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Seth Clearwater Imagine: Date Night

Request 4: Reader is really short and gets teased from the others.

Music filled the small room we filled. It swept across the otherwise silent area. I was sitting on the counter while Kim and Emily towered over me. The girls gave inquisitive looks to one another as I gave them willing authoritative over my blank canvas. Kim points towards a colour in an eyeshadow pallet in Emily hands. Emily nods her head enthusiastically while she reaches for a brush. I close my eyes as I feel the smooth bristles of the brush dance back and forth across my eyelids. I feel like a doll that is being made; awaiting the finished masterpiece.

A knock forced it’s way into the room interrupting the music. The door nervously opened slowly. Sam poked in from the other side, “Seth is already here for (Y/N).” Emily went over to him and quickly peaked his lips and nodded her head. Both Kim and Emily returned to their unfinished work with vigorous determination. The mascara wand brush slowly across my eyelids, indicating that I was finally finished. I hoped off the counter and turned around to see myself on the other side of the mirror. I am fearfully excited.

Emily gripped my arm as I saw my reflection quickly drift away from the mirrors surface. The entire pack was crowded along the table eating various snacks that was left out for them. The ate in an effortless aggression that left the remains of their plates to vanish. Heads perked up from the sudden commotion of their imprints entering the scene. Seth got up from the table and stood there looking at with me with unwavering astonishment. The sight caused giggles to freely escape my mouth as I walk over to him. He instinctively wraps his arms around my waist and lens down and gentle kisses my lips.

“Wow Seth you have to lean over so much to get to your imprint that you turn into the Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Paul noted. Laugher barked loudly from all of the other pack members. My face was immediately invaded from the blush the spread across my cheeks.

“Literally anyone here but you would be able to reach the top shelf,” Jared countered back.

“How is the weather down there (Y/N),” Embry questioned?  I rolled my eyes at the hundred year old comment. Seth wraps his arms around me and starts to lead me towards the door.

“Hey, my imprint is just more down to Earth then of you here,” Seth joked back. The mouths of the pack members that made comments opened. Everyone else in the room shouted and oooed at his words. Seth’s hands entangled with him as he pulled me out of the house as we dashed towards the truck. We both got in a slammed the doors.

“I can’t believe you said that,” I gushed in between my laugher from the events that engraved in my member.

“Neither can I,” he replied.

“So where are you taking me?”  He started the truck and began to drive away from the shocked faces that were left inside.

“It’s a surprise.” I smiled a leaned back in my seat, awaiting for the next astonishing uncertainty the night would hold.

Crookedly in Love - Chapter Two (A Shawn Mendes Fan Fiction)

Chapter Two

Take my word, if you’re talented at something, it’ll end up in a roller coaster ride. I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was nine. Ever since then, the words were always flowing. I never showed anyone my songs. Ever.

Until the boy next door moved in. He and I spent every moment together, from twelve years old and onward.

I would play guitar and Shawn would write lyrics and sing them to my chords. We were a crazy duo. And then, he decided to post himself singing on social media. I remember when he started.

“Julia, come on. It’ll be fun!” he coaxed.

“I don’t know. It’ll be weird seeing myself online…”

“Oh come on, you’re nice to look at.”

“You’re nicer,” I teased, although it was true. “Why don’t you post some yourself? I think people will love it.”

And so he did. And I pushed myself out of that picture, unintentionally. I don’t know what would’ve been different if I had agreed to be in those videos. If we would have been a duo, if we wouldn’t have gotten half as many views because I’m not a heartthrob like he is…

I keep torturing myself with these kinds of what ifs. Flash forward now to eleventh grade.

“I posted a Justin Bieber cover,” Shawn said to me one night on the phone.

“Hey, I’ll check it out.”

He was amazing. There was something about this cover that made my heart jump out of my chest. His voice hit the notes, adding his own flare. It definitely showcased all his talent.

“Wow, I’ve got one talented best friend,” I said, after listening.

“Yeah I do,” he laughed. “You’re equally as talented!”

“See you tomorrow, liar,” I said. “Night.”


We hung up the phone. Little did I know, that night, everything would be completely different.


The next day, I walked into class, and everyone was buzzing. People were gathered round their phones, and I rolled my eyes. Probably some stupid cat video, or something…

All of  a sudden, I felt myself being bulldozed over onto the ground. A very ecstatic Shawn was on top of me.

In theory, some part of my heart jumped out of its chest for some odd reason. Another part of me wanted to throw him off for TERRIFYING me.

“Shawn, what the hell?” I yelled.

“Check the views!”


“Check. The. Views,” he was out of breath. He shoved his phone in my face and I saw that his video had 15,000 replays.

I widened my eyes.

“What?” I stared longer.

“Look at my followers, they keep going and going! I can’t breathe.”

I looked at Shawn and pulled him into a huge hug on the ground. I kissed his cheek, and we got up. We started jumping up and down.

“God, this makes me nervous. I don’t want this many people watching me!”

“What?” I asked in disbelief. “No, come on, Shawn. People are finally paying attention to something other than that I Knew You Were Trouble goat version! They’re listening to something good!”

“I don’t know-”

“Shawn,” I said, grabbing his shoulders. “You have to do this!”

“Why? It’s not like I’m going to become the next big thing.”

“Why not? You’re good looking, your voice is angelic, your original songs are amazing-”

“Yeah, because we write them together! I don’t write songs without you! And I can’t perform in front of people. That’s just not- not a thing…”

“Shawn, please. Do it for me.”

“For you?”

“You have so much talent. And if they want a songwriter, I’ll help. Seriously, I love you, and I think you’ll want to pursue this.”

“God damnit. I love you too.”

He pulled me into another hug.

“Come on, I’ll come over after school and film with you,” I said, sitting at my desk.

“Alright, can we also finish that song we were working on?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“I want to sing it for Mel tomorrow.”

I nodded, trying to act happy. Mel was his girlfriend. She HATED me. She really, really did. And I think it’s because she thought I was trying to steal him away, but she can’t wrap her mind around the fact that Shawn and I have been best friends for ten years, and I have NEVER made a move on him or anything.

I wasn’t in love with him. He knew that, but she didn’t. But, he doesn’t know we don’t get along. Of course he doesn’t.

But, I hate that we’re writing a love song for her. It makes me gag.

“Cute,” I murmured.

“Alright, I gotta get to my first class, but I’ll see you after school!”

He turned to leave, but before he was gone he said my name again.

“Hey Jules,” he said. I turned around. “Imagine our lyrics being sung by a crowd of thousands.”

I laughed, as though it were impossible. Too bad it wasn’t far off at all…

A Summary of PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
  • Player: Oh this is cute.
  • Player: Guild training's fun. But it sucks that you can't keep most of the dosh.
  • Player: Damn you Team Skull.
  • Player: Oh Time Gears are a thing being stolen crap.
  • Player: This game is just super cute and amazing and wow its got a serious plot all of a sudden.
  • Player: Well shit just keeps getting real here.
  • Player: We're in the future and now I'm just scared.
  • Player: what. What. No. No, that isn't gonna happen.
  • Player: Best Pokemon game 10/10 would feels again.