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How would the paladins handle a very clumsy s/o who always somehow ends up ok after their cluminess? (Example: Falling down a steep hill or stairs and then standing up and going "i'm ok" and then skipping off).

-you know whenever i get a request that i really relate to, i take a step back and wonder what the actual fck do i do with my life. the answer? fall down. for real, today i tripped on nothing. i was just walking down the hallway, it has no carpet and i was not wearing socks and i just fell down in the middle of the bare, hardwood floor


  • Is constantly worried about you
  • ‘Are u really ok???’ 
  • Questions your sanity 
  • He really wants you to go to the doctor
  • ‘that was a hUGE FALL’
  • ‘how- how do you miss that? do you need glasses, we can make glasses, pIDGE YOU CAN MAKE GLASSES RIGHT?’


  • seriously really freaked out at first
  • constantly questions if you are ok,
  • every time, without fail
  • he will never get used to it
  • “are you sure you want to fight y/n? you just fell down a flight of stairs.”
  • worries about and for you, but in a ‘its for your safety’ way and not in a ‘its for my sanity’ kind of way like hunk


  • incorporates it into your guys’ conversations. in example, you give a stupid solution
    • ‘“maybe you were hit too many times on the head there y/n”
    • “say that one more time, and people will be saying that at your funeral”
  • he’s like jkdhjhkjfhj whenever you fall because he doesn’t believe that you’re okay, sOMETHING HAPPENED
  • he spends forever trying to figure out what
  • ‘aHA old you used to boop my nose when i smiled”
  • “boop!” blushy lance follows because wow you sound so cute when u say boop and boop his nose i’m djkhjkdfhjk


  • whenever you fall she gets a mini heart attack
  • “y/N LOOK OUT” she always tries to warn you okay she will literally start walking ahead of you sometimes
  • even if you’re supposed to be her gaurd
  • you fall down the hills and stuff anyway
  • how??? she has no idea, she warned you 5 paces ago
  • she really can’t have someone that she loves getting hurt so much
  • she probably tries to ‘cure’ it 
  • nothing works ok, not even a device that was to walk in front for you and fall down hlls/etc so you know that they are there
    • you just forget it exists


  • he rushes to your aide the first time, right away okay
  • ‘are you okay, Y/N TALK TO ME’
  • he wants to fix this clumsiness
  • it’s not good for his focus when he’s worried about you actually hurting yourself
    • he’s such a caring boyfriend okay but like lowkey caring
      • like caring as in he’d do everything for you
        • but disguises it because he’s embarrassed
  • so he tries to train with you instead
  • this doesn’t work out well because well you’re really clumsy
  • ‘Y/N LOOK OUT’
    • “i’m…i’m okay don’t worry!”
      • ‘Y/N i swear to god
George Weasley x reader Yule Ball

Pairing: George x reader

Warnings: Nah. It’s just fluff

A/N: Hey guys! This is my very first fanfic, hope you guys like it. The fanfic takes place in The Goblet of Fire and feel free to request. For now, I’m only going to accept Fred and George requests. Make sure to vote and requests are open! :^) 

My breath hitched.

My heart beat faster.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

There I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; The woman I’ve been madly in love with.

(Y/N) was a girl from my year. A girl that I find myself slowly falling for whenever I see a glimpse of her beauty and when I started getting to know who she really is. (Y/N) was sorted into Ravenclaw in our 1st year whilst I was sorted into Gryffindor. At first, I didn’t really care about it because I used to think of her as just another student in Hogwarts when in reality she’s more than that. The day I first talked to her was in the library when I decided to sit next to her whilst she was doing her homework in Transfiguration whilst I do mine. Whilst I was doing my homework, I accidentally nudged the bottle of ink which spilled black ink on her paper. 

“Oh crap! I’m so so sorry” I apologized picking up the bottle and trying my best to stop the ink from going to her parchment paper but, I made it worse.

She sighed. Frustration and anger showed on her face. She looks like she will punch me in the face any second for what I just did.

“I’m very very so-” 

“It’s fine. Just be more careful if you don’t want me to punch you” she said making me chuckle.

“I’m George Weasley” 

“I know. You’re the other half of the Weasley twins famous for your pranks”

“How’d you know? So what do you think about our pranks?” I said. A smirk growing on my face.

“Well, obviously I’ve seen some of your pranks and I can overhear girls blabber on how great you and Fred are and how you guys were a hot piece of meat.” she replied rolling her eyes at the last sentence. “oh and the pranks? I’d say I’m impressed about how you guys could think of such ridiculous pranks and manage to not get caught” she added.

