wow did not know i needed this in my life

ReaperTale!Sans for someone on UT Amino 

Considering the sketch is extremely old, I’m so glad they convinced me to finish it, seeing as it was sitting in my WIPs for like a month. I’m kinda proud of this. He looks very shiny tho haha 

The wings cause I wanted an “'Angel of Death” feel to it. I dunno what I was thinking. 

Art by me 

ReaperTale by @renrink

One monday afternoon, at about 5pm, I decided that I needed a twenty one pilots blog.

Little did I know that this decision would pretty much change my life.

A lot has happened since then!
I started to draw again (Thanks to endless inspiration by Tyler and Josh, their music, and the amazing artists both here and on twitter who never cease to create their art and inspire me to do the same.)
I started to write again (even though that’s kind of on hold, I will forever be thankful for the help, the brainstorming sessions together and the incredible stories other writers have come up with.)
I saw the boys live (twice. No words can describe what I feel thinking back to these experiences.)

But most importantly:
I met you guys.

I met funny, inspiring, supportive, creative and talented people, friends who’ve stayed for months, acquaintances, people I’ve just met or talked to briefly - but each and every one of you has made a difference in my life, and I want you guys to know that thanks to your ongoing support and help, I am more the person I was meant to be than I was ever before.

Thank you.


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Every single one of you - written down here or not - means the world to me. I will never be able to thank you enough for the change and the positive development you’ve brought to my life.

If you follow me - thank you. You deserve the world and nothing less. Keep growing.

If I follow you - thank you. You’ve helped me through dark times, if you know it or not. I am grateful.

Lots of Love,Alex. ♥

Yeah So. I listened to my mom and went to a psychologist, I don’t think I told anyone about it.

But. So.


The results came in today. My moms sleeping. They took a day to Analyse an MCQ i did in two minutes yesterday.

And every single person I’ve talked to over the week knows that I’ve been wanting to sleep. Like Just sleep.

So my psychologist writes this yeah.

“I am glad to actually be able to inform you, that the first stage of depression is not as horrible as you think, so just keep calm. Instead of trying to sleep too much, try out new hobbies :)”

Like this email. Is just. Wow. Thanks man. I just need new hobbies. Cause my life is on track and hobbies will fix everything…


Reporter: So can you tell us what your life is like now that you and (Y/N) are together?

Nick: Wow…sure… honestly, I was really sad before (Y/N). I think this business can get really tough and demanding, and before I would just go home and stew about everything I did wrong that day. Now I go home and there’s this beautiful person waiting there with food or a movie or whatever I need. It’s amazing really. (Y/N) calls me on everything- and tells me I’m wonderful even when I feel like nothing. I mean, they’re my human, and I’m theirs. And it’s nice to know that I have a light when life gets dark. God that’s cheesy! Sorry for such a long answer… I guess I just really dig (Y/N).


anonymous asked:

so i. uh. dont know what my sexuality is. i just know i love iggy & think girls are real hot?? but i didnt want to just assume my sexuality cause at the same time i dont really care what my sexuality is??? if that makes sense lol..... but that threesome. oh damn. i think you made me confirm with myself that i'm bi. so thanks. that was real hot holy hell. as the end of the fic states, this does need to happen again sometime. a++ 11/10 would fuck iggy & aranea again

Oh wow! Thank you, that is such high praise! Maybe one day I will play around with them again. I feel like in general I now need more Aranea smut and I did not know I needed this in my life til I wrote the thing so we all learned new things today

shoutout to meera reed bc i would’ve fuckin ran for my life and left bran with the white walkers but homegirl carried bran through the snow while being chased by the got zombies even if that meant like a .000000000000000001% chance of survival and when the white walkers caught up to them, u know what she did she fucking shielded his body with hers so yep she is underappreciated queen and just wow i need friends like the reeds in my life

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hmmm i realize now with skam filming i'm soon going to get my comeuppance for laughing at noora and noorh*lm stans for being unable to let go of trash s2. bc i'm still over here like 'hmm what's up with isak tho'

honestly me. like i love all the characters and im happy with whoever is gonna be the main bc i know julie will wow us with whoever, but i’ve never related more to a character in my life than i did to isak valtersen soooo no matter who the main is and during any episode i’ll still be like ok but what is isak doing. like i did that shit when i watched s1 and s2 after s3 like cool story but um why did isak break up with sara what’s going on there why did isak get into the car with chris!!?? what’s happening i need to know how eskild and isak met tell me!!!

