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First Half of 2017 Fic Rec

A compilation of some of the fics that I’ve enjoyed this year [with little glimpses into the stories and comments about them, do check them out to see the actual summaries and do support the authors if you enjoy them as well 💕]:

  • trndsttrs of seoul by chimint || yoonmin, namjin || t || wip
    chatfic; jimin is a cinnamon roll and yoongi is whipped™.
    (literally the cutest thing ever, i reread it every day. jungkook calls yoonmin ‘dadgi’ and ‘jimom’ respectively (which is so fcking cute nghhh) and namjoon is the captain of the ship and they all ship ym - all concepts i am 100% up for. something to brighten up your day ^^)
  • The Songbird and the Sea by Misster Maia || yoonmin || bg taekook, namjin || m || wip || tw violence/graphic content
    pirate au with magic; pink-haired jimin with the blessing of the canary finds himself on the infamous pirate ship agust, with its even more infamous captain, min yoongi aka the black fox of the east.
    (the writing is amazing! i froth at the mouth waiting for this to update as it does very frequently! i am trash for both pirates and magic so wow, what greatness. a little slow burn, but with a reasonable pacing. also daegu bros are sort of actually bros here so plus points.)
  • Seven Days (Or The One Where Min Yoongi Asks Out Park Jimin Because Of A Girl) by minyoongayashell || yoonmin || bg taekook, namjin || m || wip || tw sexual content (but like, no actual sex)
    seven days au; jimin is called “cheot-nal ye” or “first day yes”. basically he’s famous at school for agreeing to date the first person who asks him out on the first day of the week - 100% of the time, he breaks off the relationship at the end of the week and the cycle repeats itself. now, yoongi hates this girl in class and she wants to ask jimin out. naturally, he has to beat her to it.
    (the manga was such a sweet thing and the fic gets me so excited. i don’t read a lot of high school aus, but this one is special! it’s not updated very frequently, but it’s definitely worth a read.)
  • Bullet Boy by sugamins || yoonmin || e || tw homophobia/sexual content || wip || tw references to drug use/depression
    in which yoongi’s an underground rapper and jimin collabs with other rappers to break into the scene and flash forward into the future, they are caught up in a ‘scandal the likes of which the industry has never seen before.’
    (the writing is so amazing, wow, it’s only on the first third chapter but the author makes it feel so promising. i kid you not, i actually messaged them and fangirled embarrassingly bc I am that kind of person. also ! underground yoonmin !)
  • Hiraeth by haruguk || taekook, yoonmin, platonic yoonkook || not rated but probably e || 100k || tw sexual content/graphic content/drug abuse/mental instability/psychosis || tw referenced child abuse/cheating/alcohol abuse/self-harm (basically a lot of warnings!)
    diary of an oxygen thief au; perfect fratboy jeongguk gets off of breaking hearts, but he can’t quite do the same to kim taehyung. “hurt people hurt people.” read the warnings carefully!
    (basically this fic broke my heart time and time again and everyone has probably already read this but i still must rec it bc it is that good.)
  • tats'n'thots by Death_Impala || taekook || bg yoonmin || not rated but probably m || 12k || tw sexual content
    tattoo artist au; taehyung to jeongguk: “I feel inspired, and I want to work with you, so how about this: let me tattoo you in any way I want, free of charge – with your input of course.” also, bottom jk. c:
    (i am trash for the using-your-body-as-a-canvas trope and similarly, or even more so, for bottom bby jk. :’) this fic is a blessing. taekook and art obviously belong in the same sentence.)
  • Idiosyncratic by jiminsfw || taekook || e || 19k || tw sexual content/knots/ruts/usual abo things
