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I won’t be posting anything this week but here are some Altean!Lance doodles … 

I’ll be taking the middle one and lining/coloring it digitally … Garla!Keith will be included as well ^^

Also, I’ll be posting more previews and sketches on my instagram if anyone is interested. (I just started posting on them so they are kinda new)


Thomas Bangalter, Élodie Bouchez, and their son Tara-Jay, leaving the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. May 28th, 2017 [x]

How the bidders are when they cry

a/n: This idea just popped in my head a few hours ago, so I decided to get on it ASAP :D! I feel like this headcanon needed a visual aid to help explain things better, so I drew them myself haha. Lol it’s been a long time since I drew anything, so I hope I did them justice! I can’t use a tablet for shit tho, so I settled with traditional, haha. Hopefully, this counts as fanart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Eisuke: Vulnerable.            

“I’m not as great as you think I am…”    

Soryu: Helpless.

“… I…did this to you…?”

Baba: Resigned.

“If that’s what’ll make you happy, then… I’m all right with it.”

Ota: Broken.

“I thought you promised you wouldn’t leave me?”

Mamoru: Remorseful.

“I… I fucked everything up again, didn’t I?”

Bonus (because the MC’s such a babe):

MC: Self-deprecating.

“Why can’t I do anything right?”

“There’s nothing you can do, Harry… nothing… he’s gone.”

For my art trade with albinpenguins, who asked for “ some wolfstar fanart that floods with feels,” and probably didn’t know the weight of what they were asking for.

I kind of made Remus’ pose reflect the other trade I did, to show a whole “reunited-lost again” juxtaposition. Also, I know Harry wasn’t crying in that scene but tbqh, I wish Harry had cried more in the books

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Murasakibara, Mibuchi, Mayuzumi, Himuro scenario being cozy at home on a rainy Saturday with a s/o who loves the smell, sound and sight of rain. Some cuddles and sweet fluff would be nice.

Aww this is soooo cute!!!! Thank you for this!

Himuro: The soft sound of the rain drops woke you up from your slumber. Opening your eyes, you smiled as you thought that it’s a wonderful time to just be lazy. The rain always had a magical effect on you and you just couldn’t explain it in words. You scrambled out of your bed and sat on the floor to watch the raindrops falling. Himuro was pretty much aware of this, that’s why the moment he woke up and realized the weather condition, he quickly climbed out of your shared bed, already knowing where you’ve gone to, and plopped himself beside you before wrapping his arms around your body. In a swift motion, he reached out for your duvet and put it around your bodies before enjoying the warmth being brought to by it. “Good morning, (f/n)-chan,” he mumbled before nuzzling his nose against your shoulders.

Mayuzumi: He didn’t exactly hate the rain, but he didn’t like it, as well. His feelings toward the phenomenon changes from time to time, depending on the situation he’s in. And the grey-haired man guessed that today’s mood was a ‘fuck-the-rain-I-need-to-buy-a-new-notebook’ kind. Frowning, Mayuzumi plopped himself beside you, wondering why you were staring outside. Oh, he thought. It’s raining…and you loved the rain…a tad too much. Taking a deep breath, you smiled before releasing the air you inhaled. The smell of rain always tickled your nose and you knew that you’d never get tired of the sensation it brings you. Turning your head to the side, you acknowledged your boyfriend’s presence. As if it was some kind of automated response, Mayuzumi found himself smiling back at you as his arms snaked around your waist. He trailed kisses from your shoulder to your jaw before cupping your face and making you tilt your head a little more so that he could capture your lips with his. The moment your lips touched each other, Mayuzmi thought that his school supply could wait. Rainy days weren’t that bad, after all.

Mibuchi: He woke up at around 6 AM. He knew that it was quite earlier than his usual, but he couldn’t go back to sleep anymore due to the sound of the rain bothering him. Deciding to be productive by cooking breakfast, he got up from the comfortable bed the both of you were sharing (oh, such an obstacle). It took him exactly forty minutes to prepare everything - from your morning tea to your favorite waffles. He hurriedly went back to your bedroom so that he could wake you up, not wanting the breakfast to get cold. Upon seeing you sitting in front of your window, chin resting on the back of your palm, staring lovingly as the outside environment, Mibuchi couldn’t help but chuckle. It’s you being you again. He gazed at you, adoring that smile he had always loved from the beginning, and greeted you, “good morning, (f/n)-chan.” You just smiled at him in response and placed your head on his shoulders. He soon put his arms around your waist and decided that maybe he could just reheat the food later. Cuddling time with you was now his top priority.

Murasakibara: You loved the rain, but you loved it more when there’s a cup of hot chocolate. So upon hearing the heavenly sound brought to you by the raindrops, you immediately sat up and did your usual morning routine before heading straight to the kitchen. The smell of the aroma brought by the rich chocolate you just stirred into some milk woke your boyfriend, Murasakibara, up. He always loved your hot chocolate (and eggnog) and as if it was his favorite song, he memorized every part of it - from the sweet aroma to the kind of touch it brings to his tongue every single time. He then got up right away and made a beeline from your bedroom to your kitchen. Wrapping his arms around you from the back, he lowered his head to your neck and whispered, “the hot chocolate smells amazing…and it’s also raining…you’re so amazing (l/n)-chin.” Chuckling, you turned around and gave him a peck on his lips before removing his arms around you and getting the cups filled with your signature hot chocolate. You then went straight to the living room, where your comfy couch was waiting for the both of you. As he was a sunflower and you were the sun,  Murasakibara followed you with enthusiasm. He was so excited to share the morning with you that he knew would be soon filled with kisses and tons of cuddles.

KH Aesthetics: Zexion

This is absurd. Then I shall make you see… That your hopes are nothing. Nothing but a mere illusion!


you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Look at our harvest today. Aren’t you glad you married someone like me? These crops tend to run around too much though. But it’s all fine and dandy, these ones are adorable I think I want more. Like three more, actually. Whatcha think?  

Your Scarecrow
PS we miss you already

kakashi would always insert a picture from the previous day of him and the kids in sakura’s lunch box with his chicken scratch note at the back cuz he knows she frames them all in her office for motivation. and every time she would miss them so darn much she ends up going home really early ;w;

“One click can end you, one call can change you.

 I thought I was alone. 

The world I’m trapped in is dying, glitches are taking over. 

If we lose we die.

It’s simple all we’ve got to do is play the game”

Please note: none of the clips are mine, nor the music! and this fic is in the works currently, and shall be rèleased in asian fanfics under the account JustAnotherFangirl46 


I am going to get this thing out of my head, one day. I will. And when I do, I’m going to live the life I want with the girl I love. Because I’m not going to let this thing rob me of that. I won’t.