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Hurting- part 2

Hurting - part 2  

 Hey guys- so sorry for the long interval in between the updates- I’ve been really busy lately - preparing for my clinic opening and also the arrival of my new nephew.

 So here is the second part of ‘Hurting.’

 You can read part 1 here:

Thank you lovely Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread!


Owen winced as April wrapped his wrist in a bandage. It was sprained, and there were a few bruises and abrasions, but thankfully the xrays showed that his wrist wasn’t broken.

They were both in the currently unoccupied trauma room 4.

‘Care to tell me what happened exactly?’ April asked, intrigued.

‘ I fell down the stairs.’ Owen lied. ‘ I was looking at my phone when walking down the stairs- bad move on my part.’

April wasn’t convinced by Owen’s story. She had been working with Owen long enough to detect when he was lying. The guilty look on his face gave it away.

She didn’t want to pry though- so she played along with the lie.

‘ Oh? Did you hurt yourself anywhere else?’ she asked.

‘ No. Only the wrist.’ Owen replied.

‘ You sure?’

‘ Yes’

‘ Well- if you say so.’ April conceded as she finished bandaging Owen’s wrist.

Owen didn’t reply, pretending to seem interested in the tiles of the trauma room floor, which were still stained with the blood from the previous patient who occupied the room.

‘ You need to rest your wrist.’ she said. ‘ You can take the rest of the day off, Hunt, I’ve got this.’

April walked out of the trauma room, leaving Owen alone in the room, sitting on the bed with his hands covering his face.

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Yes I do them too and thank you so much!^^ 

  • at first he would be a bit shy around you
  • small skinship like holding hands, hugs and pecks
  • but after you’ve been a bit longer together he would get more confident and start giving more passionate kisses and hugs :-)
  • backhugs everywhere
  • when he’s backhugging you he would rest his head on your shoulder, or head if you’re short
  • would tease u by speaking chinese 
  • so you’ll be like “really now minghao”
  • but if you know chinese then wow congrats u guys can diss eachother everyday
  • wants to adopt a pet
  • he likes animals so any pet would be ok, although he would prefer a dog
  • pick-up lines
  • i’m not even joking this guy would randomly pop out of nowhere like
  • “Do u have a shovel? Because i’m digging that ass ;)))” 
  • “I’ll hit you with a shovel if u don’t shut up”
  • “Oh”
  • you would be the one who cook like everything for him
  • because he likes to eat
  • and he needs to eat
  • “yeah Y/N its o k- go take a shower i’ll cook for us :3″
  • fire alarm goes off
  • u end up running out of the bathroom naked
  • ^^^and if you don’t want that to happen
  • now let’s talk about more rated m stuff
  • not really 
  • but if you want to skip this part then ok 

  • making out with him would be all hot and slow like ughsjsaf
  • bites your lips
  • likes to give hickies
  • especially on your collarbones or tits
  • oh and his lips are like perfect,
  • his kisses would be perfect too
  • loves it when he’s grinding on you and you wrap your legs around his waist 
  • also when you moan in his ears
  • teASE
  • like sure he wants to give you a lot of orgasms
  • but at the same time-
  • -orgasm denial
  • like he’ll finger u and when you’re about to cum, he pulls out with a cocky smirk
  • and in a nice movie night with the other members he would want you to give him a handjob cuz why not :-)

this is boyfriend au so i’ll stop with the rated m stuff lol

  • he needs love so make sure you give him lots of it
  • like you don’t need to tell him “i love u” every single time because that would be just plain annoying, really
  • but like small pecks or hugs will do it
  • or cuddles
  • now that i said that
  • minghao likes cuddling 
  • wants to be the big spoon but if you really wanted to be the big spoon then he would be ok with it
  • a lot of bickering over stupid things
  • have you seen him bickering with mingyu?
  • if yes then you’ll know what it would be like-
  • -cute and others who happens to see it would smile at you guys because
  • “what a dumb couple lmao”
  • While watching a movie he would like to make fun of the characters
  • and if you like it too then good
  • because then you can make fun of them together and in the end both of you are like
  • “wtf happened in the movie”
  • i don’t think he likes to watch romantic movies that much so he would prefer watching action or comedy movies
  • i forgot to mention that if you’re with Minghao, then you’re also with Jun and Mingyu 
  • and if theres Mingyu there’s Wonwoo
  • so good luck

should i make more these?

and requests are open again! 


  • Dispatch: Kai and Krystal are dating people
  • People: Wait what? Is this a prank?
  • SM: Nope. Dat tru.
  • People: Wow congrats guys
  • People: NO hating please
  • People: But dont be too happy bec remember baekyeon
  • People: But wait how about lay doesnt he like her? Dammit kai
  • People: Or maybe SM is hiding something from us again
  • People: They did it before they doin it now
  • People: Kaistal is not real they just trying to get attention bec comebacks
  • People: Is someone leaving again?
  • People: Kaisoo is probably real and they trying to cover it up
  • People: fck SM tell us the truth
  • Me: ...
  • Me: halp me
Rocking the Tom Ford (all boys)

Requested by Anon - Will yo please do one where you and the guys have been friends for almost 10 years but they’ve never seen you dressed up like only in skinny jeans and baggy tops and one night they want to take you to an award show so you surprise them and wear a dress and heels and when they come to pick you up they all just stare at you for the first like hour or something haha

You knew how lucky you were. You have been best friends will Ashton since you buys were 9 and when he joined 5SOS, you suddenly gained 3 new best friends. It had only been 3 years since that happened but damn did time fly. You were never really a total girly girl and they all seemed to accept that. Your nails were usually painted black and your style consisted of skinnies and vans with one of the boys’ shirts. You always felt more comfortable when you wore bigger shirts but you refused to buy them. 

