wow date me

Friendship with Mark, Ethan and Tyler might include

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(A/n): Guys I haven’t written anything Marvel in sixteen and half centuries


  • Dick jokes
  • right off the bat
  • editing for them
  • filming for them
  • talking for them
  • acting for them
  • literally being their bitch and complaining about it
  • Amy, Kathryn and yourself have an alliance
  • Literal girl squad goals
  • all six of you living together
  • you, Tyler and Ethan jokingly say “Eww!” whenever Amy and Mark doing something cute
  • collectively shipping Amyplier anyway
  • Tyler protective brother
  • Mark protective brother
  • Ethan the one you fuck shit up with
  • all the time
  • you two are a pair of satanic children
  • you once had a boyfriend
  • he was a prick
  • and then he disappeared
  • constantly calling them cute
  • them teasing you a lot
  • singing with Mark all the time
  • sharing a bathroom
  • civil war begins every morning
  • having Tyler be the one to listen to your obsessive rants
  • Tyler reaching stuff for you
  • empty insults
  • 24/7
  • “Mark, does dwarfism run in your gene pool?”
  • “I hope Edward Scissor Hands fists you, asshole.”
  • Ethan is such a puppy
  • You defending Ethan when Mark and Tyler pick on him
  • Kathryn and you judging them hard while filming
  • mom Tyler
  • Mark babying the fuck out of you when you get hurt
  • Them letting you win arm wrestles
  • Four way play-wrestling
  • “Fight me”
  • Team purple shirts
  • shipping Tythan
  • not being camera shy
  • honest respectful conversations
  • sometimes you will all share a room and have a sleepover
  • teaming up on Mark during tickle fights
  • random tackle hugs
  • “Who the fuck ate my leftovers?”

The Tragic Love Song of Destiny 

im 100% certain y'all don’t give as much of a fuck abt the very real predatory relationships occurring to REAL people but that’s none of my business.


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful

things you should know if you wanna date me

• I’m sensitive af
• I cry a lot over small things like movies or animals but rarely cry if it’s something personal unless I’m basically breaking down
• I love physical contact, I will constantly want you to hold my hand
• I can’t sing, but I will definitely sing really loud in the car and make you laugh
• I like to cook so I mean I’ll cook for you
• I like learning about new things so if you’re interested in something, I’ll gladly listen to you talk about it instead of playing dumb or shrugging it off
• I love animals, I will get excited every time I see a dog
• I love movie days
• I’m a listener, I want to help and be there for you on good and bad days
• I can’t stay mad for long. You can aggravate me but I won’t stay mad for longer than 5 minutes
• I love to cuddle, I will want you to cuddle with me for hours
• I love to have my hair played with and I will want to play with your hair a lot, so don’t get mad at me if I mess it up
• if you make me laugh, I will laugh for like 5-10 minutes
• I’m not used to getting a lot of affection so if you say something really cute and sweet to me I will get really shy and hug you or kiss you
• I just want your attention and I will miss you if we don’t talk for most of the day
• I don’t give up easily

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hc for a sleepover with ethan or the first time you stayed the night at his place?


•eth planning a whole night in

•"i may or may not have went to the store and bought you a foam pillow"
“I didnt know if you were allergic to feathers”

•ethan calling his bed the ‘snuggle station’

•"if you dont like snuggle station we can call it cuddle cove"

•sleepy eth wrapping his arms around you as he dozes off

•running your fingers through his blue locks as he falls asleep

•him humming a nice soft tune as he drifts into sleep

•watching him sleep so soundly for a little bit before falling asleep tucked into his arms

•waking up to eth twirling your hair

•"morning princess"
“morning blueberry”

•making pancakes together

•batter fights in the kitchen

•tyler walking in on the batter fight

•"tyler you dont need to see this, its war"

•tyler calling you two weirdos

•eth licking batter off your nose

Wow can ethan date me already