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have i mentioned that i really love Reverse!Crush AU?
(inspired by this post)

and i didnt lie tellin that i will draw something stupid, i love showin Adrien as a “master” of flirting, you know

as always, little bonus:

Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine  |  Mother  |  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

How I long for the autumn
The sun keeps burning deep
Every stone in this city keeps reminding me
Can you protect me from what I want?
The love I let in, it left me so lost 

Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned – I have sped up and illegally uploaded this most beautiful of all songs ever written.

“People often ask how to present a young, same-sex romance to a young audience without it having to be the same old ‘coming out’ story that’s been done to death. GrimGrimoire shows us that you’d write it the same way as any other young adult romance–emphasis on their feelings for each other without making it about sex or sexuality.”

I recently watched a playthrough of this game again (it’s a pretty short game; gameplay isn’t interesting so you can just watch the cutscenes for the whole story) and yeah it’s got canon F/F between the witch protagonist Lillet Blan and a homunculus named Amoretta Virgine. It’s pretty blatant and not at all played for fanservice.

Notable moments:

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work thoughts (+ encounters with people)

-messing with mad-eye moody’s catchphrase “constant vigilance!” led me to the name “constance vigilant”, which I think would be great for a lady bounty hunter or something

-on a similar note, spoonerizing “jubal early” (that one creepy guy from firefly) makes “herbal julie”, as least phonetically speaking, and I’m not really sure what to do with that knowledge.

-today our ice machine at the cafè was messed up so I had to cross the building and fetch ice from the events center kitchen on the other side.  as a side note, I had to go through the adjacent thrift store to get there and it’s super dark and creepy pre-opening.  anyway, as I was shoveling ice into various containers it occurred to me that I was kind of stealing the other kitchen’s ice, so let it be known that I am the Ice Bandit.  no ice is safe from me!!

-I once asked my coworker who has a fairly thick accent if it made her angry when I asked her to repeat things (I’d been kinda obsessing over it so I had to ask).  she told me no, it’s much worse to be laughed at or imitated.  

-I think she’d have a right to be frustrated even so, but the long and the short of it is that all anyone can do is be as respectful and attentive as possible, and if you’re freaking out about talking to someone with an accent it is going to be way way harder to understand what they’re saying.

-everything is easier when you relax.  it’s like a lifehack, but UNATTAINABLE

-devil music lady came back today and, while she was getting water for her friends, said to me, “it would be hard, being invisible, wouldn’t it?  people would just bump into you and you’d be like ‘hey, I’m right here’!”.  I was confused but happy to engage in a weird hypothetical because that’s my jam, so I babbled something about how it was true, the downsides of being invisible might outweigh the benefits.  

-and then she sprang the (totally unnecessary and weirdly passive-aggressive) trap and briefly waxed eloquent on how jesus was the invisible presence of god on earth and how he must have felt when people “didn’t notice him” and…I dunno, it was weird.

-I’d had just enough caffeine to make me chatty and extra weird so when this one guy with an amazing curly mustache and earring came through the cafè as he does, I asked his name, introduced myself, and told him he looked like a “cool pirate”.  he laughed, I got flustered, he said he didn’t mind and he’d “been called much worse”, to which I replied, in absent, high-pitched tones of distress, “oh, well, that’s…” and then kind of shuffled off to clean something.

-it’s been a weird day

-the ipad keyboards at work are unreliable at best so today when I was trying to type “broccoli cheddar” I just wrote “bro.” instead.  bro.

-I feel like conversations are supposed to be like…a squirrel jumping nimbly + fluidly from branch to branch.  but my squirrel (especially when I am low on spoons) will sometimes hesitate and lose momentum, or just completely miss the branch, or do some kind of acrobatic fucking pirouette in entirely the wrong direction?

-dammit squirrel

-anyway that’s all from me

therealkurtangle: A very special WWE Raw tonight in Ontario, Ca. My niece Erin and my nephew @jonnybernthal and their 3 beautiful children came to see the show. #AngleFamilyReunion #itstrue

A little sketch from the other day, nothing fancy just still trying to find myself and figure out how I want my art to look. I think this is it. I love it. 

This started as my Diablo character and somehow got combined with my starter Draenei warrior from WoW? Oops? She cute tho.

Ok I just wanted to expand on that last one. Horikawa’s kiwame is very disappointing to me because he is so more Kane obsessed and conscious of Kane in his lines. He even mentioned him in all of his kiwame letters.

I didn’t want him to completely drop Kane, of course not. But I exactly didn’t want what we got. I wanted Hori to recognise he has worth and reason to fight for himself, he’s not just Kane’s assistant. I wanted to think about himself or even the Saniwa more. Sure, he seems a more confident and wants to work hard but he’s motivated for Kane’s sake rather than his own which really bothers me.

and tell me some things last

Title greatly inspired by this song.

Here’s my big bang! Plus, this is my first actual story! I need to thank all the admins for being so amazing and bringing this opportunity to us! I also need to thank @rainagainstmywindow for being such an amazing beta and supporter, I absolutely could not have finished this without you! Also, @imanatural-blue made such beautiful art and was an unknowing motivator for me!

I’m so glad to have this opportunity! Thank you, everyone! Enjoy!

you can also read it here.

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