wow Armin is like

Snk sleepover
  • Eren: Ok, I have a crush...
  • Armin: Omg, you do????
  • Describe them!!
  • Eren: Well, let's see....
  • They're quiet....
  • Levi and Mikasa:
  • Eren: They have black, short, raven hair....
  • Levi and Mikasa:
  • Eren: From what I can tell, they like me too.....
  • Levi and Mikasa:
  • Eren: They always get me out of trouble.....
  • Levi and Mikasa:
  • Eren: They're REALLY strong...
  • Levi and Mikasa:
  • Eren: And they're always there for me, no matter what! That's what they're like.
  • Armin: Wow!
  • Levi and Mikasa:
  • Levi and Mikasa: *going through an internal crisis*

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Hey! :3 Ame la idea de que fuera Candy quien perdiera la memoria, es triste, mucho drama xD Así que no pude evitar preguntarme ¿Que o como harían los chicos de CDM para hacer que Candy recuperará la memoria? ❤


Castiel : You know? This used to be your favourite place in the world.

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Nathaniel: Every friday we used to came here and read the same book over and over again.

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Lysander: You used to told me this was your favourite song…

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Armin: Wow! It seems like you are even a better player than before!

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Kentin: Just… hug me, okay? We’ll get through this…

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okay so like this is beauty wow love it. Anyways, so I got my hair cut again today, and for people who aren’t aware, I’m blonde. So I was just chillin, and she was working on getting to trimming my bangs, but before she did I swear I looked exactly like this boi here. So that’s another blonde to add to the list of anime blondies that I have looked like. Should definitely cosplay him now…

Armin Gets A Valentine's Day Boner

This request comes from an anon! Anonymous said: Armin gets a boner in public and Eren slyly teases him for it? It’d be kind of funny to see. Take in any direction you might like/prefer!


Hey babe, where do you want to go next?

Well, it’s almost time for lunch. I found this cute little place right down the street from here. It seems perfect for a nice quiet Valentine’s Day lunch, what do you think?

That sounds really nice, Armin. But first, I think we should go in here.

In whe- Eren, no! That’s…that’s a…*whispers* sex shop

I know what it is, Armin. Look at the little lacy things in the window…the things I would do to you in that lace…


In fact, I might go in and buy some…things…for tonight.

Eren (Almost like a moan)

Wow,  Armin, you’re really getting into this.

Wh-what do you mean?

Look down buddy, the captain is standing at attention.

Oh my god…

If I knew you liked that much, I would have bought this stuff years ago.

Eren, please…

Man, that is quite the tent, Armin. I didn’t know we were going camping for Valentine’s Day…


Relax. Let’s go to lunch, but first…let’s make a quick stop at home and…take care of that.

*Heavy breathing from Armin* O-okay.

The Call of a Hummingbird

commission for humanities-strongest-family  as a birthday gift for monidon, aka humanity’s worst librarian. This is the Deaf AU!

summary: The belief of good and evil has been something Mikasa stood by since infancy. That which is good happens to (mostly) good people. Yet a tragic accident takes all that Mikasa knows for a horrible tailspin and all that remains are the shards of an old philosophy. How could anything good come from this? Rivamika
rated: T 

Part One

There is a sense of fear that comes with experiencing change. Some changes, while good, invoke this fear—this reaction–against change because… in short, we’ve been biologically conditioned to view change as a threat. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with change… yet some people experience different levels of this fear—this stress—even towards good change. Nervousness, anxiety, even denial… it’s all perfectly normal. Unfortunately, this predisposition to these kinds of changes hardly made a reaction to bad changes any better.

Then again, that topic itself was controversial because, in all honesty, how does one decide what changes are good or not?

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Hey! I wanted to reach out to you cause your metas always make so much sense and are a great read. What do you think about the theory that Armin might be from Reiss descent? I mean he looks exactly like Historia (it can't be a coincidence), his grandfather had the book about the outside world lying around in his house and I really think that him being chosen over Erwin will make a big difference plot-wise. Maybe we'll get more answers? (sorry about my english, I'm not a native) Thanks!

It’s uncanny, isn’t it?

 We joked about Historia and Armin being twins long before he started cosplaying her for the Survey Corps. Then Uri came along and wow. Young Uri looks so much like Armin that thoughts of them being related were simply unavoidable. 

Factor in the book and his mysterious parentage and, yeah, it’s not unimaginable to think there is more to the “Armin Reiss” theory than crack potential.

But from an in-story perspective, the only way I see it making any sense is if Armin needs to inherit Bert’s memories for reasons of plot. This is a huge stretch to me, but I’m going to go ahead and spell out this ridiculous scenario in detail for you.

It seems all Reiss’s have magic memory powers. Neither Rod nor Historia had the Coordinate, yet with the help of the crystal cavern, they were able to unlock Eren’s memories. Now crystals from the cavern have been widely distributed throughout the walled world as a light source. Their energy is everywhere. So if Historia touches Armin while Hange shines her crystal flashlight on him, wha-la! potential for Bert’s memories! Like I said, it’s a stretch.

