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Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Hey! This is Day 1 for write-a-thon! I’m kicking it off with part one to an amazing series that I’m super excited for. Like, seriously, I’m so fucking excited to share this series with you guys. I really enjoyed writing it. Also, I’m gonna try to incorporate boxing terms into each title for this series…I’m gonna fail, but might as well try lmao.

Word Count: 3623

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: No smut…yet.

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“The #2 pound-for-pound fighter and current world cruiserweight champion Thomas Jefferson is rumored to have moved to Washington D.C. for personal reasons. Many are wondering how this is going to affect his preparations for his big match in three months when he defends his title against newcomer Alexander Hamil–”

Thomas turned off the TV with a sigh. He was sick of this. The media never gave him a break; they were always up in his business, exposing everything that went on in his personal life for profit. Thomas felt like he never had a break from anything. But then again, he wasn’t supposed to be taking it easy. He was supposed to be training for a huge fight he had in three months, but instead he was in his new, half-unpacked apartment in the center of D.C.

Thomas’ thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing in his right pocket. He groaned as soon as he saw the caller ID before he pressed the green button, holding it up to his ear.

“What?” Thomas snapped, somehow already annoyed with the person on the other line.

“What the hell are you doing in D.C.?”

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Me: maybe I am going a little overboard on the theory that dreamworks is being purposefully vague about Allura so they can find a ship they want to develop. People must be sick of hearing it over and over I must sound so annoying-

Allura: *is mysteriously characterized the same way she was in seasons 1 and 2 now that Shiro is back and Keith was gone, Matt has joined the team and has a crush on her, and Lotor is presumably going to be redeemed*


A Realization...
  • Qrow: Oh so you're one of Ruby's friends?
  • Nora: Yeah I'm Nora VALKYRIE! *flexes arms*
  • Qrow: Valkyrie? Ha. I knew a girl by that name.
  • Nora: Wow really?
  • Qrow: Yeah, she worked at a tavern.
  • Nora: Hey so did my mom.
  • Qrow: Huh... that's crazy.
  • Nora: Did that girl have orange hair too?
  • Qrow: Yeah she... did
  • Nora: Wow! What a coincidence.
  • Qrow: Yeah and she had... blue eyes...
  • Nora: ..............
  • Qrow: ... how old are you kid?
  • Nora: ...... 17.
  • Qrow: *grabs his face* Oh my God...

Wow, hey, great that the people who are working on the captions for YouTube videos like to have some fun–I’m all for creativity–but not when the people who actually need captions can’t tell what the captions say.

I decided to rewatch DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE today, but instead I ended up backing out of the video 1 minute in, because I cannot tell what Anti was saying.

These days, my hearing is bad enough that I need captions for any video I’m watching.

When YouTube first started out their whole “beta” captioning whatever, I was pretty jazzed, because it meant that we actually started getting captions. I didn’t even care about the signatures the editors would leave behind, or the occasional note in parenthesis.

In the DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE video, there is a lot going on. There is distortion and background noise and two characters trying to speak in voices that have intentionally been edited to sound warped.

I don’t know what anyone is saying to each other in that video, unless I have captions on.

And now, I don’t know what one of those characters is saying WITH the captions on, because someone has added zalgo text to Anti’s captions.

This isn’t cute, it’s not funny, it doesn’t add to the atmosphere or charm, or some shit. It’s obnoxious, and it means that I can’t watch this video until someone has edited out the goddamned zalgo text.

Like I said, I’m all for creativity and expression, but take it somewhere else.

Whoever is editing in the zalgo text: maybe you think it’s cool, but that’s because you don’t have to rely on the captions.

Enough is enough.


blessed is the gold she wears, holy is her kindness, compassion an eager gift in his name despite the failure of her wings and the crumbling of her crown. she is and forever will be the light of the sunniest day – an ocean breeze kissing your cheeks. she is, without a doubt, despite the tear in her feathers and the dim in her light, an ANGEL:

filled with love and nothing more, hand outstretched to pull aching souls from their darkness – and into the starlit night of her nature…  may you find your comfort within her wing.

Sonic: “Yeah gimme a double nasty burger with-ah fuck.”

Dave: “Hey hey, dude! I haven’t seen you in forever, man!”

Sonic: “Yeah that was kind of intentional.”

Dave: “Wow, dude, you’re still a dick!”

Sonic: “Wow, dude, you’re still working at a fast food restaurant?”

Dave: “Hey! You know what I think?!”

Sonic: “That taking a simple order is really really hard which I’m assuming is why you’re having so much trouble with it?”

