wounded foot

It still amazes me how some of the Columbine victims survived their wounds. Just to name a few: Patrick Ireland was shot twice in the head and still has a bullet lodged in his brain. Nicole Nowlen was under the table with John Tomlin and was hit with nine pieces of buckshot in her abdomen with five pieces still lodged in her stomach. Mark Kintgen was hit in the left side of the neck and head. Mark Taylor was shot five times in the back and two in the chest by Eric, and two bullets just barely missed his aorta. Valeen Schnurr suffered nine gunshot wounds to her arm, chest and abdomen. Lance Kirklin was shot point blank in the face by Dylan among other wounds to the foot, leg, and chest.

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Tommy falls in love with blind Reader.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst.
Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Note: I didn’t do much research for this Imagine, I also thought that in this time-period it would present more struggles for a blind person and their family than it would in today’s day and age. I figured the “reader” would need to have some sort of dependency on others – but also struggle with needing to be independent as well. Also, I kind of tried a weird point of view in this (I feel like it’s a little muddled but I tried to convey two inner monologues for two characters at the same time.)


You woke up to a loud commotion outside your window, screaming, shouting, some sort of loud engine, sirens and bells ringing urgently and steadily.

“Gilly?” You spoke up, feeling around the side of your bed for your walking stick. You felt for your sister in her bed, but only found the sheets and duvet to be empty – bed still made from this morning.

Gilly must have stayed out late dancing and drinking again. You shook your head and moved across the room to your door – but when you touched the door knob, a searing pain shot throughout your palm and fingers – causing you to let out a scream.

“GILLY?!” You yelled frightened, you couldn’t tell if you were bleeding or what even bit you. You put your uninjured hand against the door, an intense warmth enveloped it – you could only pick up the sounds of unknown objects shifting and shuffling on the other side of the door. It only took you a split second to realize that what you were hearing was furniture, walls and floorboard – crackling as the deathly heat began to overtake your flat.

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English Class: A Ballbusting Story

I wrote this story a longggggg time ago and I just never felt like posting it. But now I’m bored and have a bunch of stories to share, so I figure I will give you guys this one. Hope you like it/pm me any comments!

Alex was 17 years old, and a junior in high school. He was getting straight A’s at the private school that he attended. He was popular with everybody, from the students to the teachers. Most of the girls liked him, but he still did not have a girlfriend.

Alex was sitting in first period English class, with his teacher Katie, who was 24 years old, the youngest of his teachers. She was a yoga master, and she had the muscles and curves of one. It was the middle of December, and they had just suffered a recent blizzard, so most people were getting to school late, if arriving at all. Alex was alone in his class with two other girls, Clare and Erin. Both of them were in his grade, and they were extremely cute.

Clare was five foot five inches tall, with dark hair and soft skin that stayed tan through the winter. She was curved and cut like a supermodel, and she was just a beautiful. Erin was five foot eight inches tall, with blond hair in a ponytail, with breasts to brag about and a luscious ass to charm her backside. His teacher Katie was about five foot eight as well, and she had flowing blond hair and a nice smile.

Katie called the class over to the table to teach the days lesson, since there were only three students. Katie began the lesson, and sure enough, Alex began to doze off. Katie seemed to notice, and she kicked Alex in the shin under the table with her flats.

“Wake up Alex,” she said. “We are trying to learn here, and seeing as there are only three students here, you should be paying attention.” Clare and Erin giggled softly.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t sleep very well last night.” Alex replied. He knew this was no excuse.

“Well you better not fall asleep again, or the next time I kick you, it won’t be in the shin.” Katie grinned at him with a devilish grin, and the girls started giggling a little bit louder. Alex squirmed in his seat.

Once the girls stopped laughing, Clare asked, “Have you ever been kicked in the balls before?” Erin burst out laughing, but Katie didn’t silence her. She just grinned in an amused way.

“Ummm…No, why?” He replied quizzingly.

“Well, fall asleep again and you might find out.” Erin said in a coy voice.

While Alex was busy talking to the girls, he did not catch Katie sliding her slender, curved feet out of her flats.

“Ok, well I’m sure that she was joking. She is our teacher, for crying out loud!” He stated. Just then, he felt the curved arch of Katie’s foot slip into his groin, gently pressing against his testicles.

“Oh I wouldn’t be so sure.” She stated, before lifting her foot away several inches, then slamming it back into his unprotected crotch. The heel of her foot caught his nuts and ground them into his pelvis. Alex howled in pain, as he double over forwards, trying to cover up his groin, but with little success, as Katie twisted and mashed his balls under her heel, with a sexy smile on her face. Erin and Clare’s jaws both dropped as they watched the scene unfold. Alex thought for sure that they would tell his teacher to stop, but they didn’t. They both exchange glances and began to smile as his balls were helplessly squashed under Amanda’s bare foot.

Clare looked over at his teacher. “Oh my god, Katie! I never thought you would actually do that!” She exclaimed, with a smile on her face.

“Yeah, look at him struggle!” Erin giggled.

“You guys like that? I used to do this to my boyfriend all the time, so I know all the moves and tricks to make a guy’s testicles hurt.” Katie replied in a proud voice. “Do you guys want to give this a shot? I just got an email from the principle, and it doesn’t look like anybody else is going to be coming in today.”

The girls exchanged glances again, grinning wide. “We would love to!” Replied Erin. Alex struggled and tried to remove the petite foot from between his legs, but Katie was strong, and she wouldn’t budge.

“Alright, then you two slip off your shoes and let’s get this party started.” Katie exclaimed enthusiastically.

Clare looked a little bit off-put. “Do we have to take our shoes off? I feel like that would be kind of weird.”

“Well, trust me when I say this, because I have had experience, but the arch of a bare foot will bend more easily, allowing you to curve your foot around his balls so they don’t have anywhere to go when you squash them.” She slipped her other foot up and placed her sole over his mouth and pressed his lips closed. She then slid her foot away from his groin, and before Alex could move his hands to protect himself, she smashed her foot back into his nuts. Alex tried to scream with pain, but Katie’s other foot was smothering his mouth.

Katie giggled. “It tickles your foot when they try to yell but your foot won’t let them.”

“Ok, I’ll take my shoes off as long as I can hit him in the balls.” Clare said.

“Oh yeah, one more thing.” Katie butted in. “His pants are coming off as well.” She stood up and walked over to Alex. She bent over so Alex could get a good look at her cleavage as she undid his zipper. Then she yanked his pants off with such force that his boxers came off with them.

Erin and Clare both giggled and blushed as they got a good look at his package. They didn’t have a long time to look, for Katie, now standing over him in front of his chair, lifted her right foot and stomped her toes right on top of his testicles. She leaned forwards on his balls, which were trapped against the chair. The pain that Alex felt was piercing, but a throbbing ache at the same time. Katie had caught his nuts perfectly under her toes.

Erin and Clare slipped off their Ugg’s, which they were both wearing. Clare’s feet were small and tanned, just as he had expected. Erin’s feet were perfectly curved, and both of their feet had smooth arches.

“So what do we do?” Asked Erin curiously. She and Clare observed Katie flattening Alex’s nuts underneath her pink painted toes. She removed her foot from his balls, and Alex breathed a sigh of relief as he put his hands over his aching balls.

“Well,” said Katie. “You can make him do whatever you want him to. You just have to remember that you control his manhood right now, and that if he ever wants to have kids, he has to do everything you say.”

“I’ll go first.” Said Clare. She walked up to him until she was standing right in front of him. She had on a pair of skinny jeans and a tee shirt. She stood in front of him menacingly looking at his hands, which were covering his damaged nuts.

“Move your hands.” She demanded, staring Alex straight in the eye. Alex didn’t move his hands, and he averted her piercing gaze. Clare was growing impatient. “I said move your hands!” She yelled. Katie walked over and grabbed his hands and jerked them away from his nuts, which were now unprotected.

“Well now, Alex,” She whispered seductively. “Since you’ve been so uncooperative, I’m going to make this hurt. Now stand up!” Alex, with his hands being held by Katie behind his back, could do nothing but obey. Clare raised her leg so that her bare foot hovered inches away from his nuts. She then moved her foot forward gently and gave his balls a tap, and Alex winced. Clare could barely conceal her grin as she wound up her foot behind her, and then swung it forwards with as much force as her soccer-toned legs could muster.

The top of her foot slammed into his balls, pressing them back up into Alex’s pelvis with tremendous force. Alex went teary-eyed with pain, and he slumped forwards to the ground, his eyes just inches from Clare’s small feet. She then bent down and rolled him over with her hands. She walked down towards his legs, which she picked by the ankles, one in each hand. She raised her left foot into the air, and then stomped down onto his testicles with all her might. She grinded his balls under the arch of her foot, causing Alex to scream in pain. She lifter her foot and stomped once more, then again, and again, and again once more. Alex was now crying as his nuts begged for mercy from Clare’s bare feet.

“You know, Katie, you are right. When I was grinding his balls under my arch, I was able to crush them with much more force than with shoes.” Clare said. She sat down between Alex’s spread legs, and lifted her feet into his crotch, where they rested against his balls. “See, Alex? My feet must have just been designed for this day, just to rest perfectly in your crotch. Moreover, how does it feel, being brought to your mercy by my small feet. How could such delicate instruments do so much damage to your poor, vulnerable testicles?” She grabbed his ankles once more and leaned back until her head was resting on the floor, her feet being pressed perfectly into his nuts with terrifying power.

