
  94. “I’ve got a good heart but this mouth…” 
  95. “I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.” 
  96. “I take super hot showers to practice burning in hell.” 
  97. “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do, BITCH YOU ARE A FAN.” 
  98. “Sweetie, I’m gonna need you to put those few remaining brain cells together and work with me here, okay?” 
  99. “Have you ever had those days when you are holding a stick and everybody looks like a pinata.” 
  100. “The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be ready.”

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Live Life Golden Part 9

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2789

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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A Lesson in Love (Defining the Relationship)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,206

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

“Hello, Y/N.”

“Hey, T,” you respond, moving all of your stuff off the empty desk beside you to make space for T’Challa to sit. He sidesteps a couple of people standing in his way, leaning out of harm’s way when someone swings their arm out without realizing he’s there and slides into the desk with ease. His movements are as catlike and agile as you remember.

“I must admit, I was pretty nervous when Hill said she was choosing who was going to read over our drafts.” He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a folder. It’s black, which doesn’t surprise you; it’s safe to say that black is his favorite color. “But when she called my name after yours, I felt like I could breathe again.”

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September AO3 Yoonmin readings:

This are all the fics I read this month. There are many because the majority are oneshots and because i had a lot of free time :p

1) No place in between (*)

Prompt: Yoonmin and sign language

I’m in love with stories where one of the characters is deaf. In this one it’s Yoongi and I loved taking a look at his insecurities and his strength. The way in which he confesses is the best thing in the world, i loved that so much as well as when he gets mad at Jhope for not telling Jimin beforehand about his condition.

2) Calling your bluff (*)

Jimin’s gotten himself into plenty of awkward situations when he bluffs his hearing, but this one really takes the prize.

(“I’m hoh and brilliant at bluffing, you’re my best friend who insisted on meeting me in the middle of a loud cafe. I can’t hear a word you’re saying but I’m smiling and nodding like I can hear and suddenly you seem really happy — Wait, what do you mean I just agreed to be your boyfriend??” au)

In this story Jimin is the one who has hearing problems. My favourite part was when Yoongi realises that there’s being a misunderstanding but Jimin keeps denying it. I thought that it was quite realistic and i really liked that.

3) Every day and all at once

There are things you said that i really wish you hadn’t.

Not a happy short fic: unrequited love.

4) Staring at the stars

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think i won’t notice.”

Yoongi doesn’t know how to be subtle.

5) Look it up

“Are you serious? Your top result is a yoonmin video?” Hoseok asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t know what that even is.“

“Okay, let’s go,” Namjoon declared, swinging his bag onto his shoulder as he lifted himself from the couch. Everyone made an effort to move themselves toward the front door.

“Hey, hyung?” Namjoon said quietly beside Yoongi.


“Look it up.”

Yoongi glanced away from the manga he planned to finish during downtime at the recording. “Huh?”

“Yoonmin. Just look it up.”

Yoongi stumbles on a "yoonmin” video while trying to find his most viewed fancam. Upon realizing the fans have noticed he tends to stare at Jimin, Yoongi becomes hyperaware of their interactions. Did the fans realize something he himself didn’t even know?

BTS universe

6) Playground

Jimin’s daughter’s favorite place is the playground opposite Yoongi’s apartment. 

Single parent Jimin au.

7) Swimming pool

Jimin jumps into Yoongi’s swimming pool at 3 in the morning. 

8) Body language

Yoongi really liked to touch Jimin, for no special reason.

9) Before the cold seeps in

“Kiss me before we get frostbite, asshole." 

10) Pick me up


“what is it, jimin?”

jimin tilts his head to the side, one side of his mouth quirking up in a smirk. “did the sun come out, or did you just smile at me?”

(five times jimin tries a pick-up line on his hyung and one time yoongi finally gives in.)

BTS universe

11) You’re jealous (is it an inferiority complex?)

The five times that Yoongi got jealous, and the one time that the tables turn. 

College/University au

12) Love is not a coincidence (it’s fate) (*)

Thirteen years into their friendship, and Yoongi finally realizes that he’s in love with his best friend.

I’m a sucker for fics where they are childhood friends and we can see how they don’t only grow up physically but also how their relationship and their feelings develop for each other along the years. It was very well-written and I liked the Namjoon/Hoseok/Yoongi friendship, for me that’s always a plus. Also, i felt in love at seeing how even though Yoongi and Jimin were in different schools because of their age, Yoongi still went to pick up Jimin so that he didn’t have to go home alone. My heart melted a little bit at that, protective Yoongi has that effect on me.

13) Make a move (before I make a move) (contains smut)

Yoongi thought that taking Jimin down into Gyeonggi-do for spring break was a great idea. Jimin thought talking Yoongi into staying in a love motel for the night was a great idea.

A.K.A. - the Road Trip!AU that nobody asked for.

Sequel to So Kiss Me (which I read in July)

14) It’s your birthday but you’re my gift (*)

Yoongi celebrates 5 birthdays with Jimin over the course of 20 years.
(aka Yoongi growing up with Jimin only to realise he’s falling for his childhood friend).

Another childhood friends yoonmin fic. I don’t know what to say guys, I just really like these fics and every time I see one which is lengthy, well-written and where Yoongi and Jimin are in my opinion well portrayed I just have to recommend it.

Special mention to chapter 4 (I’m in love with that chapter, their conversation, Yoongi’s thoughts and insecurities EVERYTHING IS PERFECT ABOUT THAT CHAPTER) and chapter 5 (hey, it turns out that i’m also a sucker for long distance relationship yoonmin fics. SEND HELP I’M DROWNING).

15) Math Tutor (*)

Min Yoongi is the school’s resident Bad Boy™. He’s covered in tattoos, is pierced, curses like a sailor, smokes like crazy, doesn’t give a shit about anything, possesses a hot temper that has people steering clear of him, and is desperately in love with Park Jimin, the adorable math nerd. When Jimin is tasked with tutoring Yoongi in math, who is in danger of failing the class and being held back a year, both boys are hesitant. Yoongi because he can’t think straight around the boy with startling red hair, and Jimin because Yoongi is scary as hell and looks like he can easily kill someone. Gradually, though, the two grow closer, and Jimin finds that Yoongi is nothing like how he’d imagined.

BAD BOY YOONGI WHO HAS PIERCINGS AND TATTOOS AND NERD JIMIN. WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO SAY?? No but seriously, this was such a great read. It is so well written and Yoongi is so whipped for Jimin. I love it when Yoongi is a tough cookie with other people but immediately turns soft when he’s with Jimin. Namjoon and Hoseok are Yoongi’s friends and you already know that i’m totally down with that. Also, bad boy yoongi playing the piano. Summing up: Good stuff.

16) Home is where the (kittens) are

Calico Hybrid Jimin can’t stop bringing in strays off the streets and into he and Boyfriend Yoongi’s apartment.

Alt: More of whipped Yoongi; only now he’s got a spoiled cat hybrid to deal with.

17) I’ll be a gentleman (’cause I’ll be your boyfriend) (contains smut) (*

Yoongi isn’t an easy man to surprise, but kisses out of the blue and sudden boyfriend proposals can do the job.

College au + Fake relationship. Yoongi and Jimin are roommates and there’s a boy who is kind of obsessed with Jimin so that’s why he asks Yoongi to be his fake boyfriend, to see if the other boy leaves him alone. Basically, as the story continues you can see both of them pinning and both are kinda oblivious to the other’s feelings. There’s also some smut which is also a plus. It was a great read, I really liked this long oneshot.

18) 13 Iconic Yoonmin Moments (Yoongi/Jimin & Taheyung/Jungkook)

“Taetae 23:59
I feel like you might want to watch this, hyung ;) 23:59”

Or, the one where Taehyung sends Yoongi a video that shows the top 13 Iconic Yoonmin Moments, and suddenly Yoongi is way too aware of the way Jimin acts around him.

BTS universe

19) Dear santa

“Please? Just once? And it’ll be really quick, hyungie, I promise,” Jimin tries again, plump lips curled up into a cute pout—the pout which they both know Yoongi can never say no to.

And, well—

“Ah, fuck. Fine, fine, baby, I’ll do it.”

(or: Yoongi dresses up as Santa under Jimin’s request. Jungkook takes it the hard way.)

Jimin and Yoongi are baby Jungkookie’s parents. Very sweet.

20) Honey’s Secret (contains smut) (*)

Me: So, are you going to send me a selca now or not?