“Right they are,” I said winking making her roll her eyes and laugh.

“What? Don’t you agree with them Ms? what’s your name?” I said.

“My name’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and no, I don’t agree with them” she replied smiling a bit. 

We then continued our conversation; talking about our lives, interests, and sharing lots of banter. This soon develops a close friendship between us despite our differences.

Days, weeks, months, years, have passed. I started to feel something different when I’m with her. My heart beats faster when I stare deep in her (Y/E/C) orbs or by just simply glancing at her. The atmosphere changes whenever we talk to each other–feeling like it’s only the two of us in the room. The sadness I feel whenever she doesn’t go to our meeting spot in the library. 

That’s when I realize

That I’m head over heels for (Y/N).

I fell in love with her personality, her beauty, and her imperfections. Everything about her just seems perfect.

Now fast forward to the present.

The day of our Yule Ball.

I still can’t believe though that I had the balls to ask her out. Although I did say that I’ll only go with her as “friends” since I fear that she finds out I like her and that will ruin our friendship. 

She did say yes so the nervousness kind of lessened. My thoughts were cut off when my eyes laid on a particular person.

My breath hitched.

My heart beat faster.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

There I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen; The woman I’ve been madly in love with. 

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) entered the room. Slowly capturing lots of people’s attention. Men’s eyes were widened and shocked by her beauty whilst some women gave glares and some gave her compliments as she replies a simple nod or a thank you to each of them.

bloody hell, she’s breathtaking. 

As she started walking near me, my eyes locked with hers.

Finally, she stands in front of me with a smile plastered on her face.

Today she looked different–in a good way.

She was wearing a blue, off-shoulder ball gown to represent her house color. She wore light makeup and ditched her eyeglasses. Her (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) was styled into a fancy bun. A few strands were left. (sorry if you have short hair)

“hey,” she said breaking me in my trance.

“why hello m’lady,” I said trying to sound confident as possible to hide my nervousness.

“hello handsome,” she said with the same confidence.

“s-so u-uh want a  d-drink?” I said with my confidence crumbling into pieces.

“Is the George Weasley stuttering? Wow. First time to ever hear you like that” she said chuckling. 

“Oh shut up” I replied laughing as I started to feel my cheeks heat up.

“Sure. I’d love something to drink” she said.

I walked away and when I started blending in the crowd, my speed gradually increased and finally arrived at the table filled with food. I poured wine to two glasses then I felt a weight on my shoulder causing some of the wine to spill.

“Georgie! A beautiful date you got there. Finally got the balls to ask her out, eh?” Fred said

“Oh shut up. I asked her out as ‘friends’” I replied.

Fred groaned and said 

“Merlin’s beard George! You have got to ask her out on an ‘actual’ date before someone does. With that beauty and personality, I’m pretty sure a lot of men are willing to ask her out someday if you won’t ask her” 

Fred’s right. Just when I left grabbing a drink I saw a guy from Durmstrang flirting with her. I felt a sudden wave of pain when I saw this. I’ve always hated that feeling–the jealousy and pain I feel whenever I see her chat with boys and even sometimes she’s oblivious when the guy he’s talking to flirt with her. 

“You’re right, Freddie” I sighed.

“Now don’t just stand here like a wuss! Stop wussing out! Go and get her, Georgie!” Fred said pushing me lightly. 

“Alright, alright, I will,” I said and went back to (Y/N).

I went to her and spotted her by herself. I rushed to her and gave her the glass of wine. She thanked me and took a sip.

The ceremony soon started and soon enough we all started dancing to the music with our partners. The music finally ended and was replaced by a slower one. 

I placed both of my hands on her hips whilst her hands moved to my shoulders. Her touch lingering, sending shivers down my spine and making my heart beat faster. Our foreheads touched as we slowly sway to the music. 

“Had fun tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. 

We continue to dance in an uncomfortable silence.

“Come with me,” I said breaking the ice. 

“Excuse me?”

“Come with me” I repeated.

“To where?”

“Somewhere else,” I said and offered her my hand.

She took it and we both leave the room.

We both ran down the halls of Hogwarts with (Y/N) following behind.

“George slow down! It’s not easy to run with heels you know!” (Y/N) panted.

“Sorry!” I said slowing down my pace.

We then finally arrived at our destination: The Astronomy Tower.

I heard a gasp behind me so I looked at (Y/N)’s astonish face as she slowly walked next to me.

  The view from the Astronomy Tower was fascinating. The moon illuminated in the sky along with the stars and there weren’t many clouds.