Alex groaned with pain. He looked down at his balls, but all he could see where her feet cradling his nutsack, and his penis resting on her toes and she squashed his crown jewels. Clare lessened the pressure on his balls, and lifted her feet high into the air. She then brought her bare heels down onto his testicles with all her might, flattening them against the floor. Alex cried from the pain, and then he blacked out.



         Alex awoke back in his chair, his balls screaming with pain. He saw Erin sitting on the desk in front of him, her crossed legs bobbing back and forth. She was wearing light grey sweatpants and a long sleeved cotton shirt. She tilted her bare feet back and forth in the air, her toes painted light blue. He saw no sign of Katina and Amanda, but their shoes were gone.

         “Hello, Alex.” Erin said with a mischievous grin on her face. “How are your balls?” Alex couldn’t help but look down to make sure they were still there. He could see that they were intact, although he was almost dying from the pain. The whole time he was looking at his balls, he could see Erin’s bare right foot dangling back and forth in the air, hovering ominously over his balls.

         “Well now, let’s get started, shall we?” Erin questioned. She uncrossed her legs and raised her right foot to Alex’s mouth. Her toes pressed lightly against his lips. “I want you to do me a favor.” She said. “You are going to open your mouth and suck my toes right here, right now.” Alex was revolted by the idea, and he refused to open his mouth.

         “Oh,” Erin said in a disappointed voice. “I figured you might be like this.” She moved her toes all over his face, from his lips to his cheeks to his eyes. She slid his eyelids shut with her toes and held them there. Alex did not know what was going on until he felt Erin’s heel fly into his unguarded groin. He almost threw up from the sudden pain, and he tried to open his eyes, but her toes pressed a little bit harder and he was unable to. All Alex could hear was the sound of his own screams, and all he could feel was Erin’s cool toes pressing gently into his eyes, which was rather lovely compared to the crushing heel flattening his nuts.

         “So, right now, Katie and Clare are out of the classroom making sure things are going ok and we aren’t discovered here.” She removed her heel from his nuts and relaxed her foot against his nutsack. “Since nobody is here to monitor us, if you do not do what I say, I will press down so hard on your testicles that they will break, and you will never have kids, or another orgasm, ever.” She enunciated the word testicles, and as she did so, she pressed her foot a little harder into his jewels. “Now I think you should open your mouth and suck my toes, because if you don’t, the consequences will be grave.”

         Alex was terrified, but he opened his mouth. Erin removed her foot from his eyelids and slid her big toe into his mouth. “Now start sucking.” She commanded. Alex rolled his tongue around her big toe, sucking as if it were a Popsicle. Erin stared deep into his eyes the whole time, and he forced himself to stare back. Her sexy blue eyes showed pleasure, but they also gleamed with the power that she had over him.

         Erin slid her big toe out of his mouth and moved the other four in. Alex ran his tongue between her petite toes, sliding his tongue in the gaps between. Erin leaned back in clear bliss. After a few minutes, Erin removed her right foot from his mouth. Just as soon as Alex thought he was done, she raised her left foot from his groin and moved it into his mouth.

         When he finished sucking Erin’s toes, she stood up. “Time to get up.” She said, and Alex obeyed, fearing what Erin might do to his balls if he didn’t. Alex loomed four inches taller than Erin, but she held all the power in this situation. With that, she pushed him gently back towards the wall, which he stood solemnly against. She stood up on her blue painted toes, and tiptoed towards him, until she was looking at him at eye level.

         Erin walked right up to where Alex was pressed against the wall, and their noses almost touched. Alex thought that Erin wanted to kiss him, seeing as her breasts were pressed right up onto his chest. She leaned in as if to kiss him, but right when their lips brushed against each other, she shot her hand down into his nutsack, catching him in a death grip. Alex gasped for air but was unable to scream. Erin squeezed the life out of his balls with her bare hands, her body still pressed up against his. She gazed into his eyes with the gentlest look that you would expect from a sympathetic girlfriend, except she was destroying his testicles instead.

         Alex started to slump down from the pain that Erin’s strong hands were wreaking on his balls, and his face wound up in Erin’s large C-cup breasts.

         “So you want a little bit of action yourself?” Erin asked with a smile. “I think your deserve a little bit of pleasure for all of the suffering you’ve been going through.” She released the death grip on his groin and stepped back. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Before Alex’s eyes, he saw the most perfect rack on a girl he had seen yet, tucked beneath a black lace bra. Erin reached behind her back, and before he knew it, her bra was falling to the floor. Alex thought that it couldn’t get any better when she was just wearing the bra, but now it really was getting better.

         Erin cradled his head gently in her hands and guided him back to his chair, where she sat him down. She then climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs with hers. She brought his head down into her breasts. “You want to suck my tit?” She asked. “Go ahead, Alex, they’re all yours.” Alex couldn’t believe his luck. He brought his mouth down towards her left tit and began to suck. It was the greatest experience he had ever felt. He felt her tit grow hard in his mouth as he beat it with his tongue. Alex brought his other hand up towards her right tit and massaged it. For the first time since English class had started, Alex was in pure bliss.

         Erin uncurled her legs from around his waist and stood up, but she kept her tits where Alex could get them.

         “Anyway, while you have fun with my things, I’m going to have fun with your things.” Erin said as she brought her knee into Alex’s nuts. Alex immediately let go of her tits and shrieked in pain. Erin then put all of her weight on her knee, which was squashing his testicles into the chair, the same place where Amanda’s toes had done a number on his balls as well a while earlier. Alex tried to stay conscious, but once again blacked out from the pain, for the second time that day.


         When Alex awoke, he was lying flat on several desks lined up together, his arms and legs tied to the legs of the desks. His balls were on fire. He looked around trying to see if there was anybody he could call to for help, but he was alone in the classroom.

         “How are you holding up over there, Alex?” He heard Katie say. She walked out from behind the shadows and came towards him. The only clothes she had on were a lacy white bra and a white thong to match. He could see her pussy underneath. She stepped up onto the desks with her bare feet and walked over towards his face. She stopped with one foot on either side of his head, and she gazed down at him with a sexy look. She lifted her right leg and began to peel the thong off. She lifted her left leg, took the thong off completely, and threw it into the corner.

         Her pussy was smooth, and there wasn’t a hair to be seen. She crouched down above his face, then got on her knees and rested on his chest. Alex was absolutely mesmerized by her pussy, and Katie knew it. She slid herself forwards until her muscular thigh muscles clamped around his ears, so he couldn’t hear a thing. She rested her pussy right on top of his mouth, and without even asking, he took her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue up and down its length. As he was doing so, Katie took off her bra. Her tits were not as big as Erin’s but they were still marvelous.

         “Give me a foot massage.” Katie said. She took his hands gently and put them onto the well-rounded heels of her feet, which were resting near Alex’s shoulders. Alex moved his hands up and down her feet, pressing into her soles. While he was doing this, he slid his tongue deep into her pussy, licking and absorbing its juices. Katie moaned with pleasure, and she reached behind her towards his cock, which had become hard. She pulled a tub of Vaseline from what seemed like nowhere, and she put some on her hands. She grabbed his cock with her strong hands and began pumping up and down vigorously.

         Alex intertwined his fingers with her toes and tongue-fucked her pussy even harder and she pumped her hand faster and faster on his cock. She screamed with delight as he licked viciously with his tongue, and he felt that his nuts were about to blow. He unleashed his payload all over her hands, and the pumping slowed down to a gentle massage. She stood up and got off the desk. She got a pair of scissors and cut the ties that were holding him to the desk. She put some hand sanitizer on her hands to get the Vaseline off as he started to stand up.

         Alex turned to look at Katie just in time to see her bare foot come flying into his testicles. He screamed with pain like never before, as he had just emptied his payload and his balls were feeling bad enough as it is. He crumpled to the ground with no life force left in him, and he rolled on his side. Katie then picked him up off the ground, and she then lied down and took his place. She positioned him so that he was standing directly above her naked pussy. She curled her left leg up towards her, and slowly extended it up into his groin, putting her legs at a 90-degree angle. Her knee was bent since she was not extending her leg fully yet.

         Alex knew he was in real trouble, since Katie was a strong, flexible yoga master, and probably knew some good ways to make him hurt while getting a nice stretch in. Before he had the chance to do anything, she straightened her left leg so that his balls were cradled between the bottom of his pelvis and the sole of her foot. His whole body weight was on his balls now, and he screamed with agony. She took his hands in hers and looked him in the eye.

         “I know that you are only 17 years old, and I know that you should have plenty more sexual experiences in your life to come, but I think that our sexual encounter is perfectly sufficient for your needs. Therefore, this is going to be the last one you will ever have.” She then leaned back towards the ground, pulling his hands and rolling him forward with her. So much pressure was building on his balls that he felt them start to give between her sexy sole and his pelvis.

         “Say goodbye to your testicles, Alex.” Katie said. He then heard two loud pops, accompanied by an excruciating pain in his groin, and he blacked out.

