wow 200

She’s cold and she’s cruel
But she knows what she’s doin’

She laughs at my dreams
But I dream about her laughter
Strange as it seems
She’s the one I’m after

‘Cause she’s bittersweet
She knocks me off of my feet
And I can’t help myself
I don’t want anyone else

She’s too much for me
But I keep comin’ back for more
She’s just the girl I’m lookin’ for

The more she ignores me
The more I adore her
What can I do?

I’d do anything for her

(Ignore the sucky banner ik it sucks) I can’t believe I’m already at my next milestone and I’m so happy you guys! You all make this worth it even though it’s going to probably take me forever to do but I’m going to do name edits for you all!


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  • Then I’ll make a moodboard/boarded edit/some type of edit based on what your name means 
  • Optional: if you want a specific type of edit please tell me! I don’t want anyone to be not pleased with their edit since this is me saying a BIG THANK YOU that all of you deserve for getting me to 200!! 
  • ALSO PLEASE BE PATIENT!! i’m so sorry you guys but i have a bunch of tests this week so i don’t know how many i’ll be able to make so i’m sorry if it takes 5ever for me to post but i will do every one that i get
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im finally doing this after 200 years Wow!!!!

im doing these character commissions!! i can draw ocs and fav characters and stuff

contact me:
-here via tumblr messenger or ask (off anon please unless u have a general question)
-email me at
-OR if u wanna add me on skype/discord for this please hmu off anon (dont just ask for them pls say if its for commissions)

in ur email /ask/whatever please have:
-your tumblr or name or someway i can remember u lol
-your paypal address
-what type of commission you want
-any details for the picture (bg color, poses, expressions, etc.)
-please have the word “commission” somewhere in the subject (ex: “Commission Request”, “Full Body Commission Request”, etc.)
-whatever email you want me to send the final piece to  (otherwise ill send it to the email i received the request from

this is getting long so pls read everything else below or check out the FULL COMMISSION PAGE ON MY BLOG HERE

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I was doodling EdWin babies, and this comes up… IDK I just can’t stop drawing them, so addicted.

Also I wanted to say that I LOVE YOU ALL GUYZ! It’s so crazy that there’s so many of you right now. Incredible! And you are all so nice, I’m gonna cry ;3;

I hit 200 followers!!!

I actually hit it a few days ago but I forgot to make a post. I was thinking, as celebration, since most of these new followers have come because of all the musical content I’ve been posting and reblogging, why not have a but of a musical marathon sort of thing? It could be a rabbit stream, anyone could come join, and we’d just watch some bootlegs? If that sounds cool to anyone? It would probably go on for a while if I can plan correctly so different time zones could probably join! I don’t know if this sounds good to anyone, but I thought it would be a cool celebration! Maybe tell if your interested? Or like the post? Something to tell me if anyone would actually want to do it!!! Okay, Kai out.

Sam’s Jacket

gif is not mine

Title: Sam’s Jacket

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 776

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I heard @cyrilconnelly was having a rough day, so Sam Fluff is needed!! I hope you all enjoy this! I will be posting a third fic today because WE HIT 200 like WOW. I’m still blown away!

You walked throughout the bunker, your footsteps echoing off the walls of the bunker.  You usually slept in Sam’s bed when he was gone.  It helped you sleep.  When Sam was gone you would always worry that something would happen to him.  

You opened his bedroom door, poking your head in.  Your eyes immediately went to the jacket on his bed.  He forgot his jacket.  They must have been in a rush.  This caused you to worry even more.  

You picked up the jacket, slipping your arms into the sleeves.  The jacket was way too big for you, but that’s what you liked about Sam’s clothes.  Ever since you started dating Sam, he would always find his shirts and sweatpants would go missing.  Turns out that you stole them from Sam when he was away.

You grabbed your laptop from your room that was in between Dean and Sam’s rooms.  You shuffled your way to the library.  You knew what city they were in, but not what their exact location was.  You opened your laptop and decided it would relax you if you knew where they were.  You traced Dean’s number first, then Sam’s; they were at the same place.  

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Wow you guys are amazing! I can’t believe there’s 200 of you guys 💕 I’m so glad I’ve gotten to interact with so many lovely people. It’s crazy to know so many people enjoy my imagines as sloppy as they can be at times. I hope I can improve and grow as a writer. Thank you so much for all the support and understanding. Should I do something big for 200? 💕

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