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Consider: you, but you're a forest goddess with lilies woven into your hair and when you cry the trees shudder and you lure lonely travelers into your comforting embrace and help them find their way with paths of truths and idk where I was going with this but like. You're my favorite artist ily

I….I love this so much………………………………………..thank you…..



memories of the months

january: snowy eyelashes, rose tea, silk

february: baby hairs, melting snow, candle light

march: softness, ribbons, fairy whispers

april: thunderstorms, melodies, swingsets

may: white dresses, rose petals woven into hair, romanticism

june: peach farms, long summer drives, closed eyes

july: lighthouses, a sea breeze drifts through an open window, blue

august: strawberry fields, stardust, humming

september: lullabies, new beginnings, ballerina pink

october: pumpkin patches, the carnival, caramel

november: long hair, girl lips, barefoot

decemeber: pomegranate, the ballet, fresh snow

types of kisses (part i)

  • wake up kisses pressed gently to the column of A’s neck or the underside of B’s jaw.
  • morning kisses; gentle and lazy, humming in contentment, limbs still tangled together, hands wandering over soft exposed skin.
  • stay in bed kisses, mischievous and deep, punctuating flirtatiously whispered bargaining words.
  • come back to bed kisses left on A’s neck and shoulder, unhurried and tender, with arms wrapped around A’s waist.
  • rushed late for work kisses, a flash of heat before hurrying out the door.
  • tender kisses when one brings home flowers for the other.
  • sticky ice cream kisses, sitting on a bench in the park and laughing against each other’s lips.
  • cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains.
  • kisses absently left on the backs of hands, fingers entwined in silent comfort.
  • joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles.
  • comforting kisses pressed to tear-stained cheeks between whispered words of reassurance and concern.
  • heated kisses with gasps in between, hands tugging at clothes and exploring skin, bodies pressed close. giving in.
  • long, slow kisses in the afterglow, fingers woven through hair and hearts beating in unison.
  • soft goodnight kisses exchanged on lamp-lit doorsteps on chilly autumn evenings.
  • a single loving kiss left on the other’s forehead when they fall asleep snuggled close together.
Tell me darkness is all you’ve ever tasted.
Tell me my lips are like ambrosia from Olympus.
  Tell me this body is made of moon beams.
Tell me the stars are woven in my hair.

Tell me your hands crave the feel of my fingers.
Tell me that loving a monster is knowing the monster is nothing but a man.
Tell me oblivion is not enough to tear you from me.
Tell me the journey down to hell was worth it.
—  Things They Want to Hear // L.H.Z
Love Always Wakes the Dragon

(and suddenly flames everywhere)

It could be worse. You do have all the luxuries befitting a princess, though one charged with treason. But a gilded cage is still a cage. And the prospect of withering away in this, the tallest tower of the Palace of Asgard, in the same place where your once-betrothed will live and marry and rule from, it’s almost too much to bear.

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Thor x Jotun!Reader
word count: 4067
warnings: brat prince Thor, unprotected sex, oral sex, hair pulling, choking

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Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics

Hufflepuff: Large yawns early in the morning. Scuffed floors. A question left unanswered. Honey. One hand catching another. The lies that old clocks tell. Tea that is swallowed for its warmth, not the taste. Footprints in the mud. Faded patterns on well-loved t-shirts. A spoon scraping the bottom of a mug. Splinters. Dew beading on flower petals. The imprints tight socks leave behind.  Wanderlust’s yearning pull.

Ravenclaw: Lightning. Fingertips stained with ink. Shattered glass. The whoosh as an umbrella springs open. A night where the clouds hide the moon. Chipped nail polish. A chord of music that breaks the silence. Blood smeared like paint upon skinned knees. Rosemary. A pause for the sake of pausing. Unopened envelopes. A dancer when no one is watching. The taste of melancholy.

Gryffindor: The soft breathy sound of a whisper. Paperclips. A cat rubbing against your legs. The flickering of dying light. Cinnamon. A laugh that is started by one but shared by many. The crunch of crumpling paper. Autumn leaves. A map with coffee-stained edges. Cookies that are two minutes over-baked. Hair woven in a careful braid. Shoes dragging against pavement. That ache that only loneliness knows.

