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Rexsoka Week 2017!

Hey Rexsoka shippers! So, last I year, I kinda organized Rexsoka week, and I was planning on doing it this year as well.

A few people have messaged me, asking if the themes and dates are going to be the same. The dates will be the same (Oct. 22-28)

However, the themes this year will be a bit different. spaceyquill​ and sildae​ created some great themes for the first Rexsoka Week in 2015, but I thought it might be fun to add a few new ones this year. I’ll be posting the themes later today. 

Any and all Rexsoka lovers are welcome! If you want to write something, or draw something, or look at all the new works, I hope we all have as much fun as last year! Please help spread the word, so we can have as many great stories, fanarts, and drabbles as last year! Can’t wait!

{Hit up my asks with any questions, or PM me <3}

So I was wondering if anyone would like to send me their nostalgic movies/books/shows that you had when you were a kid and I’ll make aesthetic boards and such from them. I have some ideas but I would like more! So send in requests and suggestions in my inbox,thanks!!