    a/b/o au; taehyung and jungkook are an alpha/alpha couple, and no one thinks that alpha/alpha couples can last. involves ruts and switching and so much emotion.
    (this was a particularly interesting read bc it took me forever to find a fic with alpha/alpha taekook! alpha/alpha taekook nghhh it’s just the cutest thing, a little sad, but ultimately very fluffy.)
  • Mileage May Vary by rix || taekook || e || wip || tw sexual content/age difference/strip clubs/recreational drug use
    “Jeongguk is a stripper with a penchant for trouble. Taehyung is curious.” taehyung is nine years older than jk, who has a prince albert btw. bottom jk as always. sort of soft sugar daddy tae? but not really.
    (once again i am trash for bottom jk. and all of rix’s fics are so good ;A; the quality just gets better and better. also, tae is once-divorced, heads up. in rix’s words, nothing really happens but still, it’s so enjoyable. <3)
  • spring day by Bangtanbananas || yoonmin, taekook, namjin || e || 70.9k || tw violence/graphic content/sexual content/mpreg/heats/usual abo things
    wolf au; only 5% (i think) of wolves find their fated mates (but most wolves believe they don’t actually exist bc soulmates?), and although jimin dreamt of finding his when he was a pup, he didn’t actually expect to in the mysterious alpha from the mountains.
    (i crave shit like this bc wolves + a/b/o + pack dynamics is just - c: omega jm and alpha yg, yes please. seokjin is the real mvp.)
  • half feral, but just right by themelonlord || yoonmin, platonic jikook || e || wip || tw discrimination/bullying/graphic content (but not really)/probably sexual content || tw referenced child abuse
    a/b/o au; in a world where alphas are considered little more than rabid animals, yoongi’s just trying to scrape by and achieve his dreams. but then he meets omega park jimin and his pseudo little brother, young alpha jeon jeongguk.
    (yoonmin with their son /dongsaeng jjk is evidently my absolute favourite thing. :’) i was dreaming about an au where the alphas are victimised for a change a week before i discovered this fic and i wanted to cry bc it was better than i could ever imagine it to be.)
  • These Lyrics Will Write Themselves by PrettyBoyKiller || yoonmin, taekook, namjin || t || wip || tw sexual content/cyberbullying/eating disorders || tw referenced homophobia
    sugar daddy au gone wrong sort of? jimin starts off as bulletproof ent’s co-director min yoongi’s nonsexual sugar baby, then eventually becomes an important part of both yoongi’s life and the lives of everyone around him.
    (again this is something that everyone’s probably already reading but i cannot leave it out of my list. it’s a very nontraditional way of showing sugar babies in terms of fanfic, with a gentle, natural progression of things, and you’ll surely grow to love all of the artists yg has under his label the way jm does.)
  • Laugh and I Love You by ifisayhiyousayoops || jinkook || bg vmin || e || 21.9k || tw sexual content
    canonverse; seokjin and jungkook are just - so domestic and codependent. literally it. the softest slice-of-life on this side of the internet.
    (jinkook has always been my guilty pleasure and i love them. bratty btm bby jk is basically my religion? i’m this fic is so well written! it’s very gentle and sweet and wow. i love love.)
  • The Letter Thief by d4wndust || yoonmin || bg taekook || t || 21.9k || tw depression/character death || tw referenced suicide attempt (proceed with caution kind of story)
    chatfic; “Park Jimin says his goodbyes through a text, but to a wrong number. | Min Yoongi makes Park Jimin live a little longer and Park Jimin makes Min Yoongi start living.”
    (ngl i was sort of apprehensive before reading it, but anon rec’d it so i read it at 2 am, and i don’t regret it? it made me cry, a lot, and it was pretty sad. and i don’t know how accurate/sensitive its representation of depression was in the text but yeah, i cried like an infant so it deserves a mention. but please please remember to proceed with caution!)