The Dark Prophecy:

So I got another list of stuff for you since I just finished Rick’s new book. And I am SHOOK. Jesus freaking Christ. And SOO many CAMEOS ITS AMAZING. 10/10 would recommend guys. Now for your viewing pleasure- here’s The Dark Prophecy:

- Apollo talking shit about Hera’s liquorice and throwing shade
- “Hey, you two! No ancient dialects. Spanish or English please. Or Machine.”
- Leo calling Calypso babe omg Caleo <3
- LEONIDAS !!!!!!!!
- Hephaestus insulted Ares’ bellbottoms and caused a nuclear meltdown. That’s it. Those are the Olympians.\
- Like any decent god, demigod or engineer, Leo Valdez refused to be stopped by the laws of physics
- freaky ass blemmyae
- Hijo
- Leo being short is canon YESSS
- Lester most worthless of teens oh my god
- AWESOME sentient building!!
- “I’ll be hexed” is my new fav expressionnnnn
- All these people whose names ended with o suddenly made me feel like my brand was being diluted. DEAD
- The Magic 8 Ball struck me as a very shady form of divination—more like a Hermes game of chance than an Oracle worthy of me.
- “We’ve been aging together ever since. Very happily.”
- What did he do with Georgina?” IS GEORGINA MEG?!
- “Hey, abuelita,” Leo said. “All da cows love Leo.” He grinned at me. “And these cows are red, man. Like… bright red.”
- When I am a god again, I will make a constellation out of you. I will call it the Small Exploding Latino.”
- We get Festus back, then we look up this place on Google Maps and fly down there.”
- “Griffins? Uh… Hazel and Frank told me about griffins. They fought some in Alaska. Said they were like rabid hyenas with wings.” I MISS FRAZEL
- Leo muttered a curse in Spanish. “I keep thinking about my little bro Harley back at camp. If somebody tried to hurt him…”BIG BRO LEO
- The young woman sat on the molding ledge, playfully swinging her legs. Her braided auburn hair made a ponytail so long it wrapped around her neck like a scarf
- Leo caught her wrist. “Hold up.” From his tool belt he pulled a folding yardstick. He extended it and poked the chair’s seat cushion. A bear trap snapped shut, ripping through stuffing and fabric like an upholstery sharknado. LEO BEING BADASS WITH TRAPS
- Leo. “I’m new to this heroic-quest business. Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end? Not just more deadly quests?” “Nope,” Leo said. “This is pretty standard.”
- “How can you be so calm?” I demanded. “I am going on a dangerous quest tomorrow with your girlfriend!”
- “These tofu enchiladas are sabrosas. Gotta get the recipe from Josephine. My homegirl Piper would love them.” LEO AND PIPER IM CRYING OMG
- Why me? Sob. Sob. Sob.
- yes, Trophonius clearly got his knockout good looks from me. MODEST.
- Not just because I still found Commodus attractive after so many centuries, not just because we had a, er, complicated history, but also because he reminded me what I used to be like. MODEST.
- Marcus the blinged-out jackal boy, and Vortigern the barbarian. Ookay.
- His hand rested easily on the pommel of a sword. His face was a patchwork of scars. His clothes were casual—just jeans, a red-and-white T-shirt that read CORNHUSKERS, and a red bandana tied across his curly dark hair— OH MY GOD. LOST HERO CAMEO
- The emperor clapped with delight. “Oh, nice! That was very entertaining, Lityerses!” “Thank you, sire.” The Cornhusker. SHIT MAN.
- Leo and tater tots
- The sorceress muttered another Minoan curse, naming a part of Zeus’s body that I did not want to think about.
- “You’re a handsome idiot.”
- I gasped and collapsed. Through my half-lidded eyes, I watched Calypso turn on our enemies. “Now it is your turn, fools!” She began making the same rude gestures toward the Germani. The first one stopped. His face paled. He glanced at me lying on the ground, then turned and fled, barreling past his friend. The Germanus with the wounded foot hesitated. Judging from the hatred in his eyes, he wanted revenge for the missile weapon that had ruined his left boot. Calypso, undaunted, waved her arms and began to incant. Her tone made it sound as if she were raising the worst daimons from Tartarus, though her words, in ancient Phoenician, were actually a recipe for making pancakes. The wounded Germanus yelped and hobbled away, leaving a trail of smeared red prints behind him. CALYPSO YOU BADASS!
- Three passengers. I very much want to see Leo Valdez again. We have unfinished business.” “You know Leo?” Despite the danger we were in, I felt a small sense of relief. Finally, some villain wanted to kill Leo more than he wanted to kill me.
- Lityerses narrowed his eyes. “You’re not the same girl who was with him before. Her name was Piper. You wouldn’t happen to be Leo’s girlfriend?”
- Calypso nodded as if she’d come to a decision. “It’s going to take both of us. We’ll sing a duet. You have a decent voice.” “I have a…” My mouth was paralyzed from shock. Telling me, the god of music, that I had a decent voice was like telling Shaquille O’Neal he played decent offense, or telling Annie Oakley she was a decent shot.
- I blinked. “Zeus… singing?” I found the concept mildly horrifying. My father thundered. He punished. He scolded. He glowered like a champion. But he did not sing. Calypso’s eyes got a little dreamy. “In the palace at Mount Othrys, when he was Kronos’s cupbearer, Zeus used to entertain the court with songs.”
- It was a song older than empires—about two lovers separated and longing to be together.
- She would have toppled off the ledge if Leo hadn’t caught her. “Whoa, mamacita,” he said. “You okay?” She blinked sleepily. “I’m fine. Don’t fuss. And don’t call me—” She crumpled against Leo, who struggled to keep her upright. He glared at me. “What did you do to her?”
- Leo wagged a finger at Britomartis. “You’re lucky these ladies are such bosses.
- He decided to liberate a teal plastic pedal boat, and insisted we call him the Dread Pirate Valdez. (Meg loved this. I refused.)
- “We’ll get Peaches back,” I promised her. “Yeah, chica,” Leo agreed.
- “Hey.” Meg poked me in the back of the neck. “Remember what Percy told us? Never say stuff like We made it or That was easy. You’ll jinx us!” “My entire existence is a jinx.”
- He glanced over—no snappy comeback, no playful grin. “Just… Leo and Calypso’s Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters.” “What?” “Something Cal and I used to joke about.”
- “Oh, come now,” I protested. “You like my singing.”
- a girl in gray camouflage paced like a jaguar. Her shoulder-length hair was stark white, though she looked no more than fifteen.
- a young girl in a lavender wool sweater and green jeans. Her tufts of brown hair looked like she’d cut them herself with gardening shears.
- I hoped Athena was watching, because WISDOM, BABY!
- Livia
- “What is this? Not nectar…” “No,” Thalia agreed. “It’s moonwater.”
- “I think you decided to help me because you like me.” The corner of Thalia’s mouth twitched. “What makes you say that?” “Oh, come now. The first time we met, you said I was hot. Don’t think I didn’t hear that comment.” I was gratified to see her face turn red.
- Emmie says we could live like normal young people in this city. Even go to the local high school.”
- At some point, I gotta reconnect with my other peeps: Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank. Lotta people out there still want to punch me.”
- I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly. “Piano lessons? Now?” “Not now, dummy. But sometime. Can you teach me?”
- She’d been trying to convince Zeus to forgive me. That was so sweet!
- Shit Apollo’s tripping
- Oh my god this is horrifying
- Oh my GOD
- “Let the girl go,” I whimpered through the pain. “Kill me and let her go.” I surprised myself. These were not the last words I had planned.
- Oh my god peach babies
- Jimmy is GREAT
- Jimmy’s electricity was different—a more humid scent of ozone, a darker red hue to the flashes.
- Damnnnn Apollo!
- “No,” Leo corrected. “He Lityerses-ly flew out the window. Am I right? Those were some sweet moves, man.” Lit nodded. “Thanks.” The two bumped fists as if they hadn’t spent the last few days talking about how much they wanted to kill each other. They would have made fine Olympian gods.
- Cloven?! Cloven? GROVER!
- Buy one prophecy, get three free? That was a lot of lines.” “It was a sonnet,” I said, still in disbelief. “May the gods help us; it was a Shakespearean sonnet.”
- “I—I might be, Georgina. I don’t know.” “’ Kay.” She held up the thing she was holding—a figure made of pipe cleaners—and pressed it into my hands. “Made this for you. You can take it with you when you go away.”
- “Yeah. The changeling lord… that’s gotta be my homeboy Frank Zhang. And the Devil’s Mount, that’s Mount Diablo, right near the camp. I hate Mount Diablo. I fought Enchiladas there once.”
- “The Teumessian Fox? That’s the monster you’ve been hunting?”
- His strange bronze hockey-stick weapon was nowhere to be seen. So the mysterious Olujime was a pit fighter, an accountant, a magical warrior, and an ostrich whisperer. Somehow I was not surprised.
- uh… a Greek-Roman type, is he? I mean, he’s not a legacy of you guys, the Olympians.” “No,” I agreed. “He is from a different tradition and parentage entirely.” Thalia’s short spiky hair rippled in the wind, as if reacting to her uneasiness. “You mean from other gods.”
- We Olympians have always been used to living in close proximity to, ah… the competition.” “So you’re the sun god,” Thalia said. “But some other deity from some other culture is also the sun god?”
- “If you wish,” I said, “when I attain my godhood again, I will personally visit the Underworld. I will petition Hades to let your soul pass on to Elysium.” Agamethus offered me his 8 Ball.
- The dirt rolled away, revealing the form of a young man sleeping on his side. He looked about seventeen, perhaps younger. He wore a black collarless jacket over a green shirt, and jeans much too baggy for his legs. Over his curly hair flopped a red knit cap. A scruffy goatee clung to his chin.

Conclusion: SHOOK featuring Caleo

anonymous asked:

suga + "i really appreciate you" fluff?

1,090k - oops 

The sounds of police sirens wail in the distance, and it’s enough to signal that you and Yoongi must not have been as sneaky as you both had assumed.

Your eyes widen when you hear them, your gaze finding Yoongi’s. Eyes staring into his. And he tenses, if just for a moment, but he quickly lets it pass, tries to brush it off in fear of frightening you further.