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Honestly, I don't think I would be pursuing English as hard as I am right now if I hadn't followed you back in the early Frozen days and been inspired to keep writing. Those days were a point in my life where I was just on the brink of giving up because I was crippled with self-doubt and everything I did seemed childish, but I saw your passion for English and your amazing skill and thought, wow, I REALLY want to be like her. Just thought you might like to hear that right now.

♥♥♥ This is really, really sweet and something I very much needed to hear right now. My life is spiralling so hard and so fast and knowing that I’ve done something right to help others is kind of keeping me going. I’m very glad that you found your inner confidence and are pursuing your dreams — keep going. :) 

Keep the good vibes comin'~!

I totally did not expect to get this lucky today because of my favorite boys. ❤ So apparently, Jensen tweeted the now very famous sunset pic..

And just when I thought it’s the end of my hysterics, I see RDJ post this of Facebook:

Wow. I’ll be giggling in my sleep for sure thanks to my otps…


When it’s close to a con and you still haven’t finished Reapertale Chara. Resort to a think you have never seen before in your life.

I give you Fresh!Chara. I took reactive insight on what they could possibly be wearing since I haven’t seen any Fresh!Chara yet. 

I literally bought most of this today. The tights, glasses, suspenders and the gloves and the mood locket. The wig and knife where bought around November time I believe. The shorts where things I wasn’t comfortable wearing in summer and that t-shirt… Who knows. I need shoes and already have my eyes on a pair that I plan to get. For now the t-shirt is temporary. I think I’m gonna get something along the lines of this with the ridiculous panels but looking more 90′s style. 

But yes Fresh!Chara. Rest in piece anyone who encounters them.

Fresh and the Parasites that make you into a Fresh character belong to @loverofpiggies 

Edit: Heres the new updated version on what I am officially wearing

You know when you find something you really want to do (like a job, moving to a place, travelling, or applying to programs) and everything starts to make sense and a million thoughts go into your head like “wow why did I never think about this before this is genius”. This is what’s happening to me right now. I’m not going to go into details but I was looking at some things and started to cry because they were exactly what I want to do. I’m on a high right now and I know when I get up it’ll prob be over. Or maybe in a week or a month or 6 months I won’t feel excited like this again. But I need to feel it now. I feel so fucking alive. This is what I want to do with my life. And it’s right in front of me. I just need to work towards it.


Wow. This year has been insane. It’s been one year exactly since Taylor followed my blog and I can honestly say it’s changed my life in SO many ways. Not only did my favorite artist of all time start noticing me and how dedicated I’ve been for 9 years, but she was there for me through the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. She gave me words of encouragement and love in a time when I needed her most and I will never ever be able to thank her enough for that. She will never know how truly important she is to me, but I hope she has an idea, because without her I’m not sure who I’d be today.

taylorswift thank you so incredibly much for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve liked and commented on so many posts of mine, you invited me to your album release party on a rooftop and gave me some awesome advice, you reached out to me when my dad passed away, which I will never ever be able to thank you enough for, and you continue to make me proud of you every single day. I am so thankful for you and your friendship throughout this past year and I can’t believe I can even say that. But I do feel like what we have is a friendship and it’s so special to me. I used to imagine what it would be like to meet you and hug you and thank you for all you’ve done for me but when the time actually came, I can honestly say it was everything I had ever hoped it would be and more.

I am SO excited to see you on the 21st in B Stage Pit with drinkingmaplelattes (aka Maya). LITERALLY SO SOON OH MY GOD. Maya was so so nice and after my dad passed away, reached out to me as well, just like you did. She offered to buy my ticket to the show which is just INSANE and so thoughtful and kind of her. You have the BEST fans and I’m so thankful to call someone like Maya my friend. To finally see the 1989 Tour is going to be a dream come true. This will be the 3rd tour I get to see you on September 21 (but my 7th time to see you perform!) All of the shows on the 21st have been in different states…I’m not sure how that lined up, but I’d say 9/21 is our special date so I’m even more excited! I love you so so much!

Love, Emily