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Nalu: 21: Best Friend’s Sibling

“Can you come early today?”

I sighed, brushing my fingers through my bangs that never seemed to look right, and fell back into my car seat.

“Why Wendy?” I asked into the phone.

Wendy was a girl I used to help tutor last year, she was a little younger than me and most of my friends, but I actually really clicked with her. She was always so nice and sweet to me, and I loved being around her, so I kept in touch. I visited her a lot, when I could through my college schedule and I helped her with her high school stuff and everything, it was nice to get away every once in a while from all the stress back on campus.

“I just really wanna see you, please Lucy?” She pleaded, and I could hear her pouting lips through the speaker.

I sighed again. Well, I wasn’t doing anything else important. “Alright, I’m on my way.”


As soon as I knocked on the door it flew open, with Wendy grinning widely in my face. “Okay, you’re here, great!”

“What is going on?” I asked, stepping in with a look.

She closed the door and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the living room. She whipped around to me, her expression more serious than I’ve ever seen her.

“I have to clean up the whole house in less than two hours.“ 

I felt my lips part. She called me over to come clean up her house?

Wendy!“ I growled.

"I’m sorry Lucy, I know, but I really need your help.” She said sorrowfully, “My mom comes back at 4 and the house really needs to be cleaned or else I’m dead.”

I sighed for what? The fifth time today?

About a hour and a half later the entire first floor of her house was sparkling, if I can say smugly. We both dropped onto the couch, dead tired, staring at the blank TV. Wendy glanced to the clock on her phone and exhaled loudly.

“She should be here any minute.”

“You so owe me.” I groaned, pushing myself off the couch.

“I know I know, where are you going?” She asked.


I headed back towards the kitchen and went into the small restroom. I got a glance at myself in the mirror and groaned. Jesus, Wendy wore me out. My sweats were dirty with dust and my hair tied up messily, strands everywhere like I just woke up from a three year nap.

I heard a door slam shut and voices shouting of glee, I’m assuming Grandeeney came home. I don’t know why it was such a big deal that the needed to be cleaned today, right at this moment. I walked out, brushing back my stupid bangs again and came into the living room, stopping on my toes.


"Oh Lucy! I didn’t know you were here!” Grandeeney laughed. 

Wendy smiled at me as well, currently being hugged by the cutest human being I had ever seen in my life before.

“You remember Natsu right? My big brother?” Wendy said, said man studying me at the current moment.

“I…yeah!” I gave a huge, fake smile.

Did I really have to meet him like this? In sweats while I looked like the walking dead?? 

Wendy always talked about Natsu, I mean I knew that she was her big brother and everything, but from the way she explained him I so underestimated him. She said he was goofy and playful and loved dragons and stuff, wasn’t he supposed to look super dorky or something?? What the hell was this??

He glanced at me up and down and I shuffled uncomfortably, before he smiled. “Hey.”

I crossed my arms over my tank top, smiling back, “Hi.”

Wendy elbowed Natsu in his gut, nodding towards me, “This is Lucy, the girl I’m always talking about.”

Talked about? What has she said? And what the hell, why didn’t she tell me he was this good looking? And why didn’t she tell me to wear something decent?

“Lucy? I thought you said Luigi.” He rose an eyebrow at Wendy.

“I said Lucy,” she whispered through her smiling teeth.

He didn’t even remember my name, wow. First impressions, check.

“Wendy I think you left that thing in the kitchen for me, can you help?” I asked, hoping she’ll get my hint.

She nodded, “Right. I’ll be right back.”

I lead Wendy back to the kitchen and whipped around to her, “Wendy what the hell??”

“What??” She asked, freaking out.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Natsu coming? And why didn’t you tell me he was so hot? This is crucial stuff Wendy!” I hissed, holding her cheeks.

“Ew, what? You think he’s cute?” She asked, looking horrified. “I told you he was coming a few days ago from college, remember?”

“No.” I pouted. I knew Wendy probably did say something, and my head was fried from finals.

