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Styles & Co. - Part 8

Authors Note: I am Sorry this took longer than expected, I kinda hit a wall with writing and found this chapter extremely hard to write. Xx

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By now I should be used to the empty beds, the crisp sheets, and the company of my own character; to my bitter disbelief with every quiet tone the Bungalow offers I find myself craving the warmth of the coverings and the body that tends to be beside me when he finally gives in and forces himself to sleep. My hand glides across the white sheet hanging over the side of the bed as I do my best to decide on an outfit to wear to meet Harry’s client while all the instructions Harry prompted me with runs through my mind, compiled with all the things I should and shouldn’t say. I was given the lovely news earlier that my reasons for not flying back with Harry were correct, he isn’t able to come back, he is far too busy, once again. I can’t deny the fact that it is incredibly irritating, but I am not surprised.
I glance down at my phone and re-read our messages.

“I am too busy to fly back, come home and we can plan a proper trip somewhere else when I have time off. X
CEO. Styles & Co - Harry.”

“You never have time off. I will fly back when my vacation is over.”

“I need you home with that pretty little envelope.
CEO. Styles & Co - Harry”

“That is all you want? That damn envelope? NO, HARRY!”

“NO, HARRY? I don’t believe that is in my vocabulary, darling. C'mon, I also want your pretty little ass home, I miss you. 
CEO. Styles & Co - Harry”

“We don’t always get want we want, I am trying to get ready to meet your client, any last minute requests?”

“Yes, I request that you board the flight I booked for you after you get the file from the client. I love you. X
CEO. Styles & Co. - Harry”

“NO! I have a beach and a margarita waiting for me." 

"See you after your flight, darlin.
CEO. Styles & Co. - Harry”

Business is business, I accepted that once he became successful within the world of business. He gave me the option to opt out of our relationship and I didn’t take his offer, I knew what I was getting into when we first started to get serious with each other.

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Lightweight luxury is the theme of the day with a good showing of pattern and texture mixing.

- Brunello Cucinelli 50% wool 20% silk 30% linen blend gray suit with subtle blue undertones.

- Cotton blue\green plaid shirt by Isaia with cut-away collar.

- Paisley print\woven tie, this is one of the most expensive way to make neckwear, notice the iridescent dot pattern on top of the paisley.

- Steel and pear wood fountain pen by Germany’s iconic Faber Castell.

- Pebble grain chestnut brown four eyelet plain-toe shoes by Ferragamo.

Kim Yugyeom ~ Mine [SMUT]

Group: Got7
Member: Kim Yugyeom
Type: Smut
Word Count: 2421 [light bondage, jealousy]

He wrapped his hands around your neck, his fingers digging into the thin skin, chocking you just enough to make you learn your lesson. He moved closer to you, his face just inches away from yours. You stood motionless. Yugyeom looked deep into yours eyes. He tore away your barriers and locked eyes. His nose two inches away, he slightly tilted his face and looked at your lips. You slightly turned your face at the opposite angle. ‘You can’t even look at me.’ He whispered, his thumb resting on your cheeks. ‘I bet you were able to look at him, though.’ He continued through gritted teeth, yanking your face towards his. His eyes were molten, the grey glittering, the black pupils enlarged and glistening with anger. Tears started to prickle your eyes, the tears making your eyes look even more intense as you stared at him. Tears of frustration, of regret rolling down your cheek. ‘Yugyeom I…’ You started but were cut off by him harshly pressing his hand against your lips, smirking down at you. ‘That’s why I need to teach you a lesson…’

He stood shivering at the closed door to the bedroom for a while, his ear pressed against the cold wood as he listened. Tears streamed down his face like an unsteady river. His cheek bright red as he listened to the heavy moans coming from behind the door. He wanted to come in, excited to see you again after such a long time of being apart. Until he heard another set of moans. Moans he didn’t recognize. Moans that didn’t belong to those sweet lips of yours. His arousal has long dropped listening to you being pleasured by a man, who wasn’t him. It was quickly replaced by anger. He decided not to wait any longer. He whipped the remaining wetness off his cheeks to not give you any hints towards his true feelings and barges in through the door. He watched as you quickly pull the blanket over your revealed body.