Jimin is getting a little impatient now. He needs that picture, and he needs it now.

Me: hyung hyung hyung

Me: pretty please?

Yoongi hyung: Later, Jimin. I’m still at work and I really want to continue earning money by talking about sex toys on the phone with you

Yoongi hyung: And I have a feeling you enjoy those conversations as well.”

Yoongi is working for an online sex toy shop hotline. Jimin is calling said hotline. Many many times.

This story was awesome from start to finish and not only because THE SMUT IS FREAKING AWESOME. Because let me tell you: there’s not only phone sex but Yoongi is the one controlling the vibrator that Jimin is using while he’s at work and Jimin is at home and WOW. I didn’t know how much i needed that in my life but i did. If you want to read a strangers to lovers au with great smut this is your fic.

21) You’ll be okay

Yoongi and Jimin meet for the first time in an emergency room for two very different kinds of injuries.

Bad boy Yoongi.

22) Light me up (I’ll keep you warm) (*)

He’s already taking a deep breath when he hears someone twisting the doorknob. “Jung Hoseok, I have a bone to pick with you, you absolute asshole,” he starts.

It is not Jung Hoseok.

Definitely not.

Min Yoongi.

Jimin coughs awkwardly into his fist. “Hello,” he finishes.

(In which Jimin has a crush, yells a lot, and maybe falls into like.)

Another college au. It was lovely seeing Jimin being so protective of his best friend Taehyung and how that’s Yoongi’s first impression of him. I loved seeing how even though Jimin is the one who has a crush on Yoongi first, it’s Yoongi who takes the initiative to get to know Jimin once he meets him. JIMIN IS AWARE OF YOONGI’S FEELINGS WITHOUT HIM TELLING HIM WHICH IS AWESOME AND RARE TO SEE. Yoongi still doesn’t say anything so it’s Jimin’s job to take the initiative this time. There’s side vhope which was very sweet.

23) Bring on the sunshine (*)

With the help of their five year old “matchmaker” Taehyung, Yoongi and Jimin stumble into each other’s lives. Cue the awkward, messy pining and dating adventures with a noisy kid in their way.

Single parent Yoongi with tragic backstory and kindergarten teacher Jimin. WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? This story was the sweetest story in the world please read it. I loved it so much. Everything about it was so good and kid Taehyung is the cutest and best matchmaker in the whole wide world. I think this is the best single parent au I’ve read yet. I will for sure reread it in the future.

24) You wish I was yours (and I hope that you’re mine)

Jimin is getting ready to sleep his summer away now that all his friends have left for college except for him. That is, though, until he meets Yoongi. A boy two years older than him from the city, who has been kicked out by his parents and is now living with his aunt.

Because of Yoongi Jimin learns more about himself in one summer than he has his entire life.

25) The weight of everything (*)

When Jimin enters his life, Yoongi discovers how it feels like to be flying, but also realises how it feels like to fall…desperately in love.

Childhood friends au (seriously i just realised that i read a lot of childhood friends aus this month lol). What I liked the most about this fic was Yoongi’s struggles to accept his sexuality and his parents reaction at the end. It was great. There’s angst but it has a happy ending. The cliff scenes are also very memorable imo.

Special mention:

~Celebrity Crush (Namjoon/Seokjin)

Right now Namjoon was exhausted and he’d been saying rude shit and he kept snapping at Taehyung and then they’d had to sit through that interview (“Who’s your celebrity crush?”) and Seokjin had tried making a joke (“Rap Monster,” he’d said, thinking he was being clever) and even as everyone around them cracked up the look that had flashed through Namjoon’s eyes belied something that looked almost brittle.

The kiss scenes will kill you. Both Namjoon and Seokjin are so well portrayed in my opinion. A good namjin story right here. BTS universe btw which is always great.

* my favourite fics

Because I recently read this great post by @starsinursa and also because I made myself (and @tinkdw who might or might not be interested in this post?) cry with this musing I wanted to think more about how exactly Castiel perceives himself regarding the Winchesters and how much he thinks he actually means to them.

Because I feel that he doesn’t get it at all and I think that this might be due to the different concepts of expressing one’s love Dean and Castiel have (I’m also pretty sure there have already been metas written about it but I can’t find them right now! Urgh). Dean isn’t able (most of the time) to actually voice the feelings he has without masking them behind anger, worry, etc. and instead opts for spending quality time, but Cas doesn’t see it as the love declaration it tries to be. Now I want to put a disclaimer here and say that I don’t think that Dean (and Sam) don’t love Cas, not by a long shot, I just want to explain what I thinkCastiel may think.

But let’s start at the end of Season 11. Dean is going to die; he accepted this. And what does Cas say? “I could go with you” (I’m not crying, you’re crying). For him, this is the ultimate proof of his love: to follow Dean wherever he will go, even in death. But Dean can’t accept this – and basically rejects Castiel, instead giving him the order to look after his little brother.

And Cas, even though he’s rebelled against heaven, accepts that order without any question whatsoever. Because he is very focused on things he hears – and in heaven, orders were basically all they had. Quality time? Giving gifts? What is this? Cas doesn’t know this and doesn’t get it.

So now Cas has gotten his order and he fails to obey it. He gets banished, Sam gets kidnapped, and when Cas, Dean and Mary are working together to bring Sam back he’s very eager but it’s all very dog-like. Dean says (in regard to Dr. Marion) “Don’t hurt him. Not yet.”, Mary instead gives him the order to “Hurt him.”. And Cas obeys. No questions asked. He is very violent, which I feel is very un-cas-like behaviour. But he still does it because he wants to fix his mistakes.

When they finally find Sam and bring him back, Cas has his conversation with Mary about how he is still not sure he belongs there. Because yeah, they’ve told him he’s family, he’s their brother, but all Cas gets from this are orders. And of course, why wouldn’t he believe that this is what family is like because this is what he has experienced in heaven for millennia (I also think this is a reason why Cas is so willing to accept Mary into his family because she fits right in AND why I think that Cas being brothers-in-arms-like with the Winchesters doesn’t cut it because it doesn’t help him or offer him a new perspective).

After that, Cas leaves because he still hasn’t fix all of his mistakes. He wants to find Lucifer, and in extension later in the season Kelly and Jack, to finally fix his mistakes and “come back with a win” because he still feels that everything he does fails.

And how does Dean take that? Not well. Because, for him, spending quality time (giving him coffee, inviting him to breakfast knowing full well he doesn’t eat) is the ultimate love declaration and Cas in turns rejects that in order to leave. Urgh. But instead of telling him that and asking him to stay because he needs him and loves him and please just stay I have some free space on the bed (I’m sorry I got carried away) he is angry and instead talks about the topics he deems safe, not noticing how much further he rejects Cas along the way.

Just look at some conversations they had/things Dean said, for example in 12x10: “Gotta make sure you don’t do anything else stupid.” - which of course is not the reason why he wants to go on that mission but this is what Cas hears. He already knows he’s failed at everything, the thing he thought was right (killing Billie for them) get’s rejected too, and now the only reason they even are helping him is in order to see to it that he doesn’t fuck everything up again. How is that love, for him?

And then the infamous scene where Dean has to make the decision to banish Ishim and possibly kill Cas or put himself into danger. Of course he picks Cas because he loves him but what does Cas see, especially with the snippet of the conversation above in mind? Great, now I’m endangering Dean because I can’t do anything right.

(I get so angry and frustrated writing this post *makes frustrated noices*)

When they’re back in the bunker and everything’s as fine as can get, Dean gives him a beer (again, knowing full well he doesn’t actually need it) as a declaration of truth and he also goes as far as explaining that he’s not mad, he’s worried. Which is great, but what does he say when Cas says “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”? The next thing Dean says is: “So what are you gonna do if you find Kelly and, uh, Lucifer Junior?” I mean, wow. Dean can’t deal with the fact that Cas may be willing to die so he wants to talk about safer things. And what does Cas probably get from this? I don’t care if you die, just tell me what you want to do about Kelly.

And Cas, subsequently, does everything he can about Kelly. Because he thinks this is what he’s supposed to do, it’s a safe topic for Dean, so he’s talked about it a lot, and Sam – well Sam likes Cas and cares for him a lot, but Sam is not the one who needs to have the rousing speech how he wants Cas to stay in the bunker.

