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Absolutely Disgusting Shippy Starters
  • "I got you a little something..."
  • "You look adorable in that."
  • "Flowers? For me?"
  • "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."
  • "I know you had a long day, so I took care of dinner."
  • "I did a little shopping at the naughty store."
  • "Let's cuddle and be sluggish all night long."
  • "Did I tell you you're beautiful, today?"
  • "I already ordered pizza for tonight."
  • "Candles, rose petals and champagne? What's the occasion."
  • "I can't believe that you fell in love with me."
  • "What is the one thing you absolutely, positively wanted?"
  • "Time to bury ourselves in blankets and ignore the rest of the world."
  • "Gimme that phone. It's getting shut off."
  • "You did all this for me?"
  • "Normally I hate surprises, but you did good."
  • "You just made my terrible day not so terrible."
  • "I will protect you, no matter what."
  • "Let's get a little tipsy for science."
  • "Wow. You look amazing."
  • "If it wasn't for the fact that I am so happy I would be suspicious right now."
  • "I love you so much."
  • "Shall we climb into bed?"
  • "You tried and that's what counts."
  • "I just want to curl up into your arms and sleep for days."
  • "I just have one question for you; ice cream or popcorn?"
  • "We should go to the festival!"
  • "You're not going anywhere without me. Especially anywhere dangerous."
  • "How would you feel about getting married?"

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Do you think that Clark has any idea what he does to the people around him? "Miss Grant sure is friendly." "That Winn sure is swell. He's such a nice guy"

this TORMENTS me okay because on the one hand, it’s fucking HILARIOUS if Completely Monogamous But Aggressively Bisexual Clark is 223% aware of the effect he’s having on people and just gets a kick out of aw shucksing it up and acting oblivious to mess with Kara. 

to a certain degree I almost have to wonder if his powers make it impossible not to know? I mean… he can hear people talking about him, right? and smell their nervous perspiration around him? he can hear their hearts start racing when he smiles at them just so, can’t he? and if all else fails, well, the dude has x-ray vision. there is literally nothing your body can do in response to him that he couldn’t see if he was looking. 

but maybe he would never in a million years go looking; his adopted parents must have taught him right quick how rude it is to go looking in people’s clothes without them knowing, right?

because as funny as Doing It On Purpose Clark would be, I really do want him to be that pure and too good for this world. I really do. I really want a Clark Kent who physically comes across as the embodiment of the white American masculine power fantasy - The body! The virtual invulnerability! Women fall all over him! - but just… Isn’t That At All, because Martha Kent raised him right.   

so he only uses the x-ray vision when he has a damn good reason to, he politely pretends he doesn’t hear the heart palpitations he causes everywhere he goes, and whether he’s Clark or Superman he overcompensates with a level of determinedly cheerful obliviousness that people find almost unbelievable.

of course he knows; he can’t help but know. but he’s not going to say a damn word about it, because he’s a good guy. 

I made this post last night, you can read it here:

I written it because I am tired of 🐜 assuming that all Reylo shippers are white and racist. There was a 🐜 that crossed tag yesterday showing a chart - from the election lol - that most Reylo shippers are white. That anti completely erased and washed the Reylo community. I’m Mexican, Puerto Rican, African and Greek which I mention in that post. And guess what? I get messages saying that you don’t have to be white to be anti black - “You may love and respect all people, but ones ethnicity isn’t proof that in any way, let’s get that straight” & “You don’t have to be white to be anti-black, just sayin” - The last one is true but to the first comment, so…..the 🐜 wants proof? lmao. I just said I love all people but I guess it’s not enough because I ship Reylo😂 And than I get another, “all you non white r*ylo shippers coming out of the woodwork” Wow girl! If you actually knew the Reylo community instead of judging and assuming, than you would know that we all aren’t white and it wouldn’t had been such a surprise too you. It actually kills them to find out that not all Reylo shippers are white and still they are trying to play the race card. All this because we ship Reylo. But also, do they believe that all white people are racist? Because that’s what it sounds like. These comments that I got under that post just proves that the 🐜  are the racist ones. And let me mention the comment I got, somehow in that post I made, I “outed the anti black reylos”. I never have seen a racist Reylo shipper but if there is, point me in their direction so I can call them out.