The body he has worshipped so many times. Your eyes wandered over the body you haven’t seen in months. He was standing on the edge of the bed, dressed in a tight black shirt and jeans…those jeans – the ones he wore during your last night together. They were over washed pale-blue denim, snug and ripped at the knee.  
Yugyeom didn’t think. His actions simply overtaking him as he walked across the room, collecting the unknown man’s clothing and throwing it over to him without looking. ‘Get dressed and get the fuck out.’ He commanded through gritted teeth, not daring to look at you once. The thought of you betraying him, using his trust was too much for him to even spare a glance at the person his entire world revolved around.
‘Yugyeom-.’ You started, a sigh falling from your lips. Your boyfriend bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from screaming at you right then and there. From punishing you for behaving so badly.

The sound of medal against medal echoed through the room. Yugyeom turned to the man, his eyes red from all the tears he’s wasted on you. He watched as the embarrassed guy zipped up his pants, not daring to look at either you or your boyfriend. Yugyeom lets out a growl at the sight of his stiff member poking through his jeans. ‘I didn’t know that…’ The guy says, collecting the rest of his clothes.
‘Out!’ Yugyeom screamed, pointing at the open door, his loud voice scaring you slightly. When he left, you quickly put on your clothes, guilt washing over you as you see Yugyeom’s eyes laying on you. You cleared your throat, trying to contain your emotions. If you had to face him, you needed to keep yourself together.

‘I can explain…’ You whispered, tears filling your eyes as you see heartbroken expression on his face. He pushed you away from him, not looking at you. You gently place your hand on his shoulder, feeling the heat raising from his body. ‘You were gone for such a long time…’ Suddenly, he walks over to you, the top button of his jeans undone, and his smoldering eyes never leaving yours. He pushed you against the wall. He tilted his head to the sight to get a better look of your face, sweat dripping from your forehead. ‘Does that allow you to go around fucking other guys?’ He asked, slamming his hand down next to you in frustration at your words. You gulped, trying to collect your words. ‘No but…’
He licked his lips, his eyes locking with yours, his eyes furrowed as he leans down to yours lips. ‘But what?’
‘It made me realize how much I need you…’

His eyes widened further and his mouth opens. He takes a huge breath as if winded. He looked tortured – vulnerable.

“But you already have me,” he whispers. “All of me.”

He wrapped his hands around your neck, his fingers digging into the thin skin, chocking you just enough to make you learn your lesson. He moved closer to you, his face just inches away from yours. You stood motionless. Yugyeom looked deep into yours eyes. He tore away your barriers and locked eyes. His nose two inches away, he slightly tilted his face and looked at your lips. You slightly turned your face at the opposite angle. ‘You can’t even look at me.’ He whispered, his thumb resting on your cheeks. ‘I bet you were able to look at him, though.’ He continued through gritted teeth, yanking your face towards his. His eyes were molten, the grey glittering, the black pupils enlarged and glistening with anger. Tears started to prickle your eyes, the tears making your eyes look even more intense as you stared at him. Tears of frustration, of regret rolling down your cheek. ‘Yugyeom I…’ You started but were cut off by him harshly pressing his hand against your lips, smirking down at you. ‘That’s why I need to teach you a lesson…’

He lunged at you, punishing you against the wall of the bedroom. Before you knew it, he had both your hands in one of his in a vice-like grip above your head and he was pinning you to the wall using his hips. His other hand grabbed your ponytail and yanked it down, bringing your face up and his lips were on yours. You moaned into his mouth, giving his tongue an opening. He took full advantage, his tongue expertly exploring your mouth. He’s never kissed you with such passion, lust…
‘Let me remind you of who you belong to.’ He said, grabbing you by your waist and dropping you onto the bed. He quickly rode himself off his clothes, his boxers the only thing covering his shaft. His eyes scanned the bed, a devilish grin tugging on the edge of his lips. ‘Looks like you had fun.’ He admitted. You looked around you, your cheeks bright red from the undeniable arousal he was giving you. The bed was a mess. The bedsheets raveled up, cushions were spread out everywhere, stains covering the satin material. Before giving you the chance to explain yourself, he made his way over to your shared wardrobe. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight of the black silk woven tie he took with him to the bed.
‘Knit your hands together in front of you.’ He ordered as he ripped your clothes off your body and throws it on the floor. ‘You owe me a new blouse.’ You said teasingly, trying to lighten the mood. Yugyeom scoffed at your words behind you, taking the tie from your hands and doing it for you. He lifted your hands over your head before tying them together in a tight knot. His lips moved closer to your ear, breathing into your ear as he speaks, slow and almost mesmerizing. ‘You fucked someone who clearly wasn’t me…I owe you nothing.’ 

