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Since the finale of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans season 2, I was feeling emotional and it is indeed a tearjerker. I do love the series so far and it leads me to have the itchy feeling of ideas to make Atra Mixta’s woven bracelets. I did use the materials i have and be creative on it. I only made two which are Mikazuki Augus’ blue bracelet and Kudelia Aina Bernstein’s white bracelet.

I took pictures of my masterpiece of them including my plushie of Chibiterasu from Okamiden wearing not only one but two. Again I love Iron Blooded Orphans and I was happy to make the bracelets based off the anime series.

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You Never Really Loved Me - Reddie

One year anniversaries are always supposed to be filled with love and celebration. Not heartache and the loss of someone you never saw something like this coming from…

hey guys so originally i was going to make this a stenbrough oneshot (bc i love my gay sons and they are underrated) but my friend convinced me to make this a reddie oneshot instead soooooo i hope that’s okay. i will 100% be writing some stenbrough stuff soon!

also, a quick thank you for 150 followers wow i love you all

i hope you enjoy this! -E

Warnings - swearing, cheating

Word Count - 2.3k

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Knot Magic, A Summary:

A fantastic, lowkey way to practice witchcraft. Knot magic involves knotting (oh really?) strings, shoelaces, ribbons – basically anything that can be tied – while focusing on your intention. For example, you could make a friendship-bracelet-style amulet for protection, focusing on protection with each knot you make. A great way to get an extra boost is by using colour magic when you pick out strings, enchant some beads, weave in corresponding symbols and bless and charge your amulet. There are no limitations to knot magic. Whatever your intention, you can make something to help you achieve it. It’s also inconspicuous as *heck*. Literally everyone wears some sort of woven bracelet. And even if you don’t want to make a bracelet per se, you can tie your shoelaces with knot magic before starting your day, make a study-aiding bookmark or focus on your intention while plaiting your hair and tying ribbons in it. The ideas are endless, it’s completely secret and you are making it yourself - therefore imbuing your own creation with your own energy and making it that little bit extra special, powerful and personal.

- From my grimoire. Blessed be, everyone!

gimme that everyday dragon apparel

work aprons

cloaks that are a little dusty and patched up 

well worn boots

a quilt that has been passed down for generations

modest/utilitarian bonnets and strawhats or other hats that aren’t too fancy for just doing errands or day to day tasks

tools like shovels, shepherd’s crooks, pitchforks, specialized tool belts 

adornments that are a little more crafty than glitzy. woven bracelets and necklaces

My Burden: Part 2 of 2

Apologies for the wait. I hope this makes up for it. It didn’t come out as well as i expected so if it sucks my sincere apologies lol i’d understand. It’s unbetad cos i’m an impatient ass so all mistakes are my fault. anyways, I hope it’s alright. Many many thanks to everyone who enjoyed the first part, it truly means a lot that you liked it. 

My Burden

SUMMARY: Emma falls for the shy deckhand, Killian Jones. But secrets are soon revealed and Emma finds herself face to face with his Darker self. The fight to mend the two halves of this broken man begins.


“Dark One I summon thee.”

“You know…” the voice startled her, causing her to spin. “You didn’t have to say it aloud.” he informed from the chair he reclined in. “I could feel you calling for me… all the way from the other side of the kingdom.”

Emma took in his relaxed presence. Her heart hammered at his abrupt arrival, unsure of her herself now he was actually there. He smiled at her unease and seemed to relish in her observation of him.

“Why are you here?”

He chuckled at her outburst, slowly rising from his seat.

“You summoned me, love.”

“No. Why are you here? In this kingdom? Why now?” she demanded.

“I thought i’d been clear on our last meeting.” His voice was tender, softer than it had been before. His hand ghosted over her hair and tucked a strand behind her ear, brushing her cheek as he let it drop. “I want to know you, love. I want you to know me.”

His closeness overwhelmed her. She could feel power radiating off him and it made her skin hum.

“I know I’ve been on your mind, Emma.The same way you’ve been on mine.”

Her eyes fluttered shut as he came nearer. He’d been right. She hadn’t been able to get him out of her head and she couldn’t grasp why.

“I could feel your warmth, your happiness, your radiance, it sung to me and I’ve been captured by you. You feel it, don’t you? The pull between us.”

His hot breath caressed her cheek as he chuckled to himself. “That fool finally did something right for once in his sorry life. He brought you to me.”

Emma’s eyes flew open and she stepped back, abruptly breaking the trance he held over her.

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Friendship Bracelets (Logicality)

Are you really trying to cover my face with a paper bag right now?

Thanks Bree for sending in the prompt, ily you angel!! 💖💖 seriously though, I needed an excuse to write Logicality fluff, tysm.