Slytherin: Chapped lips. A puddle dimpled by falling rain. Peppermint. Old journals pushed far back on the shelves. A sky dressed in gray as it waits for rain. Mittens. Warm soup on a December day. A list of things you used to love. Fingerprints in the windowsill dust. An unlocked door. The call of a rooster as it welcomes the day. Rain. The chill of an empty fireplace. Nostalgia’s voice cutting through the silence.

jungkook scenario | aureate

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❝ aureate: adjective. made of gold ❞

prompt: You’re athletically challenged, but cute as heck so I keep on picking you for my team in gym class quidditch… oh am I being too obvious?

pairing: ravenclaw jungkook x slytherin reader

requested by @stitched-yoongz and anon | 3.6k words | fluff, hogwarts au

[First year]

Jungkook is aureate. Untouchable. A pure blood wizard with the heavy weight of a proud family history resting on his sculpted shoulders. He’s cut from topaz and quartz, dipped in milk and honey, smiling from his spot in perfect paradise.

Achieving high scores in class, held in high regard by all the professors, and his looks getting all the girls high, with tittering over his strong brows, bright eyes, and occasional bunny-toothed smile to remind them of his softer sides – it’s enough for you to decide that you hate him at the age of eleven. Fresh faced and fuming, you want him in his place. Not under the gaze of every girl, causing a flurry of capes and fluttering of eyelashes every time he passes by, but rather, away from the limelight, with his golden name tarnished.

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I Want To Dream

“Persephone!” Hades screamed as the gate sealed behind her. The vines curled around each other, closing the opening of the underworld before his eyes once again. Hades pounded his fist on the gate willing it to open, willing it to give her back, to uncurl and let him out. For once. Just let him out, let him have one more minute with her. Just one. His knuckles split and he felt blood run down his fingers but he didn’t stop he just kept pounding at the vines. Hitting, and clawing and pushing every force of darkness in his magic at the wall. He gave everything he had, and was left with a sealed gate that laughed at him.

Knees giving out, Hades slid down the wall. Tears silently rolled down his cheeks, matting his dark curly hair to his face. His eyes stared at the vines as he curled up next to the gate, as close to her as he can get. He stayed like that for hours, days, weeks, he couldn’t tell anymore. All he could feel was how his heart was ripped open and the insides clawed out. They had taken her from him again and again and again and he couldn’t stop it, and every time his heart was ripped from his damned soul.

“I know I’m leaving tonight but can you at least smile for me.” Persephone asked. Hades gave her a faint smile. They ate their breakfast next to each other, one hand intertwined with the others under the table.  When they were finished, they walked around their underground palace for hours, just talking and laughing. The sword was always in the back of their minds, why they were differing from their usually routine, the months without the other about to occur. Their hands never untied, clutching each other every second as if they could fuse together. Never separated.

With only a few hours left they found themselves in the ballroom. Persephone looked at him and smiled, less bright than usual, but still stunning. She had flowers woven in her hair in the shape of a crown, her dark curly hair falling down her back. Black and gold thread wove across her satin dress in swirls and designs that twirled in an endless dance. Her dark skin contrasted perfectly with Hades’ pale porcelain, the result of years trapped in an underground world. His skin was leathery and tough unlike Persephone’s soft skin, like flower petals. Millennia walking through fires and dragging souls behind him had taken its toll.

“Will you dance with me?” Hades asked and held out his hand.

“Only if you give me that big genuine smile I know so well.” Persephone said. The corners of her mouth turned up when she saw Hades’ roll his eyes.

“You can’t force a smile like that.”

“Well give me a nice smile and I will see if I can make it bigger.” Hades raised an eyebrow and slowly pulled his mouth into a smile. She took his hand and he spun her into his arms. Her loud laugh caressed his ears and danced behind his eyes, making him smile so hard he felt his teeth would crack.

“There it is.” She said. She took a step back from him and twirled, her dress splaying out and gliding through the air with her, and they danced.