I don’t want to talk about 12x12 because this has been meta’ed to death, but I want to talk about 12x19 in greater details (some stuff was already in the post I linked at the beginning). Cas comes back, and the first thing Dean does is scolding him for ignoring his phone calls and telling him he’s not glad he’s back. And why isn’t he glad he’s back? Because when they actually had an opportunity to kill Dagon, he wasn’t there. So what’s the use for him to now be back? Is what Cas gets from this. He failed again, wasn’t available to help the Winchesters when they wanted him to be (because this is all he’s good to do, he feels) and now he’s back without anything to offer, so…

Of course, this episode is also where Dean finally says something that resembles an actual, honest to god “I need/love you” declaration: “We will find a better way. (…) We. You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together.” And how sad is it that Cas still feels the need to leave because he feels like they won’t have a better shot at dealing with the baby than teaming up with heaven and killing the baby? He wants to spare Dean and Sam this, so he has to leave again.

And Dean, again, sees this as the rejection it isn’t because they just can’t seem to get their act together, tell each other that they love and care for each other and want the other one to stay and deal with everything together. Cas because he feels that this is not what Dean wants and because he wants to be of as much use for the Winchesters as he can (which often means leaving them and dealing with problems alone) and Dean because he feels that he’s not worthy of it and that Cas wouldn’t want to stay anyway.

*makes more frustrated noises* Ok I think I’m done.

My shipping of Zutara started during the Siege of the North when the pair battled behind Aang’s meditating form, but it was more of a oh look at her go - she’s whooping his ass kind of shipping. I thought it would be really neat if they ended up the same side somehow and fell in love, but let’s be real… it was only season one and Zuko was still an angry muffin (but not as big of a jerk as he could’ve been) for like 8,000 more episodes. Whatever.

But much ado later, I found them talking in the Crystal Catacombs and I thought Oh my god! These two could work! 

‘Why?’ you may ask. 

Well, I’ll tell you why! They were so ridiculously supportive of each other, even as enemies! Just look at some of the dialogue: 

Katara: Why did they throw you in here? Oh wait. Let me guess. It’s a trap. So when Aang shows up to rescue me, you can finally have him in your little Fire Nation clutches.
Katara: You’re a terrible person, you know that? Always following us, hunting the Avatar, trying to capture the world’s last hope for peace! But what do you care? You’re the Fire Lord’s son. Spreading war and violence and hatred is in your blood.
Zuko: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Katara:  I don’t?! How dare you! You have no idea what this war has put me through. Me personally.The Fire Nation took my mother away from me.
Zuko: I’m sorry. That’s something we have in common.

Look at that! She’d spent a good five minutes yelling at this boy, who also has his own disappointments, fears, and struggles lingering in his thoughts, but he pushes all of that aside to offer what little comfort her can to her. Sure, it’s not much - he can’t do or say anything that will change what happened - but instead of being his typical uptight, angsty self, he turns around and apologizes to her. He opens the door to let Katara see a sympathetic side to him, a side that’s battling with what the Fire Nation has done, and a side that truly believes all life matters even when someone literally tried to burn that idea out of him. 

And then, Katara, who could’ve easily stayed angry or brushed away his apology, turns around to face him and tells him that she’s sorry for yelling at him. 

Katara: I’m sorry I yelled at you before.
Zuko: It doesn’t matter.
Katara: It’s just that for so long now, whenever I would imagine the face of the enemy, it was your face.
Zuko: My face. I see.

Right there, my mind was blown. I expected Zuko to lash out at her for, you know, basically implying that his face (scar) symbolized the nation that had been terrorizing her and the world. Instead, he’s sorrowful. His expression is so heartbroken right then and devastated, and even though he doesn’t make a complete journey to the side of good, he’s still genuinely apologetic and remorseful for the pain Katara has faced. 

Katara: No, no, that’s not what I meant.
Zuko: It’s ok. I used to think this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I’ve realized I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark.
Katara: Maybe you could be free of it.
Zuko: What?
Katara: I have healing abilities.
Zuko: It’s a scar. It can’t be healed.
Katara: This is water from the Spirit Oasis at the North Pole. It has special properties, so I have be saving it for something important. I don’t know if it would work, but…

Man, oh man, does she get him. Up until this point, Zuko has been entirely closed off about what happened to him and the feelings surrounding scar. That all changes the very second someone outside of his uncle shows a bit of sympathy and interest in his past. She’s respectful. She doesn’t push him. Instead, she listens and then responds in a way that he never expected - with genuine support and helpfulness. 

What’s more, Katara is now looking at Zuko, her sworn enemy and the crown prince of the Fire Nation, as someone worthy of her time and affection. Look at that last line - It has special properties, so I have be saving it for something important - Katara sees him as someone who is special, someone who could be worth saving and helping.

Oh, and turns out she was right: 

Just a few months after his desertion of the Fire Nation, the pair now has a mutual relationship full of respect, understanding, and support. Look how beautifully she listens to him. Look how perfectly she offers him the words and encouragement that he needs!  Look at the way she is looking at him!!!

Katara: Are you okay?
Zuko: No, I’m not okay. My Uncle hates me, I know it. He loved me and supported me in every way he could and I still turned against him. How can I even face him? 
Katara: Zuko, you’re sorry for what you did, right?
Zuko: More sorry than I’ve been about anything in my entire life.
Katara: Then he’ll forgive you. He will.

Wow. Just wow. They really have come full circle. For the girl who swore she would never forgive him, who swore he was worst person alive and the face of the enemy, to say that he will be forgiven… My god. Everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve faced, all of it culminates into this amazing scene where she tells him, Zuko, it’s going to be okay. I forgave you and your uncle will, too. We care about you. 

And the confidence that instills in him… suddenly he realizes that he’s important to this girl. He realizes that he’s valued by this girl. And her realizes that she’s someone he’s thankful for and he would protect her no matter the cost. And protect her, he does. 

First, by offering to fight Azula alone, even after his uncle warned that he would need help (I love her more than I fear you {@ Azula} - Zuko, in his head, probably), and second, by taking a fucking lightning bolt to the chest and nearly dying for her. (I still love her more than I fear you {@ Azula & Death} - Zuko, in his head again, probably)

Then, after this sacrifice, Katara expresses immense gratefulness for Zuko - I think I’m the one who should be thanking you - with no thought or reprimand for baiting Azula, risking his life, or risking the future of the Fire Nation. She just thanks him. Hell, she cries over him.  Then, when he’s back on his feet, coming face-to-face with his impending rule and the fall of his sister, she continues to hold on to him in a display of full support. 

It’s just such a beautiful relationship and I love it… for everything it was in the show and everything it continues to be through fan art and fan fiction. 

Give me a Chance? ( Brett Talbot x reader )

your pov :


***** “What do you mean you are pregnant?! ” I bit my lip. “Brett, I’m carrying your child ” I spoke slowly. “well… I.. Are you sure its mine? ” is he serious?! “of course, it’s yours! ” how could he? “are you accusing me of cheating, Talbot?! ” I hissed gritting my teeth. “I don’t want it” he looked at me. “we are not even dating anyway” he added casually. Sure we weren’t dating, it was a mistake but how could he be like this. “First of all, its a baby not ‘it’, second we don’t fucking need you asshole! ” I left him for good. No way in hell I’m killing my baby. *******

(Present time)

It was exactly after four years after that. High school was over. Everyone went in their separated over. Some joining their dream university, some still looking for jobs, luckily I had a decent job and a apartment of my own for me and my son, Axel Talbot. Yeah as much I hate it, Brett is still his father so I gave him his last name. I didn’t see him after our conversation that night.

I had my friends who supported me. My friends were with me all the time till Axel was born. Axel is my everything. I never regretted for disobeying Brett. Axel has the exact blue eyes like his father, reminding me of Brett everyday making it harder for me to forget him.

It was Saturday so you went to park with a hyper Axel running around. “Axel, honey please be careful ” you watched him with furrowed brows in concern. He may be tiny but he is handful. “Mommy look! ” he exclaimed pointing the swings. You smiled at him.

It was close to noon so you decided to leave. “Axel! ” you called out to him as he was playing in the jungle gym. “Axel, come on sweetie, its time to leave ” you cooed at the child. “play more ” he pouted. “Later, I promise ” you picked him up.