I just thought of one other reason for Armin to be a Reiss. If Rod was correct that only a Reiss can use the Coordinate, Armin being a Reiss Titan is a handy dandy thing. He could eat Eren and gain the ability and save the world. But this would mean Grisha was dead wrong about everything, and the story thus far has been a lie. Especially the part about Eren being the protagonist.

I swear, I hate to even mention these as possibilities.

My reason for Armin not to a Reiss is more straightforward - isn’t he special enough as he is? He’s the smart one,  the inspirational one, and now the titan shifter one - does he also need to be the bastard prince one? How many checkboxes need to be by his name? 

Thanks for your ask! And the nice comments about my blog. I hope you still feel that way after reading this ridiculousness ^^

104th Boys + Levi + Erwin reacting to stargazing with you

Eren: *can’t sit still because he wants to hold your hand all smooth-like without telling you, but he’s too nervous* Hey, ____… Do you think I could hold your hand?”

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Armin: *completely fascinated* Wow, the stars look amazing. It’s almost like all the bad down here doesn’t even matter anymore when you look at how far away they are… I’m glad you’re here to enjoy this with me, _____

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Connie: Wow, it’s all so pretty. And relaxing. I feel like I’ll fall asleep like this if we lay here much longer, hahaha. Eh? You wouldn’t mind? Good, ‘cuz I’m already halfway there *yawns*

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Jean: Here, move a little closer so you can rest your head on my arm. See, isn’t that more comfortable? *is thankful that the darkness hides the redness of his cheeks*

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Marco: Don’t you wish we could lay here and watch the stars forever, ____? Huh? Hey, I’m not the one being cheesy here! You were the one who suggested doing this in the first place *giggles*

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Reiner: *reaches for your hand* Hey, ____… You know I care about you, right? Hm. Good. *pulls you closer*

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Bertholdt: *really wants to make a move but he chickens out because he’s too shy* What’s that? You wanna hold hands? W-w-well, sure *grabs your hand and smiles like a sweetheart*

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Levi: *enjoys your presence* Hm. It’s pretty nice out here. ____, don’t leave just yet. Stay here with me, okay?

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Erwin: Wow, look at that. There must be hundreds, no, thousands of stars up there. It really calms your soul to just look up at all them up there, doesn’t it? *turns to look at you and smiles*

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A fic where Armin proposes to Annie.

I think this is the first time I wrote them like as the main pairing(though lets be real this still has Eren/Mikasa in it lol). It was a little daunting at first cause I’ve written Armin plenty of times but Annie only occasionally. Regardless, I hope you like it!

As much as Armin loved Eren and Mikasa, it was sometimes difficult growing up with them. Armin knew Eren since they were babies, Mikasa since they were nine, and no matter what they did it was always the three of them. That was fine, Armin would never want it any other way and he could never imagine it any other way. But it was quite obvious to him at a young age, his two best friends would share a type of relationship Armin would never have with them. That was also okay; he got to have the pleasure (and a lot of frustration) of watching his two best friends fall in love with each other, and the pleasure (and some frustration) of being a part of their lives as they took all their life steps together.

He was there for the first time they held hands with all the furious blushing, and he might’ve accidentally walked in on their first kiss (and God help him, many more to come). Armin saw the first dates, heard the first I love you’s, thankfully missed a few other firsts; he was there for the announcement and the birth of their first child, stood next to Eren at their wedding. To Armin, love started in childhood and only grew from there. After all, he had a prime example of a tireless love right next to him for all those years; it was all he knew.

It didn’t take him too long to realize finding your future spouse in the fourth grade was actually pretty rare; that or Eren and Mikasa were just weird, which was a high possibility as well. 

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Shingeki no Skiing






Sasha & Connie:




Ymir & Krista:

Hange & Moblit:




Scouting Legion:

Military Police:


Can watch Levi Heichou moving his hips like this, all day!! O<>O *drooling*


lol guess what my friends and i did today during free 6th period

thats right make a sacrificial circle 

with pyropian , pyropekinesis , korewausagidesu , and soporifictranquility (pics thanks to tanya and jidam lmao)

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How will the snk cast react to physical interactions? Like touching, etc. I'm guessing levi would hate it so much. I love you btw :)

I just go with physical interactions by a stranger/aquaintance

Levi would brush it off and turn away like ewww
Mikasa would just kinda let it happen, but be kinda unphased 
Annie would kick them away as a reflex
Bertholdt would hug/touch them back in confusion and nervousness
Eren would go into alarm mode like dud wtf you doin?
Armin would wiggle himself out of the touch like wow sorry man too close
Sasha would hug back and ask ‘what was that for?!’
Connie too (though it’d be kinda awkward)
Jean would go no homo