  • time follows you (and fades) by thebestofme || yoonmin || bg taekook || t || 17k
    hogwarts au; half-veela jimin finds himself in slytherin house and falling for slytherin prince, min yoongi. alternatively, jimin is so pretty and yoongi just wants to love him.
    (slytherin yoonmin! yoongi is such a sweetheart and he has a pet kneazle named holly. :’) jeongguk is also adorable, i’m so weak. the first part is in jm’s pov and the second one’s in yg’s, so you literally get two sides of the story. i am trash for hogwarts aus and i’ve probably read all of them, and this one is such a gem!)
  • Once Upon A Dream by yururin || yoonmin || t || 17k
    “soulmates AU where you can see a glimpse of your past life on the eve of your 18th birthday and Jimin dreams of a forbidden Joseon era love story with an upperclassman Min Yoongi, popular basketball player in uni, 18384/10 out of his reach”
    (what is sin - it doesn’t exist. this entire thing is so soft and cute and pure. a great pick-me-up!)
  • glub glub glub by rabbitme || yoonmin || g || 6.7k
    sort of chat fic that begins with jimin and yoongi missing each other.
    (such purity. i love love. basically ym travelling, together and apart. ot7 interaction is something to look forward to, as well. it’s so fluffy, please read this and be blessed.)
  • The Boy in the Music Box by Misster Maia || yoonmin || bg namjin, taekook || t || 52.5k || tw referenced abuse
    yoongi is a college kid with a dysfunctional circadian rhythm and whose grandmother claims to have been a legitimate magician/fortune teller in her time and forces yoongi to take home a music box. inside the music box is a ballerino - only, yoongi wakes up one late-evening-early-morning and finds the wooden ballerino missing, with a pretty boy named jimin in its place.
    (where do i start with this? i must say - i love love. yg falls hard and fast, it’s not even a spoiler. jm has many secrets. angsty but overall very pure. the fluff can make you cry, tbh. yg’s grandmother calls him yoonyoon, what more do you need. did i mention i love love?)
  • light side of the moon by themelonlord || yoonmin, namjin, taekook, 95line || e || 80.8k || tw brief graphic content (blood)/sexual content
    wolf au; jimin moves into a quiet town and befriends kim taehyung, who subsequently changes his life.
    (it is such a lovely story, very pure, very gentle, with filth. :’) nothing really happens; it’s just a story about a boy who finds himself loving a man who can turn into a wolf. the ot7 is strong in this one. highly recommended if 95line and puppy piles make you smile.)
  • King of My Heart by wanderment || taekook || t || 17.7k
    jeon jeongguk is the youngest son of the king of korea. taehyung is a friend of a friend - and a fan, but don’t let jeongguk know that. yet.
    (a very wholesome and pure fic. they’re all rich college kids in this; minus namjin who are jk’s bodyguards. it feels short when you read it, but definitely very enjoyable. it’ll make you smile.)
  • Movie Night by Misster Maia || yoonmin || e || 8k || tw sexual content
    the boys want to watch a horror movie and jimin needs a distraction. it’s a good thing yoongi’s such a great boyfriend.
    (pure, unadulterated, unapologetic smut. i figured i needed at least one on my list and this one does not disappoint. kinks include exhibitionism, praise kink, hyung kink, overstimulation, and dirty talk. also, jimin has a nipple piercing, bless.)
  • The Victorious V and his Vast, Venturesome Heart by aprofessorstale || taekook, yoonmin || e || wip || tw sexual content/identity crises? canonverse; taehyung is in love with love. jimin doesn’t believe in it.
