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Ember Gleams - Silent Winds (Live in the studio)  {Jun 9, 2016}

Time flies

The MCU doesn’t feel that old but then you realize, next year makes a decade.

Tom Holland, who plays Spiderman, was only 11 when the first Iron Man came out and was only 15 by the time of the first Avengers (the first appearance of Thanos).

At the time, he wasn’t involved yet nor did he know he would be. Next year in 2018, he’ll be facing Thanos along with many others

Imagine that. Watching a superhero film as a teen and seeing the first appearance of a supervillain, having no idea that several years down the line, you’ll literally be fighting them.


Ember Gleams - Piano Music 8 {Jun 29, 2016}

“One day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together”

Me watching the live action Beauty and the Beast:

90% of the movie: wow, such a cinematic masterpiece

Any time LeFou is shown on screen: gaygaygaygaygaygaygay


World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

This cinematic is absolutely perfect.


Ember Gleams - Lucid Rainbows  {Feb 4, 2017}

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I happened to catch an early preview of this one last week and have been waiting to share it with you, and let me tell you, it is pure magnificence. SoCal’s Crywolf, who puts on a spectacular live show, has covered Flume’s smash hit Never Be Like You. The song goes gut pummeling atmospheric on the massive cover. Crywolf slows it down a notch and gives instills in it a bounty of his signature majestic sound. His voice near cracks under the pressure of passionate emotion. This is an extra organic Never Be Like You with much ominously brooding ambiance. Anguish and torment linger long after the cover ends. The air is so heavy I can barely breath, but I dive right back into this ocean of sweeping brilliance. Crywolf has presented the track as a free download, here.

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Marvel vs Ao3 tags  Part 10/??


Ember Gleams - Down the Rabbit Hole {Sep 13, 2016}


Building on fire, structurally unsound, even though your IQ is nowhere near Gwen Stacey or his, you could still do the math or… science. Still, you had a hard time, trying to figure out where you were standing in this relationship, it just slipped and one moment it was that cute sarcastic banter between you both and next a full on arguement he wasn’t listening to you nor you his reasoning. For one, you had just figured out Peter’s little late night hobbies, was he ever telling you that? Even worse he made you go through that awkward dinner with the Staceys with him, wasn’t that supposed to be his moment? 

Peter: “I get it we’re having our first fight. Can we - pick another time and maybe- look out!”

Wait, was that? - that sounded an awful lot like a crack in the ceiling directly above your skull.

Peter had you webslinged, tugged you towards him with such momentum your mind had spun. That could have been you under the debris. Your body is shaking, you swear it wasn’t you, like how you can feel your heart is drumming against your ribcage, you’re not doing that. You felt his hand moving aside the hair stuck on your face.

Peter: “-…another place? Hey, it’s okay…”

Your head had turned to the oversized lizard destroying everything in its path, heading straight towards the two of you. You arm by instinct had made its way to his shoulders, in between of jerking and slapping on his shoulder. 

(Y/n): “Time to go!!” 

Peter: “- finally something we agree on!”


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