I glanced back at (Y/N)  and the first thing that I noticed was how her eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Her nose was in a shade of red and so are her cheeks due to the cold breeze. Her skin illuminated in the moonlight. And those lips that are tinted in a light shade of pink. Looked so soft and kissable. 

All I can say is that she’s way more beautiful compared to the view.

“So, why’d you bring me here?” she asked breaking my trance.

That’s when the nervousness came back. The same amount of nervousness when I asked her out to the Yule Ball. What should I do? Should I kiss her already? Should I make a long sweet message? Or should I- Oh no word vomit.

“I l-like y-y-you,” I said.

“What?” She asked in shock.

“I l-l-like y-y-you. I’ve always had. Ever since I spilled ink on your homework. I love everything about you. Your eyes, your hair, your smile, your laugh, and even your imperfection. Basically everything about you. I know this sounds so cheesy and all but a day without you feels blue.” I said.

She stood there. Her cheeks got redder and her smile was gone.

“I know you probably don’t like me back and I’m pretty sure I look like an idiot but I hope this won’t end our friendship” I replied. I felt a tear fell down my cheek and my heart breaking.

Soon enough I was crying. In front of the girl that I love. 

I felt embarrassed and my legs felt week. I fell on my knees as I felt her stare at me.

She came near me and sat next to me. She made me look at me by grabbing my chin with her thumb and index finger. She wiped the tears falling from my face and I felt her forehead against mine.

“I,” she said as she came nearer.

“love,” she said. Our lips centimeters away.

“you” she whispered.

I crashed my lips to her soft ones and it was the best feeling I have ever felt. I finally got to kissed the girl that I love. The kiss was cut off when we heard someone cheered from the back.

“WOOH YEAH GET SOME GEORGIE!” we heard Fred’s voice.

“Oh piss off!” I shouted looking at (Y/N) whose face is red.

“So, date at Three Broomsticks next week?”

“absolutely,” she said.

“best. day. ever” she said.

“not only did I get to wear this beautiful dress and get to kiss you, I get to see you cry too!” she added laughing.

“Oh shut up,” I said and kissed her again.

Boyfriend! au - Jinho

here it is :)

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(what a pretty boy istg)

  • Ok so we all know very well what jinho is good at
  • But just imagine if he wasn’t famous, how would he make bank with his power vocals?
  • Cuz the boy gotta eat
  • Soooo he would be a vocal trainer
  • The best in Seoul
  • Like he can turn the worst singers in kpop to one of the best (y'all know some idols like that lmao)
  • So yeah jinho is a miracle worker because of his patient & caring way of dealing with people
  • He’s also got that cute ass smile & laugh which keeps people coming despite the cost of the training lol
  • But like I said the boy gotta eat
  • So when ur friend from choir shows u the flier and asks u to join with her ur like? For that price?? He better be ripping out my vocals cords & replacing them with Adele’s or some shit smh
  • And ur friend is like…. He’s cute…. Just come with for moral support then
  • And ur down as long as u don’t have to pay lmao
  • So u go instantly after school so she can sign up
  • & even tho she said he was cute u didn’t expect this
  • Like u know the 30/40 year old teachers that people think are attractive just cuz they’re the best u got which isn’t that good? That’s what u thought u would be dealing with
  • But nope the greeting and smile he gives the both of u when u come in make u question so many things like:
  • 1. Is he 13 or 25??Like boy lookin young
  • 2. Why isn’t he famous? Cuz he cute u gotta admit lol
  • And 3. Why are they both staring at you?
  • And then u realize they must’ve asked u a question so ur like fml sorry what
  • And he asks if you’re interested in taking the class
  • And u just have to sputter out, “no no sorry….. just her. I’m offering moral support" and by the way u sarcastically say “moral support" he just hums and nods and continues to tell ur friend about the program
  • So now ur sitting off to the side… Like a parent being separated from your child…
  • U can’t help it tho u can’t really leave lmao
  • But luckily soon after he informs that they’ll be starting tomorrow as ur friend is excited and still giving him the heart eyes
  • But before u can leave he quietly says, “and I assume you’ll be coming too?” almost as if he’s challenging u for whatever reason u don’t know
  • And ur just like “as long as i don’t have to pay to sit and watch :))”
  • So now ur intrigued why has this pretty boy been acting different towards u than his customers?