@mylasagnaisraw @princeyandanxiety @pansexualroman @lekawaiimelon @godammiteren (If you want on or off the tag list just let me know!)

Logic was knocking on Morality’s door, finding himself wanting to spend time in the cheerful trait’s company. As irritating as Patton sometimes was, he was Logan’s best friend, and Logic was strangely fond of him. According to his research, he might even have a…. small crush on the bubbly trait. So here he was again, knocking on Morality’s door, waiting to be let in. This was becoming an uncomfortably regular occurrence.
After a moment of silence, Patton’s cheerful voice streamed out into the hallway.

“Come in!” He chirped. Logic opened the door and walked into the familiar room, offering a small smile to Morality as he entered. To his shock, Morality’s eyes widened in horror and he leaped off the bed with a shriek. Patton rushed at Logan, who stumbled back in shock, and tried to cover his eyes.

“No, no, don’t look!” Dad yelled. Logic pushed his hands away and scowled.
“What are you doing?” He snapped. Patton whirled around and grabbed the closest thing to him: a paper bag that was lying on a desk. Morality grabbed it, the paper making crinkling noises, and attempted to gently but quickly put it over Logan’s head. Logic froze.

“Are you really trying to cover up my face with a paper bag right now?” He asked incredulously.
“Yup! You can’t see yet, it isn’t finished!”
“What isn’t finished, Patton?” Logic asked in exasperation, reaching up to tug the bag off his head. Morality gently swiped them away.
“It’s a surprise, Logan, you can’t look until it’s done. It won’t take long to finish, though!” He exclaimed, making Logic sigh.
“Ok, how about we compromise? I don’t like this bag on my head, it’s irritating and frustrating, and is making my glasses weird, so I’m taking it off.” Patton was about to protest, Logan could tell, so he quickly continued. “BUT, I will turn away from… whatever it is you are doing, until it’s completed. Do we have an agreement?” There was a second of silence, then Patton agreed.

“Ok, as long as you don’t peek.”
“I won’t.” Logic rolled his eyes, but he wasn’t really annoyed, mostly amused. He tugged the paper bag off his head and threw it back onto the desk, spinning around and facing the door. He listened and Morality padded back over to his bed and hummed to himself for a few minutes. It was the Winnie the Pooh song, how adorable! Logic was surprised when found himself smiling softly, listening to the bubbly trait hum along. After a few minutes the peaceful humming stopped and Patton called over to him.

“Ok, I’m done! Come and see.” Logan spun around and began walking to the bed, where Patton was sitting with his hands behind his back, hiding whatever it was he had been working on.

“Alright, what’s the surprise, Mo?” Logic asked, his curiosity taking over. Patton blushed a little.
“Well, since you’re my best friend, I wanted to give you something to remember that we’re good friends? So… I made us friendship bracelets.” He rushed bashfully, thrusting his hands out and revealing to Logan the surprise.

In each of Morality’s hand lay a woven bracelet, both made of the same sky blue thread, except one was intertwined with black thread the colour of the deepest, darkest night, and one was decorated with white thread the colour of the purest, fluffiest clouds. On the front of each was a gleaming golden charm in the shape of a heart. They were immaculate and pretty and Logan was kind of stunned that Patton had went to so much trouble creating them. To show how strong their friendship was.

Logic was touched; it was such a sweet and honest gesture, that a silly smile curled his mouth up into a smile, and a light blush dusted itself across his cheeks. Morality dropped the blue and black one onto Logan’s hand.
“Do you… do you like it?” He asked uncertainly.
“I… Morality, I love it. Thank you very much.” Logic told him gratefully, which made Patton beam, his smile as bright as the sun.

“Yay! I’ll put it on you.” He grinned, gently plucking the bracelet out of Logan’s hand and wrapping it around his wrist, tying the ends and tightening it slightly. They both admired it for a while, Morality still gently holding Logic’s wrist.
“Can I put yours on?” Logan asked tentatively. Morality nodded and smiled at him, stretching his arm out. Logic grabbed the other bracelet and tied it around Patton’s wrist, the charm glinting in the light. Now, for some reason, they were both still holding each other’s wrists.
“Thanks again, Morality.” Logic said quietly. Morality smiled a little at him.
“You’re welcome.” It was almost whispered.

Logic looked from their friendship bracelets back to Patton’s face, and wow, Morality’s eyes were really sparkly and pretty. There was silence in the room, and then Patton’s eyes flickered down to Logan’s lips, and then Anxiety’s obnoxiously loud voice echoed through the mind into the room.

“Logic! Where are you, can you come here, I need to ask you something!” He yelled. Logic sighed and rolled his eyes, and Morality looked away awkwardly.