Stop judging and assuming  🐜 

Shiro: Get your head in the game!


Oh yeah. I was trying to explain it, and it’s kind of hard– it’s not like it’s made me blasé, it’s just that I’m both better-equipped to appreciate things, and less wowed by them, because whatever it is, I probably encountered at least a mention of it, or something related. Like having had all-school Passover seders; now I just know what one is and how to act and there’s no confusion or mystery. We never had cocktail parties, of course, we were a high school, but we had tons of receptions and such, and I learned how to stand around in an Appropriate dress with a glass in my hand and a little napkin and how to make conversation and overcome my natural awkwardness enough to at least vaguely understand how things are supposed to work. I know what the waiter can and cannot be expected to do, I know what to do with my napkin, I know which fork I’m probably meant to use in general, and whose glass is whose, and how to pass a pitcher with the handle positioned for the recipient. A lot of it was just being surrounded by people bred to that sort of shit, though– tons of that was taught by peer-pressure or absent-minded correction from faculty. 

It’s privilege, is what it is– that’s what privilege is, it’s not like they gave me a ton of stuff or actively equipped me with overt tools and things, it’s just that they steeped me in an atmosphere such that I’d seen all that before and won’t ever be intimidated by someone’s Fancy Manners or whatever. I’ve known More Important People than you, you’re not that special, Mister Whoever You Are. 

That’s expressly what fancy private schools are for. You make connections, you learn how to hobnob, you become unintimidateable. 

It was academic too– the group of us bonded over getting to college and being presented with advanced-level course reading lists consisting entirely of books we’d already read and done papers on. But a lot of it was social. You get inoculated against being intimidated by a lot of the stuff that intimidates people, because you’ve seen it before from a perspective where it wasn’t being used against you, so you’re not concerned by it.

Yeah. It’s among the poshest, I think. It’s funny, though, because it’s gone beyond posh into so-fancy-we-can-be-casual-about-it. There’s no uniform and only the most rudimentary dress code (the students vote on it) and all kinds of informality, and the more I think about it, the more it’s an ostentatious display of overwhelming fanciness. We’re so fancy we don’t have to look fancy. You know? 

No, it’s not surprising. The middle class has eroded a lot since we were kids, and one of those things is being able to take your kid to the doctor when she’s sick, and know that if you get in an accident, you won’t lose everything.

My one friend said that since she has a high-deductible plan and has to pay everything in cash until the deductible kicks in, she notices more stuff on the bill. One thing? The pediatrician’s office charges fifty dollars more on weekends. So she’s made her daughter, her beloved 2-year-old precious gem, the main source of joy in her life, wait out an ear infection or a fever or similar until Monday, because it’s an extra fifty dollars they can’t afford. It’s agony for her to do it, every time, but it’s happened more than once, because fifty dollars is a lot of money. 

This is a civilized nation. This is 2017. 

This same friend, her wife started a business, and it’s really taken off, she’s doing really well at it. It’s been brutally hard, but they didn’t lose it to the medical bankruptcy, thank heavens. They didn’t lose it to nursing the wife’s mother through her terminal lung cancer, or taking in two severely disturbed foster children, or having their own baby. It’s been great, and it’s doing even better.

But she really ought to expand, and my friend would love to, in a couple of years, quit her regular job, and work for her wife, so they can drastically expand the business. 

They won’t be able to do that if the ACA is destroyed. 

My day job, the camera store, is such a small business that the moment the exchanges were available through the ACA, they stopped offering health insurance plans of their own. The plans had become so expensive, and didn’t offer the employees very good options (that was the plan where i couldn’t have asthma medication because only generic prescriptions were covered and there are currently no generic inhaled steroids on the market because of some chicanery circa 2013 with getting a patent renewed for no reason)– so they said, we’re not buying these anymore, and we’ll give you all raises to cover the costs of buying your own plans on the market. 