I groaned and thumped my head against the cabinet, “You couldn’t of told me to wear something nice? Ish?”

Wendy strolled up to me and elbowed me in my side, grinning, “Don’t worry, I already put in a good word for you.”

I groaned again, “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” she insisted, giggling, “I just said how nice you were to tutor me and maybe even showed him some pictures…”

I whipped towards her, “Pictures? What pictures?”

“I dunno, the ones you posted online? At the library with your friend?”

I sighed again, but this time of relief actually. Those were pictures this guy Loke took of me and Levy, he has some crush on me or something.

“Wendy! Come help your brother unpack,” Her mother yelled from the living room.

I nodded towards the door, “You should go.”

And maybe this was my queue to leave? 

“And you should stay,” Wendy replied back, reading my mind.

I rolled my eyes as she turned to walk out, but I grabbed her hand quickly, “Wait! Do I look okay?”

She turned to study me, blowing up her cheeks with a nod, “Uh huh.”

I gave her a look.

“You actually look kinda cute, don’t worry.” She tried again, pushing her way out the door.

What was kinda cute?


Well Wendy’s characterization of Natsu was spot on, if I do say so myself. He was even better looking up close and really funny and even a bit absent-minded. All in all he was sweet, and cute and dear god I so had a crush on him.

I ended up sitting next to him on the couch with Wendy on his other right. Grandeeney left to go to the store for dinner or something, so it left us three. 

“I’ll be right back.”

Well, two. 

Wendy got up and left for the stairs, disappearing from sight. I saw her glance back to me with half a smile and groaned internally.

The TV still played some reality show on low volume, and I shifted nervously, now of course, completely aware of how close he was sitting next to me. I decided to keep quiet, rummaging through my head of what I could possibly start a conversation with.

“So, Luigi,” He said casually, looking over to me.

I glanced up to him, raising an eyebrow. Did he really still not know my name? It must have been said over twenty times in the last hour, was he really that oblivious?


I saw him smile. Oh. Joke-he was joking. 

I let out a weird laugh, cringing as I did so. Dear God Lucy pull yourself together. 

“So Lucy,” he corrected, “You helped Wendy out a while back?”

I fiddled with my bangs again, nodding, “Yeah, I saw she was having trouble with her AP Psychology, and I’ve already taken that course at my college, so I figured I could help her.”

“That’s cool that you still stay around with her, I’ve always told her to go out and meet people her own age, but somehow she always ends up with the older kids, I don’t know why.” He commented, scrunching up his nose in confusion. Cute.  

“She’s just really sweet,” I said lightly, smiling a bit.

Natsu suddenly turned towards me, resting his arm on the back of the couch and I felt my stomach swarm.

“So what college do you go to?” He asked, looking genuinely curious.

“Hargeon, down south a bit from here.” I said.

“Oh that sucks, I go to Magnolia. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you around before.” He thought out loud.

He was looking around for me? Wow, now I made the weirdest laugh I’ve ever made before. I combed my fingers through my hair again, “Yeah, that would’ve been cool if we went to the same place.”

I felt my cheeks burning bright red, glancing up to him from under my eyelashes. Jeez, why did I always have to turn into a middle school girl when I was around people I liked?

“You keep messing with those,” He nodded towards my bangs, giving me a cute, crooked smile.

I let my hand drop from my head and let out another laugh, sighing down to my body, “Yeah, sorry, Wendy didn’t tell me anyone was going to be coming over when she invited me, especially not her big brother so I just came over like this.”

I referenced to my sweatpants and hair and gave a simple shrug, turning towards him on the couch a little as well.

His smile widened a touch, “It’s okay, I don’t look much different. No one should really expect much from college students anyways.”

I laughed and nodded, stopping in my place as soon as I felt his fingers start to play with my bangs. He let go once I looked up to him, grinning. “I like your hair.”

I forced down the giant smile crawling up to my lips and instead let another nerve-wracking laugh slip out.

“I like you,” He said, as if the most casual thing ever, laughing at my laugh probably. “You’re really nice.”

