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Until It’s Gone - Ch.4

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: mentions of attempted assault, mild language 

Word Count: 1,708

A/N: This is the fourth chapter in my newest ongoing series. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch for being my letter checker! Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

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You weren’t sure how long you stayed in the shower for. You’d lost track of time the moment that the hot water had hit your aching muscles, slowly erasing all of the cold from your bones. You watched mud and grime wash off of your arms, the cuts where you had caught yourself when you fell stinging sharply. Your brain absentmindedly walked your limbs through your shower routine; remove the make-up, wash your hair, body, and face, shave the legs… And then you just stood there.

Why me?

It was a question that had been haunting you ever since you’d found refuge in the doorstep. You closed your eyes as the shower water cascaded around your body. You remembered the feel of his hands on you, the flushed excitement from the initial contact quickly turning to a sickening dread. You felt the harsh brick wall scrape across your back as he shoved you hard against it. You raised your fingers to delicately trace the cut on your cheek, feeling the sting as he’d hit you. You remembered running aimlessly. You remembered falling in despair. You remembered the cold of the rain and the emptiness in your chest.

Why me?

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Surprise...Part 15

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14)

The first week of your vacation, you had been floating on air.  Your day with Tom had carried you on cloud nine for quite some time, and you wanted to explore more facets.  You had read stories on the internet and looked up materials, and you even took to reading the last chapter of that book to make sure that you had digested everything necessary.

But Tom was very distant, and you weren’t sure why.

You had followed all of his directions, and the dance that night was slowly and sensual.  But, the two of you had stuck to your rules: no showing genitalia, no physical intimacy, and the two of you stayed in the house.

So, why was he acting so weird?

You gave him room for a few days, staying confined to your bedroom as you researched and day-dreamed.  You had slept on and off, and only ventured out at odd times to acquire food.

And every time, if he was within eye shot, he moved so that he wasn’t.

You figured he would talk to you when he was ready.  After all, you felt that the two of you had reached a pretty trusting, and different, facet of your relationship together.

Whatever that relationship was.

But, when you washed up, changed, and walked into the kitchen, he was sitting out the table…

…and his shoulders stiffened when he heard you approach him from behind.

You stayed your distance, scooting into the kitchen and opening the fridge door, but by the time you shut it, he was out of his seat and crossing the room.

“Well, don’t move on my regard,” you mumble to yourself.

And that stopped him in his tracks.

“I’m not,” Tom said lowly.

You snickered as you turned towards the coffee pot, and you were so nervous that the ceramic pot that housed the sugary creamer went crashing to the floor.

“Shit,” you breathed as you bent down to pick up the pieces.

“Are you alright?” Tom asked as he whipped around, but just as you started to pick up the pieces, one of them pierced the skin in between your fingers, and you began to bleed all over the floor.

“God-…shit!” you blurted out as you continued to pick up the pieces.  Creamer and blood were mixing together on the floor, and as Tom strode towards you in the kitchen, his eyes widened as he bent down to help you.

“Put that down, come here-…just…Y/N, plea-”

“Get the hell away from me,” you snapped as you wrenched from his grasp and fell onto your butt.

Your hand was throbbing in pain.  The shard of ceramic glass was still poking out from your skin, and you couldn’t stop the bleeding as tears poured down your face.

What the hell was wrong with you?

“Y/N, you might need a doctor,” Tom said as he grabbed a dishrag and began soaking up the mess.

“I’ll be the judge of that, Mr. Thomas,” you spit as you got up and schlepped over to the sink.  You ran water over your hand as you slowly worked the glass shard out from your skin, and the hole practically made you woozy as you teetered at the sink.

“Whooooa, whoa whoa whoa,” Tom said as he shot up and caught you from behind.  “Steady now.”

His hands were warm on your waist as tears began to pour down your face.

“Why?” you choked out as you rested your bleeding hand in the sink.

“Why what?” Tom asked as he reached around and ran the soaked rag underneath the stream of water.

“What did I do wrong?” you whisper as the bleeding finally begins to slow.

Tom’s heart ached.  He had been avoiding you for days, he knew it.  But it wasn’t because of anything you did, or didn’t do.

