Street Rat

Title: Street Rat
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff. Smut, Royalty!Au, Historical!Au

Status: Chaptered - Ongoing

Warnings: Sexual Content - Smut, Lots of Cheesiness, Murder Attempts, Slight mention of Arranged Marriage, Slight mention of Minor (OC) Character Torture - More might be added.

Description: Baekhyun, the 7th prince of the Shaigia Kingdom knows his fate, he knows how the peasants view him.
Still, that doesn’t mean that this is how he behaves behind closed doors.
Especially not when he brings a street’s rat into the palace who changes his life in a way that not even he had expected.

Preview under the cut.

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etsyfindoftheday 5 | 2.2.17

theme thursday: red + grey v-day gift ideas

izapa mid-century modern chair with red + grey woven seat by masayatradingcompany

the sleek and modern midcentury-inspired silhouette and design of this armchair looks cool and comfortable, and i love how the striped grey-and-red seat and back help it look even more inviting.

Cattail - Survival Supermarket of the Marsh. 🌾🌾🌾

Cattails (Typha latifolia) are common worldwide (Australians call it Corn Dog Grass), and they provide a multitude of survival uses year-round. It’s easy to pull a whole stalk right out of the mud, and they grow and spread fast. Have you tried using cattails?

• Do not confuse Cattails with the poisonous Yellow Iris / Water Iris plant.
• Cattails can absorb arsenic, toxins, and pollutants from the water, greatly improving water and soil quality, but the toxins stay in the roots / rhizomes. Be careful of where you forage. Do not eat cattails from roadsides or from polluted water. It can pay off to invest in water testing kits, and to study your local maps to know locations of sewage lines, chemical plants, septic tanks, etc.

Water Filtration:
Cattails have been studied to improve water and soil quality, but drinking water should always be boiled for purification. In fact, scientist are now experimenting with cattails to remove poisonous elements from drinking water. This form of water filtration may be one of the only ways to provide global water filtration for developing nations. How cool is that?

🌱 Spring 🌱
1. New / Young Shoots:
• The inner core of the plant shaft next to the root is the most palatable. The sponge-like, fibrous outer ring portion of young plants can be peeled away & discarded, and the 3-6” white core section can be eaten raw or cooked like asparagus. This food has been popular among the Cossacks in Russia, and has been called “Cossack asparagus”. It can be eaten raw (be sure to rinse in clean water first) but it is safer to cook them. Sauté the tender core with butter, salt & pepper. They taste mildly sweet like cucumber, and can be added to soups, stews, stir fry, salads, etc. Cattail shoots provides an excellent source of beta-carotene, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. It’s also one of the best vegetarian resources of protein. Mature shoots / hearts can be eaten too, but they are not as palatable as the younger shoots.
• The lower white part of the leaves can be added to salads or stews.

🌻 Mid-Summer 🌻
2. Male Flower Head / Cattail Pollen / Swamp Gold (yellow cone on top of the brown female flower head):
• Bread & Baking: Delicious & Nutritious High-Protein Flour
• Thickener for Soups & Stews
• Trail Food: You can mix 5 parts cattail pollen with 1 part honey for an easy, high-energy trail food.

☀️ Late Summer ☀️
3. Green Flower Spikes
• In late summer, the green flower spikes (male & female) appear and can be eaten like corn on the cob.

🍁 Autumn 🍁
4. Mature Female Flower Seed Head:
• The iconic “Cigar” or “Corn Dog” shaped part of the cattail can be dried out and used for Torches & Fire Transportation.
Cattail Down / Fluff / Wool:
• Pulled apart, the mature female seed head seeds/fluff can be used for Pillows, Moccasin Insoles, & Bedding
• Native Americans would use cattail fluff and/or dried moss for diapers, baby powder, baby bedding, and menstruation padding for its softness and absorption.
• Insulation: Clothing Insulation, Building Insulation, & Fragile Packing Material
• Blowgun Darts: Cattail fluff can be glued around darts to help create a seal that allows the pressure to force the dart through the tube.
• During World War II, the United States Navy used Cattail down as a substitute for life vest stuffing and aviation jackets. Tests showed that even after 100 hours of submersion the buoyancy was still effective.

