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How popular do you think Ginny is at and after Hogwarts?

No doubt she was pretty popular at Hogwarts - it’s a canon fact.

After Hogwarts, I hope this conversation between 2 quidditch fanatics in the year 2017 might give you some hints:

“Hey, I saw Ginny Weasley!!”
“WOW That’s so coool!! She was really brilliant as chaser!”
“And she was walking with her husband, Harry Potter. You know, that boy who lived and saved the world.”
“nah, never heard of him.”

how is it possible that you make akaba leo and yushou know each other (and potentially be friends, they even developed the fucking solid vision TOGETHER) but you seriously telling me reiji and yuya never met before then?

nah man, imagine.

so they developed it meaning it was 10 years ago, ok. Reiji is 6 and Yuya is 4. Yushou says he’ll bring his son sometime and Leo should as well because their sons are similar ages and would get along very well (after alll they do!?!?!? for some reason1!??!?!). Leo doubts it but fine, Yushou insists.

First day meeting doesn’t turn out well as Reiji is not very social and stays by Leo’s legs, holding onto him as he watches Yuya run around the lab and trip several times.

This repeats a lot.

So one day, Yuya’s playing with legos and not doing anything correctly and Reiji can’t take him doing it ALL WRONG. So he just goes over and shows him, LIKE THIS YUYA. LIKE THIS! And Yuya is SO AMAZED by Reiji making all these figurines and machines and shit with legos.

“Reiji, make a boat!! an airplane!! DO YOU WANNA SEE MY HIPPO CARD?!” And Yuya’s very exciteable and energetic and happy cuz the shy boy was finally talking to him and he’s making a friend!

Reiji is all ??? um… ok :///
he finds Yuya… loud. clingy. but he’s always giving him attention and calling him his friend and isn’t for once talking about how smart he is and more amazed at his ability to make figures out of legos.

Leo is telling Yushou that his son clearly isn’t the socialable kind and forcing him to be around the… extremely hyper child is not well. Yushou reluctantly agrees and just when they are about to collect their kids and go their separate ways for the day, they find Reiji and Yuya.

They in the corner, Reiji is making a HUGE circus stage because Yuya wanted to see if he could really do it (of course he could do it) and Yuya is clapping excitedly and clutching onto Reiji’s arm cuz wow! it looks SOOOOO COOOL!

Yushou is happy as all hell the children are getting along just as he thought, Leo is not cuz this means he was wrong. That and he now has to clean up the legos.


The Oregon Zoo has a history of feeding their predators raw carcasses, which is pretty awesome - and unique for American zoos. Others who have tried this method of feeding have received so much backlash from visitors, who seem to think that it’s too ‘violent’ or gross to watch, that they had to cease doing it. 

We like to think we’re a bit more progressive in the Pacific Northwest, but even so, I heard a few people complaining that it was “Barbaric!” and “Disgusting!”, saying that “This is entirely inappropriate for children!” and things of that ilk, even though there were HUGE placards outside the exhibits warning, “RAW FEEDING IN PROGRESS; VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!" 

As for the kids - I sat by the viewing window for at least half an hour, watching crowds of several dozen youngsters walk past and watch the lions as they ate. I heard comments such as, "Wow! Coool!” and “Ew, you can see it’s spine!” but not a single child looked at the scene before them with disgust and wanted to immediately leave. They were fascinated. They watched these animals with wonder and excitement, and put up a fuss when their parents got grossed-out and wanted to continue on before they did. 

Thing is, raw feeding is not only healthy and natural for captive predators, it’s also mentally stimulating for them, and greatly educational for visitors who aren’t too squeamish or sheltered to understand it.

“See how he chews with his head to the side?” one father told his young son,. “He’s got teeth in the back of his mouth that work like scissors cutting paper." 

"Why don’t I have teeth like that?” the boy asked his dad, making a chomping motion with his own jaws. His dad laughed, and told him, “Well, it’s because you’re not a meat-eater like they are. You eat plants, too. They don’t."