woven hats

I have an issue. I have three good desert hats and I can’t decide which one to wear. 

Kangol hot weather jungle Beret, knit with vent holes in the fabric and of course NCR 1st Recon patch on it

Tula woven Pecos hat with Mojave Rattlesnakeskin band on it 

Woven Bamboo hat with fabric panels sewn on the back half and stripped of most of it’s bad red paint

All three of these are great desert hats. I just can’t decide, or should I wear all three?

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  the capital of the earth nation loomed high over her , upon a thinly narrow bridge that bottle-necked to its great and impressive heights , the sky a dull ember in the retreating sunlight that seemed afire and perpetually roiling in mountaintop winds , coloring the city itself in fiery hues . her being there was not without reason , the waterbender clad in an earthen tunic and trousers and wooden clogs that made her seem to be no more than a farmer of the loess plains . tipping the rim of her woven rice hat up , fire nation sentries clad in sable and power looming over all travelers . soon , the gates would close for the night , her wonder apparent : was it possible for her father to be within the city ?

  though conflagration clouded her heart , much of her still hoped he would be .


~Crimson Wishes~

Summer breathes its final breath as autumn’s romance whispers, “Make way, my love, for I arise, laden with crimson wishes.” Among the trees, an ancient lore initiates a choir, as peaceful slumber covers them, bequeathing songs of silence.

A cold north wind commands a force, displacing deadened leaves, creating wild disturbances and looting withered trees. The rustic, reddish leaves of gold dance wildly through the air, bestowing scarlet blushes to an earth disrobed and bare.

The scent of smouldering firewood ignites nostalgic memories of woven hats and stellar skies, a sentimental treasury. The air becomes encrusted with an ambience of old, where candle flames and twisted tales intensify our homes.

Come, rain or shine we wander to fixate on russet beauties through imagery and fairytales, a nature lover’s duty. Oh, come, rich, ruby artistry, unburden your wild pleasures, ignite my soul with claret dreams and copper-coloured treasures.

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

signs as harry’s quotes

aries: australian schools have cool uniforms. i wish i had to wear a woven straw hat for maths

taurus: louis and niall don’t get a lot of solos because their voices make girls pregnant

gemini: no fooking way

cancer: call me mr. borrow your girl because stealing is wrong

leo: i’ve got four nipples. i think i must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left its nipples behind.

virgo: i think if i was girl, i’d probably have a crush on zayn. just look at him. he’s just pretty, isn’t he?

libra: can you imagine a world where there was no music? it would suck. and i’d still be a baker.

scorpio: i’m just lucky that my last name isn’t balls.

sagittarius: work hard, play hard, and be nice.

capricorn: eating toast in the shower is the ultimate multitask

aquarius: my worst habit is getting naked all the time

pisces: never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana


Little Havana

Miami Cuban Vibes, Because Clavicle Is So In Right Now

So lately I’ve been obsessed with the whole vintage 50s vibe, which I’ve been lovingly calling my “retro-Dad” look, but with summer upon us I think it’s time I venture out a little. Allow me to introduce retro Dad’s brother, aka the Cuban uncle from Mimai that you never knew you had. In keeping with the 1950’s throwback trend, I’m bringing back the guayabera shirt because honestly, any shirt with an open collar that allows you to show off a little clavicle is totally fine by me. Us Filipino’s actually have a very similar version of this shirt known as a “barong” but I’ll just save that for another post. Rather than a typical pairing of white pants with this shirt, I opted for some colored denim to give the outfit more of that bold Miami feel. I stuck with traditional accessories like the white straw hat and woven slip-ons to round out my vintage Cuban lewk and shot the whole thing on these colored walls because that’s as close to Miami as my broke self is gonna get this year. Thoughts on today’s outfit? Leave a comment!


Original Penguin Shirt // Armani Exchange Jeans // Kenneth Cole Shoes // Goorin Bros. Hat