“Well, thank you again for the bracelet, Patton.” Logan smiled. Patton smiled back, and a sudden surge of confidence hit Logan. Without thinking, he leaned forward and kissed Morality on the cheek. Immediately Patton turned bright red, blushing furiously. His eyes widened in shock, and he stared at Logan in awe. “See you later!” Logic called, hopping up and walking quickly out of the room, a delighted smile playing on his lips, fingers absently playing with the heart charm on his new bracelet.

Needless to say, to nobody’s surprise they began dating few days later.

Hello everybody!
Some of you may know that I’m struggling a lot right now, I’m facing eviction and homelessness, my food stamps have gone way down, and I need gas money to get to and from class. I lost to my job due to cutbacks and where I live it’s really hard for a young person to find work. However being the person I am I hate asking for handouts or donations or any sort of help with out giving anything in return, so I’m trying to sell most of things (I’ll have to get rid of it if we lose the house anyways) as well as some of my handmade things that I’ve sewn/knitted/crocheted, including my hand woven bracelets. If you can help me at all, a quarter, a dollar or two, I’ll send you a bracelet, and if you want a different color or pattern then just ask and I’ll oblige! I hate doing this because I hate asking for help but I don’t have a lot of other options currently. If you can’t help then please reblog and signal boost. Message me for my PayPal and to give me your address and let me know if you’d like to see anything else I’ve made, thank you for the support and I love all you guys 💗

Okay so like I have this AU with pagan god!Cas living as a fisherman in a small house near the sea. 
And there is merman!Dean, in love with humans and their culture, and after an accidental meeting Cas agrees to gift Dean a human form and take him to the surface for some time.
 And I am having feels because I am thinking about how Cas might live on the surface for decades, but he’s still kinda awkward when it comes to interactions with human. And how they can probably sense that he’s something dangerous, and they are kinda wary of him, too. 
Then one evening he takes Dean to the town, takes him to the market, silently letting himself be dragged to every single stand by the enthusiastic young man. 
Dean has a brilliant smile and beautiful laugh, and it’s not a surprise when he ends up getting a gift from one of the sellers.
And Dean thanks her as if she gave him gold, even if it’s just a cheap woven bracelet. 

Cas can’t get enough of his shy little smile when he tries it on and then plays with it for the rest of the evening. 

@evil-rainbow-sunshine it’s completely unedited, and kind of rushed because I need to leave for an interview in five minutes, but I heard you were sad and wanted to do something to cheer you up, just like your promptis videos always, without fail, manage to cheer me up.

Happy Birthday. You’re awesome.

He’d considered, really, telling Noctis. He had. But Noctis had been very busy lately, with his royal obligations, and Prompto had known that he wouldn’t be able to make time to see him, and he’d known that Noctis would inevitably feel bad.

He’d opened his mouth, had hesitated, and had, in the end, said nothing. Only wished him a great weekend, and ‘I’ll see you on Monday, Noct, and I am so gonna beat your high score tomorrow!”

So this year, October 25th is going to be spent like any other day. Like the year before and the year before that.

He’s going to spend his birthday alone. This is fine. He’s used to it.

On the way home, he makes a small detour to his favourite café – the one with the mint-chocolate frosted cupcakes he likes so much but indulges in so very rarely. One of these days, he’s going to have to bring Noct – Prompto is sure he’d love it. It’s a quiet place; more of a hole-in-the-wall, really. A remnant of the time when Prompto was slightly more of a low-burning candle than trying his hardest to be a 100 watt light bulb; when he was still the quiet, reserved boy who’d sit quietly in the back of that café, looking through his photos.

The barista hands him the cupcake in a brown paper bag. “On the house,” she says. “Happy birthday!”

Prompto smiles. It should be enough, for one person to remember.

(It’s not, but he wants it to be. Prompto doesn’t want to be selfish.)

When he gets home, he places his bag on the chair at the dinner table, slips out of his tie and loses his jacket.

He takes a shower first, and then, hair still wet and wearing the most comfortable shirt he owns, he grabs a small plate for the cupcake and opens the bag.

There’s a birthday candle stuck in the frosting, and really, Prompto vows to tip more the next time he goes to that café.

He gets a lighter from the drawer in the hallway, and lights it. Sits at the table and stares at the flame dancing on the pink and white wax.

“Make a wish,” he tells himself, corners of his mouth lifting ever so slightly. He closes his eyes, thinks of blue eyes and raven hair; of laughter and warmth and videos games played in an apartment too big for one single person, and blows the candle out.

And when he opens his eyes, he adds, almost in an afterthought, “happy birthday to me.”

Cupcakes are really hard to eat, actually, without making a mess. He considers getting a spoon for the frosting, but then shrugs to himself, and just takes a bite. It’s really not like anyone’s going to be seeing him get frosting all over his face.

Except the doorbell rings.