They danced until their lungs could no longer keep up and they kicked off their shoes to some unknown part of the room. Twirling and gliding and curling around one another. Breathing each other in like they would never see the other again. There wasn’t any music, only their breaths that echoed through the room. But the music in their minds was louder than their own heartbeats in their ears. Drowning out everything except each other. Laughing and smiling they danced and Hades gave his rare smile to her and she gave her light. Her beautiful glow that vibrated through anyone that laid their eyes upon her. For hours, they danced. Hours.

“Hades.” Persephone said and her face scrunched up in pain. “Hades, it’s time. They’re coming.” He gripped her harder, refusing to let go.

“No, they don’t get to take you again. Never again.” He hissed.

“Hades.” She smiled sadly. “I love you.” He shook his head and gripped her hand, dragging her behind him as he faced the door of the ballroom. Waiting.

They slithered through the doors, tendrils of transparent smoke hidden to the eyes.

“You aren’t taking her. Not this time. Not ever.” Hades spat at them. The smoke seemed to vibrate with laughter at his words. It slithered closer, slowly over one tile and then another across the ballroom floor and pounced. Slamming into the two lovers it ripped through their forged hands and broke their grip. Locking around Persephone’s waist it pulled her across the floor and through the halls. Hades scrambled after, barely out of reach. Always just barely out of reach. Always watching them drag her away.

“I love you!” He yelled. She mouthed the words back at him, her voice hidden by the smoke. The gate was opening in front of them. Vines unlocking from their grips, slivers of sunlight shining through the opened gate. It pulled her through.


The servants slowly trickled out from their hiding spots, knowing better than to be seen on calling day. They brought wet rags, blankets and slices of bread and meat from the kitchen. Hades was still bloody and curled in on himself against the sealed gate. One servant took his limp hand and wiped the dried blood from it. Another washed his face as he looked upon them with dead eyes. They covered him with blankets and left the food next to him, hoping he will eat in the days to come. Just like before, they trickled away, leaving their broken king to wait for his lover to come home.

I wrote this as a final for a class and thought I should post it and see if you like it.

I recommend listening to Dream by Imagine Dragons while or before you read it. (It’s the song I had on repeat while writing this.) 

If you have ever listened to the musical Hadestown I also recommend listening to Lover’s Desire.

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…so @reallycorking and I actually talked about this a decent amount in the later stages of working on Heart of the Jungle because really, Hinata’s hair would grow out while he was preoccupied with things like living in trees and kissing Tobio. His hair does get longer if you look through the art, yup! 

Anyway, we lack self control, so have some jungle boy domesticity <3

The jungle was a magnificent place, filled with wonders the likes of which Hinata never could have imagined. The year he’d spent expecting to leave it had been tempered by reservations, by his reluctance to truly fall in love, both with the trees, and with Tobio. But now that he’d been freed of those worries, he found that the world had opened up around him, to finally let him see its true self.

Hinata fell, deeper and deeper. He ran as wild as his new home.

For all its natural beauty, however, there were still some things to which he was growing accustomed. One aspect of jungle life constantly made itself known, as he swung through the trees, the ground blurring past far, far below him. He reached out to grab the next vine, and his hair billowed straight into his eyes and mouth. He spluttered, blinded, shaking his head vigorously.

Hinata had never had long hair in his life, but it had grown so now, past his chin and a little over his shoulders. He could shear it off with a particularly sharp rock, but still hadn’t gotten around to it. If he was being completely honest with himself, he’d ended up holding off, after it had become apparent that Tobio certainly didn’t mind it long, judging by how often his hands strayed to touching it, fingers tangling and stroking and brushing.

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Forest angels

•tough bark like skin on your bare feet and naked palms all from wandering your sacred land

•sitting and talking to the babbling brook and laughing at all it’s sweet gentle jokes

•a birds nest of hair woven with feathers and twigs and moss

•jewelry made from your favorite stones and bits of bones, little gifts from your forest friends passed

•singing sorrowful songs with the mourning doves because their songs remind you of your family

•cuddling with the rabbits who’ve learned to eat from your hands, singing to the deer you’ve watched since the dawn of their life, laughing with the owl you knew as a chick

•you smell like the deep earth and sweet rain and mud clings to the hem of your clothes