Checking the aisle for cereals you kept walking down pushing the shopping cart with little Axel trailing behind you. You looked down to see Axel tugging your sleeve, “mommy… ” . “yeah sweetie? ” you said still holding the cart. “There is man looking at you, calling me” he spoke in his soft voice. You instantly switched to your mother mode letting grip on your cart go. Holding Axel’s hand you searched for the ’ supposed to be creepy stalker ’. Your eyes landed on a tall frame. Never in a million years you expected to see him. Brett Talbot. When he same you caught him looking at you, his eyes widend.

“y/n is that really you? ” he walked closer to you. “Its really you ” he let out a chuckle as his blue eyes met your (y/e/c) ones.It was like he was memorizing every single detail. You looked the same, still gorgeous. No one will believe you his you tell them you have a kid. You just stood there not knowing how to respond.

“Mommy, who is this? ” Axel’s voice broke down the uncomfortable silence. “an old friend ” you spoke in monotone. Brett’s eyes landed on the tiny frame next to you gripping your hands.

“Is that… Is he….? ” he trailed off.

“Hey buddy…. ” he crouched down at Axel’s level “What’s your name? ” he smiled at the kid. Axel looked up to you waiting for your response whether he can talk to this stranger.

“why are you even talking to me?! ” you hissed trying hard not to tell at Brett. “y/n, calm down okay ” he stretched his arms to hold your shoulder, your glare stopped him. “ He is my son, isn’t he? ” he asked mostly like he already knew the truth. “what makes you think that? How do you even know he is yours? ” you spat remembering his words clearly when you told him you were pregnant with his baby.

He sighed. “y/n, I know I was a complete asshole to you ” he started but interrupted by Axel’s giggle “mommy, he said a naughty word ”. He smiled at the giggling child while you glared at him. “I know I treated you like cra–” he stopped himself glancing at Axel. “Look I know how I treated you was terrible ” you cut him off. “You don’t say! ” you sassed.

He ran his fingers through his hair sighing. “Axel,let’s go” you turned away from Brett.

“Y/N, WAIT! ” he grabbed your hand. You stopped at his touch, it wasn’t demanding and forcing. Gentle yet making you stop. “can we talk, please? ” he pleaded.

“Fine ” I crossed my arms.

“Talk” I looked at him. “y/n, I was a teenager, I was so stupid, letting you go and leave you alone with the baby is the worst decision I ever made, I.. uh.. ” he glanced at your son, pausing. “y/n, I need you in my life, I need my son in my life…. ” he looked at you with his blue eyes.

“wow Brett, you left me, you left us now you magically appear out of nowhere and you want to be in our life? Do you know how hard it was to answer him when he asks "why I don’t have a daddy? ” “where is my daddy? ’ or watch him seeing other kids playing with their dads?! ” you yelled/let out your anger.

“I Know no words can heal what I did to you ” I grabbed your hands. “Let me fix it, for you, for our son ” he gazed your eyes for your reaction.

“Just give me a chance, one chance to make it better, for our son? "he dropped to his knees hugging your waist. Your felt your chest pound against your rib cage.

"Brett” you put your arms around his neck.

“Brett, now get up, everyone is looking ” you said looking around few people who is enjoying the show. “I don’t care they saw” he got up. You sighed.

“Does that mean..? ” his lips curved upwards. “Only for our son” you can’t speak anymore cause he lifted you up making you squeak. “Mommy, who is this? ” Axel asked with his adorable baby smile. “Axel, sweetie, this is your daddy” you said to him smiling. Brett put you down, raising Axel from the ground, he spun him making Axel giggle.

Brett spent the rest if the day with you and playing with Axel patiently responding to ever questions Axel asked. After putting Axel to bed, you turned around to meet face to face with Brett.

“I missed you” He smiled pulling you closer.

“Don’t get your hopes high, Talbot ” you warned him rolling your eyes. “You are here as Axel’s father not my boyfriend ” you walked past him, smiling hoping he didn’t see that.

“we will see about that” he grinned.

The Right Choice

Okay, so it has literally been a year since Snowbaz made it’s way into our world, brightening our days. I wanna write (another) Snowbaz fanfic for these two adorkable little boyfriends.

So here is Penny getting Simon and Baz to play Truth or Dare in their 7th year at Watford, knowing Baz’s secret….


Penny knew. Of course she did. She was Penelope Bunce, and the only one who rivaled her wits was Basilton Grimm-Pitch. And even Baz wasn’t smart enough to hide this from her. 

It was after a particularly nasty fight with Simon. Fists crashed against jaws and hands shoved chests against walls. Penny was trying to pull Simon away, and Agatha was pulling at Baz, but neither of them would stop. They kept coming at each other, as if magnets where pulling them together. 

Simon trips Baz to the floor, making him crash noisily. Baz quickly pulls himself to his feet and with a burst of speed, pushes Simon against a wall. Both of their breathing is labored from the intense fist-fight, and the air around them is hot like a summer day. Simon tries to wrestle himself out of Baz’s grip, but it’s no use. His hand is like an iron shackle around his neck that, no matter how much Simon tried, he could not break through. Baz pressed his knee against Simon’s chest, bracing him against the wall harder.  

Simon knows he’s lost the battle. He looks up into Baz’s silver eyes, sharp like a knife, waiting for him to give the final blow. The blow to end this all. For some reason, Simon isn’t scared, he isn’t frightened. He just feels at peace. He takes a deep breath, and is ready to let go. 

Something in Baz softens. His grip slackens on Simon and his sneer is gone. It’s replaced with worry and something that…. Penny can’t place her finger on…. almost…. affection? That can’t be right. But then…..

Penny thinks for a moment, studying Baz’s expression. Something clicks as he lets go of Simon and turns on his heel. No way, Penny thinks to herself, a small smile creeping onto her lips. Why didn’t she realize it sooner? All the staring, the sneers, the walls, it’s all been a cover up. A big, gigantic bluff. With a quick glance at Simon being helped up by Agatha, she races down the hall after Baz. 

She catches up to him, despite how fast he stormed off, and grabs his arm, turning him to face her. Baz looks at her as if she was some hideous monster that climbed out of the depths of hell. After hearing what she has to say, Baz isn’t sure if that isn’t the case. 

“What do you want, Bunce?” he says irritably. Pennelope is breathless from chasing after him and holds up her finger. When her breathing evens out, she looks at Baz with a horrendous smile, a smile that tells you she looked into the deepest and darkest parts of your soul and found useful information.

“I know your secret,” she says tauntingly. Baz somehow still manages to keep a calm composer, even though his insides are burning like a wildfire. 

“What the hell are you implying?” Baz says, looking at her as if she said the sky is purple. Penelope frowns. 

“I know what you are,” she says, her voice dropping.

“Oh god. Is this another one of Snow’s schemes to prove I’m a vampire?” She has a mischevious smile that makes her look like the devil himself. And it isn’t helping that her hair is a bright red.

“No. You’re gay aren’t you?” Those where the exact words he did not want to hear. Not out of Snow’s mouth, not out of Bunce’s mouth, not anyone’s mouth. It was his secret, and his alone. Well, at least she doesn’t know about–

“And you have a crush on Simon,” she finishes. For the first time in forever, Penelope sees Baz’s sneer vanish, replaced with a look of fear. His hands start to tremble and his eyes dart from side to side, looking for a way out. 

“N-n-no Bunce. That’s s-s-stupid.” But that stutter. That stutter was all Penny needed. An idea started to blossom in her brain, growing into a beautiful flower. Yes, Penny thinks, that will do nicely. She shrugs her shoulders, putting on a bored expression, and pushes past Baz.

When their shoulders brush, she whispers, “I want to help. Meet us in the Ancient Languages classroom.” And with that, she’s gone, leaving Baz to puzzle over what just happened.

Baz feels like his heart is going to burst as he edges towards the classroom. He hears laughter from the classroom. Two females, and one distinctly male. His pulse races faster like it’s going to be eaten by a cheetah as he presses his palm against the wooden door. It falls open at his touch and the laughter ceases as the door opens to reveal Baz. 

Simon is on his feet in a moment, the Sword of Mages in his hand. His bronze curls shine in the fading sunlight and his nose twitches in concern. His blue eyes momentarily flash anger, disrupting the calming sense of a blue sky on a summer’s day. 

“What are you doing here, Baz,” he snarls, making Baz flinch a little. 

“I invited him to play Truth or Dare with us,” Penelope says. Both Baz and Simon’s faces twist in annoyance, Simon not wanting Baz to intrude on this private game, and Baz realizing just what Penny is planning.

