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me, scrolling through my tumblr: wow, yet another picture of a skinny girl loving her body with her ribs showing. incredible. we have truly mastered body positivity. i am transformed

Bailey had been awfully shifty that day and he couldn’t figure out why. He figured she’d done something she should have and was dutifully avoiding Webber as she often did. Owen was picking her up from daycare and scooped her up in his arms. “Paaappa! Lood!” She said, showing him yet another picture. “Wow! Lily Bean you’re so talented! The fridge is gonna be full. We’re going to have to get Gramma to put some more on hers!” Lily grinned and he carried her back down to the ER to check over some charts before he left. While Owen was scanning one of the charts, a familiar faint perfume filled his nose and he looked up.

Cristina.                                                             @itscristinayangmd

Peanut sauce stirfry: easy, delicious, vegan, and filling

Okay, it’s not perfect…it uses a lot of soy sauce and has lots of sodium.

1) Start off with mixed vegetables. Look how awesome! I got snap peas, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, and even watercress!   

Actually…these are frozen vegetables from Costco. 

2) Then you boil your noodles! I used udon noodles, but my kayak instructor friend uses pasta noodles and says it’s tasty. 

3) THEN YOU MAKE THE PEANUT SAUCEEEEE. It’s so simple. All you need is peanut butter, garlic or garlic powder, soy sauce, and brown sugar. Go to this recipe for the amounts: 

Oh god that’s a crappy picture. 

4) Then you happily eat because you’ve successful made frozen vegetables less sad and unpalatable. 

Wow, another terrible picture. This is what happens when you take pictures in 2 seconds with your iphone, no flash, and while you’re walking. 

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41*media*tumblr*com/36920aa37cf47b794b0d7d6bce9773a2/tumblr_nhtnniNodb1s2tcfso1_500*jpg Oliver smiles the moment the FaceTime call connects and he's greeted with a loud "Da!" followed by bubbly laughter of his son. His smile only widens when Felicity appears and places a kiss on top of Robbie's head. "Hey, big guy. How are ya?" Oliver asks his son who replies with another happy exclamation of "Da!"

“I miss you, bud,” Oliver says, eliciting another series of happy shouts and giggles from Robbie. 

It’s only been 4 days since he was home, but it feels like an eternity. Oliver swears that Robbie looks like he’s grown about 2 inches since then and he scolds Felicity through the screen, demanding to know just what she was feeding their son while he’s been away.

The two of them catch up for a while, Oliver talking about how nice the weather in Metropolis is and how he’s really excited to get to see Digg while he’s in town. Felicity tells him about how their son won’t let her sleep for more than 5 hours and Oliver sighs at that. Even though Robbie has his own room with a brand new crib, their son prefers to sleep in the big bed with his parents when they’re all home together. It’s nice, when the three of them get to cuddle together in bed; Felicity tucked into Oliver’s side with Robbie laying across his chest. 

He’s always slept easier in Oliver’s arms, his tiny head resting above his father’s heart so it’s no surprise to hear that Robbie is having trouble sleeping now that he’s not home. Felicity tells him not to worry though; sometimes she let’s Robbie stay up and watch Netflix shows with her until he can’t keep his eyes open - those nights he ends up sleeping for a solid 7/8 hours. 

About 40 mins into their call Robbie begins to get restless, whimpering and whining from his spot beside Felicity. A pout forms on his face before his bottom lip starts trembling, soft cries escaping his throat. Oliver watches helplessly as Felicity picks up their son and starts gently rocking him in her arms.

“He’s been up since 7,” Felicity says, “probably just ready for his nap.”

Their son’s cries only get louder after that and he lays his head on Felicity’s shoulder. She rubs her hand over his back, whispering quietly as she tries to sooth him. Oliver hates that he’s so far away, that he’s not able to be there when his son needs him. But even if they’re in different cities and different time zones, Oliver still knows one thing he can do to help.

“Hey, Rob?” he calls out, prompting Felicity to turn Robbie in her arms, sitting him on her lap with his back against her chest. Their son looks at him with watery eyes, sniffling softly and all Oliver wants to do is hold him in his arms.

“What if I sing, huh buddy? Will that make you feel better?” 

Robbie’s eyes widen with excitement and recognition before he’s calling out to Oliver once again.

“Da! Da!”

Oliver gives his son a loving smile, then sends Felicity a wink before the sound of his voice is filtering through the speakers as he sings his own version of the popular Disney song, ‘Part of Your World.’ His voice soft and smooth as it sends Robbie off to sleep. 

twelve year old sas was so into dragons tho like twelve year old sas invented a dragon species called weavels and drew everyone in her class their own weavel particular to them and she could tell you anything you wanted to hear about the inheritance cycle or the last dragon chronicles and her myspace profile picture was badly photoshopped to look like a little dragon she drew was sitting on her shoulder and it was super embarrassing ok