•your feathers drip with the mist , heavy but not cold

•your lips are stained by the sun warmed berries, sweet and ripe it tastes like a first kiss and a thousand good memories

•watching the dawn crack through the thickly wooded areas and life around you take a deep breath as it wakes up

•winters spent helping the mice and squirrels feed their families and dancing on the ice of frozen ponds

•springs spent gathering flowers and crushing the petals against your skin to smell sweet

•autumns spent eating apples and watching your friends grow fat for winter, laughing how they bumble about gathering food

hoseok scenario | metallic snow

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You go to the mall looking for a present, and come home with a whole lot more

prompt: I’m desperate to find a particular item as a present, but it’s sold out everywhere. Luckily, I have you to help me out!

pairing: android hoseok x reader

requested by anon | 5.0k words | fluff, sci-fi au

You’ve been putting off going to the mall for a long time.

Ever since the city superstore got the latest instalments of android shop helpers, you’ve been too scared to venture inside. The new additions, updated for 2050, are just far too realistic, their plastic skin and woven hair terrifying you with their authenticity. Maybe you’re too old fashioned, but you’d rather go around the stores by yourself, without a high-tech replica of life following you around. That’s why you stick to the small shops by your house, the owners of which are still unable to afford the updates. You feel more at ease with only humans around you, preferring those who pump blood to those that pump oil.

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Date the one with scales that glow, who smells like the sea in the most comforting ways. The one with a laugh like the rolling waves, who disappears and reappears with the tides. Date the one who will sit on the rocks and sings songs to you as the moon rises and points out constellations as they appear. They’ll disappear once the sun rises, diving back into the depths.

Date the one made out of cosmic dust, who glows with the moon in their eyes and stars in their skin. Freckles making constellations on their skin that move and match the skies. Date the one with galaxies for hair and a touch cold as the vacuum of space but hotter than the sun.

Date the one who hides in the groves of the forests. Flowers woven into their hair and dirt caked to the bottoms of their feet. Date the one who hides in the shades and dances in the sunlight. Find they who make the trees their homes, who grow and nurture the seeds as they grow. Find the ones who talk to the animals and fly free with the birds.

Date the one who is nothing but darkness, who’s eyes are white slits in the shadow. Date the one with the gapping maw with an unsatiable hunger for knowledge and matter. The one who glides without sound through the halls of an abandoned building, peering at what once was theirs.

What ToG Characters Wear on Halloween

Aelin: Goes all out on her costume, which is a Firebreathing Dragon, paints her entire body grey and green, sticks spikes onto the back of her shirt and wears a long green tail that Rowan keeps tripping over. Spends the night breathing fire into people’s faces (she also lights the bonfire like that because she is extra).

Rowan: Just paints half his face like a skull and wears a black outfit. Doesn’t like dressing up, but Aelin threatened to make her fire-breath extra hot if he didn’t put in any effort.

Manon: Dresses up as Red Riding Hood because she doesn’t have to put in much effort. Red cloak? Check. Iron Nails to cut herself out of the wolf’s stomach? Check. She just fills a woven basket with raw meat and munches on it throughout the night (much to the horror of everyone around her).

Dorian: Wears a furry werewolf costume that covers his entire body, complete with a werewolf mask and werewolf slippers. People tell him to shut up after he starts making howling noises and he goes to sulk in a corner. Accidentally matches Manon’s theme of Red Riding Hood and they try to convince everyone that they didn’t plan it.

Elide and Lorcan: They wanted to have some sort of couples costume, and Elide is absolutely obsessed with the main couple, so she dresses up as Aelin and forces Lorcan to dress up as Rowan! She borrows Aelins fighting leathers and daggers, while Lorcan (reluctantly) throws on a white wig and paints spirals over his face. Rowan chokes when he sees them together.

Chaol: Wanted to dress up as the Golden Couch™ but Yrene convinced him not to, so he wears a clown costume and makes bad puns all night. “How many butts does an assassin have? Two”. Aelin roasts him (literally).

Yrene: The prettiest costume, she dresses up as an angel with a sparkling white gown and wings, and a tiara. Uses her ‘Angel Powers’ to heal Rowan after he trips over Aelin’s tail for the fifth time and faceplants into a fake cauldron.

