woven textile

- I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that sugar scrubs save my miserable crunchy hide at least 4 times a week throughout the entirety of winter because the thought of touching anything upholstered or made of fabric without that regular ritual makes me want to shrivel up like a desiccated beetle carcass, but I’m equally serious when I tell you that if I never again had to experience the physical sensations that grinding oily sugar into my flesh provokes, I’d be a much kinder, more stable individual

- Yep definitely don’t do the logical thing when shipping scarves, don’t roll them, absolutely just keep hammering finely-woven textiles into squares the size of postage stamps or pointlessly tangling them around those acrylic bangle bracelet things smashing permanent folds and wrinkles into garments that can’t be fucking ironed, claps 4 u

- Real glad the blacklist extension for xkit suddenly works only sporadically and is letting through most of the constant, unyielding barrage of Cheeto shit and the one redeemable non-native aspect of blue slash tungle dot hell is now a total crapshoot

- I Did A Charcoal Mask Tonight But I Still Have Staggering Clinical Depression Dot Textpost Dot Fuzzy Jpeg


A large part of my job as in intern was photography of products - for use on the website or for the company’s social media page. Photography is not an area I have a lot of knowledge in, but I learnt as I went along with the help of other interns and staff. The greatest challenge was getting good lighting - difficult in the depths of winter - hence the roll of paper in the driveway for the sofa. 


I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break! I was setting up my loom the other day and realised how these pulleys and bones are such a peculiar part of the traditional Cypriot loom. The pulleys are used to adjust the height of the shafts with the help of chicken or rabbit bones. It might look a bit macabre; but since I try to retain traditional methods, I still use this technique.