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Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Bullied!Short!Reader)

a request from @dianaftop !!!

They requested three fics: this is one of them!

dianaftop: on the Anthony Ramos x reader, the reader (me lol) meets Anthony in school while she was being bullied, because of the readers height. 

so here it is !!!!

hope you enjoy !!!

pssst I had to look up what a school day in America is like because I live in little old Wales ^^

also I used the name Annalise for a bully because I know a really horrible girl with that name so if that’s your name just replace it okay? :)

Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Short!Bullied!Reader)

The school bell rings at 8:30, announcing yet another 7 hours of torture from your peers. You ttake a deep breath, steeling yourself up, and open the door. You groan as you see the crowd filling the hallway, all much taller than you. People are barging into you left, right and center, when all you wanted was to get to your locker!

Finally, you arrive at your locker - locker number 46 - and you freeze up as you notice something.

Scrawled across the metal door was a variety of insults.



Nobody likes you!

Just go die already, midget!



You look down at the floor, not wanting to let any of your abusers see how they had affected you. The corridor slowly empties as everyone leaves to homeroom, leaving you alone to cry silently. 

Quiet footsteps begin tapping down the hall and you involuntarily flinch, even though you know that your bullies would normally have shouted out to you by now.

The footsteps come to a halt beside you, and you turn away from the person, snivelling.

“Hey,” A hand rests on your shoulder. “Are you…okay? Is this your locker?”

The voice, a guy, was nice. Soothing. You unconsciously lean towards him, towards his hand.

“Yeah. This is my locker.” You whisper hoarsely.

“Look at me.” The guy says gently. You reluctantly tear your eyes away from the floor and-

Oh. He’s attractive, You think, and silently curse yourself in your head for noticing that when you’re upset. 

It was true though. A puff of curly brown hair, tied back in a low ponytail, sat atop a smiling, freckled face in a way that could only be described as cute. Cute in both a hot and an adorable way. He wore a deep blue polo-neck and tan trousers, and you stifled a smile when you saw a woven leather bracelet with a -was that a turtle?- charm around his wrist.

“My name is Anthony. Anthony Ramos. I’m new here.” He introduces himself, keeping one hand on your shoulder but offering his other hand to you.

“…(Name) (Last Name).” You mumble, shaking his hand. He surprises you by raising your hand to his lips to kiss. You flush bright red. Who even does that any more? You think, but you can’t say you didn’t like it.

“Now, why would anyone bully such a cute girl?” Anthony asks, cocking his head in puzzlement. You blush even brighter. Surely he was messing with you?

“…I don’t know. I guess I’m an easy target because I’m short and un-intimidating.” Your voice trembles on this. You let out a noise of shock when Anthony pulls you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.

“…You can cry if you want. I don’t judge.” He murmurs. The waterworks start and you bury your face into his chest as the tears start flowing freely. Anthony holds you and rocks you as you continue crying quietly. When you’re finished, he fishes a small pack of tissues out of his pocket and hands you one. You sniffle lightly.

“Why did you comfort me? I’m just a stranger.” You ask shakily. To your surprise, Anthony blushes and struggles to find the words.

“I…I don’t like seeing other people upset…but I thought you were really pretty so I really wanted to wipe away your sadness.” He stutters. He takes a deep breath and smiles at you. “Hey - I think we’ve pretty much missed Homeroom, so we may as well get to first lesson. What d'you have?”

“Um.” You pull your planner from your bag and squint at it. “Intermediate Theatre Arts with Mrs Miller.”

“Eyo! Same here!” He grins, a dimple in his cheek popping. “You’ll have to show me the ropes.”

You find it in yourself to smile at him. “I’d love to.”

Over time, Anthony became close friends with a group of people in your theatre class, Lin, Leslie, Renee, Jasmine, Phillipa, Daveed and Oak. However, you stayed his best friend all throughout the year. You were inseparable. He was always helping you, with your bullies, with your friendships, and even when you got into a fight with your mother halfway through the year, he let you stay with him and his family until you made up. He even took you to prom when nobody else would, despite Jasmine’s blatant crush on him and her hinting that she wanted to go with him. There was only one thing you didn’t confide in him with.


You know how cliche it is, but over the year, you managed to fall in love with Anthony. He was so sensitive, smart and kind that how could you not love him?

Now, on the final stretch of your final year, graduation is looming, and you still haven’t told hI’m.

Wednesday, last period. Music.

“Yo!” Your lanky, over-the-top best-friend-turned-crush sidles up behind you with his guitar on his back and wraps his arms around your neck in an affectionate, backwards hug. You smile and pat his hand.

“Hey, Ant. My freckled babe.” You tease. This was a joke between you two, in which you would call each other babe because you were so close and people thought you were dating.