Yoongi and you always prepare for worst case scenario, you both always have a backup plan. You don’t dare step foot in a house that you didn’t know. You both did your research, you both always made sure that the routine would be quick, simple. You’d break in, usually undetected, get what you both had come for, leave and make love in the front seat of his car high on adrenaline and excitement.

It was ritual.

It was safe.

You both anticipated everything.

Silent alarms.

Someone arriving home early.

Locked windows.

But, you both never anticipated that the Koi’s had a dog.

A German Shepherd at that. One that you were absolutely sure was a retired police dog after the bite it had pressed into your ankle.

Yoongi is carrying you to the backdoor as quickly as he can, knowing that the chance of both of you escaping is decreasing by the second, if the police sirens growing closer to your destination indicated anything at all.

He reaches for the doorknob, unlocks it the quickest he can to his capability before carrying you out to the backyard.

And you’re almost there, almost ready to escape. The panic in your being starts to decrease a considerable amount.

That is until you hear the low, “Fucking shit!” That falls from Yoongi’s lips, causing you to look up from his chest, and–

your hopes of getting out of there uncaught are now diminishing, dissipating into thin air before your very eyes.

Because in the midst of you being bit by the dog, you both had somehow forgotten about the tall fence that surrounded the Koi’s yard.

Your heart starts to race quicker, panic resettling inside of your being.

And Yoongi’s then carrying you over to the next thing he sees: a patio table.

“Give me a second, Y/N. I’ll get us out of here, don’t worry.”

And then he’s rushing to the gate door, messing with the lock and when he doesn’t open it, your panic only starts to raise.

“Yoongi?” You sound a moment later, extending your wounded foot to the ground, you had barely applied any pressure, but it was still enough to make you whimper.

The whimper causes his attention to fall back onto you, and then he’s rushing over. “Baby, baby, stop, okay?” He rushes out hushed, the police sirens had silenced, making it known that they were now somewhere in the house.

“I’m sorry Yoongi.” You say, tears starting to fill your eyes. “It’s because of me that we’re gonna get caug–” He interrupts you then, his lips pressing into yours quickly, and for a moment you forget about the impending doom you both are about to face.

The kiss is enough to calm you, enough to make your eyes close, enough to remind you that everything was going to be okay. That you both were going to be okay, whether your parents found about your extra curriculum activities or not.

And it was going to be okay, because he was Min Yoongi, and he was yours. And he loved you.

You loved each other.

He breaks the kiss a moment later, his hand moving to your cheek, palm pressing against the skin, the pad of his thumb moves to wipe away the tears that had fallen from your eyes.

And he stares directly into your eyes when he speaks next.

“I really appreciate you.” He says, “You know that right?” His other hand moves to a long strand of your brunette hair that had fallen from your pony tail at some point in the night. You nod your head, not quite understanding why he’s speaking what he is. He tucks the hair behind your ear slowly, taking a step backwards.

“And I love you.” He says softly, the tip of his nose pressing to the tip of yours. “I love you so much, you mean the absolute world to me.”

“Yoongi–” you interrupt, suddenly growing uneasy, because his words – they are starting to sound like a goodbye. “Why– why are you say–” And as he takes a step backwards, it dawns on you.

Your eyes stare directly into his as he takes another step backwards, your hands falling from where they had been intertwined with his own.

By now you can hear the muffled movement coming from the inside of the house.

They were going to be here anytime.

“Yoongi?” You question, because the idea of him leaving you there was just so preposterous.

But he doesn’t reply as he takes another step backwards, growing closer to the fence.

And it’s then that you realize he wasn’t heading in the direction of the gate, but rather the fence itself. Meaning, the gate hadn’t opened, and he knew that if he wanted to escape without being caught, he’d have to escape alone.

Even if it meant leaving you behind.

“Yoongi.” You state, as tears start to fill your eyes, and if the hysteria you feel wasn’t evident in your voice, then you’re positive it was in your facial features, because he looks down, ripping his eyes from yours, as if the sight of you crying hurts him.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I hope you can forgive me someday. I-” he hesitates. “I love you so fucking much.”

And then he’s turning around, running to the fence as he starts to climb it.

And he’s leaving you.

Doing the one thing he promised he’d never do.

And you’re left screaming his name, screaming your frustrations out, because you were going to get caught anyway, it didn’t matter if you were loud in that very moment or not. You watch as he climbs the fence, as he doesn’t dare give you another glance as he jumps to the ground on the other side, and you can hear the brush of the bushes moving as he runs away.

As he leaves you sitting there, unable to move because of the pain coming from your foot.

Which was certainly broken.

But the pain coming from your broken foot was no match for the pain coming from your now broken heart.


A/N- This was certainly not very fluffy, I’m sorry but it’s what came to mind! Let me know if anyone wants me to expand on this or something! Also, I did not edit this at all, so I apologize for any mistakes!!

Man Eating Tree

Man-eating tree or carnivorus tree can refer to any of carioca legendary or cryptid carnivorous plants large enough to kill and consume a person or other large animal. The carnivorous plant with the largest known traps is probably Nepenthes rajah, which produces pitchers up to 41 cm (16 in) tall with a volume up to 3.5 litres (0.77 imp gal; 0.92 US gal). The pitcher of this species are designed to trap arthropods such as ants. However, the same bait may also attract rodents like the Summit rat (Rattus baluensis)and the Mountain treeshew (Tupaia montana) . Only very rarely will the rodents fall into the large pitchers of this species. Other large carnivorous plants that have similar properties include Nepenthes robcantleyi and Nepenthes attenboroughi.

The Nubian Tree

Phil Robinson, writing in Under the Punkah (1881), related the tales of his “uncle’s” travels throughout the world. He described a “man-eating tree” that was to be found in “Nubia”. In the tale, Robinson’s uncle describes the tree:

This awful plant, that rears its splendid death-shade in the central solitude of a Nubian fern forest, sickens by its unwholesome humours all vegetation from its immediate vicinity, and feeds upon the wild beasts that, in the terror of the chase, or the heat of noon, seek the thick shelter of its boughs ; upon the birds that, flitting across the open space, come within the charmed circle of its power, or innocently refresh themselves from the cups of its great waxen flowers ; upon even man himself when, an infrequent prey, the savage seeks its asylum in the storm, or turns from the harsh foot-wounding sword-grass of the glade, to pluck the wondrous fruit that hang plumb down among the wondrous foliage. And such fruit ! Glorious golden ovals, great honey drops, swelling by their own weight into pear-shaped translucencies. The foliage glistens with a strange dew, that all day long drips on to the ground below, nurturing a rank growth of grasses, which shoot up in places so high that their spikes of fierce blood-fed green show far up among the deep-tinted foliage of the terrible tree, and, like a jealous body-guard, keep concealed the fearful secret of the charnel-house within, and draw round the black roots of the murderous plant a decent screen of living green.

The story continues in describing how the tree captured and ate one of the uncle’s native companions, and how the uncle proceeded to shoot at the tree. When his ammunition was finally exhausted, the uncle continued his work using a knife to destroy the tree, as the tree fought back with its blood-sucking leaves, and entangling limbs.

The Vampire Vine

William Thomas Stead, editor of Review of Reviews, published a brief article that discussed a story purportedly found in Lucifer magazine, describing a plant in Nicaragua called by the natives the devil’s snare. This plant had the capability “to drain the blood of any living thing which comes within its death-dealing touch.” According to the article:

Mr. Dunstan, naturalist, who has recently returned from Central America, where he spent nearly two years in the study of the flora and the fauna of the country, relates the finding of a singular growth in one of the swamps which surround the great lakes of Nicaragua. He was engaged in hunting for botanical and entomological specimens, when he heard his dog cry out, as if in agony, from a distance. Running to the spot whence the animal’s cries came. Mr. Dunstan found him enveloped in a perfect network of what seemed to be a fine rope-like tissue of roots and fibres… The native servants who accompanied Mr. Dunstan manifested the greatest horror of the vine, which they call “the devil’s snare”, and were full of stories of its death-dealing powers. He was able to discover very little about the nature of the plant, owing to the difficulty of handling it, for its grasp can only be torn away with the loss of skin and even of flesh; but, as near as Mr. Dunstan could ascertain, its power of suction is contained in a number of infinitesimal mouths or little suckers, which, ordinarily closed, open for the reception of food. If the substance is animal, the blood is drawn off and the carcass or refuse then dropped.

#5 | Reckless | Alexander x Reader

A/N: Hello! This is for the anon that requested the A.Ham angst with fluff ending. I decided to make it into two parts because I thought it was too long. AND OMIGOSH I HAVE A STORY TO TELL. I FOUND A GUY. KINIKILIG AKOOOOO. *cough* Yeah, anyways, you’ll know all about it in my next imagine with Philip Hamilton. Stay tuned!

Warnings: Mentions of war, description of wounds

Part Two


There was a reason you weren’t head nurse.

The zealousness of your heart to heal these bloodied men fighting for freedom all went down the drain at the sight of a thread and needle.

Stitches. Painful, inhumane stitches.

You wince at the sight of thread going inside flesh. A ghostly pain went across your chest as you imagined the sharp sensation going through you as well.

Theresa, a fellow nurse, passed by you in a flurry. The metal instruments clacked loudly in her tray at her quick pace.

“Will someone help me assist stitching up the three newcomers?” Theresa’s booming voice reached your eardrums.

A standby nurse nudged you in Theresa’s direction. And it happened that Theresa had to notice you first.

“(Y/N)! Don’t stand there and watch! Lead these men in separate cots, deal with one of them after.”

