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a comprehensive list of things that give the Duke of Detroit a boner

things about that night at the bowling alley:

- ari trying to decide when he’s gonna tell dante he has feelings for him while he’s driving over to his house

- when dante gets into the truck it’s the first time he’s seen him since he realized he was in love with him

- dante being like “why is he looking at me like that” bc ari is all heart eyes @ him but dante has kinda given up at this point. little did he knowwww

- them sitting next to each other at the bowling alley and their hands are hella close like, ari can feel the heat from dante’s hand and he’s like “should i do it should i do it should i do it” but then like dante’s turn to bowl is up and the moment is gone

- dante forcing ari to drink coke like get over urself

- dante like doing something that unintentionally hot and ari is like “wow i really am super fucking gay.”

- dante probably thinking he’s imagining ari being different towards him and that’s part of the reason he gets so upset bc he probably noticed ari looking at his lips or sitting closer to him than usual but he thinks ari doesn’t feel that way about him and he never will and it’s kinda torturing him bc he loves him so much and it feels like a date but he knows it’s not (it is)

- they went on a triple date with their parents, let that sink in

- their parents trying to get them out the door

- like “you kids go have fun!!” and ari’s mom looking @ him like “tell him how u feel” and he’s like i know i know

- and then all four of them look at each other and smile when ari and dante leave together omggggggggggggggggggggggg bc u know they talked about this and set it up on purpose

simon the model
  • Simon: so how does this jacket look
  • Raphael: I'm not sure you need to get rid of the shirt for the proper aethestic.
  • Simon: ok *takes off shirt* how about now
  • Raphael: much better, now let me get a good look at the fit. This clan needs to look their best.

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*slides in and drops a brown-furred kitten* (have fun with this annoyed Aurey, Sans :3) The kitten meows, glaring at sans. (determination-saved, hiiiiii!)

“heya, lil bud.”

The skeleton examines the cat with a hint of mischief flashing across his face and with the toothiest of his grins spreading from cheekbone to cheekbone, as the smile proceeds to add another layer of comical relief to the otherwise unmistakeable skull-like features of his expression. It’s almost unsettling. Yet, the untrustworthy impression, that he knows he is leaving on the other, doesn’t seem to bother Sans, who, without hesitation, goes on to bend down and extend his left towards the animal, just as if it had nothing to worry about.

“don’t be shy now. i’ve got quite the experience with cats actually. especially if they come between bun buns. … y’know, a pair of buns”, he baits, eye lights peeking to the side as he casts a suspicious glance at the cat.


mosaiclore  asked:

11, 8, 41, 36, and 46!!

cinnamon sapphic or vanilla sapphic?
Vanilla who the fuck eats cinnamon I will literally fight people to the death over this

forest sapphic or desert sapphic?
FOREST THE DESERT IS TOO HOT wow why am I so a g g r e s s i v e

cloudgazing sapphic or stargazing sapphic?
Cloud gazing cause you can look at clouds on the beach and I like the beach

headphones sapphic or earbuds sapphic?
Earphones definitely

bubble bath sapphic or bath bomb sapphic?

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Going through all your kink and ship asks has been a JOURNEY of inspiration let me tell you, like can I please have tastes as varied and open as you one day this is amazing

omg I’m …. sort of flattered but also sorta like wow yeah I guess I /am/ that kind of hot mess huh hahaha glad you’re inspired tho!

(Here’s a secret: at least 50% of this is because I read way too much supernatural fic in high school oops)

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Felix looks more like Cassian or Azriel. Toni Mahfud is my perfect Rhys 😍

Oooooohhh he is a beautiful man too, wow. I am truly blessed to have all these hot men suggestions, thanks friend 😎 🙌🏼