I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to keep myself from practically exploding right then and there. “Thanks.

He sat there, absolutely refusing to take his eyes off me as I had some psychotic laugh attack, and obviously found great amusement in it. What can I say? He was literally the cutest guy I’d seen before and he just said that he liked me for heavens sake, how can that not make me overly happy? Most comments I got were always about some part of my body, which believe me, I was so tired of. He was so nice too! Do you know how rare that is for college guys??

“Did something funny happen that I completely missed?” He asked, still watching me with a giant smile.

I shook my head, still unable to form any words and covered my face, my cheeks burning in embarrassment.

“Are you okay? Are you breathing?” He laughed, taking a hand away from my face with his.

I probably looked like some bright red lollipop, so I just fell forwards, still giggling like a maniac and fell into his chest. What was about him that made me so happy?

I heard a door slam shut, and a loud sigh that made me finally relax and sit up. Grandeeney stood, staring at Natsu with a certain look.

“Really Natsu? You’ve been here for barely an hour and you’re already making girlfriends?”

All the color drained from my face. Wow, can I get any more mortified at this moment?

Natsu looked up to her, as if musing it over, and gave a small shrug with a smile. “Maybe.”


She is right outside. Yes, good. Let’s have a little talk with her. Carly, get in here. Right now. Have a seat. So, I understand you put some flyers up all over the school? Yes, I did. Punk! Miss Briggs. I’m calm. Carly, this flyer. It’s a… It’s a… It’s not funny. Why would you Photodoc my head onto the body of a rhinoceros? Well, I… Rhinoceros? Oh, no, no, no. She made you a hippopotamus. No, no. She’s a rhinoceros. A hippo has fatter thighs and a wider snout. But the rhinos are the fat guys. What does it matter? I think we should call her father in to discuss this. My dad’s stationed in Europe right now. He’s in the military. Well, there must be some adult in charge of her. My older brother, Spencer. Oh, yes, the artist. He’s a great artist. Look, we don’t need to call her brother in about this. I’m sure that you can come up with a suitable punishment. Fine. You know, Carly, I am in charge of the talent show this year. Yeah, you’re holding auditions on Saturday. No, you are. I will be enjoying my Saturday while you videotape the auditions for me. No! I’m going to see Cuddlefish play live at the Hawthorne on Saturday! Not anymore. Come on! It’s what you get for turning me into a hippopotamus. Rhinoceros. Get out. Right. Somehow the world will change for me. And be so wonderful. Live life, breathe air I know somehow we’re gonna get there. And feel so wonderful It’s all for real I’m telling you just how I feel So wake up the members of my nation It’s your time to be There’s no chance unless you take one And the time to see The brighter side of every situation Some things are meant to be. So give your best and leave the rest to me Leave it all to me. Leave it all to me. Just leave it all to me iCarly S01E01 iPilot Let me go! Say you’re sorry. I’m sorry! And what are you sorry for? For saying you’re aggressive! And what am I again? Pretty and sweet! Thank you! Now the next time… Hair, hair, hair. Hi. Did you get in trouble? Of course I got in trouble! Teachers tend to get upset when you put their heads on the bodies of big, fat animals! I can’t believe I let you talk me into taking the blame for you! You had to. I’ve already been suspended once this semester. If I’d gotten busted they’d have expelled me. Well, here’s an idea. What? Stop doing bad things! Okay. Chillax. I will not chillax! And get excited, ‘cause you and I get to spend our entire Saturday here videotaping kids’ auditions for the talent show. No way, gross. Sorry, that’s my pinishment. So that’s your punishment, too. All right. Whatever. You know, anybody but me would punch you right in the head. Which is why you are my best friend. Good to know. Now, why are you mine? Because I’m a lovable person. You dropped this! Thanks, but you really… I was gonna walk you home from school but I couldn’t find you. Hey! Freddie, were you just looking out your peephole waiting for me to come home? No! Freddie. Yes. I thought we talked about this. We can be buds, but you