“Hiya, babes.” He boops your nose. “What’s my favourite girl working on now?” He asks, reaching out to grab your music. You quickly snatch it out of his grasp.

“Uh-uh. I don’t think so.” You wiggle a finger at him. “It’s a surprise.“ 

“Aw.” Anthony pouts. “Can’t I see it? I’m your best friend.” He whines. You giggle.

“Like I said, it's a surprise, silly!" 

"Awww…okay.” He scrunches his nose up and shakes his head to get his curls out of his vision. “I’ll see you later.” He kisses your cheek, causing you to splutter unintelligibly.

He takes his guitar over to the far corner where nobody else is and begins strumming, focusing completely on the guitar. You watch him for a while. Every now and then he’ll look up, make a disgruntled expression and shake his head, muttering under his breath.

“Hey, Shortbus.” You hear, before a hand tugs on your hair and pulls your head back.

“Ah-ow!” You wince and look up. One of the school bullies, Annalise, is smirking down at you with a smug expression. 

“Aw, has the little midget got a cruuuush? Sorry, sweetie, but he’s way out of your league.” She cooes in a horrible tone. 

“Leave me alone, Annalise.” You mutter, but she scowls and yanks your hair again.

“I don’t think so. Now.” She glances at your music sheets. “What are these? Are you writing a song for lover boy?” Her eyes glitter as she swipes up your sheets and reads them. You gasp and reach out to grab them back, protesting. She glares at you, a cruel smile curling her lip. “Are you kidding? These songs are so cringy, Shortbus. Helpless?  The hell kind of song name is that?” She giggles.

“Annalise…” You beg. “Please, leave me alone.”

Annalise laughs. “Hell no. I’m going to go and show these to Anthony.”

“No-no no, please!” You plead, staring up at her. “Please!”

She smirks and sashays over to Anthony, saying something to him in a low voice and showing him your sheet music, the piece of your heart that you had poured into this song.

Anthony grabs the sheet off of her, eyes scanning every line. Annalise smiles triumphantly in your direction.

You expect an upset expression to cross Anthony’s face, for him to look disturbed, disgusted.

You do not expect his face to form into the widest smile you have ever seen. You do not expect for him to look this happy.

He looks up at you, halfway across the room, eyes alight and hopeful.

The bell rings, and you stand up quickly, trying to exit the room before anyone else. However - just your luck, some of the class gets out before you and you feel a hand grasp your wrist, keeping you behind.

Everyone leaves the room, including the teacher, and you’re stuck standing with Anthony holding onto your wrist. You sigh and turn to him.

“Anthony…” You begin.

“I love you!” He blurts out, and you freeze.

“I…what?” You look up at him in astonishment, and hope.

“I love you, so much. Please…was that song that Annalise showed me written for me?” He asks, eyes pleading. A slow, steady smile crosses your face.

“Yes.” You whisper, and Anthony lets out a loud whoop of laughter and pulls you close. “Anthony-”

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He giggles into your hair, and you let out a short burst of laughter.

“I love you too!” You thread your fingers through his hair and laugh, burying your face into his shoulder. "I can’t believe that Annalise…was trying to bring a rift between us…but she failed and just brought us closer together!“ You say breathlessly.

Anthony pulls back from the hug and looks down at you, studying your expression. He seems to be deliberating something before he mumbles "To hell with it,” and crashes his lips onto yours. You gasp into the kiss and pull yourself closer to him, thumb caressing his cheek.

The kiss is short and sweet, and he pulls back with a laugh. “I’m your safe place.” He says.

#40/100 Ways to say I LOVE YOU

Originally posted by sungwoonstae

“I made this for you.”

ft. Boyfriend!Park Woojin

From here

“Today was awesome baby, thank you so much.” you smiled and hugged him, “Anything for the birthday girl, who happens to be my girlfriend,” his snaggle teeth showing as he smiled.

“I mean, you took me for a breakfast pancake, movies and even prepared a nice picnic beside the Han river!” you sighed and leaned your head against his shoulder, a thin blanket draped over your thighs, “Well, the hyungs also helped me a little…” he feed you a piece of apple pie.

“But still, this is the best birthday I’ve ever had,” you chewed happily, “Spending my birthday with you alone is already the greatest gift.” you patted his cheeks, “About your present…” he trailed and took out something from his backpack.

“I made this for you.”

You gasped, he put an identical pair of leather woven bracelet and a cute leather wallet on your hands, “So this why you went to a leather workshop last week?”

He nodded as he took your hand and tied the bracelet, “And it’s a couple bracelet,” he held your hand up as he finished tying his bracelet too, “Park Woojin, you never fail to amaze me,” you giggled and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“Today is really the best birthday ever.”

Hello there Bisexual peeps!

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@cutiespoonies what do you think? Am I rocking the chair?

