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Telling Someone You Want To Kiss Them

This one is dedicated to @zut-ara​ who sent me a prompt a while ago to write a scene between Katara and Zuko after the Ember Island Players show, and who also is a main part of the reason I decided to make this blog. Follow her if you don’t; she’s fantastic. This one’s for you! 

I made a mistake.

Katara laid stretched out on the sand, her back against the grains, hair fanning out around her, and turned her head from the full moon above to the person sitting next to her. Zuko was facing the bonfire, staring into the flames intensely. The fire illuminated the prince’s face, light dancing off his pale skin. Katara watched him, unable to look away. There was no other way to word it. Right at that moment, he looked beautiful.

I made a mistake, she thought again.

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