10 Things You May Not Know About ‘The Day of the Doctor’

Trying to create a storyline that celebrated and venerated 50 years of Doctor Who was always going to be a tall order. There are so many things fans would expect (or quietly hope) to see, and yet they would also be the first to complain if the story was not thrilling enough, or failed to live up to the show’s imperially high standards. A high stakes game, then, and the world was watching.

Luckily “The Day of the Doctor” delivered on all fronts. It managed to reference the past and celebrate the future, tie up loose ends and create thrilling new additions to the mythology. It’s a story that allows the Doctor to put the guilt of the past behind him without deleting any of the things he did while wracked with that guilt in the first place. It’s a story that forgives the Doctor for having to do a dreadful thing, then reminds him exactly who he is, all twelve—no, thirteen!—of him.

You can read BBC AMERICA’s recap of “The Day of the Doctor” here, but before you do, here are your 10 points of interest:

1. The original title for the story was “The Time War.” This, it was felt, might’ve given too much of the game away before the story had even got started, and so the title was changed during production.

2. There are an astonishing amount of hidden references to Doctor Who—classic and modern—littered throughout the story. Never mind that all 13 Doctors make an appearance, there’s Foreman’s scrap yard, where the TARDIS was first discovered in 1963, Coal Hill School with Ian Chesterton (the Doctor’s first companion) as the chairman of governors; Headmaster W. Coburn (a combination of W for Waris Hussein, who directed the first ever episode, and Anthony Coburn, who wrote it)… and that’s all in the first few minutes.

Also: The activation code of Captain Jack Harkness’s vortex manipulator is 1716231163. Which is the time and date of broadcast (17:16 on the 23rd of the 11th, 1963, using the British convention of arranging dates in day/month/year order) of “An Unearthly Child,” the very first episode of Doctor Who.

3. There are also nods to the future. Particularly the quote Clara is teaching as her lesson draws to a close at Coal Hill. It’s from Marcus Aurelius, the Roman philosopher that we will later find out—in “Deep Breath”—she’s so partial to he was the poster she had on her wall as a teenager. And what does the quote say? “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

Which would be a decent response to the question the Twelfth Doctor asks her at the end of “Into the Dalek,” namely: “Clara, be my pal. Tell me: Am I a good man?”

The Day of the Doctor airs on BBC America tomorrow, September 5, at 8/7c as part of The Doctor’s Finest

To find out what the other 7 facts are, head on over to Anglophenia’s website or click right here. 

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I just want to say like. The guys may not be able to say no to a picture a fan asks for (which they totally can and will refuse or kick you out if theyre uncomfortable so obviously they weren't), but even if the guys can't their handler absolutely can. If the hand holding was a no-no their handler would've said no immediately. I say this as someone who had meet and greet back when it was something you can buy and got told no for a larry involved pose. So all the antis can calm down

wow wow wow. i always knew there were people who’d been told no. what was your request? thank you for telling me this.


PIVOT’s Weekend Of Women Celebrates Strong Female Directors & Characters #WOW

Last month I had the honor of going to LA to host Pivot TV’s “Weekend Of Women” which kicks off this weekend 9/5 & 9/6. #WOW is dedicated to movies, documentaries and tv shows with strong women in front of and behind the camera. This is super important to me because Hollywood desperately needs more female story tellers and realistic and complex female characters. So that’s what this weekend is all about! You can check out this weekend’s movie line up here and let me know what you think of the films on Twitter using #WOW


title: home

words count: 1,983

genre: let’s say it’s fluff, but i prefer thinking of it as a slice-of-life kinda thing

summary: Dan’s been traveling a lot lately, meanwhile, it’s still down pouring rain in London. 

status: completed. 

A/N: first ever phan fic. oh god. i don’t even know what is this. oh god.

Phil wakes up quite early before the alarm goes off, to the sound of the pouring rain outside. It’s been raining since last night, and the rain gives no sign of stopping any time soon. He reaches out for his glasses, all of sudden the sight of the grey and gloomy sky outside the window becomes a lot clearer. Thousands of tiny rain drops pouring down at the same time look like tiny pieces of broken glasses.

The house is in complete silence, to the point Phil can almost hear the sound of the rain drops echoing. Phil looks at his phone screen again to check the time, just to make sure he still has some times left before he has to go and wake Dan up, so he doesn’t miss the flight to Sweden in few hours. Apparently Dan does not trust himself, at all, when it comes to waking up on time, “pretty sure I’ll just keep pressing snooze if no one comes and wakes me up” - he said.

