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I like to think Papyrus’s “Capture The Human” game either involves “tags” as tackle hugs or some variant of Tag and Capture The Flag. ^_^

Chapter 2: Renegade
>Pages 135 - 138<




My friend wrote “Boop” when she colored this XD

Ultimately this made me think of a certain pink mustache…

 my hand slipped 


Part 2 is here! And my wrist feels like crap! :D Oh, what fun!


Little Jammy Hood - @blogthegreatrouge

Error - @loverofpiggies

Ink - @comyet

Goth - @nekophy (Wolf Design - @echoiart) (Aftertale - @loverofpiggies, Reapertale - @renrink)

Palette - @angexci (Inktale - @comyet, Dreamtale - @jokublog)


Thor: Ragnarok - Official Comic-Con Trailer



Mentioning this video again because HOLY CLOUDS THIS IS SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! *keeps screetching like a little girl*


heres a continuation of that then!!!

i guess this is them running into each other in a post-pacifist ending? idk i think this turned more into a..character..analysis..thing. idk!!! but there is sans being ridiculous and extra so i hope you like it!! 

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