He walked around the bed and stops in front of your face, his eyes bright with wild excitement. Your pulse has gone through the roof, your heart a frantic tattoo.
‘Oh kitten,” He whispered softly, the animal name rolling off his tongue. “What should I do to you?’ He lowered you onto the bed and raised your hands above your head.
‘Keep your hands up here, don’t move them, understand?’
‘Answer me.” He demanded, his voice soft.
‘I won’t move my hands.’ You’re breathless.
‘I’m going to make you realize who you belong to so you don’t go around letting other people take what’s mine.” He said, his voice coming out in nothing more than a whisper. His hand came up to cup your chin and pushed it up, giving him access to your throat. ‘Don’t move your hands or you’ll meet the consequences.’

He trailed kisses down your body, making you struggle underneath him. His lips sucking blueish marks into the sensitive skin above your collarbone, earning a silent moan from you. He kissed the skin above your breasts gently, his tongue trailed down and drew lazy patterns over your hardening nipple. His teeth grazed your nipples ever so gently. His free hand moved up to cup your breast, giving both equal attention. You bit down on your lip, trying to restrain the moans from escaping your lips. Yugyeom twisted your nipple in between his fingers harshly, making you arch your back from the pleasure. ‘Do not hold it,” He commanded, coming up to stare into your eyes, the intensity in his gaze igniting a fire deep inside your soul. A fire you thought extinguished when he left five months ago. A fire you thought would never come back. “You were able to moan when he was here…so why can’t you do so for me?’

He locked eyes with you as he gave your nipple a teasing squeeze, making you involuntarily moan out loud in both pain and pleasure. He smiled down at you in satisfaction before pushing himself down further on the bed, disappearing in between your legs. You feel your panties being pushed aside and cold air being blown into your soaked folds. ‘This is mine,’ He whispered aggressively into my slit. ‘All mine. Do you understand?’
He eased his fingers in and out, giving you no time to adjust. You squirmed around him, your moans filling the room as he adds another finger.
‘I bet he didn’t make you feel so good, did he kitten?’ He asked huskily, his tongue being placed flat against your clit as he licked up a stripe.
‘No…daddy.’ You whispered under your breath, your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Yugyeom smiled against your folds before kissing your clit gently and pulling his fingers out of you before you’re able to let your orgasm ripple through your body. Yugyeom came back up to meet your face, his hazelnut brown hair sticking to his forehead. 

‘Everytime you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here. Only me. You are mine.’ His fingers circled your puckered love cave.
He pushes his boxers down, letting his pulsing shaft drop against his stomach. You gasped at the image in front of you, having forgotten about your boyfriend’s perfect size for a while. He pumps himself a few times before lining himself up with your aching core. He looked up at you the way all women want to be looked at by a man before pushing himself into you. He places your leg over his shoulder, gaining easier access. He steadied himself inside of you, giving you time to adjust to him before starting to pound into you more harshly, earning the dirtiest moans from you. You felt your hands getting heavier above your head, the blood rushing into your fingertips.
‘Yugyeom-ah.’ You moaned as he thrusted into you again. He looked up at you from the pleasure sight of his dick ramming into your tight womanhood.
‘Could we get rid of these?’ You asked in the puppy voice you know he can’t resist, your eyes narrowed at the tie around your hands. His thrusts came to a hold inside of you as he leaned closer to your face, squeezing your lips together in his hands.
‘Do you really think you deserve that?’ He asks, pulling his hips away from yours before slamming into you, making you jolt back in pain. You shook your head, too tired to disobey. You knew you’ve done wrong. You knew you should’ve never cheated on the only boy who can fuck you into nirvana and also make you feel like the only girl in the world at the same time but this punishment, felt too good to be true. He slapped your cheek gently before letting his hands rest on your thighs. You tried to ignore your hands dying above your head as his thrusts become harsher, more powerful. Moans spilled out of his mouth. You looked up at him. His head tilted back in pleasure, his sweet cherry lips forming an ‘o’ and his abs slapping against your back was the best view you’ve gotten in a really long time. You mouthed a silent ‘oh fuck’ before dropping your head back in ecstasy.