5. Cattail Roots / Rhizomes:
• Can also be harvested in early spring, but best harvested in the fall. During summer, roots are more depleted of nutrients during pollination, and can become mushy.
• Starchy Root Cores - can be eaten raw or cooked like potatoes. The insides of the roots should be white and more solid, not yellow/dying or mushy. If eaten raw, roots should be rinsed or soaked in clean water first.
• You could also crush the roots in cold water and leach out the starch; the starch can be added to soups or stews as a thickener.
• Roots Dried & Ground into Flour
• Roots Dried, Roasted, & Ground for Coffee Substitute
• Medicinal: A poultice made from the roots will soothe stings, burns and cuts, and to help stop bleeding. Roots can also be used to aid toothaches, or ingested as a digestive aid.
• Cattail roots growing in polluted water can accumulate lead and pesticide residues in their rhizomes, and these should not be eaten.

❄️ Winter ❄️
6. Dead Leaves, Stalks, & Flowers
• The dry old cattail stalks make for excellent fire fuel.
• It is possible to gather cattail roots and young shoots during winter time, although they may be more scarce and difficult to harvest.

🌎 Year-Round 🌍 Uses 🌏
7. Cattail Stalks / Stems:
• Bow Drill Spindles or Hand Drills
• Arrow Shafts
• Dried, sliced thinly, and used as candle wick material

8. Cattail Leaves:
• Natural Cordage Material
• Woven into Chair Seats
• Floor Mats, Baskets, & Bedding Mats
• Woven Shelter Walls & Roofing Mats
• Medicinally, the gel found within the leaves act as a topical anesthetic.

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Scans - George Harrison inside Kinfauns, on one of his “favourite seats”, a “woven chair” and “on the sofa which was his favourite place for songwriting at home”, 7 October 1965

Photos: The Beatles Book

The following is an article I’ve typed up from The Beatles Book’s January 1967 issue… an interesting, descriptive look at Kinfauns around 1966, written by The Beatles Book editor:

“Long before the others got down to searching for that very special permanent pad, George brought himself a house near Esher in Surrey. It’s not so much a house, in fact, as a long rambling, white-walled bungalow and an exclusive way of life. From it George regularly commutes along the A3, to recording sessions, London Airport, and all the other favourite Harrison haunts. You drive to Esher, turn off at the crossroads and after a few lefts and rights you end up in a private road. Half a mile along is George’s house.

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When she was young, she wanted to know what happiness was. They told her happiness was good, the opposite of sad, the face with a smile.
Once, she thought she’d worked it out. That happiness was love, it was intense connection followed by devastating loss. But that wasn’t right either.
But now she knows the truth.

Happiness is a place.
Happiness is a kitchen with no cheese, a porch with a woven seat, crosswords in bed.
It’s blue walls, a black leather couch, wooden stools, terrible smoothies.

Happiness is people.
Happiness is long brown hair, perfect eyeliner, a crinkled nose, a sarcastic comment.
It’s plaid shirts, stupid nicknames, messy curls, kind eyes.
Happiness is having someone’s back and knowing that they have yours.
Happiness is this.

Pan - Chapter Six

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: i wanted to go into more detail describing everything but… in my mind Neverland is different for everyone. its made up of your dreams and your imagination so i don’t want to impose my Neverland on you. Make it your own. I’ll describe what I have to but I want everything else to be what you imagine :D that is, after all the point of Neverland :)

CHAPTERS: 1 2 3 4 5

As they past the first line of trees the forest grew thick and dark around them. The darkness loomed in making it impossible to see the frost covered branches and sharp frozen leaves that nipped at her skin as she ran past. Thomas gripped her hand tightly, pulling her along behind him at a steady pace. Suddenly a bright yellow light flew out in front of him and illuminated the path ahead. It sped along before them, guiding them through the dense frozen forest.

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