    (this is probably one of the best non-aus i’ve read in forever. it’s very introspective, incredibly heavy when it comes to discussions of sexuality and identity. it is very well-written and the author had captured their personalities well, while sticking to a timeline mostly following reality. (basically everything happens post-ynwa era) taekook are complicated and as are yoonmin, and while the story isn’t over yet, it is definitely worth the read. nam2seok are the resident straights and they deserve to be loved. on that note! yg is demisexual, rejoice.)
  • I Wrote This For You by chikichikichuu || yoonmin, taekook || bg namjin || t || wip || tw referenced depression/self-harm
    the “cliffhanging heartbreaking motherfucking breakthrough debut novel” you will not read this story frustrates jungkook enough for him to send an aggressive e-mail to his newly proclaimed favourite author, min yoongi. (or, yoonmin through jungkook’s eyes. painful, yet worth it. taekook are relationship goals, basically, and everything is seemingly lovely until it isn’t. it hasn’t been updated since february ::) but it’s the kind of story that you can’t stop thinking about. suffer with me. <3)
  • a silhouette of new by mygz || yoonmin || m || wip || tw sexual content
    sugar daddy gone wrong au chatfic; an unknown number sends jimin a message, thinking he’s a sugar baby.
    (very very cute! i look forward to this a lot. yoongi and jm are both very natural and very adorable, spicy and sweet. uwu seriously something to look forward to if you’re into fluffy and sexy sugar daddy au chatfics.)
  • we put the gay in ‘gay’ by ThePurpleStarfish || yoonmin || bg namjin || m || wip
    chatfic; starts with hobi’s iconic line: “listen up sluts”
    (yoonmin-centred. it’s adorable, endearing, and the right level of ridiculous that will make you smile and cry in frustration. :’) they’re both so oblivious, i want to choke them. also jungkook is confused?)
  • Lurking Shadows by GrandDragon03 || taekook, yoonmin, nam2seok, platonic yoonminkook || m || wip || tw violence
    monster hunter au; jungkook is taken in as an apprentice by the legendary (and also married) hunter pair, min yoongi and park jimin.
    (this is so good? the world-building is a+. please read if you want to see yoonmin with their son jk and good writing. the summary is in first person, but the story itself isn’t written that way, i promise. jk is a reckless prodigy but yoongi’s working on it.)
  • A New World by lonelyonion || taekook, yoonmin, nam2seok || e || wip || tw graphic content/violence/character death
    super powers/not today au; “Jeon Jungkook was born to save the world, that’s a fact. Everything else, that was spontaneous.”
    (this needs more attention! it’s still very short but very well-written and i am sooo excited for where this is headed. there are also not enough nam2seok fics in the world. :’) also! author says not to worry about the character death, but let’s see.)
  • Breathless by makkurokuro93 || yoonmin || bg namjin || e || 37k || tw sexual content
    swim team au; after an unexpected break from the athletic world, yoongi finds himself back in south korea as their national team’s new coach. everything is almost the same as when he left, except, now, there’s park jimin.
    (admittedly i haven’t finished this yet. 🤷 but! it seems very promising and there’s a nuance to the writing that colours everything in this sort of hazy blue filter. it’s just really pretty, wow. i say this bc i haven’t gotten to the smutty bits yet, tbh. what i’ve seen of the characterisations are brilliant! will update this when i finish reading. ;; let’s scream together.)
  • Impractical Magic by springrain21 || yoonmin || t || 16.8k || tw dismembered toes/spirits
    witch au; yoongi is the worst witch jimin has ever met, basically.
    (so so so cute! thank you to the original creator of the tumblr post that inspired this entire thing bc it just makes me so happy. yg is such an endearing character, and jm obviously feels the same way. you will fall in love.)