Dave: *Gives Sonic his food.”

Sonic: “Yeah that’s what I thought. Dildo.”

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You know it's kinda cute how Isak looks sometimes really grumpy or maybe careless to people like eskild, noora, the squad maybe even, but with Even? Isak is so gentle and sweet and he takes care of him so much and I love love love that. Even has such a soft bf <3

Yes, Isak is definitely a bit different around Even, a little more sweet and little more soft. He’s is in love with Even, so it makes sense!

But tbh I think some of it also comes down to this persona that Isak constructed to fit in and be accepted, before he met Even. And how being with Even has helped Isak come into himself and be more comfortable with being genuine…

In Skam S1 Isak seems a lot more unguarded and soft. He likes cheesy love songs, he’s quick to laugh, supports his friends (particularly his rival in love Eva!), seems like he’s mostly happy with the state of things.

I’m not making the argument that he was somehow better before, or that he isn’t still all of these these things. A person can be both loving and soft and grumpy and mean sometimes…. I mean lbr Isak definitely stirred some drama, was dishonest, insecure, defensive, as well as the occasional lil shit in S1…

I do however believe that a lot of those moments in S3 when he seems grumpy or careless with other people, it was him unconsciously pushing people away because he was afraid of letting them properly get to know and see certain sides of him. Or for him to be seen in a certain way by them.

Or because he simply wasn’t yet comfortable with certain things.

The cool, tough-guy, nonchalant, and sometimes callous attitude was probably Isak posturing to gain respect from his peers.

As well as trying to keep up with all the secrets and white lies he was telling people so that they wouldn’t find out what was really going on in his life.

But now that he feels more comfortable and self-accepting, he doesn’t have the same need for validation or to assert himself like that… and so he can be super soft and caring with Even, but also hopefully with all of his friends as well.

I think they presented it so perfectly in the latest clip “drittsekken”, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that Isak’s look and hairstyle (a bit disheveled👌), as well as the soft smiles, are sort of reminiscent of S1. Isak is even wearing a  big comfy scarf as well as one of his knitted sweaters instead of a hoodie.

Love can set you free like that. ❤ 

A Little Too Real (4.5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Summary: RealityTV!AU- You are a wardrobe supervisor for a popular TV network. The show is planning a reality TV show like the bachelor and Bucky is the newest contestant. But as the competition starts he realizes that he doesn’t like any of the girls…on the show anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 3300

A/N: Wow! With this part that makes week 2, 300 words short of 10,000 words. It’s kind of crazy to think about. I’m sorry that you’ve had to wait so long for this, but there is a lot of setting up that I had to do through this chapter and you may or may not catch on to it, so it took me a little longer. I love you guys and Enjoy!

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, google translate

Tags: @fangirl1802, @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire , @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky

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“So what happened on your date?” Y/N and I were sitting in my bed, eating whatever cereal I had in my cabinet and watching some rom com that was on TV. She had already told me everything that happened with Tony and how it was not a successful date and as much as I hated to think it, I was very happy to hear that her date had gone poorly. But following the talk of Tony, she became very insistent on knowing how my date went and I wasn’t exactly sure why I didn’t want to tell her that I really didn’t like any of the girls.

“It was okay.”



“And that’s all you want to tell me?”

“She was great, beautiful and she knew all the right things to say to me.”


“But she was as…normal as every other girl I’ve dated.”

“And?” I laughed at her, she just knew me so well.

“And when we kissed, there wasn’t anything there.”

“So, much like my night.”

“Pretty much.”

“Well we tried, right?”


“Are you going to keep her on the show?”

“I guess I should for now.”

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Too Quick (pt. 2 of Too Slow)

Summary: you’re RDJ’s daughter and you and Tom started dating after you gave him some advice on the set of Civil War.

A/N: I know Robert was like in all of part 1, but he’s barely in this one. This is mainly you and tom this time around.

Part 1:

Tom and you have been dating for several months now and you two couldn’t be more in love… or so you thought.

It all started one evening when you guys went out on a date through Central Park. Tom had been distant all night and you couldn’t figure out why until he stopped walking and said,

“I think we should break up.”

You immediately felt sick to your stomach. You stared at Tom, urging him to continue in hopes that this was all some prank. It was far from April Fools Day… was it maybe Opposite Day? Yeah… let’s hope for that…

“We’re moving so quickly… I feel like I’m already married to you…”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Yeah, kind of! I’m only 19, Y/N… I can’t be tied down to someone… and it’s better if we go ahead and call it quits cause it’s not like we’re gonna get married or something and I don’t need you’re dad hating me for hurting you even worse.”

