wow aj

i had a dream that i went to see the book of mormon with the current bway cast but everytime cunningham went offstage he was just. replaced with a different actor from another production every single time and nic looked so confused

this was especially obvious in you and me but mostly me where we had josh gads sweet nasally tone until the curtain came down on him and then out of nowhere aj holmes’ “MY BEST FRIEND” broke the house speakers. nic looked like he was going to cry

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I can't wait to see Crowley's eyes, either! Part of me, though, really hopes we DON'T see them until his glasses are knocked off in the burning bookstore. I think this was when they were revealed for the first time in the book, and it's super dramatic and badass. (I'm sending this as an ask bc the post you mentioned his eyes in was already pretty long)

I agree!! That scene is incredibly important and quite a bit of a reveal. I’ve actually been meaning to talk about this. Here’s a sketch to help visualize:

Poor kiddo.

I wouldn’t say he’s exactly badass here; actually I rather feel the exact opposite, but it’s an incredibly powerful scene. I have a lot of Thoughts on this, so more under the cut.

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heyy so, i dug up some of my old drawings which are from the era before i started drawing HS

and i just wanted to tell people who get stressed over their art style that there’s absolutely no need to worry, because eventually your art style changes(even though it doesn’t look like it for the time being), and day by day you’ll get closer to the style you want. And even if your newly changed style isn’t your taste, it’s gonna change again over time, so no need for stress really.

Honestly, back in 2012-2013 I hated my artwork. I thought I had horrible anatomy, my coloring skills were real poor, and I just didn’t like my art style in general. I got a lot of stress because of this, and for the next couple of years it was hard for me to see my art in a good way? Cause I really, really didn’t like my style. But looking back i can see that I’ve always been changing? I’ve improved and adjusted my skills and styles slowly to my taste, and every change seems to be a good one.

So if you’re worried you won’t improve, just keep drawing. You’ll get there one day.

This is still one of my favourite AJ pictures. And yes, this is child (Nick) is the one who was in an accident which left him brain dead only a month after this picture was taken. And AJ got in touch with Nick’s parents, and talked to him through a phone call before Nick was taken off life support. RIP 😞😇