“Alright! Let’s get to it!” Agatha says with an unbelievable amount of excitement. They sit on the floor in a circle and pick who’s going to ask first.

“I feel like I’m at a sleepover,” Agatha says as she Simon her first question. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?” Agatha says. Simon, with a nervous glance at Baz, chooses “Truth.”

“Have you ever murdered a person,” Agatha says, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Jesus Agatha! What’s wrong with you! Of course I haven’t!”

“Okay, just checking.” Simon rolls his eyes and, surprisingly, turns to Baz.

“Baz, Truth or Dare?”

“T-t-truth?” Baz says. Simon smirks.

“Scared?” Baz doesn’t say anything.

“Okay, are you, or are you not a vampire?” Simon says. Baz should’ve known that’s what he’d ask. The answer slips out of Baz’s mouth before he can stop it.

“I am,” he  says, and then his eyes widen as he realizes what he said. Simon looks annoyingly pleased with himself.

“Bunce,” Baz says, rolling his eyes. 

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” Agatha lets out a groan.

“This game isn’t going to be interesting if none of you ever pick ‘Dare’,” she says. Penny sticks her tongue out. 

“Okay. Why am I here, Bunce?” Baz asks, hoping to get an answer. But Penny is smarter than she looks.

“I have a plan,” she answers simply, and then turns to Simon. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Sorry Agatha, but Truth,” he says, waiting patiently. Penny looks at Baz with that grin on her face. A storm is coming.

“Simon, have you ever, you know, thought of kissing someone from the same sex?” Oh. No. She did not just….

Simon’s face changes from relaxed to tense in a matter of seconds. Everything starts to twitch, and his fingers pat the floor nervously. He looks at Baz for a second, but then quickly looks at Penny. Baz isn’t sure if he imagined it. 

“N-yes,” Simon says, not only surprising everyone else, but surprising himself as well. This is going to get interesting.

They continue playing, doing some truths, and some dares. Baz tunes out to most of it, still processing what Simon said.

“Alright, one last one,” Penny says, turning to Simon.

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” he says with a shrug, stretching his arms back and yawning. His shirt lifts up a little, showing the barest hints of his stomach. If Baz had any blood, he would’ve blushed. An impish smile spreads across her lips as she looks between Baz and Simon. 

“Simon Snow, I dare you to kiss Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch for at least ten seconds,” she says, that damn smile never leaving her lips. Baz looks at her angrily, knowing that he should’ve never came. Simon looks agast.

“Are you crazy? We just found out he’s a vampire. He could kill me!” Baz rolls his eyes, trying to stay cool.

“I’m not going to kill you. It’s just one kiss, what could possibly happen?” Baz says. A lot, he thinks to himself. His fingers start to tap on his knee, doing the fingerings for “The Two Grenadiers” on the violin. He likes to play it when he’s stressed, and god knows he needs it now. 

“Alright fine Basilton.” Simon moves closer to Baz and his breath catches. He has never seen Simon’s face this close before full of something other than hate. His expression shows something Baz can’t quite put a finger on, but he just hopes he doesn’t make a fool of himself.

Simon is now so close that he’s practically in Baz’s lap. Simon swears Baz is blushing and it only makes him blush. 

“Should I–” Baz starts, but never finishes because Simon’s lips are on his. His eyes are open for a moment, looking at Simon’s long gold eyelashes, then he closes them.

It feels like they’re both on a roller coaster. Adrenaline rushes through them, but this time it isn’t because they’re fighting. Their hearts beat at the same rate, going faster than you could ever imagine. Simon’s large hands cup Baz’s cheeks and Baz melts into his touch, adjusting his angle a little bit, pushing Simon back a little. Simon pushes back, until they’re both on the floor, Baz’s hands in Simon’s curls, and Simon’s hands slipping down Baz’s back. Spidery cracks of fire appear on their skin, showing everything that they’ve put behind walls. There walls may have crashed, but they feel put at ease. Penny clears her throat.

“That was ten seconds,” she says. Simon pulls back, his lips pulling apart from Baz’s. Baz reaches up, going in for another kiss, but Simon stops him, and then closes his eyes and pulls Baz close again, letting his hands travel up Baz’s shirt. Penny and Agatha quietly slip out of the room, letting the boys find out that they where wrong about everything.

“You knew this whole time,” Agatha says with a smirk.

“Yes. Yes I did,” Penny says, taking one last look at the boy with a mess of bronze curls and the boy with silky black hair tumbling together on the ground. She smiles, knowing she made the right choice.

Chris, the Ghost, and Mono

The other night, I told this story to my sister, who had somehow never heard it before. She demanded that I write it down. (I sincerely hope she’s not planning to use this as some kind of college life advice for my nephew.)

There are three things you need to know to understand this story, provided you are not my sister:

  1. I started college at 15.
  2. I almost immediately got mono and didn’t realize it, assuming that I was sleeping 16 hours a day because sleep was the best thing in the world and I’d suddenly gotten really good at it.
  3. I made most of my bad decisions – like, most of the bad decisions I would ever make, and almost all the ones I could think of – before starting college.

These were not things I had in common with my freshman cohort. Any of them, as far as I could tell. They were all older than I was, they seemed to have all the energy in the world, and they had come to college to make those bad decisions they’d been dreaming of all these years but apparently couldn’t quite commit to until they were away from parental backup and support.

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Originally posted by nakamotens

  • this is my first time doing this au so pls don’t fight me if it’s not that good
  • i’m doing my best for all y’all yuta stans out there cause i know ur man deserves better
  • alright here we go i guess!
  • so since you were little you’ve had a big passion for japanese culture
  • you loved how everything was so special and nothing left you without being more interested
  • the art , the fashion , the nature , the anime , the food , the fascinating characters
  • you were so in love every single thing!
  • but it’s not like you were a weaboo or something nah we ain’t bout that lifestyle
  • you simply appreciated the culture but never fetished it which made you never forget about your own culture
  • the only thing that you were sad about is that you barely knew anyone with similar interests as you
  • you sometimes mentioned it but you got ignored or no one took it seriously
  • and that really sucks to you cause you’re so passionate about what you love
  • and the fact that people don’t really want to hear about it is quite frustrating
  • but no worries! there’s someone very special that’s making his way to you
  • someone who you’ll meet at a time you least expected it
  • that someone that will turn your life into a whole new color , a brand new chapter
  • and it would all happen without any clarification that makes sense
  • it would simple be there , as it was simply meant to be
  • you and him .. you and nakamoto yuta!
  • let me tell you how y’all met and how this moment would exactly happen
  • so you were at the library just chilling after a long day of class , trying to release some stress
  • the place was a little empty since no one liked visiting libraries these days
  • you didn’t mind it because you in fact enjoyed reading a lot!
  • your mindset was like “ if no one goes to the library then i will still go? more fun for me!! “
  • well today you were at the manga section looking for a new series to read ..
  • “hello (Y/N), did you come back from school?”
  • “yes miss, i actually did”
  • “oh okay, i hope your day went fine sweetheart”
  • “thank you miss, i hope yours is going fine too”
  • “you’re welcome (Y/N) and my day just got better by seeing you”
  • “aah stop it! you’re being a little too kind now”
  • “it’s okay (Y/N), go find yourself something quickly”
  • “yes i will for sure”
  • without hesitating you made your way to the spot where they kept the mangas
  • you noticed a figure that kept coming closer but it wasn’t clear enough to identify
  • “excuse me?”
  • before the mysterious person could answer they already stood in front of you
  • as if they had a superpower to change locations or something
  • “hello (Y/N), i am yuta. nakamoto yuta to be exact”
  • “ .. nakamoto yuta? .. h-h how .. do you even know my name?”
  • “don’t ask me too much baby, i’m your soulmate”
  • “b-b .. baby? .. s-s-s soulmate? ..”
  • “yes my darling i am your soulmate, do you know what that is?”
  • “uhh .. i’m sorry but i don’t think so”
  • “don’t worry! it’s alright cause i’ll explain it to you right now”
  • “go ahead i guess?”
  • “okay so as a soulmate i am meant to be in your life and i was made to make my way to you, we’re divinely supposed to be together”
  • “that sounds like something i read about yesterday?”
  • “see! that proves that the universe has been showing you hints of my existence”
  • “wow really? does that like mean that you’re spiritually sent to me to come into my life?”
  • “you’re smart (Y/N)! that’s exactly what it is!”
  • “wow yuta oh my god, can i please hug you? it feels as if i’m going to love you forever already”
  • “of course you can hug me, i’d love to (Y/N)!”
  • you’d run to his arms and wrap yourself around him like you needed it so much
  • and to be honest .. you did needed it cause like umm?? yuta! this boy is your soulmate and you finally met him!
  • “(Y/N) i’m so happy this day happened, you know me right don’t you?”
  • “i don’t know you but i do think i know you, something tells me we’re a perfect pair”
  • “you know me (Y/N) and you love me baby~”
  • “it’s true that i love you yuta but .. do you love me too?”
  • “of course i do darling and in fact, i love you so much”
  • you hugged him once again and he now sweetly held onto your arms
  • he felt so warm and comforting around you like it was the softest feeling ever
  • when you both let go of each other he started to take a good look at you
  • “i can see it in your eyes baby, you’re the one and only for me~”
  • “i love you so much yuta”
  • “and i love you so much more (Y/N)~”

Reporter: So can you tell us what your life is like now that you and (Y/N) are together?

