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Every Bit of It: Part One

Soulmate AU: Everyone has a line that starts from their ring finger that goes to their heart, and in the line is spells out the very frst thoughts you have about your soulmate.

Tyrannus Basilton Pitch hates his line. It’s just like everyone else, but there is only one word repeated over and over and over again. “Wow.” Am I really not more creative than that? Whoever my soulmate is better be “wow” worthy otherwise I will be pissed off. Then again, I’m pissed off a lot.

I wonder what other people’s lines say. Some just say “They’re beautiful,” where others say “Those shoes are ugly as hell.” I think it’s funny, the variety of thoughts that people can have about someone they are truly destined for. Not that I believe all this shit. My friend Agatha doesn’t have a line. When she was younger she wanted to get a tattoo of one, just to make her look normal, but since then the tattooing of the lines have become illegal. I guess there have been too many people in Agatha’s position where they get lines and steal soulmates from other people. Agatha isn’t like that though. She just wanted a line, no words, to make her look normal.

Work today is slow as a bitch. Why does no one want coffee? Coffee is great. I am debating getting some when the door dings open. Two people walk in, but the sun from outside blocks my view of them.

“Honesty, Simon, do you really need to go to every single store in London to find these bloody scones? I want to go home,” a girl’s voice said.

“Yes, Penny. You know I am addicted to them.”

I rolled my eyes. Wow, I thought. Scones? Then I froze. I thought wow. Is that..?

Simon and Penny walked up to the counter. “Hi! Do you have scones?”

“Um, yeah, what kind do you want?” I asked him, movements slow in case he realized that maybe I was his soulmate.

“Sour cherry,” he said. And then he froze. “Give us a minute will you?”

He dragged the girl away and whispered to her. His hands were moved everywhere, he gestured to where his line is, and he blushed when he realized I was staring at him. I got the sour cherry scones for him, I didn’t know how much he wanted so I just gave him five since they are sold in bundles of five. I waited for them at the counter. Penny went and sat down and he walked back to the counter. Holy shit. He’s really cute.

He has bronze curls and blue eyes. His face is covered in freckles and little moles and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

“I have five scones for you, do you want more?” I ask him.

“Five is good, but I would like your number,” he replies. Damn, he’s good.

“Let me get that for you..?”

“Simon. My name is Simon “Your Soulmate” Snow.“ He actually used finger quotes around "Your Soulmate.” He smirked like hell when he did that. Why did I feel like he should never smirk?

“That’s smooth, Snow. That’s smooth,” I whispered as I was writing my number on his receipt. “Now, just because you are my soulmate doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for these scones and my number. That’ll be 3.49.”

“Does that include or not include your phone number?” He asked, handing me the money.

“My number costs one date with you.” I answered, handing him the scones and my number. “I’m off in an hour.”

“I’ll wait for you here,” he winked and walked back to Penny, who was silently recording the entire encounter.

“Did you get it?” Snow whispered just a little too loud.

Penny smiled. “Every bit of it.”

I don’t think I hate my line anymore.

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Hey~ I was wondering if you could rec. Some smut... Im new to this so please excuse me if I did this wrong...

Oh darling I’m so sorry this is late! Idk if you wanted kinky or vanilla smut for now but I will include both :D tbh these were previous posts we’ve made and so far I haven’t really read that much good vanilla smut ;;; but there’s a lot of kinky ones lol.

Sweet/Vanilla Smut:

  • Vanilla Smut (this has smut from kaisoo and other canon ships too!),  this , this, and this these previous posts are all vanilla smut!
  • Be Mine - i’m so in love with this smut fic idek. it’s one of my earlier smut fics to read and the author is perfect ;;;
  • Echo  -top!soo (one which I actually don’t mind) one of my first fics too lol, it’s cute and relationship dynamics is great 
  • A Beast in Repose - not exactly just smut but always one of my favorites + smut is perfect, passionate and sweet
  • Pick Me Up - i wouldn’t say this is sweet smut but it’s not kinky either? lol it’s hot XD and the fic is entertaining
  • A Lover’s Greed - a few typos but also one of my earlier smut fics to read heh. no actual sex but oh dear <3
  • Soft Beginnings - set in Default State of Being au, /sighs, perfection
  • Count Me In- i love love love the way the author writes ;;; this is definitely a favorite. SENPAI
  • Falling Up - angel!kai and ugh so lovely, this author is another senpai
  • Kaisoo!Apology - part of Chocksi’s Scrapbook (which everyone should really check out tbh) another senpai.
  • HS!Kaisoo/Jock!Jongin,Shy!Soo - i think i should just copy paste everything by the senpai’s tbh
  • Listen To Me - such a good fic ;;;; + smut is so sweet

Kinky Smut: this is mostly, if not all, top!jongin so if you want top!soo please send another ask and the other admins can help lol :D (sorry i have a preference otl forgive)

  • Hot Smut ugh these are faves tbh and this, you can check out this post for some of our favorite smut authors too!
  • Call You Daddy - so freaking hot i regret nothing
  • Call You Oppa - sequel to the fic above; just as hot if not more praise swotulu senpai
  • Handcuff Me To You - i should just copy paste all her fics tbh
  • Tank Tops With a Side of You -unf hngggg
  • Addiction - short drabble but still so hot
  • Let Me Come- daddy!kink i have no shame what am i sharing with you guys tbh i’m sorry (not really)
  • Night Terror - /gurgles
  • Touch My Body - i can definitely imagine soo dancing to sistar’s “touch my body” and his cute butt i’m sorry
  • Say Goodbye Darling - wow how could i forget to add this whne i had the link opened wowowowow. but anyways i’m anticipating the gun scenario. but guys the whole fic you know?!!! this is kind of a prequel to 0.2 /sighs OBSESSED WITH THIS FOREVS.

I hope this is good enough ;;; I had fun answering this. I’m sorry guys Admin C actually likes kinks with her smut (although vanilla smut is fave too). Sorry this is late, I’ve been really busy because senior year ;;; help me get away from senioritis PLS. good luck to everyone btw!!! STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS DON’T DO DRUGS.

-Admin C