“Yeah… maybe it’s for the best. I’ll talk to my dad. Make sure he doesn’t kill you.”

“Thanks. Hopefully we can still be friends?”

“Absolutely not.”

And with that, you were gone. Leaving Tom all alone with nothing but his thoughts.

—Time Skip—

It had been months since you and Tom had broken up. You hoped by now that you would’ve gotten over him, but you were still staring at your phone everyday waiting for him to call. The premiere for Civil War was tomorrow but you had denied your father’s invitation. You couldn’t be near Tom right now. I mean, what if he tried to talk to you!? You just couldn’t risk it. You knew it was taking everything in Robert not to go pound the kid’s face in, but you made him swear to act like you and Tom had never met. He was your father’s coworker now and there couldn’t be any drama on set because of you. Robert reluctantly agreed after he made sure you knew how angry he was at Tom for hurting you.

What you were dreading the most about tomorrow was your father’s traditional cast party. You knew Tom would come and the thought of him being at your house made you sick. You decided to spend all of tomorrow in your room with a giant tub or Ben & Jerry’s where no one could bother you.

—Time Skip—

You were cuddled in under at least 5 blankets, shoving your face with ice cream and watching Remember Me. It was the scene where Ally and Tyler were having the water fight when you heard a knock on your door.

“Go away!” You yelled with your mouth full of ice cream. But to your dismay the door opened anyway.

“Hey, kiddo.” Chris said as he walked in.

You gave him an ugly smile as ice cream fell from your mouth. Chris laughed and sat down next to you on the bed.

“Why do you always watch this movie when you’re sad? It only depresses you more.”

“Yeah but I can cry along side Ally at the end and it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one who has a shitty love life.”

“Well that’s dark.”


Chris looked at you. You could tell he was disappointed in you cause he was giving you the famous eyebrows of disappointment. You all know what I’m talking about.

You sighed and paused the movie. You turned your body towards Chris, giving him your full attention.


“What are you doing up here, Y/N? You should be down there, having fun.”

“You know exactly why I’m up here, Chris.”

“You shouldn’t let some stupid boy control whether you have a good time or not. So he’s down there with some stupid blonde bimbo, who cares-”

“He brought another girl?”

And you thought he couldn’t hurt you any more.

“Y/N, I thought you knew…”

“How could I know, Chris!? I’ve been up here all night!

"I just… you know what. Fuck him. Get dressed. I have a plan.”

“And what exactly is your plan?”




“Okay… what does he have to do with anything?”

“He recently broke up with his girlfriend. He’s back on the market! And I happen to know for a FACT that Tom has always felt insecure next to Sebastian.”

“Like he’s gonna believe I’m into Sebastian. He’s 33 and I’m 19!”


“That’s creepy.”

“I’m 34 and you hang out with me!”

“Yeah, hang out with you not throw myself on you. And I think my dad would explode if he saw me all over Sebastian.”

“Look, just flirt with him and piss Tom off. That’s all you gotta do.”

“…Fine. But only because he has the nerve to bring some other girl to my house.”

“That’s my girl.”

—Time Skip—

You made your way down the staircase in a skin tight gold dress that hugged your body in all the right places. Your hair was pulled into a high poly tail and teased to look incredible. You had on gold heels to math the dress and a diamond necklace. You saw everyone stop and stare at you as you entered. Most of the reason was probably that everyone thought you weren’t gonna show your face. You began to feel your chest tighten and almost ran back upstairs until you saw Chris give you an approving smile. You smiled back at him and scanned over everyone until you saw Tom staring at you with his mouth hanging open from the bar. And just to your luck, a few stools away from him was Sebastian.

Sebastian was also staring at you with wide eyes. You made your way through the crowd. Tom straightened up when he saw you heading in his direction, but to his dismay you simply walked past him. You had his full attention as you walked up to where Sebastian was sitting.

“Hey Sebby! Wow! Have you been working out?” You asked as you ran your hand up and down his bicep.

“Uh, yeah I have. I hit the gym everyday.”

“I can tell. And it’s really paying off. You look really good tonight.”

“Uh thank you… so do you?”

“Thanks, Seb. Hey, wanna dance?”


You grabbed Sebastian’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor where the two of you began to dance. You and Sebastian were dying laugh and you had your arms around his neck and his hands were on your waist. Heck, if they had gone any lower you’re pretty sure Robert would have killed him by now.

Just as your favorite song came on, you felt yourself being pulled from the crowd. You turned and saw Tom dragging you out of the party into your back yard. As soon as you were outside, Tom dropped your arm but kept walking a few more steps. You could see how pissed Tom was even if he wasn’t facing you.