It was because of him, and his inability to further abate his urges when it came to you.

“Get off of me,” you growl as you push away from the sink and head towards the cabinet with the first aid kit.

“I really think you should-”

“Shut up,” you bite.

“Y/N, that isn’t-”

“Can it, Hiddleston,” you flash in fury.

“Miss Y/N!” Tom raises his voice.

The action caught your attention as your eyes flashed up to him.  You weren’t sure of the look in his eyes, but you knew there was worry laced with them.  There was a hint of sadness, and a hint of embarrassment, and something she couldn’t quite place.

“Y/N,” Tom breathed as he stepped towards you.  “Just let me help.”

You watched as he slowly bandaged your hand.  He cleaned the wound, used a butterfly band-aid to shut it tight, and then wrapped your hand in tape and gauze so that if you knocked it up against something, it would provide some shock absorbency.  You stood there, watching the way his long fingers diligently worked, and you found yourself swallowing hard every time his skin came into contact with your.

A simple brush there, a light touch here…

You wanted to dance with him again just to feel his arms around you once more.

“There,” Tom says lowly as you watch him pull his hands away.  But, your good hand darts out, grasping his wrist as you swallow hard.

The tension in the air was palpable as your lips finally found the ability to move.

“What did I do?” you breathe as you continue to stare at his arm.  You wanted to sink your teeth into his throbbing veins as the hair on the back of your neck stood on end.

“It’s not you,” Tom said lowly.  “But, I really need you to let go of me.”

“Why?” you asked without hesitating.

“Because-” Tom began.

“I’m not letting go until you tell me,” you say, flashing your eyes up to him as his eyes glisten with stern intent.

“I really need you to let me go,” Tom declared.

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong,” you said brazenly.

“If you don’t let go-”

You watched Tom swallow hard as his neck began to flush.  You saw his eyes dilate as they swam within yours, and you thought back to the veins throbbing in his arms as you slowly pieced little parts together.

“What if…what if I don’t want to?” you ask, your voice a little lighter as your eyes dart between his.  “What if…I don’t want to let go?”

“We said no physical intimacy,” Tom said desperately.

“For that day, yes,” you confirmed.

Tom turned your words around in his head as his body slowly began to burn.  He felt it in his gut, and it slowly spread to the limbs of his body as the flush from his neck worked up into his cheeks.

“Just…for that day?” Tom choked out.

You hung on his words.  You thought about what this could mean…for your job, for your relationship with your boss, for your relationship with Tom…

…you weren’t aware that you were panting until you finally brought yourself back to reality.

“Just for that day,” you whisper as you dip your gaze to his chest.

His panting, heaving chest.

“Don’t open something you aren’t ready for,” Tom warned.

You honestly didn’t know what that meant.  You didn’t know the types of things he was capable of, or the types of toys he had to play with.  You didn’t know how  he would start you out, or if it would even have dominant elements in it.

All you knew was the fact that, injury or no injury, your body was on fire.

And you had never, in all of your days, ever experienced that type of sensation.

“Teach me,” you whisper as you slowly rake your eyes back up to his.

And he quickly cupped your cheeks and thrust his warm, wet lips upon yours as he swiftly backed you into the refrigerator.

magicallynormal  asked:

Hi There! I'm new to the Single Dad Shiro AU and I just wanted to know if you would tell me all I need to know as a newcomer? When you have the time of course!

Hello there! Welcome aboard the Single Dad Shiro AU train! So I’ll give you some basic pointers to begin with this AU:

  • Shiro, Allura and Coran are the adults. Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are kids.
  • Shiro is Keith’s adopted dad who adopted Keith from Korea when Keith was just a baby
  • Shiro was in the military before Keith, lost his arm and was honorably discharged after taken hostage, tortured and then rescued his team
  • Allura owns a private school with her father and she personally runs the Daycare for Special Needs Children
  • Keith has Autism. Hunk has Anxiety (especially Social). Lance has ADHD. Pidge has OCD. Shiro has PTSD.
  • Keith has a service dog names Red who he bonds with more so than humans
  • Keith is actually good friends with Lance, Hunk and Pidge despite not being social and they understand his boundries
  • At first, Shiro doubted himself to be able to care for Keith because of his trauma
  • Keith, Lance and Pidge are all 4, while Hunk is 5 (however Pidge skips a year in school to be in the same grade as Hunk)
  • Shiro’s parents are alive, grandparents to Keith and spoil that baby rotten
  • Matt is Pidge’s older brother by a few years and also has autism
  • Shiro runs a program that helps Veterans and Soldiers with PTSD and connects Veterans and Soldiers with service dogs
  • Coran is Allura’s assistant and cousin (he is not allowed to watch the children alone)
  • There aren’t any set pairings for this AU, mainly because Keith, Hunk, Pidge and Lance are kids a lot (but I love to indulge in many pairs for you guys)

If you search tags in my blog, the best tags to search for this AU are:

  • #Single Dad Shiro AU [x]
  • #Single Dad Shiro [x]

(They should bring you to every post I have made about this AU on my blog) Other wise here’s a master list of all the writing prompts, HCs and asks I have done for this AU (hopefully I have them all):


  • Original Post [x]
  • HCs continued [x]
  • Even more HCs [x]
  • Older Kids HCs (elementary/middle) [x]
  • AU where this AU follows Voltron cannon [x] [x]


  • Keith’s First Day at Daycare (for dumbpotatoarts) [x]
  • Coran Loses the Kiddies at a Park and Daddy Shiro is Not Impressed [x]
  • Keith calls Shiro “Daddy” for the First Time [x]
  • Keith Get’s Lost the First time Shiro Leaves Him With his Parents to Go Out [x]
  • Keith’s Allergic to Shellfish (submitted by paladincoolcats) [x]
  • The First Time Sassy Child Keith says “I Hate You” to Shiro [x]
  • Keith Has a Panic Attack at His First Sleepover Away from Home [x]
  • Shiro Has a Nightmares [x]
  • AU Where Lance and Keith Go on a Date and Shiro is Protective [x]
  • Keith Get’s Sick for the First Time [x]
  • First Grader Keith gets a C on a test and is worried [x]
  • Keith Worries about Shiro after he gets in a car accident [x]
  • Grandpa jokes that Keith lives with them now and he is not happy [x]
  • Keith thinks he’s too old to hold hands until he is almost run over [x]
  • Keith is very good at cheering up other people he cares about [x]
  • Keith’s birth mother tries to get back in his life and Shiro is not amused [x]
  • Halloween! Keith protects his daddy and friends when he is scared [x]
  • Keith gets into a car accident this time [x]
  • Shiro thinks that Keith has died in the army :( [x]
  • Shiro pretends to be a bad guy and “dies” and Keith is not amused [x]
  • Keith gets lost and a friendly stranger helps him [x]
  • Keith’s first snow day [x]
  • Shiro takes the kids sledding [x]
  • Shiro meets Keith for the first time and brings the baby home [x]
  • Keith’s biological dad tries to come back and Grandpa Thace is not amused at all [x]
  • Keith asks about his mother after many years [x]
  • Keith takes a tumble at the park [x]
  • Lance feels insecure but Shiro and Keith to the rescue [x]
  • Keith Akira Shirogane the first [x]
  • Shiro takes Keith to the shooting range and is afraid [x]
  • LGBTQ+ Keith and his cute dad [x]

Asks (HC’s):

  • Shiro Has PTSD and Doesn’t Know if He’s Right for Keith [x]
  • How Does Keith Feel About Shiro on Dates? [x]
  • Keith’s Nicknames for Shiro [x] [x]
  • AU of this AU Where Keith Has a Little Sister Named Mimi [x]
  • Keith Encounters a Grumpy Employee After Knocking Down Clothes [x]
  • Shiro’s Nicknames for Keith [x]
  • Keith is Big on Time and Panics if Shiro is Late [x]
  • Keith’s Gives Shiro’s Wounds Butterfly Kisses [x]
  • Shiro’s Company’s Mascot is a Black Panther [x]
  • Keith draws his “world” in class and is super cute (submitted by paladincoolcats) [x]
  • It’s mother day and Keith isn’t sad even when kids tease him [x]
  • Keith decides to enlist in the arm HCs [x]
  • Keith learns about Shiro’s scars HCs [x]