So if Teldrassil is going up in flames and Undercity may or may not be taken by the Alliance, will we be seeing new capitals/starting zones for night elves and forsaken? Or will this all be instanced scenarios, like Theramore being nuked but actually having no impact on the game whatsoever lol

I think it would be hard to see both of these zones be drastically changed but also consider that the Blizzard team can make new cities with greatly improved assets and graphics. Like yes, Darnassus was pretty but imagine what a new Darnassus could look like! It’s a little sad but I’m also very much looking forward to the changes, if there are any. Often times I feel the world is too stagnant when it comes to the capitals and leading characters. I appreciate the sense of life and change being introduced with these new expansions lately. The changing of leaders and the loss of cities will, in my opinion, make the game feel more dynamic.

shyjimins  asked:

im so in lov with ur graphics style for not today and bst like wow how??? what inspired u omg ur so talented alwnkenkw

ahh well for starters the MV but that’s a given

the actual photoediting style was something I started last July cause I wanted to make Mob Psycho fan art but we got home from studios at like 10:30 lol. It mainly stems from Mob Psycho’s manga tone + limited palette illustrations you may see around. oh and some more modern illustrators too. (the images in that article especially for his work)

I can definitely put the time and effort into lining it, but tbh it’s a base to animate off of, not spend forever making; I’d rather make more by using photos as a base than drawing only one bg like that. Plus I like the texture and shape it’s developed!!

hopefully that gives some insight into all of it ?

thank you for the compliment!!!

[RvB Fic] Ephemera

Title: Ephemera

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Alpha/Wash, past Alpha/Tex

Characters: Alpha, Epsilon, Wash (who is asleep)

Warnings: Canon language plus feelings.

Summary: Epsilon goes to check on Wash and ends up having a more intense conversation than he’d anticipated. Turns out he and Alpha have a lot to discuss.

It’s not that he’s specifically keeping tabs on Wash. He keeps tabs on all of them. Every one of his idiot, irritating, fucking amazing family. Not that they need to know that of course. No-one needs to know that Tucker sneaks out in the middle of the night to train, and sometimes wakes up clutching his stomach where Felix had stabbed him. No-one needs to know that for everything Caboose breaks, he fixes another three without a word. And he would probably get erased is he ever breathed a word about the Reds and how they stay up playing cards when one of them can’t sleep. Lopez has the most wins, the card counting cheat, with Donut close behind.

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I’ve seen this debate on my dash a few times....

Okay, so I’m going to try and word this as best as I can, with the help of some photos. This is probably going to be quite long, sorry. So there has been a debate on whether Comic Books and Graphic Novels are classed as actual books and if you can include them in reading challenges and photo challenges.

So, graphic novels and comics like these…. Personally, I think they are the same as books and you can include them in reading challenges. So I’m going to explain why I think that. Let’s compare shall we, lets get a book and a comic….

Hmmmm, maybe comparing Batman to a completely different story isn’t going to work….

That’s better. EXACTLY THE SAME STORY!! One’s just told through pictures and words instead of just words.

So this is exactly the same part in both books. But one needs a lot less words because you don’t have to explain the setting, environment, timing or emotions. All of that is shown through the pictures, which just leaves the basic dialogue. You still have to read, pay attention and think. It tells the same story and has exactly the same effect, the only difference is the fact you don’t need all of the description. Okay, so let’s compare two other completely different books….

….like these. The top one is a book and there is no debate on that at all. The second, is a comic/graphic novel and there is a debate on whether you can class that as a proper book…. lets have a closer look….

Okay, so the book has 80 pages that are all like this…. the comic is a lot thicker and…. wow…. that’s a lot of text. That is quite small. Surely, they can’t all be similar….

(Yes, these are all from the same comic. It includes old and newer comics that include The Riddler.) Oh wait, so that is still a lot of text. Actually, I think that is more than the actual books…. There is a lot to read and to take in. Yet, people still debate whether it is a book that you can include in a reading challenge….

Okay, let’s have a look at 2 other comics shall we….

Like these…. first up….

….The Killing Joke. Oh look, an introduction…. lots of words. Okay, so I admit, there isn’t as much reading as the previous comic. But, there is still quite a bit. But like I said, in comics there is no need to describe the settings etc…. I don’t really need to explain much more here. Just like in comics, the pictures speak for themselves.

Finally, Arkham Unhinged. This is actually the second one in a series of 4 (so far). Again, even less writing. But it is split into more comics after this. But, there is still a fair amount. I can’t show every page obviously, but there is probably the same amount as a short story. 

Okay, so that may not have been 100% clear as I’m not too good with wording things…. So let me try to sum up here….

