wow as in wow i selfied


Don’t reblog this or i’ll fite dhfhhjf I like showing my face once in a blue moon (i’ll post holiday selfies i promise y’all can reblog then)

i was tagged by @velvethoseok // @agustjeon // @mygskths and someone else i forgot who sjfhfhf sorry :(

my mans looked hella good even with half his face covered, when will your mans ever

Anyways I’m tagging my babes @sleepynamjoon // @rosykook // @mygjhs // @jimlingss // @hoeseok // @demonkook // @4tabi // @93-jpg // @cypjher // and whoever wants to do it (pls do it i love admiring beauty)


Me: tells yall not to reblog

Y’all: reblogs it anyways 😩


when the sun makes you feel this good, can you blame Icarus for wanting to get just that much closer to Apollo?