“What the hell, Tom!? I was having a great time!”

“What the hell!? You’re asking me, what the hell!? Y/N you were basically having sex with a guy almost twice your age!”

“Oh shut up, Tom! I’m allowed to dance with whoever the hell I want to! And I’m the one who should be pissed! You brought some bimbo to my house at my dad’s party!”

“Y/N she isn’t a bimbo! She’s actually really smart and funny!”

“So is Sebastian but apparently I’m not allowed to be happy, am I!?”

“Ashley’s 18! She’s not almost twice my age!”

“Neither is Sebastian! He’s only 33 and I’m 19 so it’s legal! And lots of people have huge age differences these days! Kylie and Tyga, Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander! You get the point.”

“God, Y/N! What’s happened to you!?”

“What’s happened to ME!? You’re what happened to me, Tom! I was so happy with my life before you came into it! I was secure and bubbly and a social butterfly but I’ve barely left the house since you dumped my ass! I loved you so damn much, Tom! So damn much and you just threw it all away because we were ‘movie too quick’ oh boo hoo, Tom! That’s how relationships work you spend time with them and learn more about them! That’s the whole point!”

“I was scared out of my goddamn mind, Y/N!”


“God, you’re so beautiful, and amazing and smart and perfect and I’m just me! You’re too good for me! I knew it, everyone else knew it and it was only a matter of time before you knew it! I was so scared because I loved you so much and I had never felt that way before and I was so scared of getting hurt. I fell for you harder and harder everyday and I think I would’ve lost my goddamn mind if you had left me. After you walked away and I had a complete mental break down in the middle of Central Park! I spent the whole night crying on a park bench and it took until the next day for Harrison to find me and take me back to the hotel. I loved-love- you so much, Y/N. I only brought Ashley here because I was sure that you would have a new boyfriend by now and I didn’t want you to think I was some loser.”

“Tom, I would never think you’re a loser. I’ve spent the last 3 months basically locked in my room crying and listening to Taylor Swift on repeat and binge watching the Twilight movies because you were the only person o ever told that those were the only movies that could make me feel better when I was sad and it was like those movies were all I had left of you. I’ve watched them so many times I could probably recite every word in every movie for you. And I mean, 'I never put much thought into how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love seemed like a good way to go-’”

“Yeah, I know, Y/N. you’re the only person in the world that could get me to watch those movies. God they’re horrible…”

“They’re amazing and you know it!”

You were now crying hysterically and could see everyone in the party watching you and Tom through the glass.

Tom walked up to you and pulled you into a hug as you cried into his chest.

“Yes, Y/N. I love the twilight movies but if you repeat that to anyone, I will end you.”

You laughed and pulled away from his chest to see you left makeup on his white shirt.

“Shit, Tom. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, Y/N. It’s like you put your own mark on me like you used to. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I love you, Tom.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

“Please don’t leave me again…”


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i just found ur blog and ??? im screaming your art is so beautiful and elegant?? honestly the style that you draw anatomy in? the colours and the simplicity but its so gorgeously detailed at the same time?? k that doesnt make sense but I feel it. its incredible please know this, and i love ur oc's!!! anyway huge fan, keep up the good work!!!

Hey wow thanks !! I’m glad you like my ocs too yeeee ♥♥♥

eye practices!


A Tribute to X-ray&Vav: A Pop Danthology

Note: Vimeo back-up since youtube has muted the entire audio for one measly song claim. So here it is for the time being.

Warning spoilers!!!!

Hey so wow this was a long work in progress for me that I had to sit back and show patience for. Basically I’ve had to wait to make this since early August. So once I finally had all the footage I needed I got straight to work and put many a tears, frustrations (and wondering why I ever thought an almost 8 min long am would be a good idea) and time (It took about 12-15 hours overall) to complete this monster of a video. I am really happy with how this turned out, like I love this so much and I hope you guys do as well.

2 things, though. One is I know people are gonna rage about a certain part in this video. my options were to not do anything for that part, cut it or just suck it up and do it. Since i thought it fit x-ray I went ahead and kept the part in. Lastly, even though I know it’ll be lost on people I found translated gingham style lyrics and matched video to those lyrics. So that part isn’t just random nonsense.
Honestly, I sincerely hope you enjoy this video because I put a lot of love and effort into it. Even though there really aren’t any super special effects I still think it is one of my best works. I have more videos coming soon and I cannot wait for season 3 of XRNV.

Song: Pop Danthology 2012
Artist: Daniel Kim