“Holy shit balls, guys” Michael yells from the living room. When you walk in to the room you see them crowded around Michaels laptop, looking at an email.

“What’s wrong?” you asked them.

“We got invited to the Brit Awards!” Luke told me excitedly.

“Wow, that’s awesome guys! Congrats” I told them. 

“We’re allowed to bring a guest you know, do you wanna join us?” Ashton asked. I know I looked stupid standing there with my mouth open and my eyes wide but I couldn’t help it. 

“You really want me to go?” I asked stunned.

“Yeah, why not?” Ashton replied.

“Wow, yeah that would be so awesome!” I exclaimed. I thought to myself that I would have to go out and get an outfit that would be appropriate for an awards show but I didn’t know where to start. I knew Lou would be busy  since her book was coming out in a few weeks, but it couldn’t hurt to just ask her for some advice, right?

3 days had passed and the boys had all been taken out with Liz individually to find a new outfit for he show. When I called Lou she insisted that not only  did she want to go with me, but she wanted to do my make up for the event. I felt honored that she would take the time to do that for me when I’m just that girl that is always with 5SOS. 

“You look amazing” she told me once she put the finishing touch on, red lipstick to match the pumps I was wearing. 

“I feel like a doofas” I told her.

“You only feel that way because you have never been this dressed up” she teased back.

“You are right. I just hope the boys like it. I don’t want to embarrass them if I can help it” Lou said her goodbye and left the room. She had to pick up Lux from her babysitter before 5 and she was running a little behind. Looking in the mirror I saw something that blew me away. The dress that I was wearing was strapless and cut just above the knee. It was in classic black and had a lace overlay. My hair was in a very elegant updo with a few pieces hanging down here and there which were curled and my makeup looked awesome. All natural colors but the eyes were almost like smokey eye. I had the red lipstick to match the shoes and I could only hope and pray that I would to trip in them. My jewelry was as simple as it could get, a bracelet that Ashton got me for my 16th birthday, a ring Calum bought me for my 19th since he saw me staring at it every chance I had, earrings from Luke when I graduated last semester and a locket that Michael bought me for Christmas which held a picture of me with Luke and Cal on one side and the same on the other with Ash and Michael.

I took a deep breath and headed down the stairs. My eyes remained on the stairs as to avoid falling and it was only when I reached the bottom of the stairs that I noticed the house was silent. Something that NEVER happens with these four. I look up and notice that each of the boys was staring at me with the same expression on their face. They looked amazed.

“Wow” Ashton was the first to speak up. “I uh” he coughed “you look fantastic” he told me. The other boys nodded their head in agreement but didn’t say anything. When we were in the limo I could feel all 4 sets of eyes on me and I didn’t know how to feel. I was flattered that they kept looking but I was also a little upset that I had to go through all this work to get them to look at me like that. It’s not that I wanted them to fall in love with me, quite the opposite, but it would still be nice to be looked at like this every once in a while. We pulled up to the red carpet and Calum helped me out of the limo. I followed behind the boys but not close enough to be in the way and when we approached the first cameras I stepped back. I watched them answer questions for some different interviewers before Luke took my hand and pulled me in. 

“Y/N is all of our dates” he laughed out. “She is the best friend of the band and all the fan’s love her so we keep her around” I just smiled and stood in the middle. I was having a hard enough time acclimating to the fact that the boys were giving me extra attention but now I had interviewers and camera men looking at me too.

“Y/N, explain the outfit” one interviewer asked me.

“Well, the dress is a Tom Ford, the shoes are Gucci and the hair and makeup were done by Lou Teasdale” I told her.

“What about he jewelry?” She asked. I told her which piece was from which boy and admitted that I wore them everyday. It is my way of keeping them with me, even when I’m not with them. We made it through the red carpet and found our way to our seats. I noticed that the boys were still glancing every now and then but I felt relieved that it had died down to only being every few minutes. I was looking at the program we were given and gave a small jump when Ashton started talking.

“You really do look beautiful tonight Y/N I hope you know that” he said.

“Thanks Ash, you guys look pretty suave too” I giggled. 

“I’m sorry we are staring but we have never seen you dressed like this and God damn do we like it” he admitted.

“Luke is convinced we will have to fight the dudes off” Calum threw in.

“Nah” I replied “the only person you will ever have to worry about me with is Liam cause I know you guys are friends with him but DAYUM” I laughed.

I continued to laugh along with the boys until behind me someone spoke “I heard my name” and I froze. The boys knew I had a crush on him and it was an unspoken rule that he would NEVER be told about this. 

Ashton smiled “Y/N was just saying that you were the only one of the 1d guys that she had seen tonight”.

“Ahh, I see. I’ll catch up with you guys later, I’m being flagged down” he walked away with a smile. I turned beat red and hid behind the program.

“Just kill me” I mumbled.

“Meh, I think we will keep you around” Michael said and they all laughed.

The night was spent with tons of laughs, mostly at Harry and Louis who continued to make faces at us from 3 tables over. After the show was over and we were exiting I felt an arm around my shoulder and I looked up to see Liam walking beside me.

“Keep looking this amazing and the boys will have to start worrying” was all he said before he slipped his arm back off and walked off in a different direction. I blushed a deep crimson and got into the limo. I can’t even predict tomorrow anymore.