wow are these people forreal

WOOT WOOT!! I hit 1300 followers!  I”m so amazed by all the people I have met on here and how great you all are so thanks and stuff like that


Mady (@wtfspemily)- thank you for being the most perfect ,oist towelette ever and being the other pea in my pod and all around being one of the best people and have had the opportunity to call my friend. Ily forever

Misha ( @heathersapples)- probably the sweetest human in all of ever and very funny and loeveable and great and thanks for blessing me with your presence i love you

Lily ( @queerpuff ) -you’re such a genuine person and you make my day so much brighter when you’re in it. I love you and you’re the reason i met all of these amzing people so thanks bro

Natalie ( @3facedmirror )-  You’re wonderful at ranting and talking in general and being really sweet and great and have a pretty great blog too. ily

Kyla ( @emisonislifeok )- you’re so funny and kind and your existence makes mine more enjoyable. als, you’re a great emison shipper and have a bomb blog to show for it

Ayanna ( @ewmushysquash )– you’re a true sweetheart and brig so muh joy to me and everyone else who has had the pleasure of knowing you. Ily and your tumblr is great as well

Kelsey ( @shootroot )-  you make me laugh whenever you’re around and you keep it real and i like that. Also, even if you decide to not blog about pll at all anymore, you’ll always have a special place in my heart and in the gc so ily

Kayley ( @pllsphere )- you’re a great person and blogowner and you slay my life and you’re super cool and just a good human overall so go you and ily

Gabi ( @emisongray )- you’re such a cute and pleasant person and you make me laugh and do the happy when you talk so thanks for that and thanks for being awesome ily and kabi is real

Alison ( @emisonisforever )- you’re the closest thing i have to alison dilaurentis which basically means i love you and cherish you with all my heart. But forreal, you’re such a blessing and you’re super funny and all the good things are you so yeah keep doing what you’re doing bc it’s great

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