gotta get over this crush thing. I am over it. Seriously. I’m in love with you. You just wanna be friends. And I’m totally cool living with that constant pain. Oh, god. Hey, I hear you need to borrow a camcorder to tape some auditions. Yeah, but I choose my brother’s. Look, you will change your mind. You know my digits. Hey, I don’t need your cellphone. You can have it. I’m home. Hey, kiddo! Up here. Just taking some pics of my robot sculpture. Smile! You know, for most eighth grade girls, if they came home and found their 26- year- old brother dangling upside down from the ceiling over a giant robot made out of soda bottles, it’d be weird. You’re saying I’m abnormal. Do I need to say it Come down from there before you hurt yourself. No worries. I got my leg wrapped around this pipe. I can’t believe you are in charge of me. Please help me stand up. Are you all right? Yeah. Nope. I dislocated my shoulder again. One sec. Yeah, that fixed her. Good. So listen, I need a favour. Shoot. I have to tape a bunch of auditions at school on Saturday. Fun. Yeah, not really. Anyway, would you let me borrow your video camera? I would. Awesome. Though I can’t. Why not? I made it into a squirrel. I told you the front doors would be locked. You gotta go around to the blue doors in back of the… Oh, my God. Morning, Carly. See you in a sec. Freddie? What do you think of my equipment? I just asked to borrow your video camera. What is all this? Well, that’s a 3- chip high- def camcorder with a hyper- cardioid condenser microphone. mounted on a carbon fibre tripod with a low- drag fluid head. I also brought you juice and a bagel. Hey, you invited the doof. Sam. Man! I didn’t know that was gonna be here. “She.” I’m a she, Freddie, as in “girl.” Barely. Just keep your hands off my AV equipment. You mean I can’t play with the white balance on your super- dee- duper- dee camcorder? Sure! Everybody jokes about the white balance till the skin tones go magenta Carly will never love you. That’s it. I’m taking my stuff and I’m going home! Please stay. Okay. Okay, Jeb, you ready to audition? Yeah. I will be performing a scene from a French play Okay. We don’t know what that means, but knock us out. Rolling? Rolling. But but where did she go? I don’t know. But when will she be back? I don’t know! Well, where can I find her? I tell you, I do not know! Okay! Nice job! What’d you think? I don’t know! You don’t know? I tell you, I do not know! But you must know! How can I know when I do not know? I don’t know. I will play the trumpet. Great. Nice. While hopping on this Pogo Stick. That’s what I’m talking about! You go, girl! Yeah. Pogo- tastic! That’s awesome! Jump and blow! So the doc says, “Why’d you wait so long to bring her in?” So I say, “I liked the eggs.” That’s awesome. Thanks Not that funny. No. No, no, not at all. But forget that. Can we please discuss the boy’s hair and glasses? He looks like Miss Briggs. Yeah, except he doesn’t have Miss Briggs’ crazy pointy boobs. I know, what is up with those? It’s like she stuffs waffle cones in her bra. Totally! I mean, she could poke an eye out with one of those things. Okay, okay, we better keep going. We’ve still got 11 more kids to see. Oh! 11? Calm down.They can’t get worse. And I was wrong. Sam. Sam. Wake up. What time is it? Late. What time’s your mom coming to pick you up? She’s not. I told her you invited me to spend the night. I didn’t invite you to spend the night. Well, you should 'cause I’m not leaving. What you doing? Checking to make sure Freddie put the auditions online. I told Miss Briggs we’d upload 'em on SplashFace tonight so she could watch 'em in the morning. I kind of hate Miss Briggs. Remember when she called me a demon? No! Oh, Yeah. It was when I put that raw chicken in her purse and… Shut up and come look at this! What, Freddie didn’t upload the auditions? No! He uploaded us! What? Look! That’s you and me! Sure is! He wasn’t supposed to film us! We were being all goofy and acting like idiots all day! Oh, my God. We made fun of Miss Briggs and her crazy pointy boobs! If she sees that… Anyone can see it! It’s on SplashFace! Okay, okay, chillax. Look, see the view count? Only 27 people have clicked on it. Okay, good. Sam? Yeah. That’s 27,000! Can you remove it? Maybe. Oh, I need Freddie’s password. Which part does he live in? The one across the hall. But it’s after midnight so you probably shouldn’t… Oh, no. Oh, great. Now there are 28,000 people are watch us. Quit it, Sam! Let go of my foot! Too much friction! Let go! What is the matter with you? Why’d you film us at the auditions today? oh. Cause you guys were being funny. Well, you shouldn’t have put us online without our permission! I didn’t! I edited you guys out before I uploaded the auditions. No, you did the opposite of that! What? There’s no way I… Yeah. Just take us off the site! Okay, okay! Just give me a sec. This is so not good. Anyone, anyone in the world can just click and see everything we did and said today. It’s so embarrassing. And if Miss Briggs sees… Don’t even talk about it. 