You walked stiffly to the men’s general direction. The prospect of you having to patch them up made you tremble.

Focus, (Y/N), you think to yourself. These men need your help. Don’t be a coward. You signed up for this and now you have to deal with it.

With newfound vigor, you helped the men into separate cots. You handled them with extra caution, their faces contorting in pain with every step.

After leading the last man into a vacant spot, you assessed the man from head to toe. Blood was splattered in patches, some were probably not his. His right cheek was badly bruised. Half of his uniform sleeve was ripped to shreds. The arm under it had a jagged slice, a dagger wound, almost half a foot in length.

Your mouth stretched into a firm line. That would be a large stitch indeed.

Wordlessly, you began cleaning the minor wounds around his face. You mumbled apologies everytime the soldier winced.

When the time came to finally stitch the large wound in his arm, your hands trembled. You almost dropped the needle in fright.

“I-I’ll be stitching up your arm,” you stammer, “It’ll hurt like hell, please bare with it.” The man chuckled lightly.

“I can take a stitch,” he said.

You nod and began to push the needle in his flesh. The man gave a yelp, making you flinch.

“I-I’m so s-sorry!” you cried, “I told you it would hurt. Here, muffle your screams with this.” You hand him a rag and he instantly bit it.

“I’ll try to make it quick,” you promise. You heaved a deep sigh and tried to calm yourself.

Just imagine you’re stitching a fabric.Yeah, just doing a practice stitch. You made this into a mantra as you steadily inserted the needle back and forth. Every once in a while, the man would grunt in pain but you tried to ignore it.

After seven minutes of pain and mumbled apologies, you finally finished patching him up.

“All done,” you say weakly, exhausted from the mental exertion.

“This is what I get for asking to be in the frontlines,” the man said gruffly. You stare at your patient and finally took a good glance at him.

His smooth, black hair was pulled back in a short pony, showing off his mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes. All his features were perfect, not even the slight swell on his right cheek can tarnish his face.

You gawk, momentarily realizing your patient was a handsome man.

“Thank you, nurse,” he trailed off, staring at you.

“(Y/N),” you smile shyly, a blush forming in your cheeks.

“Beautiful,” he breathed out. The blush in your cheeks began spreading to your entire face.

“I’m Alexander Hamilton, thank you for the wonderful job in patching me up.” He kissed your hand. You were positive that your face was about to explode. Is this even supposed to happen inside a medic tent?

“I’m, uh,” you stumble on your words, “I hope I don’t see you here again.”

Alexander’s face fell. You realized what your words had sound like.

“Oh! I mean, that you, you know, won’t be injured again. Hopefully, we meet in a different place? Like that, yeah, ” you say eloquently. Alexander chuckled, making you blush in embarrassment.

“Hopefully, then,” he teased, “I hope I don’t need to injure myself to keep seeing you.”

Did he just said what you think he said?

“What?” you asked, “Are you… Going to court me?”

“Definitely,” said Alexander, “Would you want to? I mean, I understand if you don’t-”

“I would love to.” You smile brightly. Alexander had this charm that pulled you towards him. Being with him just felt right.

Alexander never failed to make you blush.

Almost every day, a letter was sent to you. Nurses looked on with jealousy as you read its contents. It was hard enough to get a soldier to notice a nurse, much less to get courted.

Somehow, you were irked at Alexander’s letters. His eloquency and smoothness seemed fake. You reluctantly asked him about it when he had another unfortunate encounter and you had to patch him up again.

“There’s a reason why I write letters to you even if we’re just tents apart,” he said. “Contrary to what people think, I stumble on my words if I’m purposely charming someone.”

You raised a brow questioningly.

“If I put my words into paper, they sound better and I could take it back. Rewrite a new one. I’m sorry to make you doubt my words.” Alexander looked incredibly guilty.

“That’s fine,” you say softly, “I should also apologize for thinking your words were fake.” You pressed the ice bag to a bruise on his wrist.

Alexander yelped, “I don’t think you’re actually sorry. You stifled a laugh.

“Sorry.” You pressed the ice bag harder. Alexander’s breath hitched. He glared at you mockingly but his eyes softened at your amused smile.

He would go impossible measures to make you happy.


This is it, you think, the day you’ll fail your job. Your hands trembled non-stop.

A few nurses shriek as two cannons striked probably a few meters away from the medic tent. You remained stoic, keeping the panic internally.

Even if your face remained impassive, your entire body shook. The fear of Alexander dying was getting into your head. Multiple scenarios coursed through your mind, all having the same outcome. Alexander. Dead. Gravely injured.

I’m getting morbid, you sigh.

A trickle of wounded soldiers came in, some escorted by one or two men. It looked like a small parade of injuries. The degree of damage to their bodies worsening by the next.

One of the lesser injured soldier talked in low voices with Theresa. You strained to get a glimpse of their conversation but their voices were overlapped by pounding feet and clinking metals.

To hear them better, you assisted a wounded soldier a few feet away from them.

“-left in the battlefield,” the man was saying, “We had to leave them since there were too many redcoats surrounding us.”

“Some of these men are important, you say?” Theresa’s voice quivered.

“General Washington’s most trusted men,” he clarified, “One of them was his aide-de-camp, Hamilton, I think.”

The tweezers you held clattered to the ground.


A sudden weight began to fill in your chest. Your nightmares were coming true.

“-not supposed to be in the battlefield.” You made no move to pick up the fallen instrument. “Still, he needs to be rescued along with the other men. Deploy some nurses out in the battlefield. The British must have left already.”

Out of the corner of your eye, Theresa nodded at the soldier and left to gather those who would be sent out in the battlefield.

I need to get to Alexander, you think desperately. You haphazardly treated your patient’s wounds. Your mind was too clouded with worry to care about doing your job right. Alexander was your first priority.

Once the soldier was treated decently, you rushed to Theresa. She was talking to some nurses, probably those who would be sent into the battlefield.

“Theresa!” you called out. Fortunately, she turned around and addressed you.

“What is it, (Y/N)?” Theresa said, annoyed.

“Can I-” you gulp, suddenly feeling nervous because of the harsh stare of the head nurse. “Can I be sent to the frontlines?” you regained your posture.


You deflated a little but stood up straighter.

“I know my way through the battlefield,” you coerced. It was a half-truth. Alexander sometimes taught you of war plans and visualized the battlefield when you were curious.

“I can lead the nurses safely,” you continue. Theresa looked at you scrutinizingly. You pushed back your doubts and maintained the brave façade.

“Fine,” she relented.

You breathed out a relieved sigh.

“Do your best, (Y/N). Lives are at stake.” You nodded.

“I won’t let you down.”


Almost a dozen bodies were found to tend to. None of them were Alexander’s.

All of the nurses were occupied at the moment. They tended to them on the spot while you overlooked the bloody field.

A few redcoats were scattered. Dead. There some that were difficult to identify. Every body that you passed that weren’t Alexander filled you with dread.

What if the British took his body as a spoil of war? What if he was one of those bodies mangled beyond identification?

What if?

“(Y/N).” You turned to the voice and almost dropped your medic kit.

“Alexander?” you gasp, horrified.

His blue coat was tattered almost entirely. He draped it over in one shoulder to hide the dagger wound you stitched. The wound had reopened.

It was the least of your worries though. His face was drained of color and his hair was matted with dried blood. You didn’t want to think whose blood it was.

“(Y/N),” Alexander repeated, walking towards you.

“Stop!” Alexander looked startled at your outburst.

“Don’t move, you’re too wounded.” You made your way to him and made him kneel down.

“What happened?” you whisper, dabbing a damp cloth on his face.

“I went to the British camp,” he narrated, “There’s something Mr. Washington needed. A map that showed British camps.”

“So you stole that?” Your lips steadied into a thin line.

“Yes.” He winced as you pressed the cloth harder than necessary.

“You are so stupid, do you know that?” you sigh. You started applying ointment on the parts that were bruising.

“It’s for the war. For America.” You snort a little.

“You can shove your over-patriotism up your ass,” you mutter bitterly. Alexander smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry for worrying you (Y/N),” he apologized.

“It’s not about worrying me, Alexander,” you said exasperatedly. “It’s about you risking your life! I can’t have you running around and fighting like you have nothing to lose. You do have something to lose, that’s me, Alexander! There’s a reason why Washington made you stay as an aide-de-camp with Laur-”

“You were the one that pushed Washington to make me stay behind?” Alexander interrupted.

“Who else?” you scoff.

“Why would you do that?” Alexander sounded hurt.

“I can’t lose you, Alexander. I lost everyone to war already. Why do you think I became a nurse for the war?” Your voice started to crack.

Alexander casted his eyes down. “I did not realize that,” he said lowly. “How much pain I caused you, all for my ambitions.”

You opened your mouth to speak but a gunshot made both of you flinch.

“British,” muttered Alexander, “They’re probably coming after me.” He suddenly shoved a thick piece of paper toward you. “Keep this safe for me, (Y/N).”

Your eyes widened. “What?”

“The British are coming. Go.”

You adamantly shook your head. “Are you just going to throw away what I just said? You can’t die, Alexander!” you cried.

He took your hand into his and looked directly to your eyes. “I love you and I don’t want you to die.”

“I don’t want you to die too,” you say helplessly. Tears falling, unabashed.

“I love you too.”

You kiss him gently but with burning passion. Alexander kisses you back, using his uninjured hand to pull your face closer. Several gunshots made you push Alexander away. He looked at you seriously and said,

“Run, and don’t ever look back.”

And you did.