I think (hope) that about covers everything! I hope this helps and as always, feel free to submit your HCs, ideas, prompts or art you guys. They make me smile and pls keeping loving these baby Paladins and Single Dad Shiro.

badasspolkadots  asked:

Another prompt (because I like giving them to you and you told me you liked them): Dave has a hickey. And all the boys are shocked and super confused cause, ya know, it's Dave. Basically there is just mass debate and confusion as to how their little butterfly wound up with those marks. (Bonus if it's Jack who put it there) (extra bonus if Race somehow wins money off this situation)

Not sure it’s exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)

Davey flinched when Blink prodded hard at the side of the neck.

“Hey, Davey, what’s this?” he asked, poking it again.

The ache that the Blink was eliciting with his vaguely violent stabbing had Davey turning white with fear. He clapped his hand over his neck, a red flush slowly creeping up his neck and across his cheeks. He’d forgotten that he’d let Jack kiss his neck, and that he hadn’t stopped him when he’d started sucking bruises. At the time it had felt like a great idea, but now he was regretting it entirely.

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@iridescentskull tagged me for the 10 first songs on shuffle playlist a few days ago. Thanks for thinking of me. :)

My current playlist is pretty small at the moment because I obsessively listen to the same songs on repeat:

This is a Low, Blur – Parklife
This Weather, Patrick Wolf – Wind in the Wires
Sweet Thing, David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
These Walls, Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly
Wounded Hearts, Iceage – You’re Nothing
Love Crime (Amuse-Bouche version), Siouxsie Sioux & Brian Reitzell – Hannibal Soundtrack
Oceania, Björk – Medúlla
The Daily Mail, Radiohead – The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement 
Pissing in a River, Patti Smith Group – Radio Ethiopia
Sand, Einstürzende Neubauten – Halber Mensch

I’m tagging @spilling-everything @leperwitch @uncontrol-freak to share their playlist (only if they want to).

anonymous asked:

I have a character (33yr old female -- on and off anorexic for 17yrs) who I want to have die via sepsis infection. My plan is to have her wait too long to go to the hospital so that by the time she gets medical treatment all they can really do is make her comfortable for a day or so before dies. Is this a plausible scenario? How long would she have to wait to get treatment for it to be too late? And finally, what sort of mild injury can lead to sepsis if not properly cared for? Thank you!!

Hey there! I’m sorry that you’ve chosen to kill your character, but I’m not sorry that you’ve chosen sepsis as the way to do it! Sepsis is a really interesting topic in medicine, and it’s been getting a lot of sexy attention lately, so let’s dive in!

What the hell is sepsis, anyway?

First, it’s really important to understand that in sepsis, it’s not the bacteria that’s killing your character. It’s her own body’s immune response. Sepsis is a disproportionate immune response to infection. It’s like burning down your building to get rid of one mouse or cockroach. (Note: I know some of you are thinking that that is a perfectly reasonable response. Do not try this at home.)

So let’s start with the basics. Your character gets an infection. Maybe she cuts herself, and decides to close the wound with butterfly bandages or a liquid bandage rather than go to a doctor, and the wound gets infected. This can happen with any wound, really. And if that infection is under the skin, and it spreads into the bloodstream, it’s party-on!

(I’ll actually say that most sepsis actually comes from some other form of entryway, like a pneumonia or a urinary tract infection or even a sinus infection, rather than from a wound, though it’s certainly possible!)

She’ll get the usual things you get when you have an infection: a fever, general feelings of crappiness, etc. If it’s from a closed wound, she’ll have a lot of pain and redness at the site, maybe some weeping pus or yucky exudate. Yuckyuck.

But as her body mounts an immune response, it’s going to go overboard. Cytokines get released. There’s a whole cascade of badness, things to do with clotting as well as fighting bacteria.