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do you think you have enough fitness and diet tips and stuff (and time) that you could keep up a youtube series or something? i think its pretty obvious people would watch it lol. and maybe you could even start a patreon or something for it

yeah I have def put a lot of thought into doing something like that but the reason I’m reluctant (at this time) is because.. youtube is kind of intimidating, theres SOOO many youtubers that are experienced lifters (im talking 8yrs+), bodybuilders, coaches, etc. I have only been lifting seriously for about 18 months and if you had asked me a question during at the beginning of the year versus now I would honestly have a very different answer because I’ve learned so much and I’m continuing to learn and grow every time I hit the gym. I know that people (like you guys) would like to watch videos and take advice from someone you can relate to and trust I get that and I do want to provide that for you guys but I’m also afraid of misinforming you or not making good content or honestly maybe I’m just afraid of failure but trust me I’m thinking of you guys im brainstorming and currently trying to normalize recording videos of my exercises for now.. when I feel confident in my own abilities to educate you guys on fitness properly (in video form) I will absolutely be making videos!!!

rnizuka  asked:

hi wow i love ur art do u have any tips

Wow!! Hi Stranger i’ve never spoken to before!! and aaAAA THANK U…

I don’t have too many tips buuuuut;

1) Take lots of breaks! Even if you don’t like taking breaks it’s always good to take a short break whenever you start getting tired or something like that!

2) artblocked? those limited palette things work wonders! whenever i’m artblocked I just kinda scribble with that. Actually, thinking about it, when you’re artblocked scribbling works wonders in general. Try not to sit there waiting for it to pass cuz breaking out of it works really well too.

3) try using references! at least for bodies and stuff. Those pics you see in magazines are good starters!

4) Trying to draw out of your comfort zone is good but try to go easy on yourself? If you’re not enjoying yourself when you’re drawing whats the point tbh.

thank you for the ask :p

Request: Blushy Wonwoo with a secret crush on you

Requested by @thoughts-in-random I’m sorry it took so long and I hope you like it!

  • Wonwoo is all about stealing glances at you especially when you’re reading
  • Because we all know wonwoo is a sucker for bookworms
  • He would also really love seeing you doing things that made you happy, like he’d see you get a glint in your eyes if you were talking about something you were passionate about and he would be like wow! She is very cute and I am very emo and would probably start blushing
  • He seems the type to silently brood over people he likes and would try to very casually spend more time with you and be able to see you smiling
  • Which really ends up being him texting your friends and inviting himself to friend outings
  • And he thinks he is so covert until one day mingyu is like “hey so r u gonna ask her out or”
  • And mingyus like ok pal whatever you say
  • Eventually he fesses up because he can’t keep anything from mingyu
  • Also definitely had at least 3 dreams about you and got really embarrassed and wrote it down but kept it hidden because if anyone found out he would get roasted into the next dimension
  • Not even mingyu knows that’s how on lock those dreams are
  • But one day he “accidentally” (yeah right wonwoo I see through your poorly constructed plan) bought 2 coffees and “just so happens” to see you in another booth and shyly asks if you want it
  • And who are you to deny coffee of course you accept
  • Wonwoo is blushing the whole time making small talk and glancing up at you
  • Probably nervously playing with his sweater paws and little does he know that is absolutely adorable and you are dying on the inside because the cute boy at your school gave you coffee??
  • You guys talk for a few hours and wonwoo didn’t know where the time is cause he got lost in your eyes and smile (gross) and was honestly just thrilled to be there until mingyu texts him in all caps “WHERE ARE YOU PLEASE COME HOME COUPS IS WORRIED” and he’s all sad and pouty and says his goodbye
  • But you give him your number because um cutie alert and he acts casual about it but on the inside he’s like um!!!! Wow!!!! I never thought I would get here!!! Life is amazing!!!
  • And he tries not to seem too eager but definitely texts you that night but second guesses himself like nobodys business and runs to mingyu (although he claims he didn’t) to ask him for advice
  • But nobody can resist the unusual charm of wonwoo
  • And any other time u meet he’s blushing and afraid to touch u
  • Because he wants to respect your boundries and is always like are we that close yet?? Am I allowed to???
  • And u wanna tell him yes but its really cute to see him get mildly distressed about tiny things
  • But he’s all around very cute and blushy and probably self-conscious bc he doesn’t know how to act around cute girls at all
  • 10/10 would hang out with and endure second hand embarrassment from his embarrassment about himself again
“becoming the opposite of who you are” au

requested by funnygirlthatbelle:

  • you ate this really off muffin that you shouldn’t have and now you’re delirious and being really dramatic and whiny and i have to drive you to the hospital like this
  • we loathe each other but one day you got hit on the head really hard and when you woke up you became really nice to me? and now you’re flirting??
  • you told my hypnosis was bullshit and just a farce but here look at you now, being a wild public nuisance and almost getting us arrested twice
  • you’re usually very cold and distant, but when you get sick or tired you become the most endearing, clingy and embarrassing person ever
  • “I think you’re taking opposite day too seriously” or “please stop trying to wear your pants as a shirt”
  • I thought we were really close and friendly but one day you started being an asshole to me?? did I do something? wait you have a twin??
  • in some freak scientific/magical accident I think I just woke up to some sort of parallel dimension and when I found you, you were really weird
  • you’re internet famous and online you’re very sweet and cheerful but then I saw you irl and yeah you may have a nice face but wow what a dick 
"why can't white people be kpop artists??"