Nick: Wow…sure… honestly, I was really sad before (Y/N). I think this business can get really tough and demanding, and before I would just go home and stew about everything I did wrong that day. Now I go home and there’s this beautiful person waiting there with food or a movie or whatever I need. It’s amazing really. (Y/N) calls me on everything- and tells me I’m wonderful even when I feel like nothing. I mean, they’re my human, and I’m theirs. And it’s nice to know that I have a light when life gets dark. God that’s cheesy! Sorry for such a long answer… I guess I just really dig (Y/N).



So. Me being me, I was bored and decided to turn on my sister’s old enV3 phone from the year 2008. I thought it would be a nice dose of nostalgia. It totally was. Went through some texts, the usual. Moved on to photos. Now, while going through some gems of my sister at her prime age of 12, I stumble upon something strange. “What the fuck?” I ask myself. 

Now, my sister is aware of my obsession with Aaron Tveit. Before I told her who he was maybe a little over a year ago, she didn’t know about him. So, how in the everloving FUCK. does she end up with this very specific photo of Aaron Tveit’s autograph? I run upstairs to find the n2n playbill I had him sign at the paramount to make sure I’m not seeing shit. 

Nope, I’m definitely not seeing shit. At this point, I’m literally shaking bc I’m so shook. It’s midnight and I’m dying, trying to hold in laughter to not wake my dad sleeping upstairs, and text my sister.


She asks me if I’m dying. I tell her the whole story, she asks what else he’s been in on Broadway. I list the shows. 

“Hairspray.” she says, “I saw it with chorus back when I had that phone.”

“Oh my god.” I say, “Why the fuck did you just take an isolated picture of his signature?”

“I have no idea” she says.

I press. TELL ME you still have this playbill. please. I need it. 

“Hahah no way,” she responds. 

So here I am, midnight on a sunday, freaking out because I turned on a 9 year old phone to find a random picture of Aaron’s signature on my sister’s phone who didn’t know who he was until me. Apparently she did. I am so shook. I was literally watching him sing without love on youtube this morning. I’m so jealous. 

Nothing more wild has ever happened to me in my life.


“Woah, that was awesome!” When the last bad guy fell to the ground you looked towards Spider Man. “You could the whole thing with the hands” He started flinging his arm around trying to replicate what you just did.

“Every since I was a child” You smiled sheepishly. You didn’t want many people to know about your powers but Spidey looked severely outnumbered and getting pummeled.

“Just wow I should tell Mr. Stark maybe he could help you”

“No! no one else can know about my powers” You felt like you wasted too much time here. You darted out the front doors going through the alleyway.

“Oh ok that’ll for saving my life” He yelled loud enough that you could hear it. I hope you don’t need to save it again soon.

The LEGO Movie sentence starters

122 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
‘read-more’ added for length

  • “He is coming. Cover your butt.”
  • “Now my evil power will be unlimited!”
  • “All of this is true… because it rhymes.”
  • “Hey, _____, what do you wanna do this morning? Watch TV? Me too!”
  • “Oh my gosh, I love this song!”
  • “Everything is awesome.”
  • “Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.”
  • “Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream.”
  • “Man, I feel so good right now!”
  • “I could sing this song for hours!”
  • “Hey, pal, I hate to tell you this, but, uh, I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.”
  • “Where are you going? Miss! I didn’t mean to scare you!”
  • “I feel like maybe I should touch that.”
  • “It’s your turn to be the hero.”
  • “I don’t—where am I? What’s happening?”
  • “Get it off me! Get it off me!”
  • “Come on, you can’t be this stupid.”
  • “He’s not… that… special.”
  • “I know that guy, but I know, like, zippy-zap about him.”
  • “We all have something that makes us something.”
  • “I told you I was a nobody.”
  • “There’s obviously been a mix-up here.”
  • “Come with me if you wanna not die.”
  • “So, uh, didn’t catch your name… Or anything about what you’re, uh, up to or what we’re doing here.”
  • “You can drop the act with me. It’s cool.”
  • “Will you please tell me what is happening?”
  • “I wanna go home!”
  • “Do you have any idea what that does to your colon?”
  • “Uh, I’m not sure why exactly you’d bring that up.”
  • “I like you, but I’m angry with you for some reason.”
  • “Great. I think I got it… but just in case… Tell me again because I wasn’t listening.”

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I’m Not Jealous


Joe’s POV

Y/N had been broken before, a few times actually. Every guy that she has dated seemed really nice but ended up being a total dick. Even the guys that she has just hooked up with have been jerks. 

A few months ago, she had called me crying saying that she was over dating and that every man she has ever met sucked. Why she called me instead one of her girl friends I have no idea but I sat and listened as she opened up on about all of her past relationships, many of which I didn’t know had even happened. 

Y/N and I used to be close, very close. In the past 4 years I have gotten to know her so well that I couldn’t see her not in my life, but that all changed last year when she started dating the guy who had had fueled her tearful swearing off of men. Needless to say, I was very surprised by her phone call and even more surprised when all I heard were sobs on the other side of the line.

After that phone call, it was almost like things had gone back to the way they used to be, pre-boyfriends. It had been 3 months of homemade dinners or late night take aways, sleepovers and all nighters, taking absolute shit about the things we’d be doing if we had chosen a different career path. 

This was how we had gotten so close. Other than my sister, I have never opened up to anyone about what was running through my mind than I had done with Y/N. She knew all my secrets and I knew hers and when she started dating her ex, I was terrified that I had lost that person. 

That phone call broke my heart and I swore to her that I would never let anyone hurt her like he did. I loved her but not in a romantic way regardless to what all of our friends thought. I loved being around her because she made me laugh and could calm me down when work was getting to me. I valued our friendship and didn’t want it to be ruined by some guy who only had the intentions of sleeping with her.


Y/N was on her way over for one of our weekly dinners. She had canceled the past 2 weeks so we were overdue to catch up.

“Knock knock” Y/N’s voice floated through my flat and I heard the door shut behind her.

“In here.” I called out from the kitchen.

“Hi!” She said setting her things on the worktop before moving around it to embrace me in a hug, “I haven’t seen you in forever it feels like.”

“Yeah, two weeks is quite a long time. Especially for people who usually talk every day.”

“I know, I know. Works been rough and I’ve just been so busy.” She said taking a seat at the worktop.

It was like she lived here. She moved through my flat like I was the guest in her own flat. It was refreshing in a way to have someone be so comfortable around you.

“Well I hope you’re hungry because dinner’s nearly ready.” I said as I watched her eyes light up.

“Oh I forgot to tell you,” Y/N said taking a sip of her drink, “I’ve been seeing someone.”

“What?” I said almost choking on my food.

“Yeah, I also want you to meet him and give me your honest opinion about him. He’s not like the other guys and we don’t really have that much in common but it’s kind of okay.” She said casually.

“When did this happen?”

“About 2 months ago. We met at the library of all places. I was struggling to find a certain book, you know that one that everyone is reading?” She paused to look at me and quickly realized that the title of the book wasn’t that important, “Anyways long story short, it turned out that he had just picked up the last copy and BAM!”

“Bam?” I asked looking at confused.

“He asked me to dinner, told me I could have the book if I promised to give it to him after I finished over dinner.”

“And you did?” 

“Yeah, we discussed the book on our second date. He let me keep it if you are looking for a good read.” 