'Cause if she… Got it. See, it says, “At your request, this video will be removed.” Good! Finally. Tomorrow morning. Man! Do you know how many more thousands of people can view it by then? All right, look, before you get all freaked out, SplashFace has message boards. So? So, let’s see what people are saying about the video. Okay, here’s one. “Carly, you and your friend Sam crack me up. Funny stuff.” Great, so one kid thinks… Wait. SlackerBoy314 writes,“Carly, you’re hot.” It’s true. You are. Stop. Oh, hey, check this one. Carly and Sam, you chicks are hilarious. When’s your next show? And this kid says, “You guys are way better than most of the puke here on SplashFace.” Wow. They love us. Yeah! More than puke. Where’s Miss Briggs? What if she saw it? The video was off by yesterday morning. What if she saw it before it was off? It was Sunday. She was probably in church. What church would let Miss Briggs in the door? Hello, Carly. Samantha. Howdy. Morning, Miss Briggs. We had some trouble putting the video online, so here’s a DVD of every kid who auditioned on Saturday. Thank you. Sure. I’ll try not to poke a hole in this with my pointy bosoms. She saw the video. We’re so sorry. Yes, and I imagine you will be sorry after I grade your next exams. Miss Briggs? What? I typed up a list of the kids we think should be in the talent show. Snorting milk? Pogo stick hopping? These aren’t talents. They were the most fun kids to watch. Goodbye. Wait, so you’re not gonna let any of the kids we picked be in the show? That’s right. Girls. No one enjoys that! I am so mad! Me, too. I need some ham. Seriously, Miss Briggs is the worst! You don’t gotta convince me. I hated her even after she got that brown lump removed from her nose. I’ll tell you something. She is what’s wrong with the world. Who’s what’s wrong with the world? Miss Briggs. Well, hey, at least she got that brown lump taken off of her nose. I just hate it when adults like her get to control what kids can do and see. It ticks me off. Why do they put a bone right in the middle of a ham? Hey, remember all that stuff those kids wrote about us on the message boards? Yeah. Things like, You guys should upload more videos. And, “When’s your next show?” And, “We want more.” Let’s give 'em more. More? Okay, what are we talking about here Doing a web show, online, every week. Why? Cause it can be whatever we want it to be. no adults to say,“You can do this. You can’t do that.” We can do whatever we want say whatever we want. Would it mean I have to do, like, work and stuff? Well, if you’re gonna do a show you gotta prepare for it. Then make it your show. You do the work. I’ll just show up and be your amusing little sidekick. Wait, what’s the show gonna be about? Anything. Something different every week. But for the first show, kids with bizarro talents. Clever. Miss Briggs says, “No, no, no.” We say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Hey, why don’t you guys call your show “iCarly.” You know, “I,” Internet, Carly, you. I like it. ICarly’s cool. And you’re gonna need a technical producer, right? To set up the lights, audio, work the camera? He wants to be our geek. You got a big mouth, lady. Is that your shirt? I don’t like it. I don’t have to take that. Yeah, you do. All right. You know what, Sam. I’m so… That is so mature. Children. Hey! Look what someone just left in the dumpster. Isn’t she amazing? Hey, can we use the third floor as kind of a TV studio? Well, I don’t know… Thanks! You rock. Wait, I didn’t say… Why do you need… Okay, later! 52 seconds. Sam, come on! Sorry, I had to pee! You always have to pee. Well, it’s either that or I explode. 