Your body rode up the satin bedsheets by your boyfriend’s angry thrusts. The knot in your stomach tightened at the sweet nothings Yugyeom whispered into your ear. Your walls clenched around him and you came with screaming his name. With your juices coating his dick, it didn’t take him long to fill your insides with his seeds. He rode out both your orgasms before dropping down on the bed next to you, pulling the bedsheets over your exhausted bodies.

Yugyeom wrapped his arm around you lovingly, kissing your shoulder. You were confused at his sudden change of behavior. Why he wasn’t mad at you anymore. Why sex was all he needed to forgive your reckless behavior. “You know,’ He whispered into your hair as if he read your mind. ‘You’re only mine to play with and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twist in my dark soul.’

Your body shivered at his honest words, making you feel guilty for ever doubting his love for you. You intertwined your fingers with his and kissed his knuckles, a smile appearing on your lips. ‘I’m all yours…oppa.’ You whispered gently. Your eyes felt heavy as exhaustion took over your body. Yugyeom giggled against your skin.

Peaceful dreams sachet

Need: Handful of Dried Lavender , Salt, Blue candle, fabric and stuffing (rice or other filling) Nylon or muslin, blue ribbon.

How to

Mix lavender with salt you can crush lavender and salt together with a mortar and pestle if you so chose for a finer mix and then mix a tiny bit of lavender oil in for the scent. Then mix with rice  f you are making a sachet/pillow that can be warmed. While mixing together thoroughly charging the material with peaceful energy and your wish for restful sleep as you do so. Put in muslin or other closely woven fabric and tie off with ribbon.

Light blue candle and while holding the sachet pass over it in a clockwise fashion three times saying

Peaceful dreams ,Restful sleep

All my worries let the day keep

For now it is night, When dreams awake

My body rest until dawn breaks

Next make pillow/outer sachet covering. I personally tend to make circular ones cutting out a circle about the size of two of my palms and then embroidering the moon on one side and a star on the other to make it pretty (I have a setting on my sewing machine but before that I used embroidery thread and satin stitched them by hand) sew the two circles together with the pieces flipped so its inside out if you want the stitching hidden or if you want to do sewing magic with visible stitches sew right side out. Leave an opening at the top to be able to put the sachet in (this lets you refresh the ingredients as well as wash the outer covering) and then sew shut (large stitches) or if you are being fancy/using this as a gift put a button and button hole to close and open it.

Personally I like to listen to music that puts me into the proper state of mind such as Sleepsong by Secret Garden and Clair De Lune by Debussy while sewing. And try to put that energy and peacefulness into the stitching 

 When you are finished blow out the candle and place the sachet in your pillow case or under the head of your bed. (alternatively you could add a ribbon to the outside and hand around the bed post near your head. 

Top 10 Bow Ties for Summer

Starting to wear more bow ties now? We pick out 10 of the best bow ties in summer-friendly fabrics you’ll want to wear this season!

Silk is definitely classic neckwear material, but with the sun in full force for the next few months, now is the perfect time to experiment with other textures and fabrics for your bow ties. We’ve curated a selection of seersucker, linen, chambray, and cotton bow ties for you that you can easily pair with your summer outfits. They’re ready for you below!

Oh, and make sure you check out the super unique bow ties for #9 and #10!


