etsyfindoftheday 5 | 2.2.17

theme thursday: red + grey v-day gift ideas

izapa mid-century modern chair with red + grey woven seat by masayatradingcompany

the sleek and modern midcentury-inspired silhouette and design of this armchair looks cool and comfortable, and i love how the striped grey-and-red seat and back help it look even more inviting.

When she was young, she wanted to know what happiness was. They told her happiness was good, the opposite of sad, the face with a smile.
Once, she thought she’d worked it out. That happiness was love, it was intense connection followed by devastating loss. But that wasn’t right either.
But now she knows the truth.

Happiness is a place.
Happiness is a kitchen with no cheese, a porch with a woven seat, crosswords in bed.
It’s blue walls, a black leather couch, wooden stools, terrible smoothies.

Happiness is people.
Happiness is long brown hair, perfect eyeliner, a crinkled nose, a sarcastic comment.
It’s plaid shirts, stupid nicknames, messy curls, kind eyes.
Happiness is having someone’s back and knowing that they have yours.
Happiness is this.


Scans - George Harrison inside Kinfauns, on one of his “favourite seats”, a “woven chair” and “on the sofa which was his favourite place for songwriting at home”, 7 October 1965

Photos: The Beatles Book

The following is an article I’ve typed up from The Beatles Book’s January 1967 issue… an interesting, descriptive look at Kinfauns around 1966, written by The Beatles Book editor:

“Long before the others got down to searching for that very special permanent pad, George brought himself a house near Esher in Surrey. It’s not so much a house, in fact, as a long rambling, white-walled bungalow and an exclusive way of life. From it George regularly commutes along the A3, to recording sessions, London Airport, and all the other favourite Harrison haunts. You drive to Esher, turn off at the crossroads and after a few lefts and rights you end up in a private road. Half a mile along is George’s house.

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Pan - Chapter Six

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: i wanted to go into more detail describing everything but… in my mind Neverland is different for everyone. its made up of your dreams and your imagination so i don’t want to impose my Neverland on you. Make it your own. I’ll describe what I have to but I want everything else to be what you imagine :D that is, after all the point of Neverland :)

CHAPTERS: 1 2 3 4 5

As they past the first line of trees the forest grew thick and dark around them. The darkness loomed in making it impossible to see the frost covered branches and sharp frozen leaves that nipped at her skin as she ran past. Thomas gripped her hand tightly, pulling her along behind him at a steady pace. Suddenly a bright yellow light flew out in front of him and illuminated the path ahead. It sped along before them, guiding them through the dense frozen forest.

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