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Spaghetti Chair Limited Edition by Alfredo Häberli

“SPAGHETTI PALUDIS design Giandomenico Belotti

A symbol in the history of design, spaghetti is the first Alias chair to appear in the MoMA collection of New York. The structure is in stove enamelled or chromed steel, the seats and backs in the distinctive woven PVC, subtle in the transparent version and more striking in the various coloured versions. Also available in variants like leather hide and the special straw of the paludis series that enable unexpected tactile and visual experiences.

Spaghetti chair is material and formal simplicity that multiplies, in its many variants, opportunities for use. Available in numerous types, with and without arms, or stacking, it is ideal for reception settings, trendy spots or for those who love a sober and informal style; practicality and discreet elegance characterize a coherent set of chairs, armchairs and stools.

The design of the paludis chair represents a development of the spaghetti concept, and it combines minimal painted or chromed metal structure with the unusual material selected for the woven seat and back: a special “straw” made from recycled paper in a wide variety of colours. Its dual personality, that mixes tradition and design, makes it the ideal chair to accompany any table and interior.”

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Scans - George Harrison inside Kinfauns, on one of his “favourite seats”, a “woven chair” and “on the sofa which was his favourite place for songwriting at home”, 7 October 1965

Photos: The Beatles Book

The following is an article I’ve typed up from The Beatles Book’s January 1967 issue… an interesting, descriptive look at Kinfauns around 1966, written by The Beatles Book editor:

“Long before the others got down to searching for that very special permanent pad, George brought himself a house near Esher in Surrey. It’s not so much a house, in fact, as a long rambling, white-walled bungalow and an exclusive way of life. From it George regularly commutes along the A3, to recording sessions, London Airport, and all the other favourite Harrison haunts. You drive to Esher, turn off at the crossroads and after a few lefts and rights you end up in a private road. Half a mile along is George’s house.

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One of One Chair 2013

Solid American Black Walnut base.
Handmade cross laminated American Black Walnut plywood back.
Danish Chord woven seat.

Made across two countries and several years, this chair (my first) has been on a long journey – and me with it.

Making objects by hand has taught me that patience is a tangible and essential skill. In seeking to resolve design and production questions, sometimes the most productive thing one can do is stop – and wait. 

Images Cathy Taylor Photography.

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When she was young, she wanted to know what happiness was. They told her happiness was good, the opposite of sad, the face with a smile.
Once, she thought she’d worked it out. That happiness was love, it was intense connection followed by devastating loss. But that wasn’t right either.
But now she knows the truth.

Happiness is a place.
Happiness is a kitchen with no cheese, a porch with a woven seat, crosswords in bed.
It’s blue walls, a black leather couch, wooden stools, terrible smoothies.

Happiness is people.
Happiness is long brown hair, perfect eyeliner, a crinkled nose, a sarcastic comment.
It’s plaid shirts, stupid nicknames, messy curls, kind eyes.
Happiness is having someone’s back and knowing that they have yours.
Happiness is this.