45 seconds! We’re on our way up! You know what to do? We sit together, me on the left, you on the right. Camera opens on the sign, pans down to me. …we chat with all the kids with great talents. You got it? I’m down. 20 seconds! Here we go. I look good? Perfect. Me? Well, you got something in your teeth. Get it out! Get it out… Hey, there, people of Earth. I’m Carly Shay and this is our very first webcast of a little show we call iCarly. She’s Carly. She’s Sam. Sam I am. Carly, Sam. I think they’re clear. Demonstrate the thing! Yeah! With this item, provided by our dorky friend Freddie. That’s disrespectful! We and do this, and this. and this Okay. Tonight, we’re gonna show you some kids with super insane talents. Freak show! Stop it. Okay, this first kid we’re gonna show you can take a glass of milk. This is so deliciously gross. Snort the milk up into his nose. It’s the best thing ever. And then make the milk squirt out of his eyes. I wanna marry this boy! Let’s bring him out. Simon Kendal! You’re up, dude! Okay, Simon You ready to blow people away with your freakish talent? Do it! Let’s go. Drum roll. Oh, my gosh. The king of dairy! The king of dairy! You won’t see that every day. Give it up for Simon! She’s a contortionist. Will you look at her? Look at it. It looks painful. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. No. Seriously, that is amazing Look at her! She’s so stretchy. (?) just fold her up and put her in your pocket? I’m not normal. Okay, this is insane! Tell the people your name. Brennan Yubberly. Yeah, Yubberly! Okay, any word you say, Brennan can say backwards perfectly. He’s a backwards talker. Check this out. Ointment. Tnenmtnio Yes! Okay. “Slippery watermelon.” Yreppils nolemretaw. Do you hear this? We love this boy! Okay, okay! Say, “I must be from planet Jupiter because there’s no other way I could be saying all this backwards! ……… Did you hear that? Insanity! Ytinasni! That’s enough, Brennan. Yeah! Great job! Wonderful! Looking at that goat made me hungry! Well, you can eat soon cause the very first webcast of iCarly is almost over. No, no, don’t be sad. We still got one more kid with a weird talent. But first… Here’s some stuff you need to know. If you liked our show, tell your friends. Your cousins, people you like. People you hate. All people of this planet. That we’re gonna be here, live, online every week at iCarly. Com. In fact, next week, Carly’s gonna take my tonsils out right here. She’s lying. But how awesome would that be? So, there is anything you want to see us do. or hear us talk about right here on the show No matter how crazy or weird. Or stupid. You can contact us by going to And click on the feedback button. Feedback button! Click till it hurts! And if you wanna send us a video of you doing or saying anything cool. Telling a joke, eating a bug just email the video clip to us. Carly and me. Me and Sam. At iCarly. Com And if it’s cool enough We’ll show it right here on iCarly. So send us up. Talk back. But be nice. Cause if you are not. We will find where you live. And go to treat with these. OK. Our last freakishly talented kid’s name is Taryn James. And she’s about to play us out. With her trumpet. But with a little extra twist. Hit the button. Get out here, Taryn! Will you look at that! It seems impossible. That is so cool! I wish I could do that! Yeah Well, thanks for watching! Don’t forget to tune in next time! Oh, my gosh! This is so much fun! And we’re clear! Yes! We did it! Well. Hurry! You guys are making me nervous. Here it is. How many? 37,000! Why are we happy? Cause our very first web show rocked! And was watched by over 37,000 people! Get out! My baby sister’s a web star. Hey, we should have a party, you know, to celebrate. Yeah, that’d be so cool. Yeah, that’d be so tight! Yes, we should. But it shouldn’t be a normal, regular party. Oh no. It needs to be something different, something wonderfully random. Crazy hat party? Hey, awesome party. Yeah. You wanna go out the hall and kiss? No. Yeah, me neither. Hey, cupcake. There you are! Nice hat. Back at you. Hi. Can we get your autographs? We love iCarly. Your web show. Sure. No prob. There you go. There. Thanks. Sure. I love you, Carly! Wow. I just signed an autograph. Get used to it. iCarly’s a great show. You might get famous. Yeah. I don’t know if I’m gonna like that. Hey. Saw your web show. Pretty hot. Thanks. Yeah, thanks a lot. So, you guys wanna dance? Yes. Cool, let’s do it. I’m gonna like it. Hey! Hey, stop that! Put her down! She’s not for you! How pitiful! Who invited you?