Image description: a girl with light skin and caramel coloured hair is sitting in a wheelchair, which has grey paint and black arm rests. She is sitting on a partially visible cushion, which is dark blue with white stars on it. She is dressed in a grey dress with Metal Mulisher written on it in black and white writing. The straps are black.

She is smiling, wearing sunglasses which look like Ray Bans, and has her legs crossed. She is wearing her short ish hair half up and half down, a black velvet choker with a pentagram attached, and hand woven bracelets on her left wrist. She is slender. She is wearing wedge sandals in black, with ankle straps.

The girl is also wearing dark blue lipstick, and leaning on another cushion which is a similar grey colour to her dress. She has one had on her hip and the other up on her sunglasses.

The background shows red chairs and tables with red parasols, and a herringbone pattern floor which is a strange shade of brown/grungy pink.


Evie loves Serena.
(This spilled out after watching the episode where Evie asks Serena what her favourite colour is; gives her a loom bracelet as close as she can find; tries to charge her 50p, then gives it away for free. I need more Serena/ Fletchlings in my life, and my brain can’t seem to finish an entire fic, so back to the snippets!) 
Canon-compliant, as in, Elinor is dead. And after that spring trailer, I really had to soothe myself with this! 

It;s been a long day on top of an even longer night. Serena sits at her desk and draws deep breath after deep breath, her finger digging in to her temples, trying to squeeze out the sound of her own voice snapping at Morven, snapping at Fletch, almost at Bernie… and all out shouting at Jasmine.
Serena’s sigh at the thought turns to a barely restrained growl as a timid knock interrupts her gathering clouds. She barks out permission, the stony mask she’s briskly donning faltering in surprise as a head bout two foot sorter than she was expecting pokes gingerly around the door. 
“Evie,” her voice is flat, but she sits upright and Evie opens the door fully to enter the office. She’s briefly stopped by Fletch, who pops up behind her, hand on her shoulder. 
“She really wanted to see ya,” Fletch raises his eyebrows, perched somewhere between asking permission and offering apology. Serena manages a tired, half smile as she looks at him. 
Maybe he doesn’t miss the way her smile falters when her eyes drift over Evie; the way the edges of her features crease in pained memory, but when Evie’s hands fiddle nervously with the straps of her rucksack, and she offers a soft
“Hey, Serena,”, Serena’s eyes glisten, and his shoulders relax slightly as the faintest wink  makes Evie smile.
“It’s fine, Fletch,”
He nods, and with a squeeze of Evie’s shoulders and a five minute warning, he clicks the door softly behind him. 
Serena steels herself, but finds that the smile she’s prepared to force out comes almost naturally when Evie still looks very much like just-Evie in front of her.
“What can I do for you, Miss Fletcher?” she asks. Evie shrugs out of her rucksack, and pulls one of the chairs close to Serena’s. She rummages in her coat pocket for a moment, before pulling out her closed fist. 
“Everyone always says sorry, don’t they,” Evie shrugs as Serena raises an eyebrow. “It used to really irritate me. Still does, sometimes. But, like, now I sort of understand why. Like, they can’t think of anything else to say, can they? And maybe they mean that they wish your weren’t sad, that they could make it go away, that if they could they’d make the world right again.”
Serena’s heart begins pounding, her breathing quickening and her jaw works had to keep her lips from trembling. Evie reaches out with both hands, gingerly, and takes Serena’s. Serena squeezes Evie’s fingertips tightly as Evie’s thumbs stroke hers. “That’s what I mean, anyway.”
She wriggles her hand until Serena loosens her hold, and unclasps her palm, nimbly and efficiently manoeuvring Serena’s arm until Serena felt something light and soft wrapping her wrist, sitting just snugly enough. Evie moves her hands to allow Serena to hold her wrist up for examination. 
“It’s a friendship bracelet,” Evie explains, shyly. “Just so you always know that we love you, you know,” The trembling fingers of Serena’s other hand come up to ghost across the intricately woven bracelet, turning it this way and that, taking in the shades of colour. 
“Burgundy and ruby. And a bit of cherry, because Ella said you’d like cherries. And a strand of green coz… well, Bernie,” Evie rolls her eyes fondly, and Serena half laughs, half sobs. Evie stands, slowly, closes the gap between her and Serena and reaches out one hand to Serena’s shoulder.
“Oh, Evie,” Serena whispers, and pulls her close, unable to stop the tears as Evie’s hands wrap firmly around her neck. 
“I don’t think it gets better,” Evie mumbles into her ear, and Serena feels hot moisture along her neck as well as her own cheek. “But, it does get different, eventually.” 
They hold each other for a while, until they both sniffle and take deep, ragged breaths. Serena gently pushes Evie back, and swipes at the tears on her cheek. 
“You are very special, Evie Fletcher. I am so glad you’ve found me,”
Evie ducks her head, smiles up through her lashes. “Always, Serena,” 
She pecks her lightly on the cheek, wipes at her own cheeks before hefting her rucksack. “I better go before Dad starts goin’ on again,”
Serena stands and walks Evie to the door, sees her out with a final squeeze to her shoulder. She watches as Evie makes her way to the nurses station and immediately wraps her arms around Fletch, her eyes welling up again at his surprise, before he squishes her back and then heads for the doors. 
She stands, leaning against the window, absently stroking the bracelet on her wrist, until her eyes snap to the slowly opening door. Serena’s facial muscles work frantically as Bernie carefully enters their office and shuts the door behind her. She stares at Serena for a moment, waiting to weigh down on whichever side of the struggle wins. When Serena’s face crumples and she can’t hold back the heaving sobs any longer, Bernie steps forward, pulls her firmly to her chest, and waits for Serena’s arms to wrap around her, clinging, before she does the same. 
“Alright, Serena. I’ve got you. We’ve got you. Alright,” Bernie knows she can say no more; just holds Serena until the sobs subside into hiccups, until the hiccups are semi-concealed behind self-conscious laughs. She smiles encouragingly as Serena makes cosmetic attempts to pull herself together, and finally holds out Serena’s coat. 
“Come on, let’s go home.” 
They leave, and once outside, they link hands almost unconsciously, strands of friendship blowing out from under Serena’s sleeve and tickling Bernie’s fingers. 

