wounderful body

Love isnt begging someone to stay, while they scream at the top of their lungs every mistake you have made, every flaw that is within every inch of your soul.
Love isnt screaming at the top of your lungs crying at 2am because you couldnt convince them to stay. And hating every inch of your body woundering why you werent good enough, because some cruel human had the odasity to make you feel worthless and leave you like it was nothing.
Love isnt waiting two days for them to ansewer over the fact that you are uncomfortable with something they have done.
Love isnt painful. Love is supposed to be sweet, supposed to mend your soul, its supposed to make you happy. Its not love if you are sitting there hurting, you may love that person but they dont really love you if they are willing to break you; and watch as you crumble feeling no remorce for their actions.
Give love to someone who is willing to give their love in return.
—  LQ2