[before i begin: this post is directed at every non asian koreaboo regardless of their race, black, latin, white, doesn’t matter, a koreaboo is a koreaboo. i am saying “white people” bc theyre the main problem here.]

i’ve been a kpop fan for nearly 7 years now, so obviously i encountered koreaboos many times. one of the type i hate the most is the “korea is racist for not accepting white ppl into the industry!11!!” koreaboos.

first of all, do u even know the definition of kpop? kpop -> south korean pop, south korea -> a country in east asia, that its population is.. u guessed it, asians!

also tell me, how many asian apop singers do u know who are famous as miley cyrus or taylor swift? i’d say none. asians had no chance in the music industry unless they belong to a band that mostly consists of white people anyway (5sos for example).

kpop existed for only around 20 years, and before that, asians had absolutely no chance in the music industry, so imagine how happy we were that theres finally a music genre entirely for us with many fans worldwide.

now, do u rlly want to take it away from us just bc ur selfish ass can’t debut in that certain industry? if u wanna make music so badly - debut in the usa! although u probably just want to debut in korea so u could become closer to ur “oppars” or some shit.

take people like chad future for example: the kid is 100% white, has no relation to any asian culture, doesn’t speak korean and isn’t signed under a south korean entertainment company. yet the bitch is trying to fucking make a BRIDGE between apop and kpop, WE DON’T NEED A GODDAMN BRIDGE, KPOP IS FINE AS IT IS NOW. WE DON’T NEED UR CRAMPY MAYONNAISE ASS TO TRY TO TAKE SOMETHING THAT’S IMPORTANT TO ASIAN MUSICIANS AWAY FROM US.

also before you start with the whole “wow ur racist against white ppl and u hurt my white feelings!11!!!1” bullshit, here’s a little clarification: racism against white people doesn’t exist. the only thing thats barely even close to racism white people might experience is xenophobia, and yes, it happens sometimes when poc ppl dont like it when whities come to their countries.

gee i wonder why, maybe its bc white people enslaved their people in the past, forced their cultures and religion upon them and in our days, constantly make fun of poc? nahh, that cant be it! poc are probably just jealous of ur white skin and blue eyes, damn those blue eyes!

i am not saying that if ur white u can’t like kpop. i am saying that u have no right to complain about kpop consisting of asians only.

have a good day.


Jaebum as a bf 💕☕️

•okay so i have the idea that he’d be one of those ppl that shows u his love thru actions rather than words idk
•doing stuff like picking up your favorite coffee and getting it just right bc he watches and listens every time
•lots of café dates
•listens for when u rave about certain foods/candies so he can make a mental note to get it for you
•when you’re in large crowds he grips your hand and leads you bc he does not want u getting lost and he likes to hold ur hand anyway but like now he has an excuse
•when he’s stressed kinda just rests his head in ur lap and talks to u
•won’t say anything if he gets jealous probably kinda gets distant
•if u ask him about it he probably just rests his head on ur shoulder and asks u if you love him
•and when you say yes then he says something snarky
•if u take him to the carnival with u he’ll play one of those games to win u the giant stuffed bear and pretend u were begging for it ((but really he just thought it’d be cute for you to have one))
•always gives you his jackets when it’s cold and carries your stuff for you
•arm around ur waist like 25/7
•acting like a dad sometimes by asking u if u ate enough/telling u not to stay up so late/making sure you’re taking care of yourself
•worries about you constantly when he’s not there (like on tour or something)
•leaves u a bunch of stuff for when he’s on tour and probably some gifts for every day/week he’s gone depending on how long he’s away
•buys you everything like wow
•probably lowkey whipped for u like ngl even tho he tries to hide it
•k but when he’s tired
•probably buries his face in ur neck while sitting beside u
•or takes u in his arms and rests his chin on ur head
•overall surprisingly clingy but says nothing
•sings for you when u ask
•really sassy sometimes especially when u are trying to be affectionate
•laughs at u when u do something stupid
•makes u wear his sweaters and sweatshirts and then compliments your style
•forehead kisses
•probably some random slow dancing without any music
•tries to be cool when u first start dating but lol that doesnt last
•sings bad on purpose sometimes
•says he loves u in the most bizarre moments
•always listens intently whenever you talk
•when u try to take selfies he makes a meme face
•the smile he has when he sees u omg
•Im Jaebum is boyfriend material just saying

anonymous asked:

give me ur sense8 high school au headcanons bc that is required for any fandom. or if u prefer do just headcanons in general. thank u in advance

