wow be my friend omg

aw yesterday i went to see a movie with my friend and i guess while she was in europe (a school trip some people went on, not everyone did tho), she came across a Muji store and bought me the gel pens i really wanted, but the funny thing was that she didnt even know that i wanted them and i was like omg ilu tysm ahh ;u;. also the movie was really good, we went to go see wonder woman.


Quick update on my life :

- Today starts my summer break

- I officially survived to my first year of college

- Tomorrow (already) I start my summer job 

- In exactly 8 days I’m gonna meet ma lovely idiots actually called The Vamps

- I already have so many EXCITING plans with my groups of friends 

- That guy seems to still into me cause he wants us to hang out this summer (and go skateboarding together like YEES) 

- And it already has been a week since i lived one of me best concert, one of my favorite and best moment of my life :


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I coughed so loudly when Spock described his first makeout cuz that's literally how I described mine to my friends omg helllp

Wow you are both nerds

My grandma’s caretaker asked how my trip was and when I mentioned there was a slight language barrier while I was in France because I don’t speak the language (but it wasn’t really a problem) she asked what the language was and I said “French” she looked really astonished like wha??!! The French speak French?!

Then she asked what I did about food there so I said “when we didn’t dine out we bought groceries to eat at home” and she laughed and went “omg, Hershey’s?! Wow my friend said when she was in Berlin all she ate was dark chocolate and didn’t gain any weight. You can’t gain weight from dark chocolate”

I didn’t even correct her. Wowie.

So, yesterday, my awesome friend sherlockandsherkey went to this restaurant called Sardi’s, which is near Broadway. Several famous people have been there, and their caricatures are on the wall, too. She found out that Fred and Ginger had been there in 1930, around the time of Ginger’s Broadway debut in Girl Crazy. Now, we all know that those two were romantically involved at that time, and my friend managed to talk to the son of the waiter who served them when they were there. The result? Complete adorableness.

Fred called first to make a reservation for two, but Ginger arrived there before him. He was running a bit late and came after her – thus starting all the romantic stuff. The waiter went over to the two of them – a little nervous, since he was new at the time. According to him, Fred barely paid him any attention. Most of the time, he was looking at Ginger, and most of the dinner was Fred complimenting her and telling her she looked pretty. In response, she looked back at him romantically.

The manager came over and introduced himself to the two of them. Guess what Ginger said? “Yes, I’m here with my friend, the old man,” referring to Fred, of course! So, the manager bought them dessert and drinks, and Fred and Ginger shared a chocolate mousse. And he booped her on the nose. When the waiter came back to check on them, Fred wasn’t in his seat – he was beside her. One arm around her, and the other, holding her hand. The waiter also said that Fred told her, “Be serious, what would stand between us?”

People were shocked to see them and started coming over. Fred was incredibly proud of Ginger, almost as if to say, “Yep, these are your fans!” They paid, leaving a huge tip, and when the waiter came back to collect the check, they were kissing. (Imagine that – with no Hays Code!) So they left, extremely happily, holding hands, and one of the waiters whispered, “Are they going to–?”

Well, you know. For my money, they did.

i’m at the doctor as a Certified Adult for the first time all by my lonesome and i have already managed to not only fuck up the paperwork but also bang my elbow against some medical equipment this is really going well