Quiet Life Bermuda pack

The Quiet Life released their new Summer 13 quick strike collection last month. As a stand out mini pack with in the quick strike collection, we are highlighting the Bermuda pack. Consisting of a short sleeve and long sleeve woven shirt, bucket hat & 5 panel cap, all using the amazing Bermuda fabric. Shots provided by Urban Industry@josesh & Commonn store.

Happy Hour Sadness

Whoa, whoa, whoa, fam—stop. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how’s the big homie gonna post an Obey shirt up in here with real #menswear brands?! And that’s a good question. How you gonna flex in a measly $72 shirt? Well, first, you’ll get your fucking head right—price point doesn’t equal flex, especially when fire jawnz means eating Cheerios by candlelight and dodging your landlord when rent is due. Second, while I’m sure your squad is lit af when you hit the streets and most of your world revolves around menswear and its inside jokes, you’ve probably still got a couple friends from college who aren’t in the life, right? They’re the ones with real jobs, successful relationships and 401ks that blow up your FB feed with annoying shit like getting engaged or buying homes. Don’t worry, though—you’ll always be the “fashionable one” to them. When you’re inevitably forced to hang out with them and talk about real life adult stuff—snooze—at some tragically unhip happy hour once every few months, rock this Commerce Dissent Woven shirt from Obey. Because seriously, what’s the point of stunting with a fire alphet when the plebs won’t even know the difference? Now you get it. Hopefully they’ll only talk in patronizing terms about how “worried” they are about your “lack of direction” once you’re gone.