1. Some comic/graphic novels actually have more words than some books.
2. A graphic novel don’t need to describe settings, the environment, weather, emotions, how characters look etc because the pictures do all of that. Leaving only the basic dialogue.
3. You still have to read them, understand them, pay attention, think, and the story is still told whether through pictures or words.
4. Picture books are classed as books and some people include them in reading challenges…. Picture books, with no word. But people still debate over comics….. that contain words.

Comics are great for getting you out of reading slumps because they a quick to read and exciting. They are brilliant for just before bed, on the bus, in the car etc. Exactly the same as books. They help to get kids into reading. But saying that, they are brilliant for anyone, no matter age or gender. If you want to read comics, do it. Include them in reading challenges, include them in book photos. Read them, enjoy them, love them. 


Read what you want to :) Happy Reading!!

[!] admin hiring update

731100000 (hellooooo) frenssssss. First of all, I’m so sorry for the delay :-( Your admins are studiously and busily studying in college to change the world. and also the submissions were too difficult to choose from ;A; Anyways, I just wanted to update everyone on what’s going on with the admin search. 

First of all, massive massive thank you to everyone who participated in this hiring! This was my first time managing the hiring, so I really had no idea what I was doing. But I’m so honored to have experienced this process! It was so awesome to see so many people invested in this blog and to see just how much y’all follow this silly blog. In addition, it was so wonderful to get to know you guys! Some of you guys went the extra mile to talk about yourselves and not K-pop, which there’s nothing wrong with talking about K-pop, but stuff about yourself makes me a little more excited :o) We also had people from all over the world! Musicians! Graphic designers! Students! Yeah! And you guys went another extra mile to talk about your qualifications like… wow I feel super unaccomplished aha :’-) no but seriously, you guys are going places!!

So, you guys are probably saying “we donut currr abt ur tangent abt mushy dankyuus pls tell us who the trainees rrrrr.” or… just skipping this post at this point. WEllll, we’ve chosen three little baby admins, but they will enter “training” before we can introduce them officially. Some previous trainees have changed their minds once they actually started making opinions, so we want to make sure our trainees this time are set for this worldddddd. If you did not make it this time, please don’t be upset! This process is always super difficult, and of course there’s always next time (wink wink).

Again, thank you to all the applicants as well as everyone who continues to follow this blog.

Love, main admin paperjewels

the 13 reasons why discourse is dumb honestly. if you want to watch it, watch it. if you don’t want to, don’t. don’t tell someone whether to watch it or not. i can understand making posts warning people about triggers, that’s totally understandable to me and i encourage it. but once you make people feel bad for liking a show they can connect to, that’s where it gets messed up. and the thing is, i have depression and ive had suicidal tendencies but i enjoy the show. it’s actually something i find interesting and hopefully eye opening to the rest of the people watching it. the show is very graphic and if you’re triggered by suicidal things i wouldn’t advise watching it for your safety, but if you enjoy it, keep doing you.

ZERO TIME DILEMMA: in which Akane really likes Back to the Future and thinks we should all respect it as a scientific text

My title is not at all an exaggeration, which is the best.

Shit’s gettin’ real in ZTD land, we’ve only got 3 endings left to unlock. 

We start of course with C-team who are still my faves even if Junpei makes no sense. They have the best banter. 

Hilariously at one point Carlos tells Akane to stop acting cutesy because it’s more disturbing than anything and everyone in this room knows you’re faking it oh my god.

Also hilariously at one point we realize it’s the new year and Carlos is all “I always spend new years with my sister but she’s not here. this is already the worst year. :(”

Akane then is literally like “that’s nice Carlos anyway JUNPEI IT’S THE NEW YEAR DON’T YOU WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH ME IN FRONT OF CARLOS TO COMMEMORATE IT.”