“Um, I think I’m good. Thanks” I said standing up and taking our empty plates over to the sink.

“Okay…so would you want to meet him or are you just going to trust my judgment although that has never been the best.” She taking taking another sip of her drink.

“Umm, yeah sure.”

“Yeah sure?”

“I thought you said you were done dating?” I said, recalling the phone call in which she was in tears. 

“I didn’t mean it Joe. It was just in the heat of the moment thing- I was hurt and I was just talking shit.” She said sounding a little confused.

“It didn’t sound like shit Y/N. You were crying your eyes out, I could barely even understand you. I’ve seen you sad and upset, but never like that.”

“Joe it’s not like I’m going back to him. This is a new guy who is very different from any guy I have ever dated. And I can’t exactly swear off men if someday I want to get married and have kids, dating is the first step and for me, that involves men.”

“Yeah I know that. It’s’s just stupid. Never mind. I’ll meet your new boyfriend if you really want me to.” I said not wanting to get into a big fight with someone I might lose to her new boyfriend.

“Joe what is going on?” She said standing up and walking over to me.

“Nothing.” I said resting my palms on the counter and hanging my head down.

“Obviously somethings up, you’re never like this. If you ask me, you’re sounding kind of jealous.” 

“I’m not jealous Y/N. Why would I be jealous?” I said looking up at her.

“I dunno, you tell me.” She said giving me signature half smile.

That smile, that damn half smile thing that she does would make an innocent man confess in court. Its caring and loving yet firm and asserting and makes you just want to spill everything you have ever bottled up inside. Its the exact reason why we are so close, she flashes that smile every time she knows I need to get something off my chest and she knows it.

“Ugh, I really need you to stop doing that.”

“Then tell me whats wrong.”

“I’m not jealous. I just don’t want someone to take you away from me like last time. I also don’t want to ever see you that hurt ever again. You thought he was going to be the man you ended up marrying and remember how he turned out. Who’s to say that library boy won’t be the same?”

“Wow.” She said letting out a deep breath, “First off, that is exactly why I want you to meet him. I value your opinion Joe and if I’m not mistaken, you liked the last one too. Granted you ended up seeing through him before I did, but still. Secondly, I understand that that year sucked for us. I barely saw you and that was really rough. I’ve made it clear this time that I need you in my life and he’s actually excited to meet you. He wants to actually get to know the people who love and support me and believe it or not, you’re up there on the list. And thirdly, that sounded a lot like you’re jealous that I haven’t been spending time with you.” She laughed. 

I rolled my eyes as she continued to laugh and pull me into a hug. It was slightly annoying that she was able to go from sweet and sincere to funny and sarcastic in the same sentence.

“Don’t worry Sugg, I’m not going to let that happen again.”

“You promise?”

“Pinky promise. And I give you permission to do whatever it takes to make me realize that I’m being a shitty friend if it comes to that.” 

“Can I make a video about how shit you’re being and show the whole world?”

“Um, If it comes to that y…yes?”

“You know I’d never do that, but thanks for giving me the permission” I laughed and I hugged her tightly.

“I love you Joe, don’t forget that.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

“Great!” She said pulling away, “I’m really excited for you to meet him. and who knows, maybe he can join us on these dinners!”

“Um no he can’t. These are our dinners.” I said quickly shooting her a look.

“It was worth a shot!” She laughed as her moved to help me clean up dinner.

Part 2

anonymous asked:

Pegging anon here again XD I hope you guys don't mind if i keep requesting (I just love you so much) Well...I was thinking about Zen playing with MC (tickles or smth like that) while them has gum in their mouth and oops. It came out. And then... you know... OMG MC, MY RAT TAIL D: yup, it seems someone needs a haircut. If you could write something like that with RFA+ V + Saeran + Vanderwood (Everyone with undercuts? omg i can't breathe) it would be great. Again, Thank you ♥

A/N: Welcome back pegging anon (๑ゝڡ◕๑) totally took inspiration for zens from you sorry but also a lil not sorry because it was a good idea xD We absolutely do not mind! Thank you for loving us, we love you too ^^! <3 SORRY IF THIS GOT TOO LONG I CAN’T HELP MYSELF (but omg can you imagine them with undercuts? quick someone make fan art) ~Admin 404


           -It was an innocent game of Twister or was it? wink wonk

           -He was showing you how good he was at the game! And he was winning!

           -Right foot red? GOTCHA


           -He slipped and accidently hit you in the chin, which caused you to yelp in pain

           -“OH MY GOD, MC??? ARE YOU OKAY??? OMG I’M SO SORRY!!!”

           -He’s busy worrying about you, but you were looking around for the gum you had in your mouth. Where the hell did it go???

           -When he goes to rub the back of his head and apologize for the 47th time, he feels something sticky

           - ew wtf is this oh mY GOD MC PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT YOUR BLOOD OR ANYTHING?????

           -You check it out for him, and…

           -“Oh.. well uh, there’s the gum I’ve been looking for, haha….”

           -…your….your what

           -You immediately drag him to a barber shop to get it fixed up

           -Pouting because??? He now has to get his hair cut? It took him SO LONG to grow it out!

           -Pouting too much to even tell the barber what he wants done to his hair, so you have to decide for him

           -At the end it looks like fine??? Like, now he has a little floof on the top!

           -When he sees it short in the back with a star etched into it???


           -Always tracing the star when he’s trying to think or focus on something

           -5000000% Putty in your hands if YOU trace the star lightly


           -The two of you were relaxing at home, so he decided to leave his hair down!

           -Get into the relaxed spirit!

           -He had been messing with you all. day.

           -Cooking? Comes in and tickles you from behind.

           -Washing dishes? Comes in and pokes your sides until you’re a laughing mess on the floor

           -You were SO. ON. EDGE.

           -He calmed down hours later, so you thought it was safe to chew on some gum, just to take your mind off of watching your back from the literal tickle monster in your house

           -At one point, he stepped incorrectly and you could hear the floor creak from behind you

           -So you took the opportunity to get your revenge!

           -You whip around and tackle him to the ground, tickling up and down his sides until he’s literally gasping for breath and is red in the face

           -You let him cool down, but you stay hovering over him

           - big mistake

           -Just when you thought you had your revenge, his hands were back at your sides, tickling you back!

           - big mistake part 2

           -You couldn’t get away fast enough! You ended up a laughing mess

           -Until you feel your gum fall out of your mouth and

           -P A N I C P A N I C PA NI C PANIC

           -He stops immediately and almost starts crying right then and there when he realizes it’s in his hair

           -It takes an hour of crying to drag him to the barber to get it fixed up


           -So you sit him down and talk to him about getting an undercut

           -“Zen, if the barber cuts just the bottom layer, it gets the gum out, and your hair will still be long-ish! It’ll just be short on the sides, the top will be longer, and you can tie it up if you want!”

           -Agrees because he can still keep his hair at least semi-long, it’ll just be a secret undercut

           -His hair goes down to his shoulders now rip the rat tail

           - you get it done too because holy hell you felt TERRIBLE




           - pls baehee it was an accident

           -You didn’t mean to fall asleep with gum in your mouth!!! But you were so EXHAUSTED!!!

           -She was just as exhausted when she came home! She didn’t notice either!

           -She woke up the next morning to something sticking to the back of her neck?

           -‘Did I sweat that much in my sleep last night???’

           -When she looks in the mirror and sees that it’s gum, she calmly woke you up


           -“MC? Did you sleep with gum in your mouth last night? I believe it’s found its way into my hair.”




           -She has to calm you down and invites you to the beauty parlor with her, to get a new hair cut

           -Goes for her previous hair style, the short cut


           -So you suggest getting it slightly shorter, but with a secret undercut tattoo instead of all of it short!

           -Once you explain what an undercut is exactly, she’s really liking the idea!!!

           -“MC! Would you get a matching one with me?”

           -So the two of you got cute matching undercut pieces of intricate lotus designs!


           -Makes sure to wear her hair up as often as possible because she loves it that much

           - also makes sure you aren’t sleeping with gum in your mouth anymore

           -Offers to do your hair for you so she has an excuse to trace your undercut


           -You asked him if your younger cousins could come visit!

           -He obviously couldn’t say no to you! You looked too cute asking him!

           -Well that and he loved you, jfc, he’d get you anything you asked for

           -What he DIDN’T KNOW, however, was how ANNOYING your cousins were!!!

