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A Realization...
  • Qrow: Oh so you're one of Ruby's friends?
  • Nora: Yeah I'm Nora VALKYRIE! *flexes arms*
  • Qrow: Valkyrie? Ha. I knew a girl by that name.
  • Nora: Wow really?
  • Qrow: Yeah, she worked at a tavern.
  • Nora: Hey so did my mom.
  • Qrow: Huh... that's crazy.
  • Nora: Did that girl have orange hair too?
  • Qrow: Yeah she... did
  • Nora: Wow! What a coincidence.
  • Qrow: Yeah and she had... blue eyes...
  • Nora: ..............
  • Qrow: ... how old are you kid?
  • Nora: ...... 17.
  • Qrow: *grabs his face* Oh my God...

anonymous asked:

Hey, I am a cosplayer and I am trying to do Ghost Rider. I really like how you mask was done. A friend of yours pointed me to your page and suggested I look at your work. How did you make your mask fit so well? I have tried making head forms using foam heads and duct tape but the just don't see to be working.

Wow, hey!  Please give my thanks to them for the plug!

As for the mask, you’re gonna laugh at me – you know those cheapo plastic masks you find at literally every craft store in existence?

These things. ^  My face is very short and very rounded-square-ish, so these things fit me like a glove.  All I did was mark where I’d cut it to make a jaw shape, cut that out, use Model Magic to sculpt the skull shape on top of this mask, wait ‘til it dried, and then coated it in pour-on resin!  Paint came after.

If that’s not really an option for you, I totally get it – everybody has a different face shape.  Luckily, there are other options!  The first one that comes to mind for me is to make a cast of your own face, then work from there.  Here’s a how-to video; there are others out there that may be better…

That being said, I am thinking about opening up commissions for custom skull masks, made the same way I made my Ghost Rider one!  If you’re interested in doing that instead of doing it yourself, you’re welcome to message me privately.

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Yo Calling international rescue, This is HepCat 2, we've hit a snag on our test manuvers, we're trapped in an undersea cave and can't get out, anyone out there gettin this?

It’s unusual for a distress message to be forwarded to EOS’s internal communications system; normally they reach John first, either on ‘Five or through his personal radio when he’s home. She sits up straighter in her chair, the half-folded laundry forgotten on her lap as she instinctively begins recording the message. “This is International Rescue, you have reached Thunderbird Five.” It feels odd to be the one answering the call, and the words sound strange spoken in her slightly childish voice. “We are receiving you clearly, um… HepCat 2 was it?” The question’s moot of course– she can call up that information in seconds by replaying the data, but that tiny moment of insecurity has been known to make humans a little more comfortable.

And it’s perhaps a little speech tic she’s picked up from John, as well.

Carefully she moves the laundry off her lap, before standing and heading off towards the lounge at a light jog. She can better access Thunderbird Five’s systems there, and assist the team better for the rescue. “Is your craft damaged, HepCat 2? Are you able to send your coordinates to me?” She reaches the lounge and hops down the stairs, for a moment looking very much like a child indeed, before turning on the projection screen through a remote command. Silently, she sets a process to ping John’s channel with an alert – it’s strange that he hasn’t been informed of this before her – as well as the rest of the team’s personal channels. The projector, now on, glows blue in front of her and she raises her hands to it, ready to manipulate the holographic image when given more information.

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yooo so yeah i’m looking for new blogs to follow!!

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Hey your work is incredible just wow I was just wondering what program/stuff do you use for your art?

Hey, yaaay, thank you so much! I draw on an old wacom bamboo tablet, these days mostly in SAI. Sometimes I do a little editing in photoshop afterwards… I almost always use reference pics for the general outline and then add layers and layers till I like what I see… My ‘style’ really fluctuates a lot, when I find a new process or tool or way of coloring or lineart… and related to the time I have to draw… I think the only thing really consistent is that i focus on faces and eyes and expressions/emotions… Hope that answers the question, if not, just come back at me with more! <3



It’s hit the slow season where I work, which means less hours, which means tiny paychecks, which means some upcoming medical stuff may be hitting me harder than I’d like. I’m going to be opening up commissions for a bit to see if I can’t mitigate the hours I’ve been losing.  This is also a little bit to gauge interest, because I have no idea if people would even WANT to commission me.

I’m only going to be offering two options for now, a little bit so that I can pace myself and a little bit because I honestly don’t know what people want. If there’s something specific you’d like and would be willing to make an offer for, please e-mail me at and we’ll figure something out.


A black and white line-work bust. I can work from text descriptions if need be.


Basically you’re buying about twenty minutes of my time to draw just about goddamned anything.  NSFW material needs to be negotiated, but I do love pin-ups. It will be black and white or monochrome, and it WILL be messy. That is the nature of the beast. 

I’m perfectly willing to do tweaks on a headshot, but I’m extremely unlikely to do it for a quickie.

If you want to place any kind of order, please e-mail me at Seriously, tumblr messages are the devil.  Payment can be made via PayPal, and I’m looking into alternate methods as well.

Hikaru Nara Melodica Cover
  • Hikaru Nara Melodica Cover
  • Goose House/Tsunderrated
  • Your Lie in April

Hey wow this took a long time for some reason (me not working on it) but I finally did a cover of the first Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OP entirely on melodica (the instrument Kaori has in the first episode). The song is originally by the band Goose House, you should check them out.

R.I.P Kaori


A Tribute to X-ray&Vav: A Pop Danthology

EDIT READ: Youtube has muted the audio and since I am unsure how to progress with disputing a copyright claim I have reuploaded the video here on vimeo.

You can still watch and enjoy there.

Warning spoilers!!!!

Hey so wow this was a long work in progress for me that I had to sit back and show patience for. Basically I’ve had to wait to make this since early August. So once I finally had all the footage I needed I got straight to work and put many a tears, frustrations (and wondering why I ever thought an almost 8 min long am would be a good idea) and time (It took about 12-15 hours overall) to complete this monster of a video. I am really happy with how this turned out, like I love this so much and I hope you guys do as well.

2 things, though. One is I know people are gonna rage about a certain part in this video. my options were to not do anything for that part, cut it or just suck it up and do it. Since i thought it fit x-ray I went ahead and kept the part in. Lastly, even though I know it’ll be lost on people I found translated gingham style lyrics and matched video to those lyrics. So that part isn’t just random nonsense.

Honestly, I sincerely hope you enjoy this video because I put a lot of love and effort into it. Even though there really aren’t any super special effects I still think it is one of my best works. I have more videos coming soon and I cannot wait for season 3 of XRNV.

Song: Pop Danthology 2012

Artist: Daniel Kim


Tony: Hello, gorgeous.
You: Sir, please, let’s skip this stage and go straight to business. Your business, Mr Stark.
Tony: Pepper found the same bore, like herself. And no less beautiful.
Bucky: What’s going on here?
You: The same scenario every day.
Bucky: May I ask you a question?
Tony: Sure.
Bucky: Don’t you already date someone?
Tony: I do. Why?
Bucky: Then stop bothering Y/N. *leaves*
Tony: Wow. *calls Steve* Hey, Cap, you owe 10 bucks. My plan worked.