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hiiiiiii I'm so obsessed with your writing oh my but will you give some luke oneshots/writing recs like you did for Michael??? :)

(these are all smut wow sorry i’m such a horndog)

5sosafterparty and 5sosnsfw also have a lot of oneshots. also go lurk in plaidhemmos, artsyhemmo, bbymikey, misfithood, and rose6sos’ blurb tags bc they have great luke stuff too!!!

and you can always check my rec tag bc i might be forgetting stuff !!!!!!

michael recs ] [ calum recs ] [ ashton recs ]

lozenger8  asked:

Do you ever think about younger Stiles having a crush on Scott and keeping a file on his laptop where he plans the perfect date between them? One day Scott borrows the laptop to complete an assignment and he accidentally finds it? And Stiles has to pretend it's a plan for his perfect date with Lydia - which is an entirely different file. Scott wrinkles his nose at all of Stiles' plans, "dude, this sounds awesome, so cool, but not like Lydia at all." And Stiles' heart feels like it's cracking.

He really should have known better than to leave the files right there on his desktop, no matter how clever Stiles had thought he’d been in the naming of them. He should have known better than to let Scott use his MacBook, knowing the files were out in the open. There were a lot of things in life Stiles should know better than to do, that he never quite managed to avoid. His whole life, sometimes, felt like a series of bumbling into the worst possible scenario, regardless of how much effort he made—usually not much—in avoiding it.

Of course it wasn’t Charlie Brown 1, Haters 0 that Scott chose to open. Of course it was In The Event The Sun Doesn’t Set that Scott laughed at as he read the title, flicked open with deft fingers before Stiles could think of an excuse, a reason why the file wasn’t interesting. Of course. Of course.

It was happening, and Stiles’ mouth was going dry on him, incapable of speaking up as Scott read outloud an entire flow chart of ideas, sounding more pleased, more amused, more interested as he got to points like ’ start with at least 1 hr of mario kart’ and flowing into things like ‘laser tag if its not hot’ or 'check out movies if its hot. comic movies a plus.’ and then 'dinner at sonic, chicken tenders, at least 3 milkshakes’ and, apparently much to Scott’s scandalized delight, one of the branches culminating in 'maybe butt stuff????’ with too many question marks.

It was happening, and Stiles couldn’t look up at Scott as he make a squealing laugh of a sound. “Dude. Is this a date plan? Wow. I’m impressed. It looks like you’ve thought of all your contingencies. It’s a good plan. It looks like you’ll have a lot of fun. But, uh–” Scott’s voice grew more serious, a little concerned, eyes darkening. Not that Stiles was looking at his eyes or anything. “–I’m not sure Lydia’ll have a good time. I mean, butt stuff?! And does she even like comic books? Or laser tag. I can’t imagine her trying to do laser tag in those heels she’s always wearing.”

Stiles looked away, turning his head so that Scott couldn’t see the way his cheeks flared with color, or the way his face fell. He didn’t want to have to answer the questions that he knew would follow, all too aware his expression was etched in pain over every inch of his face.

After all, how was he supposed to explain to Scott, laughing, taunting, oblivious Scott that this was a plan that should have never seen the light of day, a plan that should have never been written down, a plan that could never be.

A plan for a date with Scott.