  • oh wow thanks for asking i’ve been looking at this for a bit now trying to figure this out like if this means they’re “born” in high school or they all go to the same high school but hey why not both
  • it starts with the dreams. a blonde woman, twenty-something, barely older than a kid herself, hands shaking as she writhes over the dingy mattress of the dilapidated church. seventeen year old will gorski wakes up in a sweat, and his therapist chalks it up to hormones. he laughs about it. freud would have a field day with him, yeah?  
  • teenage will gorski is a hot mess with too-long hair and a penchant for pissing off his chief of police dad. he runs track so the gay thoughts don’t catch, though the tiny shortshorts do not help. he’s got a therapist on speed dial, and a reputation for fighting off bullies–he and that korean girl saved the kenyan guy from this ridiculous gang once, and now capheus is always following at least one of them around. 
  • capheus is the resident kenyan exchange student, the star of the esl class and a proud member of the school’s av club, which is mostly just an excuse to watch van damme movies. 
  • sun’s father is a powerful korean businessman who relocated to america a few years ago, and wanted them to experience public school. joong-ki, her terrible younger brother, has the reputation of being the slimiest freshman in the freshmen class. sun is a quiet force in the school, serving in an officer role in pretty much every club in the school. she once broke a guy’s hand for trying to grope her at one of cassandra’s parties. 
  • lito is the star of the drama program alongside cassandra who is there for seniority reasons. they all go to every one of his plays even before they’re born, mostly because the director always somehow manages to put in an explosion to every production they do. even midsummer’s night’s dream, where lito played bottom. 
  • lito spends a good amount of time hooking up with the darling of the art department, hernando, in the prop room of the theatre, which more or less explains the smell. 
  • wolfie showed up in the middle of sophomore year, moving in with his uncle sergei after his father mysteriously died. quiet and a little intense, he’s a member of the swim team and the choir–and has hooked up with most of both rosters. 
  • kala is the smartest girl in school, gabriella montez style, and the frontrunner for both valedictorian and most likely to succeed. she’s geared her whole life to finding a good college and breaking into the stem fields to show asshole men what she can do. honestly, she runs so hot she may or may not crash at any moment, and wolfie can’t decide whether to slow her down or trip her. 
  • riley moved here when her dad got a job in the city orchestra, and maintains a long-distance relationship with her childhood neighbor magnus. she spends most of her algebra classes in the stairwell on the east side of the school, smoking pot with the school mascot. 
  • nomi is still legally known as michael, trapped under the thumb of her parents, and itching to get out of this school and somewhere she can be herself. her girlfriend neets is a godsend, and the only thing keeping her going until she meets the rest of them. 
  • omg this is so long and i’ve just gotten past describing them so here’s some of the rest in rapidfire: grumpy school nurse yrsa, will doing a kissing booth to raise money for the track team and wolfie fucking with him by getting in line at least five times wearing different flavored lip gloss every time and then riley finally coming in at the end and will swooning while diego rolls his eyes, lito doing spamalot, sun entering street fights at wolfie’s suggestion, nomi confronting her mom and leaving home with the squad at her back, riley getting the school mascot too fucked up and capheus having to come out in a chicken suit, kala and sun killing it as debate partners ask me more about this i have so much more to say 

wow shut the fuck up youngjae picked someone at the manila fanmeet to play with him and then the person kept insisting that she didnt want to play with him but with yugyeom????? and youngjae actually got sad abt it bc she was being persistent abt it????? how uGLY IS THAT,,, like this bih was blessed enough to get chose by CHOI YOUNGJAE THE SUN HIMSELF and started whining abt it like something horrible had just happened? well ASSHOLE GIVE ME UR SEAT THEN I WILL PLAY WITH YOUNGJAE WHILE U TRY TO FIND HAPPINESS AND A SENSE