French Kisses (Logan Howlett x Reader)

A/N: It’s my first time to write about Logan Howlett, i’ve got my eye on him after a while. I guess i’ve always had a crush on Wolverine <3 I hope you like this story.

Disclaimer:  Contains sexual tension and cursing

Gif’s not mine 

Word count: 1099

His stare burned right through you, his eyes locking with yours. A gasp escaped your lips as you felt his hand snake around your waist. He smirked and blew smoke upon your face. You coughed, it was a struggle to breathe. The smell of burnt cigar and liquor filled the entire room and you wished that you could vanish from that very spot.

Your chin was lifted up for a moment and his eyes continued searching yours. You looked away, trying to hide the windows of your soul from his eyes. You could feel his grip around your waist tighten, and he pulled you roughly towards him.

The move was sudden and your hands landed against his chest. His eyes didn’t leave yours, and he smiled, noticing the reaction that he was getting from you. He loved teasing you, and you were well-aware of that fact.

“Stop it, Logan,” You said, trying to stop the act altogether but you knew that he wouldn’t. You tried to stop him anyway.

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I felt like writing today.

Five years of climbing mountains and exploring this new world, and he finally wanted to find a home. Lee Adama didn’t know what home was, but looking for it alone while he slept in a crude lean-to under the stars sure as hell wasn’t getting him anywhere. So he came back to where they’d landed, to where he’d last seen his father. He couldn’t find home on his own; maybe he could find it where he’d left the rest of humanity.

He couldn’t find home, but apparently he was in the minority. There were children, babies, everywhere he looked from his vantage point on the hill, spilling out of rough cabins and shouting into the clear air where before there had only been savanna grass and herds of animals grazing.

Babies. We’re at war, and that woman wants us to worry about having babies. He could still hear his father’s voice ringing in his ears, full of disdain for the schoolteacher who dared to call herself President of the Twelve Colonies.

He could still see her tight, guarded smile as she stood in the CIC watching his father line up ships for water transfer, asking him for help with the military.

He should have known then that eventually Laura Roslin would get her way. Even as he bent over backwards to help her in the early days after the apocalypse, he hadn’t believed that she’d actually do it, actually save them all, but she had. In her own stubborn way, she had given humanity a fresh start.

Five years after he’d watched his father and Laura take off in a raptor, five years after he’d set out on his own, he was back on a green hillside, shielding his eyes from the sun, staring down at the new civilization that had sprung up in his absence. No cities, no technology, but a civilization nonetheless.

He recognized some of them – Ellen, still tall and lithe and easy in her skin, clutching Saul’s arm as he shouted and waved at the kids blocking his path. The oldest, grown taller and thinner since he’d last seen her, but he’d recognize that smile and those curls anywhere. Helo’s smile, Athena’s eyes. Hera was clearly the ringleader, the other children falling in line behind her as she teased the old Colonel. A few feet away, a tall, blonde woman bounced a baby on her hip as Gaius frakking Baltar kneeled to argue with a little boy who looked just as determined as he did.

Romo Lampkin was deep in conversation with a woman Lee knew he should recognize, but he didn’t. She wasn’t a Viper pilot; she wasn’t a refugee from Caprica. She wasn’t important to him, those days between the end of the worlds and the start of this one. Maybe that’s why he left, all those years ago. Humanity deserved a blank slate, but he knew he couldn’t give it to them. Maybe that’s why Kara left, and his father too. Some of them were just too rooted in the old ways to give them up completely.

Other faces were new. The primitive culture he’d witnessed when they’d landed on this rock, not quite as primitive anymore. They were communicating, and as the wind shifted, he picked up on the curious combination of words and clicks and sounds.

He wondered who taught them, without Laura. He remembered the white board with the numbers written in her careful, looping hand. If anyone had deserved a blank slate, it was her. He shifted the threadbare pack on his shoulder and made his way down the hill, determined to find out.


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I’m A Mess Joji x Reader

Angsty request ~ Angsty Joji imagine where you argue bc of him getting jealous and end up breaking up but get back together? Thank you!!

requested by @twdgislife

Warnings: Angst, swearing, graphic kinda, drinking etc.

“Don’t leave please Joji it’s lies. They’re trying to ruin us can’t you see it?!”

“I’m leaving.”

That night was so painful, clearly from the booming headache wracking in my head. I drank so much, raided every crevice in my ruined apartment, I gotta get used to saying my now…given he left for good.

My knuckles were bruised from punching my door, tears dried on my cheeks as I sat in the middle of my living room, empty.

So fucking empty

Clock smashed, clothes thrown across the bedroom, bed sheets covered in puke and blood from my ankle. Carelessly, I had thrown photos all over the floor, the frames smashed on the floor like disturbed decorations. Eyes bags littered my face, sore and red lips from blood and screaming. Scratches prominent on my arms, I had hyperventilated and had no one to calm me down.

I gotta get used to that too.

A knock at the door brought me to my senses, I perked up and dragged myself to the battered door, splinters of wood from where I had punched that too. Running my fingers through my hair, I wiped my face with my hands and reluctantly opened the door.


“Hey…” I croaked, my sore throat clearly obvious. His smile died down after he took in the scene of ou-my apartment. Sighing, he walked past me and set down the white bag and called in Max and Chad.

“Jesus Christ, did he-”

“No he left before my hyperventilation started, I’ve trashed the place and haven’t been fucked to move from the sofa since 2am.” I spoke, brushing the creases of my jacket out. A faint buzz came from Max’s phone, a familiar name lit up.

“Where’d he go last night, is he at yours?” I asked, concerned about his wellbeing. He left me yes, and god it hurt for him to believe this bullshit, but I still cared of course.

“He left to get pissed up about ten minutes ago, we dropped him off on the way here.”

God that hurt.

“Why aren’t you with him, I’m fine.” I groaned, rather embarrassed about the state of myself and the apartment.

“Yeah, clearly.” Ian huffed, running his hand through his hair. I winced at the prodding of my food, a shard of glass cutting the heel. Brushing it off, I pondered at the things I could do forget. Until I thought about it a little harder, why not just do what I do best…drink.

“How you guys feel about getting pissed tonight? I don’t need some dumb counselling session right now I just wanna feel good.” I groaned, looking at my reflection in the toaster.


“I’ll go get a shower and I’ll get dressed and we can hit up a bar and get fucked.” I smiled, waving and closing my bedroom door behind me to escape into the shower. I never thought I needed a shower this bad till now, washing the blood and sweat off of my body relieved all the kinks in my back from sleeping on the wood floor of the living room. Scrubbing at my scalp, I soothed my headache to become more numbing.

“Don’t lie to me, you clearly like Ian just fucking leave.”

“Why would I? Baby I love you and you know this.”

Wincing, I shook my head and stepped out of the shower, drying my body and carefully dabbing the cuts and the wound on my foot. After debating what to wear, I picked out a burgundy dress, just resting on my lower thigh. It was shoulderless, long sleeved with a choker. I plastered my foot and tugged on some socks and my black, chunky heeled boots. Moments later, I dried my hair and tousled the curls and applied some makeup.

Before opening my bedroom door, I heard the murmurs of the boys conversing rather hushed.

“We can’t leave her like this, she’s a wreck she’s just covering it dude.”

“I don’t want her alone tonight, it might do her good.”

“True, just wish this didn’t fucking happen man…I’ll try and get a hold of him later maybe…”

Sighing, I opened my door slowly, applied a fake smile and grabbed a couple notes from my pot and slipped it into my purse.

“Let’s go lads!” I cheered, their cheers following. This was gonna be rough. Rough as the drive to the bar, they avoided all questions about last night’s incidents and spoke of new video ideas. Ten minutes passed and we finally made it to the rather popular bar.

“Shots!” Me and Max chimed, Ian giggled and found us a booth as we waited for Chad with the shots. Max went for a piss so it was me and Ian.

“Did it hurt…”

“Did what hurt Ian?”

“When he left, I didn’t wanna bring it up I just wanna know. He loves you so much I know he does-”

“If he did he wouldn’t of left. I get it, it’s not the first time I’ll just push through somehow…I don’t fucking know.”

“Guess who got shots, ya boy did!” Chad exclaimed excitedly, I couldn’t help but chuckle and avoid the concerned look from Ian. Max bounced over with his phone in hand and a great big smile on his face.

“Smile boys!” He laughed, snapping a good photo and uploading it to Twitter, rambling about how good we looked and how were were the new NBA , the usual random shit. Max’s phone lit with a familiar number but I just ignored it.After chugging alcohol for about half hour with random conversations, Max and Chad bounced to the dance floor. I played with my empty glasses awkwardly, enjoying the loud music and the aesthetic of the bar.

Ian clearly was itching to join the boys.

“Go, enjoy yourself, somebody gotta look after our shit anyway.” I spoke softly.

Reluctantly, Ian ran to the boys and I smiled. My buzz cut off as the alcohol began attacking my mindset, it fucking hurt. Depressing noises from a cliché love song filled the bar.

I met you in the dark
You lit me up
You made me feel as though
I was enough
We danced the night away
We drank too much
I held your hair back when
You were throwing up

“I love you baby, so much.”

“I love you too-”

God that fucking killed, a dagger to the fucking stomach over and over. The memories of him, his beautiful chocolate eyes, the lines where he smiled, the feeling of his hand on mine, his chaotic humour and insane ideas. The way he’d wake me up at 4am with a coffee and a brand new idea for a video or a snippet of a song he was working on.

