WWII Veteran - Part 2 (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: Part two of WWII Veteran

A/N: This is for @thaniya82 who asked for a part two. 

I paced the small room nervously. Stopping every one in a while to look at the closed door.

Where was he?

I was mid-step when there was a soft knock on the door from the other side. Slowly the door was pushed open.

“You wanted to see me,” Granddad smiled stepping into the room. Granddad was dressed to impress. His usual slacks and woven shirts were replaced by a black tux and bow tie.

He immediately saw the distressed look on my face.

“You aren’t getting cold feet now are you,” Granddad asked. He was trying to be playful and cheer me up, but the nerves were getting to me. “Come,” he said waving me to the small couch, “let’s talk.”

The white gown swished as I made my way to sit next to Granddad.

“You make one beautiful bride,” he smiled taking my hands in his. “Not as beautiful as your grandmother on our wedding day, but still beautiful.”

I couldn’t help the small smile from playing on my lips.

“Tell me,” he said. “What are you thinking about?”

“Everything,” I breathe.

One year. That was how long Steve and I dated before he proposed. Granddad was the first to know, or better yet he already knew. Steve was a man of manners and traditions, so before he popped the question he asked Granddad for permission.

Steve told me Granddad’s exact words had been “Lets drive to Vegas tonight.”

“You know,” Granddad began. “Your mother almost left your father at the alter too.”

“Mom never told me this,” I frown.

“No one knew, just me. She called me into her dressing room, just like you, and asked me to call the whole thing off while she jumped into the limo.”

“Sounds like something Mom would do,” I smile.

“And do you know what I said to her,” Granddad asked. I shook my head in response. “I asked her “Do you love Rob” she said yes. “Does Rob love you?” again she said yes. “Does Rob make you happy?” again yes. Then I asked her “Do you want to marry Rob?” and without a hesitation she nodded and said yes. Your father and her had twenty wonderful years of marriage before your fathers accident, and not once in those twenty years do I think your mother ever regretted not jumping into that limo.”

I was still silent and looking down at my feet.

“Y/N,” Granddad said quietly. “If I ask you those questions right now about Steve, what would be your answer?”

“Yes,” I smile turning to look at Granddad.

“Good,” he smiled pushing himself to stand. “Then lets not keep the groom waiting any longer. I can’t wait to start telling people my granddaughter is married to Captain America.”

I shake my head smiling and stand up dusting off imaginary dust from the white fabric of the dress. When I look at Granddad he is smiling kindly at me and has his arm held up for me to take.

“Let me fix your bowtie,” I say reaching for the bowtie. My hands never get to make contact with the bow when they are swatted away.

“There is nothing wrong with my bowtie,” he frowns. “I did it myself.”

I roll my eyes at him knowing that it would be a battle I wouldn’t win and instead take his arm and hold my bouquet of flowers with my empty hand.

The entire reception hall was in laughter as Granddad gave his speech. He of course wasn’t one to forget to mention that it was him that introduced me to Steve. I buried my face behind Steve’s large bicep as Granddad went on to tell more stories. Steve only leaned back in laughter as Granddad told them how I thought Steve was going to be an old man when I met him.

“Don’t laugh,” I grumble at Steve. “You are old.”

This only made Steve laugh louder.

“Now I want you two to know,” Granddad said turning to look at Steve and I. “None of us are getting any younger around here, and I would like some great-grand-babies sooner rather than later.”

“Lets get through tonight first, and them we can disuse babies,” I tell Granddad.

After Granddad finished his long speech it was Steve’s turn to be laughed at as his best man Bucky took the microphone, and was followed by Sam, one of the groom’s men.

As the night drew to an end I danced with Steve under the dim lights of the reception hall. We swayed slowly to the music while the guests danced around us.

“Are you enjoying yourself Mrs. Rogers?” Steve said lowly into my ear.

“I am Mr. Rogers,” I smile looking up at him. “For someone who claims to have never danced before, you are doing a pretty good job.”

“I have my wife to thank for that,” he smiles. “She is an amazing teacher.”

“Well your wife is lucky to have such a husband as yourself,” I laugh.

“Trust me,” Steve said leaning down until our noses brushed. “I’m the lucky one.” His warm lips captured mine in a slow tender kiss.

When we pulled away I rested my head on his tuxedo-covered chest and we continued dancing to the slow music.

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