[FANACCOUNT] 140315 GD, Taeyang, and Seungri’s "Thinking of You" Fan Meeting in Singapore
  • The MC picked 8 people at random from category 1 & 2 ticket holders to go on stage and win chances to interact with GD,YB and Ri
  • All three came out on stage: GD came out from under the stage while YB and RI each walked in from standing pen stadium entrance.
  • MC: It’s very hot in Singapore.
    GD: Yeah yeah yeah yeah
  • MC: Do you like Singapore?
    GD: It’s amazing
  • Seungri has to dress a girl to (make her) look sexy but he said it's awkward to do so because they haven't spoken to each other at all
  • Seungri talks to the fan he has to dress up and asks “Who is your favourite member of BIGBANG? IT’S VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME!”
    Fan: You
    Seungri: LET’S DO THIS!
  • GD wore sunglasses for his fan, and he has to dress a fan to look cute and he ends up dressing her like a Gryffindor student from Harry Potter. He also wrapped the scarf around himself and the fan.
  • Taeyang had to dress his chosen fan in hip hop style and he danced for her. He also back-hugged the fan.
  • The MC asked GD and Taeyang if they can twerk, Taeyang said “To me only women twerk” and GD said he can’t and made Seungri do it instead.
  • Seungri twerked and after he’s done he said “GD can do it!” Taeyang said “I can try (twerking). Taeyang started twerking and Seungri joined him.
  • After the games portion was the performance portion. The order went Taeyang then Seungri then GD.
  • Taeyang‘s solo stage set list: SUPERSTAR, I NEED A GIRL, ONLY LOOK AT ME, RINGA LINGA.
  • Taeyang: What’s up Singapore! My name is Taeyang, and nice to meet you guys. You guys having fun now? I met many fans over the world and tonight in here at Singapore and I wanna say something special to my Singapore VIPs: I love ya! And I’m gonna try my best to come back soon.
  • Seungri starts with LETS TALK ABOUT LOVE. His solo stage set list: LTAL, GOTTA TALK TO U, STRONG BABY, GGB, WHAT CAN I DO. Seungri’s wearing a BIGBANG cap.
  • Seungri: Hey Singaporeans what’s up! Wow this is crazy! It’s so hot in here right? I wanna take off my jacket but my stylist said,‘no Seungri, please no take clothes off‘ so, okay”
  • Seungri: I’m happy to see you guys. Singapore always surprises me. Definitely always. 
  • Seungri: I LOVE CHILLI CRAB AND PEPPER CRAB. My lunch was CHILLI crab. I don’t know you but I love you. I love this place, I love this country
  • Seungri (on his improved english): “ When I first came to Singapore my english was horrible. I still don't understand everything, but I'm very good at reaction you know? Like, ‘REALLY?! OHMYGOD!‘ The next performance is GD, my leader you know. Hm actually he doesn’t like me talking too much. I don’t know why but he doesn’t like it. But you guys pay good money to see me so I have to/happy talk a lot! So I don’t care GD! I will talk! You maybe a superstar in Asia but I dont care you because I’m going straight to the hotel after this show!… [a while later] just kidding! I’m sorry GD! I love you!”
  • GD open‘s his solo stage with ONE OF A KIND. Then continued with MICHIGO.
  • GD:  What’s up singapore! It’s been a long time! Did you miss me? You have no idea how much I missed you. 
  • GD: Im sorry I couldn’t be here, but I hope you guys have fun tonight. When I sing swag, you sing check! When I sing get your, you sing crayon!
  • GD‘s solo set stage set list: ONE OF A KIND, MICHIGO, CRAYON, CROOKED.
  • Seungri: It’s a fucking Saturday night! 
  • GD: By the way, two of our members, Daesung and TOP are missing, so you guys gonna help us out. We want to sing a BB song.
  • Seungri is singing TOP‘s part in BAD BOY.
  • Theyre performing FANTASTIC BABY while throwing candies out of baskets to the standing pen.
  • GD is singing all of TOP‘s rap in FANTASTIC BABY
  • Theyre saying goodbye and going backstage. Seungri:” Thank you, Singapore! I wanna come back!“



So I met Chris Colfer yesterday!!!

Here is the full story!

I spent about two weeks time in total over the drawing I made of Red (my fav babe) from TLOS3. I have been giving Chris fan art for, now, the past 3 signings I have gone to. Each time I still get very nervous to give him something that really means a lot to me. I have such self-confidence issues especially with drawings and art. So the whole day I was worried about how he would react and such.

Anyway, I took a bus up from Virginia to PA to stay with my friend Heather for a few days until the signing. (I go home today unfortunately D: ) I had sent the drawing via mail (since it was too big to bring on the bus) about two weeks before hand. Anyway the day of the signing we picked up Heather’s other friend Melissa who is a big sweetie, and I drove them to the store since I was more familiar with the area. We get there in the afternoon, get our books and the waiting begins.