Then you smiled over your shoulder
For a minute, I was stone cold sober
I pulled you closer to my chest
And you asked me to stay over
I said, I already told ya
I think that you should get some rest

His crazy hair and the way it would stick up if he slept funny so he’d always lay flat with my head on his chest. His plump lips against my skin and the way they mold into that iconic smile, that led to a radiant laughter that could fill a stadium with cheering.

I got used to that smile.

I knew I loved you then
But you’d never know
Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go
I know I needed you

The second the boys met the booth, I bolted out of the bar, tears running down my cheeks as I clutched my phone to my chest. The music pounded as hard as my heart, it felt blood was gonna pour out of my ears.

Shakily, my hands typed in his name and I clicked ring.

Ring, ring, ring.


“I love you. I love you so fucking much please, I need you please It was all bullshit I need you. You don’t even need to love me back but you just need to know…I need you to know that I adore you so much. The rumours got to us It shouldn’t have please Joji I love you so much.”

He hung up.

I know I needed you
But I never showed
But I wanna stay with you
Until we’re grey and old
Just say you won’t let go
Just say you won’t let go

I heard sniffling from behind me.

There he stood. A deep blue hoodie covering a white tee, black jeans and white vans. His eyes were heavy with red circles. I pushed my phone into my pocket and he pulled me into his arms, I cried hard and his sobs trembled as he smoothed the top of my head, pressing a kiss to my hair.

“I’m so sorry I’m so sorry-”

He kissed me hard as tears covered our faces, salty trickles meeting and falling. God it fucking hurt but it was relieving at the same.

“I’m so sorry for everything.”

“We can work this out, all of this it’s all gonna be okay.”

I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold

[This fic was requested by @awesome-impala1967as well as one anonymous individual I believe, I hope you all enjoy it! Also if you guys are interested this fic was inspired by Distance by Christina Perri so if you guys wanted to listen to it I recommend you start listening when they mention someone named Tobias]

“So did I tell you this is fucking awesome? Because it is fucking awesome,” I was practically bouncing with the excitement of it all, but he was still in character so he just looked at me with mild irritation.
           "I met Will Smith, did you see that? I met The Prince, I am-“ he gave me a look before entering his trailer.
           "I can be chill, I can totally be- there’s Margot! Oh God, she is so beautiful!”
           I followed after him quickly, he was already seated with his laptop out and I took a calming breath.
           "Admittedly I have no chill when it comes to certain celebrities. You’d think I’d be used to all this by now but come on, it’s like Christmas!“
           "Quiet,” he growled.
           I rolled my eyes, flopping back on the small couch. Sneaking a glance over at him I smiled.


           I jumped, dropping my mug when there was a loud pound on the door. I cursed when it shattered and a piece of it cut my foot and shrieked when scalding coffee splashed on me. For fuck sakes! Looking at my watch I threw my hands up in the air, 3am. Who the fuck pounds on the door like that at 3… Oh. Of course, how could I have forgotten for a second?
           Limping over to the door I pulled it open. He wasn’t there though, but on the carpet just outside the door sat a little black gift box.

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olimars  asked:

I, Luigi: *gets my foot TRAMPLED on by my older brother who I look up to so much, marking another tragic event in a long line of reasons that I will always live in my brother's abusive, terrible shadow, quaking in my boots under the pressure of being the second brother, and therefore, of course, the inferior one.* Mario: Wahoo!

Don’t you know? Luigi actually DIES from Mario’s brutal mortal foot stomping wound off screen later in that scene

I have an uncle who works at Nintendo trust me i know

Watch Me Burn

Prompt: A (darker) rewrite of Burn where Eliza reacts a lil differently to the Reynolds Pamphlet, where she narrates the moment as if Alexander is listening

Warnings: death, a lil smutty not explicit though (I think that’s all let me know if I missed anything)


Pain. It’s all I can feel as I stare blankly down at the paper clutched tightly in my hand entitled, “The Reynolds Pamphlet”.

Each word I read rings in my ears, a deafening sound shooting from one ear to the other. They scrape against my throat with every breath I take, leaving my voice horse and raw. They pierce every organ, meticulously breaking each rib to make way to stab my heart, my lungs. Everything in me aches. My mind is screaming, it’s screaming at you for betraying me and at me for expecting you not to.

My body shuts down, and suddenly my feet are moving and my arms are reaching out and I have no control. My hands feel warm, and the room gets bright and it takes a piece of flaming ash scourching my palm before I realize what I’m doing. The pamphlet up in flames in my bare hands. And then without warning the flames seem to encapsulate me, surging through my blood and when I look down my veins are glowing, burning orange and red. And all I think is that you did this to me, you made me this and you deserve to burn for it. I let the pamphlet drop from my hands landing on the floor, the hardwood extinguishing the remaing flame.

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anonymous asked:

Cardia discovering the guy's ticklish spot(s)? :o

This is Mod S! Thanks so much for requesting this. <3 

I’ll do Code: Realize Guys Ticklish Spots (And How Cardia Found Them) for you! As always, let us know if there’s anything else you wanted with this. n_n

Arséne Lupin: Lupin’s ticklish spot is his feet. Cardia discovers this when Lupin steps on a needle and she has to pull it out. He laugh so hard that he struggles to stay still (despite being in pain). Even Cardia laughs from how hard he laughs. Eventually they’re able to get it out, but Lupin cannot even clean the wound on his own foot. Cardia has to get help to hold him down. Cardia uses his ticklish feet to tease him from that point onward. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van’s ticklish spot is the back of his neck. Cardia goes to shoo a fly away from his neck and brushes up against it, which makes Van jerk. She’s afraid she’s hurt him, but Van has to sheepishly explain that he is rendered helpless from how ticklish the back of his neck is. Cardia tickles the back of his neck when she wants to tease him, and he always chases her down and tickles her back afterward; they make a game out of it. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey’s ticklish spot is his sides. Cardia grabs him by the side one day in order to get his attention, and he immediately falls to the floor laughing. She feels bad at first, but after a while she does it just to see Impey’s reaction. Impey doesn’t like being tickled, but he doesn’t mind it when Cardia crawls on top of him to tickle him, especially if he was teasing her beforehand. Impey and Cardia get into a lot of tickle fights after that. 

Victor Frankenstein: Victor’s ticklish spot is his stomach and back. Cardia learns this quickly; she almost gets frustrated with how incredibly ticklish Victor seems to be. Whenever she tries to lay her head on his stomach, he always laughs and has to pull away. The same happens if she ever tries to rub his back. Eventually Cardia just doesn’t stop when he laughs, and that helps Victor get used to her touch, so his ticklish area’s aren’t as bad as they were. 

Saint Germain: Saint Germain brings up to Cardia that he is not ticklish, and Cardia devotes a lot of time to try and find out where Saint G’s ticklish spot is. Eventually, she discovers that he’ll giggle when something light touches his thighs. She considers this a victory, but if she ever tries to directly tickle his thighs, Saint G is able to stone-face through it. She has to surprise him if she really wants to get a reaction out of him, and that’s not easy. 

anonymous asked:

Crack Malec prompt: Alec, somehow, accidently shoots Magnus in the shoulder or foot with his arrow.


Alec had never heard Magnus swear so violently, and they had been dating for the better part of a year now. Quite frankly, Alec thought that this was all Magnus’ fault. 

Magnus had been watching Alec train with his arrows, but he had made the mistake of coming up behind Alec, and started whispering dirty nothings by his ear. Alec had set his bow down, and as Magnus had circled him, he had forgotten he was holding the arrows and had accidentally set one off when Magnus’ fingers had brushed his groin. 

The arrow went through Magnus’ foot.

“Next time,” Alec murmured as he gently laid Magnus on the floor. “Don’t start talking about your tongue.”

Magnus glared at him. “Alexander, now is not the time.”

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Arrow x Reader

Requested by : @xsomeonestrongerthanmex

Words: 2,000+

Warings: blood, torture and feels beware my friends.


You gazed at the endless amount of water and prayed that someone would see you or hear your screams. You were on holiday when you bordered the tourist boat hoping to get some photos of the sunset but ended up getting pulled into a rough storm which lead you and a few other people into the middle of nowhere everyone on the boat has either fallen off during the storm or jumped off after losing hope.

Days and nights had passed and you lived off the small amount of food and water you had with you and some left on the boat. You were looking around in the captains cabin hoping you’d find something to help you but unfortunately nothing was there, you made your way out when you suddenly slipped over something which happened to be a pair of binoculars. You walked around on the boat and peered through the binoculars hoping to spot land and then you saw it and gasped.

At first it looked like a normal island but after taking another look you felt a dark auro surrounding it and had a feeling it’s not somewhere people would go to visit but it was your only hope of surviving and so you when the boat drifted close enough to the island you dived into the salty water and swam towards it.

When you finally reached the island you fell hard onto the sandy ground drenched in water trying to catch your breath when you heard some grass rustle.

“I hope that was the wind” you whispered to yourself. You slowly got up and moved your dirty hair out from your face to investigate, you walked towards the bushes only to see nothing you sigh in relife but at the same time you were hoping someone was there.

Just as you started walking away you heard a branch snap and quickly turn to the direction you heard it an saw a man staring back at you with his clear blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

You were speachless and suprised after not seeing another human in days.

“Hello…oh my God sorry I just haven’t seen another person in too long” the man says in a soft voice “How did you get here?”

“My boat go caught in a storm and I kinda drifted for a few days” you answered.

“I’m Oliver and that also happened with me ” he introduces himself and slowly makes his way out from under the trees.