So we all did. There aren’t any plans through the company anymore.

How many other small companies do you think did this? And how many people quit their jobs and started businesses or freelancing gigs, and now can’t go back to what they were doing before? 

Nobody’s done a study on it because nobody wants to know, but this is going to just absolutely torch a lot of people’s lives, and probably destroy the economy, and I can’t believe anyone seriously wants this to happen.

But apparently, Republicans do.

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Omg your misleading compliment- are you secretly a nonbinary Thomas Sanders??

this is literally one of the nicest, most pure and wonderful asks i have ever received, bless your heart anon

5SOS Headcanon
  • Hemmo1996: That's so loud! What is that?
  • Luke: My fans... Our fans. Screaming for us to go on stage.
  • Hemmo1996: Fans? On stage? I made it?
  • Luke: Don't act so surprised, I always knew you would.
  • Hemmo1996: I can't believe I was able to achieve this.
  • Luke: It wasn't just you. You're with your best friends
  • Hemmo1996: Calum made it too?
  • Luke: Yeah, so did Michael and-
  • Hemmo1996: Michael Clifford? I hate that kid!
  • Luke: You've grown to love him. And Ashton
  • Hemmo1996: Who?
  • Luke: You will learn soon enough.
  • Hemmo1996: Wow.... I can't believe it. Thank you so much.
  • Luke: Why are you thanking me? You are the one that made me who I am today. Your the reason why I'm here.
  • Hemmo1996: Please don't ever forget me.
  • Luke: I won't. I never will.
  • Hemmo1996: I guess this is goodbye then?
  • Luke: Luke?
  • Hemmo1996: Yeah?
  • Luke: Thank you.
  • Hemmo1996: That's so loud! What is that?
  • Luke: My fans.. Our fans. Screaming for us to go on stage.
  • Hemmo1996: Fans? On stage? I made it?
  • Luke: Don't act so surprised, I always knew you would.
  • Hemmo1996: I can't believe I was able to achieve this.
  • Luke: It wasn't just you. You're with your bestfriends.
  • Hemmo1996: Calum made it too?
  • Luke: Yeah, so did Michael and-
  • Hemmo1996: Michael Clifford? I hate that kid!
  • Luke: You've grown to love him. And Ashton.
  • Hemmo1996: Who?
  • Luke: You will learn soon enough.
  • Hemmo1996: Wow.. I can't believe it. Thank you so much.
  • Luke: Why are you thanking me? You are the one that made me who I am today. You're the reason why I'm here.
  • Hemmo1996: Please don't ever forget me.
  • Luke: I won't. I never will.
  • Hemmo1996: I guess this is goodbye then?
  • Luke: Luke?
  • Hemmo1996: Yeah?
  • Luke: Thank you.
  • jason: i can't believe hera wiped my memory like that was so awful i didn't know anything about my past or who i was or anything it was terrifying
  • percy: i know man, i don't know how i even made it. all i had to go off of was one name, and i missed eight months of my life
  • nico: wow. having your memory wiped by a well-intentioned god. i can't imagine how terrible that must've been. and just skipping over time like that? seriously, you guys are real survivors. can't think of anybody else who's gone through that.

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Everyone assumes Courf is the one who still can't believe he dates Ferre after years of dating but I need to hear more of Ferre who still can't believe he dates Courf after years of dating.

  • Ferre who wakes up everyday to witness Courfeyrac’s monumental bed head and smiles like an idiot and takes pictures
  • Ferre who brags about his boyfriend whenever he gets the chance to, because Courf is so warm and passionate and clever and have I ever told you how great a Mercutio he made that one time? Oh boy, listen, he’s SO talented!
  • Ferre who still giggles to himself in the métro because he’s just checked his boyfriend’s snap story and wow what a dork
  • Ferre who kept the film ticket of their first real date like a the real sap that he is
  • Ferre who doesn’t do things halfway and still surprises Courfeyrac with candle light dinners every now and then, even if the menu doesn’t go above funfettis and nutella on bread, who cares?

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