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I, personally, found this person’s opinion quite interesting. They could be right. But I suppose not many of us could get to the bottom of EXACTLY why we’re addicted to WoW (or any other video game). I know I’m unable to figure it out. It’s worth a read, gets you thinking, ya know?


So World of Warcraft sent out a free seven days, and I cash my in last Saturday. I was playing this morning but then I had to help my dad fix the car. Came back to find that I was signed out and I have ran out of days. I need to a job to support my World of Warcraft addiction and so I can buy the new expansion pack. Damn why today of all days. My Pally was one lvl away from 85 and I was working on here jewelcrafting and mining, so I could be ready for Mist. Must get another month of Wow or a job, which ever comes first. I will accept any donations.

Modern day slaves

Let me tell you a little something about myself … I find great pleasure in reading the most obscure texts on the net or watching totally dubious Youtube video clips. For most people who have respect for their brain cells most of the things that I am occasionally interested in insult intelligence. Not that I particularly care…but sometimes I wonder why I do it?

WoW addiction is a perfect example . A bunch of mentally handicapped people who can not think for themselves and thus they can not live the way they want . They are the perfect example of modern day slaves . They are slaves to the standards set on how to live a good life .
You want to sit around all day and play the fucking game ? Then why do not you do just that ? What ’s stopping you? Who the fuck cares for a girlfriend, wife, family, career or social life ? All you want to be is a Dark Elf ? So be it .


You do not want to sit around all day and play the game. Then why do not you just quit ? There’s no fucking addiction! You can become addicted to heroin not to a fucking foolish video game . Just delete the fucking program and it’s over. It’s that easy .

But no. These monkeys enjoy giving interviews for fucking web portals and YouTube channels . They want to help . They want to warn you . They want the whole world to see their moronic face .

Fuck. I know that I enjoy watching them. The feces of the human race .

Leviathania Frost DK ~

Time to get back on an old/new character I created back when I started my account almost a year ago. It’s nice going back to toons I created a while ago and playing them again. I need to start exploring my old ones again and get them leveled up. I have set goals for two characters right now:

Teruziel, Druid: Lvl 50. (I’m literally 3 levels away from this goal… maybe I should change that to level 60 before the end of next week.)

Leviathania, Frost DK: Lvl 75 (By next week. I GOT THIS!)

Next week I plan on posting progress on them and announce the next set of goals for myself.

- Mystic Teruziel -

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Pls explain what ranch dressing is, I'm British help



It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here and the reason for that is simply because, well… I’m bad at remember to post things. But anyways, I’ve been more or less been busy with WoW. I have a new goal set to get all classes on horde side up to level 90 before the new expansion launches. I have a long way to go and with Paladin out of the way and a few others almost there, I’m sure I will make it in time. Another thing, when I get the expansion I am going to be spending the 90 boost token on a monk since that is the best choice right now for me. 

Anyways, I have a new character I’ve been working on that’s a shammy and I got her to level 38 with more level to come today. Whew, I hope this goal is well worth it. Haha. Welp, I am going to end this off here and continue working on my goal.

- Mystic Teruziel -

Spring Cleaning

I think it’s about time I cleaned off my poor desk(s) and organize my poor office. With three florescent lights still working out of the many, I need to either go pick more tubes up or get a bunch of lamps. I should probably get some lamps to give my head a break from the headaches. I need to move some of my bigger figures around and find better places for them as well. I’ve got a lot of books laying around making my desk look messy as hell so I really need to get that all sorted. Welp, I just have to get started and see where it will take me I guess. :P

For an update on leveling my two main goals this week, I’ve manage to almost hit 60 with my druid and almost 71 for my Frost DK. 

- Mystic Teruziel -