One day, in the not-so-distant future, Evie (with specific input from the other Fletchlings) gives Bernie a bracelet. Serena had to have hers first, but Evie made them at the same time. Green is Bernie’s favourite colour, and her bracelet is reminiscent of a lush summer forest, flaked with deep red vines. Evie loves Serena, and Bernie loves Serena, so Evie loves Bernie, too. 

Changing Colors

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Well Will had been right about people being worried, when they had found their friends they had been a mix of relieved and furious, Nico didn’t need a spell to see that clearly. When they had first seen that Nico had been found Percy and Jason rushed over and crushed him in a tight hug and then proceeded to yell at him though they let up a bit when they noticed that his clothes had started to change to brown and black and grey.

They had agreed to go to the infirmary for the sake of privacy and to make sure that Nico was pushing himself. Once there Will had Nico go lay down on one of the beds and explained to the others how he had found Nico upstairs. “When he jumped into the shadows I hurried here to get the cure that Coach Hedge had told me about but when I realized that I was missing part of it I went up to the store room to find it and that’s where I found him.”

Nico lay curled up on the bed and breathed steadily after dozing off, lingering effects of his short jump it seemed were still there Will could tell, he had seen Nico’s clothes flash light blue before he laid down and not long after that he had been asleep. “I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a prank or what but I have a feeling I know who the culprits are, and I already assured Nico that it wasn’t a curse.” At that Percy and Jason both seemed like a weight had been lifted from them and Piper and Annabeth watched Nico as he slept, every now and then his clothes would change briefly.

Annabeth turned back to Will. “Well I’m sure that he’s going to be okay here so I guess we’ll just leave you to watch over him for us.” She smiled at Will, she had noted how the colors seemed to shift more when Will was talking or closer to Nico so she had a feeling she knew what was happening. “Come on Seaweed Brian, we should let him be for now. Until he’s better why don’t you guys come help Piper and I with sword training?” she grasped Percy’s hand and pulled him towards the door and Piper did the same with Jason, before leaving the room though Piper looked back at Nico and Will in turn and smiled before leaving.

A couple of hours later Nico woke up looking more refreshed, Will caught the glimpse of violet before Nico managed to gain control over his emotions and his clothes returned to normal again. Will bit back a smile of amusement before he spoke. “So I take it that you’re feeling better now?” Nico nodded as he stretched after sitting up on the edge of the bed. “I know it was stupid so you don’t have to remind me again, but since it was just a small jump it didn’t take as much out of me.” Will was glad that Nico understood why Will had been upset before, at least the son of Hades knew he had messed up, but all in all Will was just so thankful that he was safe.

“Well that’s good, no need for a continuation of the usual lecture then.” He smiled at Nico to let him know that he wasn’t upset anymore just relieved. Nico returned the smile, a mix of colors showing faintly as he seemed to fight down the effects of the spell, but Will had seen small amounts of light pink, violet, gold and true blue. He still didn’t know what all of them meant but he could just tell that they were positive emotions and for that he was glad because it meant that Nico was happy despite how little he let others see he wasn’t devoid of those emotions. “Now if only we had an idea as to why this whole mess was happening.” Nico said.

