Sheep skull with horns that grew deep into his eyes. Owners can cut horns that grow into an animal’s face before they get this bad. Owned and photographed by skullhunter1979 on Instagram.

Star Trek Recommendation List April #3 2017

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Chris Pike

Remember the time I struggled to even get a list of 5 together lol. Thank you all

When it’s Cor’s birthday, he receives a gift from Regis and…

  • There’s definitely a shop in Insomnia that sells them. Regis browses through a catalog online and found one he was looking for, thinking Cor would appreciate it
    • “Clarus, he’s going to love them. Right?”
    • Ecstatic, Your Majesty.”
    • “I don’t like your tone.”
    • “Oh dear… that’s tragic.” [rolls eyes]
  • Once the package arrives, Regis wraps it all up and gives it to Cor
  • Cor takes the gift box with a red ribbon tied but when he opens it and takes the slippers out, he… doesn’t have much words. Green and tentacles. Very green and tentacles. Wait, wasn’t this creature on some tv show?
  • Regis waits, smiles, and waits some mor. Cor loves them, he totally does, he thinks.
  • But Cor stares at Regis then to the slippers and to Regis again. He tries, he really tries to smile
    • “Thank you, they’re uh… they’re really nice?” They’re for kids. They’re definitely for kids.
  • “Aren’t they? I thought they were perfect for you. I even got a pair for myself. And look, we match!” 
    • Cor looks down and yup, the king is wearing the exact same slippers, and the poor Marshal really doesn’t know what to do while holding the box.
    • And Regis is dying from the wait. “Well? Go ahead and try them on. I hope I got your size right.” There’s that lingering pout that Cor catches and he knows all too well
  • Cor couldn’t say no. He doesn’t have the heart to especially when Regis is giving him THAT look. He takes off his boots and puts on the malboro-slippers
    • “They’re warm.” Cor notices and toes wiggle inside. He starts walking around, getting a feel of it. “Comfortable too.”
    • Okay. So they’re not too bad, and Regis is practically beaming. “Happy Birthday, Cor.”
    • Of course, Cor forgot
  • Later on in the day:
    • “I take it he liked the gift?” Clarus asked
    • “He does.” Regis looks out and spots Cor walking with the slippers still on while the children followed behind. Noctis & co are all curious as to what Cor was wearing. The King catches faint words in the air. 
    •  A rather fine gift from His Majesty.”

Looking to see if I can trade this guy since I’ll probably just use money I make from skulls for more skulls lol. Looking for skull of about the same size and condition. (This one is complete). I’m missing things like lagamorphs and rodents. But feel free to offer anything I’m not really sure what I’m looking for.

If I don’t get any trades I’ll just sell it.