The X-Files and Stranger Things exist within the same universe and here’s why:

Hawkins, Indiana 1983

Eleven escapes from a US Department of Energy National Laboratory and over the course of the series we discover that she exists as a weapon to fight against the Russians in the cold war. But is that really her purpose? We’re supposed to believe that she developed telekinesis in the womb due to LSD and sensory deprivation experiments on her mother? Why is she Eleven and and not One and how many others are there? Who is authorizing the men who run this “US Department of Energy” lab in Hawkins? 

The X-Files can answer these questions.

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The crown is crushing him, she thought. He wants so much to be a good king, to be brave and honorable and clever, but the weight is too much for a boy to bear.

Can we discuss the Klance teamwork in episode 7? Let’s discuss the Klance teamwork in episode 7.

They just work so… well? Like, Keith was instrumental in retrieving the Blue Lion, then they’re paired to take care of the hanger full of enemy ships. And there’s no real arguing?
Like, Keith goes to charge in and smash stuff, Lance reminds him the Balmera is alive, and gives a good, concise plan on how to disable them. Keith sees it’s a good plan and agrees. Keith breaks into the control room, Lance takes care of the guard, Keith keeps watch while Lance attempts to figure out the controls, Keith then comes over and figures them out without so much as a snarky comment. Keith slashes the controls for good measure, and Lance blasts the doors on the way out to seal their deal.
Like, no arguments, no one-upping, no snarky attitudes, not even any conversation on what they should do. Just straightforward trust and cooperation, they operate practically on instinct despite fighting precious few battles side by side like the original Paladins.

They just work so well together.
Klance. Wow.