And Junpei’s like “Um no??? we’re in a murder game right now Akane”

“ugh that never stopped us from getting it on before. >:(”

But yeah soon enough PLOT happened. Akane collapses conveniently so Carlos and Junpei don’t have her to explain things logically for them (this has happened 3 TIMES, I guess because otherwise AKANE WOULD SOLVE EVERYTHING she is just that great) and it turns out they have to do the ally/betray bit from last game, only if Junpei gets betrayed Akane and Phi also die, same for Carlos with two others. 

So Junpei then just leads Carlos outside just so he can give this big speech about how much he loves Akane. It goes basically like “so hey Carlos Akane is really super smart but also kind of scary? Like seriously all the other kids were kinda creeped out by her it was all “here’s a girl who will grow up to be a Machiavellian mastermind” so she was very lonely. BUT I PERSONALLY FOUND IT KINDA HOT. Yep, even as a sixth grader i knew what I was into. So I decided I’d be with her and protect her and help her 5ever. Then she put me in a murder game and I was like “wtf” and wanted to ask her what that was all about but anyway here we are and i love her”

I just imagine the whole time Carlos was thinking “I didn’t need to hear this why are we talking about this right now”. 

Being Carlos truly is suffering. 

(The fact Akane was apparently always a little terrifying and Junpei was okay with it explains a lot about his initial under-reaction to her being a mastermind)

Anyway after that we chose ally, just like Captain American would, which means Junpei of course chose betray and killed us

He even was all like “Let me teach u a Japanese proverb- “assume everyone you meet is a theif”. That’s right Carlos. I just gave you a little CULTURAL EDUCATION before you died. You’re welcome.”

He was also all “lol sorry gotta save Akane”. UM, I’m pretty sure Akane won’t be impressed with this Junpei. You read her all wrong. She may be a Machiavellian mastermind but she’s one with standards.

Anyway, then we meant back and did betray which of course means Junpei now does ally and is SO OFFENDED we betrayed him and left him to die, how could anyone do such a thing. Then Akane comes out of nowhere and bashes in Carlos’s head while screaming “how DARE you kill Junpei!!!” It’s super amazing. She hits him so many times too it’s one of those “OKAY HE’S DEFINITELY DEAD NOW AKANE YOU CAN STOP” things. then she just…tosses the extinguisher aside and is like “JUNPEI ARE YOU OK” I’m just…

Then we travel back again and interrupt Junpei while he’s giving his “I love Akane” speech and he’s really is like “HEY EXCUSE ME LET ME FINISH MY STORY”  

at which Carlos is basically like “NO I’VE HEARD IT BEFORE AND IT WAS BORING THE FIRST TIME”

Turns out all we had to do was wait 10 seconds for Akane to wake up, because she does and decides to explain everything using Back to the Future as a point of reference. I’m not kidding guys. She says “remember that movie with the kid traveling back in time and the skateboard” and Carlos is all “the one where the kid almost got it on with his mom?” and I died.

Then she says “IN A WAY MARTY MCFLY- who we will call M-kun for the sake of copyright- COMMITTED A MURDER. He made the version of himself that remembered growing up rich and never traveled back in time VANISH and replaced him. So he basically KiLLED him”


but then she’s like “of course it’s also possible is what happened is the Marty from the rich timeline switched consciousness with the time-traveling Marty from the poor timeline and now rich Marty is stuck in an alternate timeline where he stopped his dad from punching the bully when he time traveled and nothing changed and he’s poor and he’s just miserable forever”.


Akane’s like “anyway my point is Back to the Future is a serious scientific text and we are all basically Marty McFly jumping timelines to survive. So I’m gonna have us blow ourselves up so our consciousness will be motivated to jump to another timeline”

Then Junpei’s like “wait what about the versions of ourselves that will get blown up in this timeline” and Akane’s like “lol sucks to be them who cares”. 

To which Junpei says- and I quote- “AGH I FORGOT YOU WERE LIKE THIS”.

Forgetting your girlfriend’s actually a Machiavellian mastermind- JUST LITTLE JUNPEI THINGS.

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