1) J.Crew Cotton Seersucker Bow Tie in Gingham

2) Ralph Lauren Seersucker Bow Tie


3) Alexander Olch The Crisp Bow Tie

4) Zara Linen Bow Tie with Rose Print


5) Banana Republic Chambray Bow Tie

6) Levi’s Chambray Bow Tie


7) Brooks Brothers Cotton Piqué Bow Tie

8) Smart Turnout London Woven Bow Tie


9) Cor Sine Labe Doli Ceramic Bow Tie

Textured Silk:

10) Monsieur Jean Yves Python Skin Bow TIe

Need more bow tie inspiration? Check out these dapper bows ties on Wantering. 

It’s no secret that bow ties complete a full suit, but when it gets too hot out during summer, what do you wear your bow ties with? Share your menswear style with us!

What to Wear for Your Valentine’s Day Date

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day, gents? Got the reservations? Prepared the gifts? Awesome. Now all you need to think about is your outfit for the day. As much as sneakers and hoodies can be mixed and matched for fashion-forward street style ensembles, there are just certain occasions when it’s better to leave them in the closet; Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions. Here’s a V-Day outfit idea that your date will appreciate:

1. Start with a crisp shirt. Make sure it’s form-fitting, and any wrinkles have been ironed or steamed out. By no means are you limited to a white shirt, but this tends to work well with a variety of color combinations.

Zara Plain Tailored Shirt

2. Add a tie to your ensemble to get extra dapper points. If you’re going on a more casual rendezvous, skip the silk tie. Instead, try a woven or wool tie so you don’t look inappropriately formal for the date. 

1901 Knit Tie

Alexander Olch The Partt Plaid Necktie

3. Layer with a cardigan for warmth. Avoid colors that contrast too much and would look awkward with your shirt or jacket. Feeling trendy? Go for a shawl cardigan! 

Theory Dotted Cardigan

John Varvatos Star USA Shawl Collar Cardigan

4. Top it off with handsome outerwear. A sharp blazer that fits perfectly won’t fail you. If your Valentine’s Day weather will be too cold, try something like the Jack Spade hybrid blazer with quilts for extra warmth, or opt for a coat instead.

Banana Republic Tailored-Fit Charcoal Twill Blazer

Jack Spade Bentley Hybrid Blazer

Rag And Bone Eccleston Jacket

5. Slim pants or jeans will give you a clean-cut look. Jeans with light washes are great casual staples, but go for dark washes if you’re going to upscale venues. 

Tailored Laundries Casual Pant

Topman Slim Fit Jeans

6. Don’t forget the details: a nice classic watch and belt. You don’t have to go over-the-top with the style; keep it simple- brown with brown, or black with black. 

Brooks Brothers Round Watch with Calfskin Band

Uniqlo Vintage Belt

Daniel Wellington Sheffield Watch with Black Leather Band

Shipley & Halmos Oak Belt

7. Complete the look with polished shoes: a nice derby or oxford, or if the 14th will be rainy or snowy for you, a boot.

Aldo Manzella Captoe

Aldo Orme Wingtip Boot

Be a Valentine’s Day prince for your special someone. Need more outfit ideas? Check out the men’s Valentine’s date night style feature on Wantering. Have a fun!

5 Holiday Shipping Deadlines You Don’t Want to Miss

Finish up your online holiday shopping before it’s too late!

Make your life easier and take advantage of online shopping this holiday season. With only a few days left before the shipping deadline cutoff, we’ve rounded up our top five e-commerce sites to shop for friends and family. Finish up your list and order your gifts now so that they can arrive just in time for Christmas, from Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Nordstrom, Need Supply and Topshop/Topman! 1. Urban Outfitters FREE SHIPPING, No Minimum! GET IT BY 12/24! Select Standard by 12/17. For 3 days only, take 25% off your order with these selects from women’s, men’s and apartment. Editors’ Picks: Urban Outfitters Women’s & Men’s

Cleobella Adela Ikat Blazer

Ecote Shearling Saddle Bag

Vagabond Marja Double Buckle Oxford

Brixton Ace Jacket

Will Leather Goods Traveler Duffel Bag

Frye Chambers Cap-Toe High-Top Shoe

2. ASOS Last days to order for standard shipping is 12/16 and express shipping is 12/121. Take 30% off these last minute gifts for women and men.
Editors’ Picks: ASOS Women’s & Men’s