Myself and Melissa are sitting in chair outside while Heather is in her car and it started to DOWN POUR on us. Literally cats and dogs are falling from the sky! I was thinking it would have been hilariously ironic if one of us got struck by lightning! (*insert drum ba boom tsh noise here*)

So after about 20 minutes of raining the store let us inside as thunderstorms were rolling in to wait downstairs in the signing area. So Heather, Mel and I are all downstairs for a few hours, chatting up these very kind people in line and so forth and meeting up with friends from past signing.

Finally, the time rolls around. Everyone stand up knowing Chris was bound to come in at any moment. My heart starts to pound in my chest with nerves as I hold this stupid drawing I slaved over. Then an eruption of cheers as Chris arrived. I went quiet in awe, trying to see him but I couldn’t (for I am super short) and figured I’d wait until the line went up. The line started to move so quick, too quick for my liking, I feel like I’m having heart palpitations I’m so nervous!

Melissa goes up first and then before I knew it, his assistant takes my look to pass to Chris and there he is, looking at me. He says hello and I greet him back but my voice is so high from nerves like ah! I gave him my drawing and his jaw DROPPED open. Here’s the dialoge:


“U-Um Hi Chris!”

“How are you?”

“G-Good. So I don’t know if you remember me but I always draw you something and I made another piece for you.”

I give him the drawing and his jaw drops -

“This is for me!?”

“Y-Yes, I hope you like it.”

“Oh wow! This is amazing! I can’t believe it  …”

I wrote my twiter name @LiamKorncake at the bottom and he sees it -

“Oh Liam! Is that your name?”

“Oh hi Liam! This is so amazing, thank you so much I love it!”

Then I started to cry a little bit, or try to not cry really because I’m so awestruck and I finally managed to say what I’ve wanted to say since the first book signing I went to so long ago.

“Chris, I just w-wanted to say” and I started really crying because I got really emotional and I’m so embarrassed I cried in front of him, “You have been such a positive influence in my life and, you have helped me through a lot of dark times. I always looked to you for inspiration to keep going and I just wanted to thank you so much. You’re my hero.”

He saw me crying and grabbed my hand and told me not to cry and he thanked me and just it meant so much to me. I was at emotional over load so I was done and stepped aside so Heather could see him and then we would leave o go upstairs and tell each other our experience and meet up with other friends.

Later outside, Heather told me that as soon as I walked away Heather told Chris I was her friend and how I had come up from VA and how much of an ‘artist’ and how amazing she thought I was and apparently both Chris and his assistant all agreed. I started to cry again because to hear that literally meant to much to me I can’t even describe it.

A few minutes later a mom and her two younger girls came out and approached me. They asked if I drew the 'Vote Red’ drawing and I said yes. They complimented it and I thanked them (all while I was still happy crying) and then they told me that Alla (did I spell her name right?) hung it up behind Chris and it hung there proudly behind him and my other friends in line came up and told me to and took pictures and like literally, my heart almost fell out of my butt. They even recorded my reaction to it while we were getting coffee!

It was just an amazing day. I have been going through a lot lately and struggling with so much and this was exactly what I needed. Chris is truly my hero for more than one reason and his books grant me an escape from even myself sometimes which I really need. So thank you Bookends, thank you to all my friends and thank you Christopher Paul Colfer!

EXO reaction to you and them baking  together

/gifs are not mine/ 

Xiumin: “OHMAGAD! everything is perfect where did you learn to bake like this!!! gosh this is soo perfect” 

Luhan: “YO! look at that smoke rise! what have you done!” 

Kris: “i know that i might end up in the hospital but I’m going to do this for you so you better be thankful” 

Suho: “Jagiya lets not bake cake lets just eat the dough it will taste just fine” *stuffs it in his mouth to assure you* 

Lay: *so in the beginning you are telling him the instructions and he looks like he understood but then as the food comes out of the oven* he quickly says “ i was lost so i didn’t know what i was making please don’t hurt me” 

Baekhyun: *when he’s trying to suggest the idea of baking*  “i heard you are taking cooking lessons why don’t we try to bake a cake or something for fun.” 

Chen: “not bad not bad at all good enough to start a bakery shop” 

Chanyeol: “wow this actually looks decent… huh? what did u say?”

DO: *one small mistake and you fire alarm started going off* *gif* 

Tao: *gif* *as he keeps eating*

Kai: “ya ya I’m only tasting it. I promise I’m not going to eat all of it without u, keep working” 

Sehun: *after he tastes the cake* “so much effort put into nothing agh what did u even put in here?” *good job… you poisoned him* 

/ask box is open/