He lies back down, burries his face to the warmth of the blanket. He loves this kind of weather, not deadly cold like winter, but just a little chilly, enough for a sweater and a cup of hot coffee.

Dan has been traveling a lot recently, and that results in Phil having to spend time alone at home way too often lately. He realises, being apart from each other, is definitely a feeling that he can never, ever, get used to. Or let’s just say, he’s just too used to having Dan around, just enjoying each other’s company, like the air he breaths, the taste of shreddies every morning, or the opening song of that anime series they’re watching together.

He laughs at his own thoughts, years have passed, it seems like they’re already too old for all those “i miss you”, “i want to be with you all the time” things. Sometimes it feels like words aren’t even needed between the two anymore. Phil understands, and he understands that Dan understands, too, so it’s all fine.

The birds start tweeting outside, calling Phil back to the reality from his dead-end train of thoughts. He leaves his bed, the rain has already stopped, and he’s already few minutes late to wake Dan up.


Dan looks at his phone screen, after finishing dressing up and checking his travel bag once again, just to make sure he packed socks and his laptop charger this time, and realises he still has quite much time left before having to leave. It feels pretty strange to actually have time to have breakfast before leaving the house instead of rushing by seconds, like he usually does. Apparently having Phil to wake him up, much earlier than when his actual alarm rings, worked.

Dan goes downstairs, peeking through the kitchen and sees Phil pouring milk to his cereal on one hand, and the other hand is busy holding the kettle full of boiled water for his morning coffee. This worries Dan a bit, more than anyone, he thoroughly understands how clumsy Phil actually is. People think Phil just makes that up to be relatable and be funny and all that, they have no clues that his clumsiness is so much worse than what’s shown on camera, and the direct “victim” is no one else other than Dan himself.

“Good morning”, Dan says while walking towards the older, leaning his chin, and his entire body weight to Phil’s left shoulder, then slowly hugs him from behind. Phil has that kind of earthy and minty smell to him, which Dan is certainly sure that it’s totally not because of the shower gel Phil is using, very similar to the smell of the grass after raining. Very relaxing.

“Good morning”, Phil giggles, keep adding more water to his coffee, “do you have time for breakfast?”

“Yeah, all thanks to you”, Dan lazily replies, doesn’t move an inch. His eyes feel heavy, all of sudden he feels sleepy again.

“Do you want cereal or some bread? I’m pretty sure we still have some left”, Phil puts down the kettle, tries to move away from Dan’s embrace but the younger refuses to let him go, by holding him tighter.

Dan doesn’t reply, and doesn’t let Phil out of his arms. Phil can feel Dan’s warmth on his back, and he doesn’t particularly want to move away either.

Pieces of shreddies in the bowl slowly absorb the milk and become soggy, the burning hot cup of coffee has been cold down a little already, and the two men silently lean on each other.

Without a single word, but they both understand.

Stockholm is nice.

The weather is perfect for Dan to wear his aesthetically-black head-to-toe outfit without having to worry it will be too hot. He loves wandering in the old streets, and is very satisfied after taking a lot of instagram-worthy photos.

Working with BBC has brought a lot of amazing chances to Dan, including traveling to countries he’s never been to, which is nice. However, besides the time working on camera, his coworkers hardly find the guy to enjoy his trip that much, in terms of “traveling”. People think Dan makes himself out to be someone who is overly obsessed with his phone and laptop just to be relatable, but everyone who has ever spent a certain amount of time with him can be sure, that he really is stuck to his phone all the hecking time. It’s almost frustrating to see.

Dan texts Phil, once every two minutes. He doesn’t wait for a reply to continue, and Phil doesn’t seem to feel the need to reply to every single text either, especially when almost all of them are so random. Or let’s say he probably knows Dan too well, enough to understand that Dan is just typing out random crap to make people think he’s texting so he can avoid interacting with other humans. Or let’s say, Phil probably leaves his phone somewhere and can’t remember where it is.

“there’s a fat pigeon walking around me”

“it almost looks like a penguin”

“i should stop fat shaming pigeons”

“sweden is nice”

“let’s go together next time”

“don’t stay up too late”

“people wouldn’t want to watch another a sleepless night with phil video lol”

“also is it still raining in london”

“i kinda miss the rain lol”

“and london too”

“lol jk”

When he doesn’t text Phil, he goes through Phil’s twitter, just to make sure there’s no shreddies incident happening at home, that there will be no broken pieces of their glass bowl inside the washing machine, that Phil is not cutting himself in 4 places attempting to make a bowl of cereal, because Dan is sure that Phil will tell people on twitter before telling him.