ASOS Sweater With High Neck & Cape Sleeve

ASOS Mongolian Collar


ASOS Cable Sweater

ASOS Watch In Black And Rose Gold

Selected Parka With Fishtail

3. Nordstrom To have your gifts arrive before Christmas, the last day for free standard shipping on all merchandise is 12/21 by 3PM EST.  Editors’ Picks: Nordstrom Women’s & Men’s

‘Chakra’ Skidless Yoga Mat Towel

'Sizzzlee’ Leather Platform Bootie (Women)

'grove Court - Carolyn’ Satchel

Woven Silk Tie

'Denali SE’ Gloves

'Express’ Hanging Travel Kit

4. Need Supply  Free domestic 2 day shipping on orders of $75 or more. Order by 12PM EST on 12/22 to receive by 12/24.  Editors’ Picks: Need Supply Women’s & Men’s

Frieda in Marmor

Cowboy Mule

Anemone Sweater

Liquid Body Flask

M/S Sprint in Black

Norse Top Beanie in Navy

5. Topshop/Topman


Hey USA! FREE shipping and returns. Order by 3PM PST on 12/18 to get it in time for Christmas. If you need it faster, it’s $15 for express shipping.

MAGNUM Heeled Boots

Chunky Faux Fur Coat

Monochrome Pattern Crewneck Sweater


To arrive before Christmas, order before 12/18, shipping is $15. FREE express shipping on all order over $100. 20% off everything holiday until 12/25. 

Navy Nylon Holdall

Cut And Sew Hem Long Sleeve Smart Shirt


Tall, dark & handsome: Top 6 Work-Ready Styles for Tall Men 

At 6'3, Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s best dressed tall men (stylist or no stylist, he still cleans up pretty well). If your reach is approaching 7 feet or taller, we know how hard it is to find pants, shirts, and ties long enough to fit your body size.

“Big & Tall” is generally the fashion term used to indicate extra long lengths. We’ve curated the best office-appropriate looks that you can wear to after work dinners and drinks too. Suits that fit you look more professional and will make you feel good.

Cheers to that!

1) BOSS Hugo Boss James/Sharp Trim Fit Virgin Grey Wool Suit comes in Big (48R, 50R) and Long (40-46L) sizes

2) Canali Wool Suit comes in Big (46-48L) sizes

3) Nordstrom Smartcare Wrinkle Free Trim Fit Dress Shirt comes in Big (17.5) and Tall (16-17.5) sizes

4) Bonobos Straight Leg Washed Cotton Twill Chinos goes up to 36 length leg

5) Michael Kors Woven Silk Tie in Grey Dots comes in X-Long 

6) BOSS Hugo Boss The Sweet Trim Blazer comes in Big (48R-50R)

Check out Wantering’s Big & Tall search for more styles! We want to hear about your shopping loves and hates. What’s the best and worst part of shopping and finding clothes that fit? Tweet us @wantering​ 

Cover Photo: GQ Australia

LOTD: Eddie Redmayne

Get his perfectly polished look today

The much anticipated Stephen Hawking movie, The Theory of Everything, hits theaters tomorrow starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, two up-and-coming actors you should definitely keep an eye on. And while Eddie’s been on his busy press tour, we can’t help ourselves from taking a double look at his ensembles. In this picture below, he’s wearing an incredible Burberry suit - and who would’ve thought that baby blue would compliment the rich tone so well. To get his dapper look today, we’ve recreated his on-point look at a more affordable price point. Shop our pieces from ASOS, Nordstrom and Topman below.

Eddie Redmayne wearing Burberry at the BAFTA Los Angeles and Britannia Awards luncheon - October 30, 2014.

Selected Burgundy Skinny Suit Jacket

Selected Burgundy Skinny Pants

Premium White Long Sleeve Elongated Collar dress Shirt

Woven Silk Tie

Navy Baroque Pocket Square

Rolando Sturlini Oxford Shoes


steal his look: baróti star tv sanyika 

ARMANI burgundy checked shirt $155
ALEXANDER WANG laser cut logo bonded tshirt $450
LOUIS VUITTON bronze damier classique woven silk tie $205
DSQUARED2 canvas belt ltd with logo $225
DPA compact cardioid condenser microphone $1,650