           -They’d be perfect little angels when you were around! But the MOMENT you walked through the door threshold, they were DEMONS


           -Seriously considered making a few bodyguards come into the penthouse to play with them

           -But!!! He didn’t do that!

           -He had to get along with them! They were important to you!

           -He kept reminding himself that he needed to get along with them

           -That thought was thrown out of the window the moment one of them purposefully stuck gum to the back of his head

           - literally just smacked it to the back of his head

           -Couldn’t even get angry. Couldn’t say anything. Couldn’t make any facial expression.

           -Complete blank, Jumin.exe has stopped working

           -You happened to walk in the moment it happened and you disciplined your cousins

           -How dare they do that to your JuJu!!

           -You sent them home and spent almost an hour trying to get Jumin to respond to ANYTHING

           -He didn’t say anything, but took you by the hand, making you accompany him to fix his hair

           - expensive ass hair dresser omg

           -He has no idea how to fix this. REALLY doesn’t want his hair short, but that’s all the hair dresser kept suggesting

           -Before he got angry at the hair dresser, you suggest an undercut, that way he can keep some of his floof!

           -You even suggested getting a cute design in it!!

           -“But MC, would it be professional?”

           -Well, I mean, maybe???

           -“But Jumin, you could get a cute little kitty design! I think it’ll be super cute!”

           -That’s it, hands down, MC said “kitty” and said they’ll think it’s cute, HE’S GETTING IT

           -Honestly loves it when he sees it, and requests you take a picture for him totally not because it’d be blurry if he did

           -No fucks given if it isn’t professional, he’ll give dirty looks to whoever talks badly about it

           - lowkey talks MC into getting one too because he goes insane when he sees them with the kitty undercut


           -He doesn’t even need to get gum in his hair to get an undercut

           -He just really wants one!!!

           -He’s no longer part of the agency! He can do whATEVER HE WANTS

           -Was going to tell you

           -Was going to take you along

           -But decided surprising you was a lot more fun!

           -So he gets it done in secret, and comes home, calling for you

           -The moment you see him, you grab the closest lamp and hold it defensively beCAUSE THAT’S NOT YOUR CURLY-HAIRED GOOFBALL


           - mc wtf are you gonna do with a lamp pls, it’s me

           -He didn’t get it cut extremely short, it’s still pretty shaggy in actuality

           -But it took you a minute to register that, wow that’s Saeyoung


           -10/10 LOVE running your hands through it omg

           -When you get to the back of his head, you can feel the patterns of a spaceship and a few stars

           -“Okay but what did you expect me to get MC??? IT’S SPACE!!!!”

           -The sensation he gets when you run your hands over the shorter hairs immediately gives him chills

           - dear god dont do it in public

           -He’s so excited! It’s a shorter kind of shaggy than he’s used to, but!

           -It’s not in his eyes! It’s lighter on his head!


           -Tries his hardest to talk you into getting one too

           -“At least get a secret one MC!!! We can make a whole GALAXY if we just put our heads together, HA”

           - pls help me

           -The other members think it’s odd, but also very….Saeyoung-like

           -When you see him run a hand through his newly-found short shag, you dIE INSIDE

           -BECAUSE IT’S SO HOT???

           -Like the shag was amazing before don’t get me wrong but there’s juST SOMETHING ABOUT IT?????

           - I dunno if y'all know but sometimes with curly hair, if you cut it short, it gets evEN CURLIER WHY IS THAT A THING

           -That being said, his hair is even curlier than before!!!!

           - admin 404 requests some fan art of short shaggy-haired saeyoung, stat


           - hipster

           - wish i was kidding

           -but i am not

           -He didn’t get it just to do it though!

           -The two of you were innocently taking pictures at a local park!

           -He was the one taking pictures of you, but this time you decided it was your turn!

           -So you take a few candid ones, but just to play around, you pretend to be him

           -“Okay V, pose just like that, yes! Now tilt your head just a bit- PERFECT! Now look up and to the left? NICE, STAY LIKE THAT”

           -He couldn’t help but smile at how adorable you were

           -There’s nothing that could wipe the smile on his face!

           -Except…maybe… one thing

           -When he laid down on top of a short brick wall for a picture, he didn’t anticipate to lay his head straight down onto a wad of gum;;;;;

           - poor bby omg

           -You got really upset and started cursing the gum, the wall, the person who put it there, thE RISING COLLEGE TUITIONS IN AMERICA!

           - mc, sweetheart, it’s just an accident please stop trying to blame the american government for gum in my hair

           -The two of you decide to spend the rest of the day getting the gum out of his hair

           -Easy solution: Getting a hair cut

           -So the two of you go to the closest barber to get it done!

           -He asks what you think he should get done, and you recommended an undercut!

           -He can keep the floof, still have his side-swept bangs, and it’ll be all good!

           -Loved your idea! So he went with it!

           -When it was over with and he got a good look at it, he loved it even more!

           -Truly appreciates your opinion and is exceptionally happy at the large smile on your face!!!

           -He likes the feeling of when you run your hands through the top, but likes the look you get on your face more

           -For a good day or so, asks you to take more pictures of him and his haircut!



           -You were running from Saeyoung since you took the last PhD. Pepper

           -So you needed protection!

           -Who do you go for when you need protecting?

           - Edgelord McGee Saeran!

           -You almost tackled him to the ground before hiding behind him as Saeyoung ran into the room behind you



           -Why the hell were the two of you yelling? He crossed his arms and glared at his brother

           -“Hey, idiot, leave her alone. It’s just a drink, geez.”


           - Uh yeah okay whatever

           -He just stood there while the both of you bickered and he decided he had enough

           -He started to walk out of the room when he felt something hit the back of his head?

           -It didn’t hurt but something is definitely in his hair

           -You went to spit your gum at Saeyoung (like a child) and the fuCKER DUCKED


           -When he turned around, he saw the look of horror on both of your faces, before Saeyoung had to leave the room because he was about to laugh not about to die today lmao peace MC

           -Slowly raised his hand to the spot in his hair and realized it was the gum you were chewing a little bit ago

           -Goes completely blank. His resting bitch face becomes very apparent

           -No death glare, just…. blank

           -So you apologize profusely!! Offer to take him to get his hair cut!!!

           - okay but i dont wanna do that MC


           -He usually cuts his own hair, so having someone do it is very odd for him

           -Not to mention some person he doesn’t know is coming at him with a sharp object

           -You actually have to hold his hand so he doesn’t like, attack the hair dresser

           -Doesn’t know how to feel when he sees the short hair, he liked the shaggy mess he had

           -He decides that he can deal with it though when he sees how much you love it!

           -You’re almost running your hand through the longer hair on the top, and you lightly run them over the shorter sides and it drives him CRAZY

           -The sensations kill him, he blushes like mad and just sits in silence because???? What the hell is he supposed to do??? He doesn’t want you to stop

           - Still punches Saeyoung when he gets home though because it’s all his fault


           -Okay, listen,,,,,,

           -It wasn’t even your fault!!!

           -You’re just the one who pointed it out!

           -During their mission, wherever they were hiding had the gum there, okay?

           -“MC, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” okay but i just said i didnt?

           -Knows it wasn’t your fault but they’re just like???? So lost?

           -Super angry because they can’t shower now!!!!

           -Complains until you drag them to get their hair cut

           -PISSED because they like their long hair!!! UHG

           -Spends about an hour looking through the options and declines all of them

           -You show them a picture of someone with an undercut and they immediately pointed it out

           -“That one. I like that. Think I can pull it off?”

           -Yes, yes you can

           -They were calm throughout the whole thing, you thought they were going to put up a fight when the hair dresser came at them with scissors

           -Makes you leave so they can surprise you with the big reveal at the end!

           -You honestly didn’t recognize them, even when they were standing right in front of you

           -“Hey there sweetheart”

           -“Sorry I’m taken”

           -“Uh yeah, by me, idiot”

           -When you look up, hoOOO BOY



           -Since you didn’t say anything, they started to really worry that it looked bad

           -500% ready to go back and fight the hair dresser

           -You stood up abruptly and scared them a little, but as soon as you run your hand through their hair and down the side of their face lightly, they calm down and smile

           -“So? What do you think? Is it terrible?”

           -10/10 have to reassure them multiple times throughout the rest of the say that they look great and it really suits them!!!

           -Embarrassed every time you tell them they look fan-fucking-tastic