Later on, when Phil finally finds his phone under the sofa cushion, he almost freaks out seeing there are 40 unread messages. He slowly goes through every single one of them, a smile slowly brightens his face, and he isn’t even aware of that.

Phil understands.

There were few seconds where Phil hesitated if he should sacarstically reply Dan, telling him pigeons have feelings too, then sneaks in a few lame puns. In the end, Phil decides to tell Dan the exact thing Dan was trying to tell him through all the texts, simply because he knows Dan’s ironic sense of humor doesn’t let him to say cheesy stuffs like that anymore. Phil can almost hear Dan’s laughing voice while making fun at him for what he’s about to say.

After all, they have a life time to laugh at each other’s lame puns and jokes, or have nonsense conversations.

“i miss you too”

“also buy more almond milk on your way home”

Dan comes home, soaking wet from head to toe.

He actually arrived at home way earlier, but when he was few blocks away from their apartment, he suddenly remembers about the almond milk Phil told him to buy on his way home. Dan convinces himself that they can order from Tesco later and have the groceries delivered to them next morning, still in time for Phil’s everyday cereal routine, but he doesn’t understand why in the end he still decided to go back and buy the milk himself, either.

When he walks upstairs, he finds Phil soundly sleeping on their couch, his hands still holds tight to the xbox controller. Looks like someone falls as sleep while playing again. This doesn’t surprise Dan at all.


“I’m home”

Phil opens his eyes slowly, then find the younger holding a plastic bag on his right hand, while his left hand is busy taking the shoes off. Phil silently looks at Dan’s tall figure almost blocking the door, and he can never stop being amazed at how much Dan’s grown since the first time they met, certainly Dan was already much taller than Phil thought he would be back then, but having Dan to actually grows taller than him is what he never expected. He laughs at his own thoughts, at how much he sounds like a proud dad looking at his son who is now taller than him, shoulders broader than his.

He stands up, feeling a pain on his neck and his back, definitely the result of falling asleep while sitting up.

“I thought you’d come home earlier. So I kinda got too hungry and had dinner by myself already”

“Yeah, supposedly”


“I forgot to buy almond milk, so I went back in town”

“You silly… you didn’t have to! We can always order online can’t we!”
Dan laughs, and doesn’t reply.

“Let’s order pizza”

“I thought you already ate”

“That was 3 hours ago”

“Okay then, but I have to take a shower first”

Dan walks up to Phil, kisses him lightly on his lips. Ah, yes, the earthy and minty smell. Now he really feels at home.

Phil wonders later if he knows Phil actually sent that text telling him to buy milk so that he felt less awkward about the “i miss you text”, or if he knows that Phil’d rather have him coming home few minutes earlier.

Either way, Dan’s home, and everything is okay.


Dan turns off his laptop and decides to go to bed at 1AM. That’s actually pretty early for him, considering how he occasionally has internet-until-5:30AM nights. He stretches his shoulders, puts aside the laptop and walks up to his room.

His face lights up a smile when he sees, under the dim light of his bedroom’s lamp, Phil soundly falling asleep. He takes each step lightly so Phil does not wake up from the noise, then crawls on the bed, while he hugs the older from behind. He burries his face on the area between Phil’s neck and shoulder, not sure the tingling feeling is given by Phil’s hair poking him on his forehead, or it’s the warmth and earthy, minty smell from Phil.

Phil slightly moves away a little, leaving a little more space so Dan can lie comfortably.

“You’re not making fun of me, aren’t you”

“Why would I?”

“I was certainly sure that you’d laugh at me because of that cheesy text”

Dan giggles, in the silent night where they can only hear the sound of a car rushing down the road and rain drops outside, holding Phil a bit tighter and doesn’t reply to what Phil said. If he knows about the draft text that never get to be sent on Dan’s phone that he mindlessly typed down after reading the text from Phil, he’ll surely be the one that being made fun of.

After all, they still have a life time to laugh at each other’s lame puns and jokes, don’t they. 

The night deepens, and it’s still pouring rain in London.


“i already miss you the minute i left our apartment, wish you were here, it almost hurts”

“lol jk”