“Oh I think we can help you with that.” Both Nico and Will turned towards the door to see Lou Ellen and Butch standing in the doorway of the infirmary room, and standing just behind them were some campers from the Iris and Hecate cabins. Will already having had his suspicions about who was behind this just leaned back against his desk and waited for the explanation.

The younger campers standing back took a few steps forward into the room. “We’re sorry we upset you Nico, we didn’t know that would happen or that you might get hurt because of it.” The Hecate camper started, she looked to be about twelve or thirteen and the regret was evident on her face as she apologized. “We just thought that we could add some color to your wardrobe because you always wear such dark or dreary colors.” Will covered his moth to hide a smile because he agreed with them on that. “We weren’t sure how it would work, we just knew that the colors would change, we’re really, really sorry Nico.” The Iris camper was a boy about ten or so, he also seemed as earnest in his apology as his, accomplish? Will knew that they hadn’t meant any harm by it and he could tell by glancing at Nico that he understood this too.

“It’s okay, really. I’m still not used to being around a lot of people and don’t know any other way to react to things then to fight or run, I over reacted to the situation.” He glanced over at Will briefly before returning his attention back to the others. “I guess I could add more color to my wardrobe, but nothing hideous.” He shuddered thinking back to the tropical shirt he had to wear on his trip back from the ancient lands. The younger campers seemed to perk up at this. “We can help!”

Will, Lou Ellen and Butch laughed and Nico grinned at their enthusiasm. “On one condition, you get rid of whatever it is that you did to my stuff.” The kids agreed happily, it seemed that after the incident at breakfast those involved in this little plan went to the older campers in their cabins to explain what they had done and together they had found a way to revers it, though all involved would have to face the consequences of their actions still. These two having been the ones to carry the plan through were the ones chosen to come and apologize for all involved.

“And the next time you guys have a problem with my clothes, just come and tell me okay?” Nico said getting up from the bed. He also glanced sidelong at Will for a second including him in this as well. “Deal.” Came three voices in response causing Nico to smirk.

It was dinner time now and everything had returned to normal, Nico had his plain old clothes back. The kids had lifted the charm from all of his belongings that had been affected and as a gift of apology they had also given him a couple of woven bracelets with plenty of color for him to wear which he accepted gladly. Nico now sat at his usual table with his friends who were all happy to see that he was okay and that everything was back to normal.

“So Will said that you guys went to practice sword fighting while I was out, how’d that go?” Nico asked the girls who had joined them at their table. “It’d different than using a knife but I think we’re really getting the hang of this.” Piper said. “That’s great; I’ll have to try sparring with you at some point then.”

While they spoke Will came over and placed something in front of Nico before he headed back to his table. Nico paused and looked down to see a small box on the table in front of him. After a couple of heartbeats Jason poked Nico in the side to get his attention causing him to jump slightly. “Open it.” Everyone was curious what it could be so they all leaned in for a better look. Just as curious as the others Nico needed no more prodding so he undid the little ribbon and opened the box to reveal a silver bracelet with a sun shaped charm on it and a strange little gem in it.

“Oh look it has a mood stone in it.” Piper said as Nico lifted the bracelet out of the box, he looked over at her with a puzzled look on his face. “I thought those were for rings.” Piper shook her head. “They can be on pretty much any piece of jewelry as long as it has contact with your skin so that it can change color.” Nico looked closer at it as he held it in his hand and watched as it slowly started to change color; he glanced back at the box and saw a small piece of paper that indicated what each color meant. Violet = Happy he grinned as he unclasped it and then fastened it around his wrist with his other new accessories.

Nico looked over towards the Apollo table and saw Will looking his way. Nico smiled and raised his wrist high enough to show Will that he was wearing it and that he loved it. Will smiled brightly in return and lifted his own writs to reveal a glint of silver there.

Black = Intense, Stressed

Brown = Troubled, Restless

Red = Rage, Anger

Orange = Aggressive, Irritated, Edgy, Sarcastic

Golden Yellow = Hope

Yellow = Confused, Puzzled, Incredulous, Curious

Yellow-Green = Worried

Lime Green = Shocked, Surprised

Emerald Green = Triumph, Hyper, Energetic, Mischievous

Dark Green = Disgusted, Ill, Nauseous

Teal = Alert, Nervous

Ice Blue = Fear, Scared, Panic

Light Blue = Sleepy, Tired

True Blue = Relaxed, Calm

Dark Blue = Bored

Blue-Violet = Serious, Confident, Concentrating

Violet = Happy, Pleased

Light Purple = Excited

Magenta = Embarrassed

Dark Pink = Silly

Light Pink = Flirty, Amused, Playful

White = Hollow, Blank, Void

Grey = Sad, Hopeless, Dejected, Discouraged, Gloomy

Blue-Grey = Sad for someone