Lysandra: Shifts into Aedion and wears the same costume as Aedion, nobody can tell them apart and Aedion spends the entire night trying to convince people that he is the real version (nobody believes him, of course).

Evangeline: Dresses up as a purple and blue mermaid with a tail-shaped dress and seaweed woven into her hair. She constantly pranks people by spraying water at them. Aelin gets her back by using her water affinity!

Aedion: Pirate! With a long sword and an eyepatch, he struts around, making weird “pirate noises”. He plays with Evangeline, pretending to fall overboard and be rescued by her. Everyone loves it, Lysandra especially. He convinces Rowan to shift and sit on his shoulder, with the help of Aelin. Rowan grudgingly agrees but he looks at everyone menacingly and occasionally bites Aedion.

Nesryn: Dresses up as Deanna, Lady of the Hunt. She does her hair and wears a silver dress and fur scarf, along with her bow and quiver full of arrows. She wins 'best costume’ award!

Fleetfoot: Evangeline dresses her up as a fish to accompany her own costume, complete with ribbons tied onto her tail to represent a fish tail and glitter sprinkled onto her fur. Wherever she goes, she leaves a trail of glitter (much to the annoyance of Aelin when she wakes up to a glitter-covered bed).

Abraxos: Manon refuses to do it, so Dorian paints his wings like a butterfly’s and Evangeline weaves a flower necklace that Abraxos won’t stop sniffing. He mostly just rolls around in the wildflowers in the meadow. Manon secretly loves it.

slytherin/hufflepuff relationship

• cute moments all the time, seriously, they’re the cinnamon roll couple
• the slytherin protecting the hufflepuff fiercely
• the hufflepuff trying to get the slytherin to befriend other hufflepuffs, but ‘no joanne, I do not want to bake more cookies’
• the slytherin ending up baking cookies after all, because ‘darling, they threatened to die all my clothes pink’
• when the slytherin is sick, the hufflepuff will cook for them and make herbal teas for them to get better soon
• the slytherin getting jealous very quickly, their hufflepuff is just too precious
• the hufflepuff always wins games, and anyone who tries to beat them, will find themselves hanging upside down from a tree (kudos to the slytherin)
• the slytherin trying to bake for the hufflepuffs birthday, and even though the cake is horrible, the hufflepuff will love it
• flowers woven into the slytherins hair, and a dark frown on their face, because who could say no to a hufflepuff when they want to make you look pretty
• just the cutest damn relationship ever, okay ?

[please do not send in more relationship requests]

- Céline

Ever think about what moving in with Harry would be like?

He’d wake up on move in day all smiles, even though it’s still really early in the morning. His place is all packed up, save for the mattress he’s slept on and his phone and charger that are on the floor next to him. And when he see you’re calling, his smile grows even bigger as he answers with a “Today’s the day, button!” 

When he shows up to the new place, you’re already there directing the movers with your boxes. You’re a bit perturbed when he’s got his hands full of snacks instead of his boxes, but this is Harry and of course he would come bearing gifts for the movers to express his gratitude, even though he’s already paying them a healthy sum and will undoubtedly pack on a hefty tip at the end. 

And you can’t help but marvel at the easy conversation and (bad) jokes he shares with the movers. Everyone loves Harry, especially you. No one is safe from his charm. And when he catches you watching him, he winks and excuses himself, making his way toward you. “Haven’t properly said ‘good morning’, have I?” He fixes all of that as his he holds you by the hips and presses his lips to your forehead.

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A mouthful of a name for the compulsion to pull out your own hair. All hair, the hair on your head, arms, your eyelashes, eyebrows. Lots of people have it, it’s usually paired with anxiety and other lovely issues.  

Mine got worse when I felt anxious, my fingers would just curl up in my hair and I’d pluck a strand out. Then another one. And another one. During high school I’d beg the principal to allow me to wear a hat to school so no one could see the bald patches but he told me ‘Just stop pulling out your hair.’

Needless to say, I got picked on. A lot.

I suppose it was a learned habit though.

My mother pulled out her hair too.

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