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Part 2 is here! And my wrist feels like crap! :D Oh, what fun!


Little Jammy Hood - @blogthegreatrouge

Error - @loverofpiggies

Ink - @comyet

Goth - @nekophy (Wolf Design - @echoiart) (Aftertale - @loverofpiggies, Reapertale - @renrink)

Palette - @angexci (Inktale - @comyet, Dreamtale - @jokublog)



Mentioning this video again because HOLY CLOUDS THIS IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! *keeps screetching like a little girl*


(first part)

GOSH ! This took me forever to complete and it’s only the second part of the comic … well the third one will be shorter … I think. 

I hope you like it even though my backgrounds look really weird, hey those are ny first backgrounds so I wasn’t expecting to be very skilled at that XD 

It’s still based on @genothecreeper ‘s lyrics to @skelebros-covers-nobody-wanted ‘s cover of “I can’t decide”.


heres a continuation of that then!!!

i guess this is them running into each other in a post-pacifist ending? idk i think this turned more into a..character..analysis..thing. idk!!! but there is sans being ridiculous and extra so i hope you like it!! 


Introduction: The Underground (Part Two)

Synopsis: After moving to the surface not months ago, Frisk and their newly adopted family have had a strange time thus far. Toriel was able to successfully open her school, to which Frisk has been attending, but the others have been at a loss since their arrival. One day, however, Frisk has a striking realization! Why not tap into the optimistic, comedic lifestyle of the monsters by showcasing it? Join Frisk and the monsters as they work to finally break the ice between them and their human neighbors in the grand opening of: The Underground.

Head-canon incoming woooooaaahh. Part three will be up next week, most likely.

Part One:

Part Two: You’re here!

Part Three:

Part Four:


I woke up at three in the morning the other night and this idea just popped up.

A thing I have noticed about little kids is that when they notice their friends being all sad about stuff (like, I dunno, thinking about all the horrible timelines they’ve been through and the uncertainty of going through more horrific timelines in the future), they just like to PILE things onto them. Stuffed animals, clothes, whatever. A pile of happy things.

…at least, that’s what the kids that I usually look over at my job tend to do.