“I’m (Name)” as Oliver stepped into the light you got a better view of him and could clearly see his well built body “Is there anyway to get back home? I’ve kinda had enough of my amazing vacation”

Oliver chuckled at your sarcastic comment “I haven’t found anyone other than you” you frowned at the answer ‘I’m gonna die here’ you thought to yourself.

“But I haven’t looked that much so there’s still hope that people might be here” he says with a smile.

“Yeah you might be right” you give a smile back.

After a few days you’d grown a lot closer to oliver and found out he’d lost his father in the shipwreck. You were sitting down next to him as he looked down at his father’s grave when you felt an arrow pierce your shoulder.

“What the!?” You fell to the ground and oliver came rushing towards you only for him to get shot aswell.

“(Na..me)” Oliver whispers your name but you had already passed out.

You’d woken up in what looked like a cave and the pain still in your shoulder but surprisingly the arrow had been taken out. Oliver was beside you still unconscious with the arrow still deep in his shoulder, you moved closer to him and could hear him mubble your name which made you smile.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” you turn towards the Chinese man who had just walked in to see him holding some herbs and bowl of water in his hands.

“W-what do you want?” You sat up and tried not to look afraid.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He says as he nudges the herbs and water towards you and after understanding the gesture you take it slowly and swallow the bitter herb luckily the water helped wash away the after taste.

“I don’t get it first you shoot us then you heal us?” You look up at him but he just stares back.

Not long after oliver wakes up “(Name) are you okay?” He looks at you with a worried face.

“Yeah” you answer him as you help him sit up and when he sees the Chinese man his face turns to pure anger

“Why did you shoot us!?” He asks as he clutches onto his wound.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He once again gestures the drink the herbs and water to Oliver.

“I think he’s telling you to drink it” Oliver looks back at the man and swallow it and gives the same reaction as you did and without warning the man pulls out the arrow from his shoulder resulting in Oliver screaming in pain.

After that he taught both oliver and you to hunt and survive, most of the time oliver would just complain about picking up the dead animals.

“Why don’t I shoot it and you pick up….the rest” the man hands the bow to Oliver.

“Hit tree” he says “breath” oliver misses terribly “you” he gives the bow and arrow to you.

You slowly pull the arrow and take a deep breath and aim towards the tree but notice a rabbit in the corner of your eye and change direction to it instead of the tree making a head shot.

You look back at the two men to see Oliver wide eyed “She survive” the man says.

“I’ll get that arrow” you follow Oliver behind as he walks off but not even a minute later both of you were ambushed from behind by unknown men and you blacked out after that.

“(N……e)…(Na…e)….(Name)!” You slowly open your eyes to see Oliver in tears “Thank God your awake you got me worried” he wraps his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry” you give him a small smile and he slowly helps you up. “What happened?”

“This guy Fyers wants to know where the man whose been helping us is” Oliver whispers into your ear.

“He’s been helping us we can’t” you whisper back.

“I know” as Oliver finished talking a man in a suit and mask came in along with another man.

“Your times up Mr. Queen tell us or my men will get the answer out of you” says the man your guessing was Fyers.

“I don’t know who he is!” Oliver answers back.

“And what about you miss, do you know this man, Yao Fei” he holds a picture.

“No I’ve only been with Oliver ever since I got here” you answer not breaking eye contact.

“Get it out of them” Fyers says as he walks out of the tent.

After he leaves both you and Oliver were tortured by the man in the mask you felt his blade cut deep into your skin several times and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out your wounds.

All you could do was cry and scream
It felt like it was endless pain and suffering but the worst part had yet to come when Fyers ordered you both dead luckily Yao Fei appeared just in time and helped us both get away.

Unfortunately Yao Fei couldn’t carry both of you and Fyers’ men where catching up you knew what you had to do. You stopped in your tracks.

“You guys go ahead I’ll distract them” you say as you leant against the tree for support.

Both Yoa Fei and Oliver looked shocked in the words you’d said.

“We keeping going” Yoa Fei says.

“(Name) don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you behind” you could hear the footsteps coming closer and pushed them both behind a large bush and started making your way into the opposite direction.

“I see them!” One man shouts and you try to pick up your pace even though you were pushing your limit even with all open wounds. Suddenly you foot gets caught by a tree root and you tumble down the hill into a high current river.

Oliver was about to shout for you but
Yoa Fei stopped him they both assumed that you’d fallen to you death and they had every right to believe it. All oliver could do was cry he would never see you again, your smile, your beautiful (colour) eyes.

—–Years later——

Central City

You didn’t remember much of what happened on Lian Yu, after you’d fallen into the river everything blacked out and next thing you new you woke up in the hospital bed at A.R.G.U.S. and was told to keep what happened on that island to yourself and it’s not like you had a choice most of your memories had been lost when you hit your head.

These days you’d work alongside the CCPD as a police detective with Barry Allen and Joe West and in secret help out Team Flash.

You were at your desk filling a report when Joe came running towards you.

“Everything ok Joe?” You asked as he took a few deep breaths.

“We have to head to STAR labs, Cisco and Caitlin need us” he answer holding up his showing a message from Cisco and you both quickly head there.

You rushed into STAR Labs where Cisco and Caitlin were.

“We got your message, what’s up?” You ask Cisco looking a bit worried.

“We’ve detected a new Meta-human and he’s pretty strong like super strong! And Barry can’t take him on alone so we need as much back up as possible” he answers.

“Sure thing you know where he might show up next so we can ambush him?” Caitlin starts to work on her computer.

“I’ll search through the cameras and see if I can find anything” you nod and look around the room for a certain speedster.

“Where’s Barry?” You ask.

“He’s getting some more backup, he should actually be here by now”

—-Barry POV—-

“Oliver please, remeber how awesome our last team up was!?” Barry says to Oliver who was trying his best to ignore him. “ Oh and you can meet the newest member of Team Flash, she’s super cool I’m sure you’ll like her”

“Ok I’ll go, only because I know you won’t shut up if I say no” Barry’s face lights up.

“Ok I’ll see you there later guys” and he speeds off back to central city.

“I’ll never get used to that” Diggle says.

—-(Name) POV—-

You were sat next to Caitlin when Barry zoomed into the room.

“Hey guys I got Oliver to say yes” he says trying to catch his breath.

“Oliver” it felt like you knew someone with that name, someone you didnt want to forget but unfortunately you couldn’t remeber.

“I mean Arrow” Barry corrects himself.

“Awesome I still can’t believe you’ve worked with the Arrow he’s like super badass” you start fangirling

“What about me?” Barry asks in a fake sad tone.

“Your cool” you pause when he smiles “But not as cool as The Arrow” everyone in the room start to giggle.

Not long after a set of footsteps could be heard in the hallway and a man in a leather suit with a hood over his head and a mask over his eyes came in.

He hadn’t looked at you yet but you couldn’t take your eyes off him and for some reason he looked very familiar.

“Hey Oliver took you long enough” he gives Oliver a cheeky smile.

“I got here as fast as I could, what are we dealing wi-” he stopped talking when he faced you.

“You ok Oliver?” Joe asked. Barry looked in the same direction to where Oliver had become frozen and saw you.

“Oh yeah that’s (Na-)”

“(Name)?” Oliver cuts Barry off.

“Wait you know (Name)?” Caitlin asks. Everyone was confused including you.

“(Name), I thought you died…on Lian Yu”

Then it all came back, your memories started coming back the shock was too much and your head suddenly felt faint and you started to fall.

Oliver acted fast and caught you before you hit the ground. Caitlin led Oliver into the medical room with you in his arms and placed you on the bed.

You slowly opened your eyes and met Oliver’s.

“I’m so sorry I forgot you Oliver” you felt tears slowly stream down your face.

“Don’t be I’m just glad your alive and I have the chance to tell you something I should have told you on the island” he slowly wiped your tears away and kissed you.

“I love you, I’ve always loved you and I never stopped loving you” he says caressing your face.

“I love you too Oliver”.


I hope you guys liked and if you have any requests just send me a message.

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December 29th 1890: Wounded Knee Massacre

On this day in 1890, hundreds of Native Americans were killed by United States government forces at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Tensions between the federal government and the indigenous peoples of America had led to frequent bouts of warfare ever since the country was first colonised by Europeans. These wars became particularly intense during the latter half of the nineteenth century, and despite several key victories for Native Americans - most famously at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 - the federal government increasingly pushed native peoples onto reservations. The government were particularly alarmed by the growing Ghost Dance movement, which was a spiritual movement which prophesised the imminent defeat of the white man and the resumption of the traditional Indian way of life. The movement factored into mounting tensions at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which were exacerbated by the murder of Sioux chief Sitting Bull on December 15th 1890. The situation came to a head fourteen days later, when the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry surrounded a group of Ghost Dancers, under the leadership of Lakota Sioux chief Big Foot, near Wounded Knee Creek in the reservation. During this confrontation, a shot was fired, and the fighting descended into a massacre of Native Americans by the well-equipped army. It is estimated that around 200 people died - nearly half of whom were women and children - though some historians place the number much higher. Only 25 U.S. soldiers were killed, and 20 of the survivors were awarded the Medal of Honor. The Wounded Knee massacre was a pivotal moment in the history of indigenous relations in North America, as it marks the last major confrontation of the Indian wars. The incident also provides a poignant symbol around which Native American activist groups have rallied, providing the title for Dee Brown’s famous history Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1970), and becoming the focal point of the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973.

s y n d r o m e s - pt.8

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 3,072

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : I hope you like part 8  :) please don’t kill me  :) I love you  :) the story is not over yet :)) 

previous : part VII | next : part VIIII


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