Cinephiles Rejoice! Paramount Pictures Is Restoring The Sound Of Loose Change Jangling In Forrest Gump’s Pockets While He Runs!

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Can you believe that it’s been seven years since this video was uploaded? Dan and Phil of 2009 had absolutely no idea what was in store for them. Books, live shows, touring around the WORLD, meeting thousands of fans, winning awards… And it all started from this video, posted an entire SEVEN YEARS AGO. They’ve come so, so far, and I’m so very proud of them. 

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6 Classic Episodes Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Where The Characters Mention That The Baby From ‘Dinosaurs’ Is In Prison Where He Belongs

Game Of Thrones is one of the most exciting, epic shows on TV, and it doesn’t get any better than when the characters have amazing conversations about how good it is that Baby Sinclair, from the ABC sitcom Dinosaurs, is in prison where he belongs. They talk about this all of the time, but these six episodes are definitely the most memorable.

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Overconfidence? Hillary Clinton Has Already Started Hurling Trash Bags Full Of Her Clothes Over The White House Fence

National polls show Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over Donald Trump that only seems to be getting bigger with each passing day. It’s clear that the Democratic nominee has bought into this polling data, because even though there are two weeks to go until the election, Hillary Clinton has started hurling trash bags full of her clothes over the White House fence.

Wow. Maybe a bit premature, Madam Secretary?

Where conventional politics would dictate that a candidate be stumping in key battleground states right now, Clinton has instead been chucking garbage bag after garbage bag full of her clothes right onto the White House lawn since early this morning. Once she returns in her U-Haul with the last loads, she’ll officially be done with her wardrobe, and it begs the question: Is the presidential frontrunner getting ahead of herself?

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If I’m Going To Be Allowed Back At The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, Then It’s Outrageous That We Can’t Give Convicted Felons A Second Chance

I’ve always believed in second chances. But in our society, being convicted of a crime, no matter the severity, often means never being able to live a normal life again. Well, enough is enough, and it’s time for a change. We as a country need to take a long, hard look at how we rehabilitate and treat those who break the law. Because if I’m going to be allowed back at the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, then it’s outrageous that we can’t give convicted felons a second chance.

I’m not suggesting we show all criminals clemency. But if I can still march through those museum doors without issue, even after spilling coffee I had snuck in under my jacket all over a sofa in Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic studio, then we need to consider giving felons with less serious charges another opportunity. I’m sick of watching people have their lives forever ruined due to some archaic conviction, when at the same time there is nothing stopping me from entering the same place where I recently picked up one of Mr. Wright’s original architectural models and tried to see if I could throw it just high enough that it would barely graze the beautiful vaulted ceilings in the children’s day room. We are are sending a dangerous message to our children, especially the ones who watched in horror as I tore up the intricate wood flooring with the baseball cleats I elected to wear to the birthplace of Prairie-style architecture, with this double standard.

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On my very first toon (just after WotLK released) I was almost level 40 and getting really frustrated because I kept dying while I was questing. A guildmate asked what my spec was, and my silence in the Vent explained it all. Not only was I still using rank 1 spells (this was before they auto-scaled) but I hadn’t spent a single talent point. Wound up speccing Arcane and refuse to change even after five resets.