It’s called 【数量限定】イチカラはじめよう~次男と四男の秘メゴト~ アナザージャケット付き
The site is 
It’s region-locked to Japan only, but you can have a look at the page if you use google translate.

#一カラAV  is actually trending on twitter now too lmao

I really want to do higher rated RBGs, but they obviously require me to go on voice chat. But after getting so many awkward reactions when I’ve been on voice, because I’m a woman. I get really put off to go on voice chat because I’m already shy as it is. Another thing is that some people always say “don’t expect to get any special treatment” which really annoys me. Because first, why would I expect that just because my gender? And secondly, acting differently just because I’m female.

Important News for the Winx Club Live Action Movie!

Warner Bros.-based Hollywood Gang has partnered with Italy’s Rainbow Group to develop and produce a live-action movie inspired by the animated and popular global Winx Club TV series. This comes after Netflix recently announced it ordered two seasons of programming this year for an animated Winx Club spinoff series from Rainbow called Winx Club Wow: World Of Winx. 

Diversity Win: Necco Wafers Has Promised To Cast A Person Of Color The Next Time It Makes A Commercial

Well, this is awesome.

While some corporations are still dragging their heels about featuring diversity in their advertising, others are boldly facing forward—and making a statement in the process. And leading the pack is Necco Wafers, which just pledged to feature a person of color the next time it makes a commercial!

Wow. This rules!

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