wounded knee 73

Madonna Thunderhawk  is a part of the Oohenumpa band of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and a co-founder of American Indian Movement. She is an Elder in one of the highest regards within the indigenous community. In the late 60’s and 70’s she participated in frontline actions most notably the Alcatraz occupation in ‘69, Mount Rushmore occupation in ’71, and the Wounded Knee siege in ’73.

I wish "feminism" would grow the fuck up, STOP being preoccupied with pop culture and *tee-hee* white women/girls "culture" as I derisively call it, and become a mature, collective, sociopolitical movement, with the end goal being the female sex on a global scale liberating themselves and abolishing the white-supremacist, Western-centric, capitalistic, imperialist Heteropatriarchy.

“Feminism” has devolved into a trashy, sophomoric article in Cosmo that you would see/hear vapid, bourgeois, basic-ass white women/girls gossiping about at a Starbucks, with high-pitch, dumb-as-hell voices. Last week they were gossiping about ::shudders:: how ~*totes*~ “feminist” their boyfriends/fiancées/husbands are. ::vomits:: The week before that they were bashing WoC, lesbians–particularly butch lesbians, tomboys, “oppressed” Muslim women, survivors and abolitionists of human/sex-trafficking and the porn industry, and crying about how a Hindu woman criticized them for wearing bindis. “Feminism” has become about as willfully juvenile–and depoliticized, deradicalized–as the characters from “Clueless”. Bring back the maturity and revolutionary fervor, a la, the Second Wave, the Black Panthers/Black Liberation Movements, radical lesbian separatists, the Brown Berets, the “Yellow Peril” who marched in solidarity with the panthers, the American Indian Movement (Wounded Knee ‘73, Occupation of Alcatraz, Free Peltier), the Palestinian Liberation Movement, the Young Lords Party, First Nations/Indigenous Rights Movements of Canada and the Pacific, etc. FUCK what “feminism” has become at the hands of suburban white women/girls, Hollywood, white celebutantes, the porn/sex industry, capitalism/the corporate world and of course [white] men.