As that inflammation happens, her blood vessels start to dilate and become “leaky”, meaning that blood and plasma that should stay within the blood vessels actually seep out into the tissues. This drops blood pressure, ultimately leading to a shock state.

Septic shock is different from hypovolemic shock. In hypovolemia (bleeding out), there simply isn’t enough blood. In a distributive shock (like sepsis), the blood is in the wrong places and is leaking. Sepsis also  can induce cardiomyopathy, meaning that because of some of those inflammatory chemicals, the heart simply doesn’t work as well as she wants it to.

Her body is on the borderline of collapsing.

But how is she going to look in septic shock? How is she going to feel?

Like shit. She’s going to look like shit, and she’s going to feel like shit.

She’ll either be feverish, or cold, as in hypothermic. She’ll be pale and sweaty. She may be lethargic, or even delirious, but she won’t be herself. Her heart rate will be high, she’ll be breathing fast. She may not have the strength to make it to the bathroom, so she may have soiled herself before she came to the hospital (usually by ambulance at this point).

So how are they going to treat her in the hospital? What will they do for her?

The short answer, if the hospital is any good, is: A LOT.

  • She’ll get two big IVs, and if they can’t get IVs, they’ll use what’s called an IO, where they put a needle into her bone with a screwgun. It looks and sounds as brutal as it must sound in your head, but from what I’ve heard it’s not that bad. They’ll draw cultures and labs. They’ll get a lactate level. (If anyone cares, a lactate >4 is indicative of elevated mortality; go big. Make hers above 12.)
  • She’ll get at least 2 liters of IV fluids, right off the bat. This is actually a nationwide guideline if the hospital wants to get paid. No, I’m not kidding. Also, they’ll probably wind up giving her a lot more than this. a
  • She’ll get antibiotics, probably vancomycin and ceftriaxone.
  • If her blood pressure doesn’t respond to the fluids, she’ll get pressors, meds designed to raise her blood pressure. The pressor of choice is Levophed, or norepinephrine (noradrenaline in the parts of the world with a sane nomenclature).
  • If her blood pressure still doesn’t respond they’ll add epinephrine (US) / adrenaline (everywhere else).
  • If her blood pressure still doesn’t respond, they’ll add a touch of vasopressin.
  • If there’s any doubt about her ability to maintain her own airway, she’s going to get intubated (a breathing tube put down her throat); it’s likely with the altered level of consciousness in general that she’ll get tubed anyway.
  • If she lives that long, she’s going to get admitted to the Intensive Care Unit; if there are multiple in this hospital, it’ll be the Medical ICU (MICU).

Ultimately, even with antibiotics and fluids and pressors, young people do still die of sepsis. Her death will come heralded by the sound of machines, and alarms, and a long and ugly resuscitation. But her dying is a very reasonable outcome.

That’s all, folks!

I hope this post was useful.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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  • Hi.
  • You guys are my fucking family.
  • And seeing how some of you are really depressed,I decided to do something for you.
  • I hope at least one of these makes you smile.
  • 1)a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance
  • 2)if you fake laugh for some longer time,you will start to laugh really hard
  • 3)the Beatles used the word "love" 613 times throughout their career
  • 4)on the day of his assassination,Marthin Luther King Jr had a pillow fight in his motel
  • 5)penguins can belly slide
  • 6)cancer rates are down 20% in the last 20 years
  • 7)otters hold hands while sleeping so that they don't drift away from each other
  • 8)cuddling can help produce a hormone that helps heal wounds
  • 9)butterflies can taste with their feet
  • 10)it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile(so smile you lil dipshit)
  • 11)cows have best friends
  • 12)seeing somebody else smile can actually make you happier
  • 13)a pigs orgasms last 30 minutes
  • 14)penguins mate for life and propose to their partner with a pebble
  • 15)if you spell out numbers in order,the first time you would get to the letter 'a' is at 1000
  • 16)worms communicate while snuggling
  • 17)all tho they never saw it,blind people smile when they're happy
  • 18)rats and mice are ticklish
  • 19)one of the roman emperors declared war on Neptune,a mythical god of water.His men ran out and stabbed the WATER
  • 20)the voice of Winnie de pooh calls children's hospitals to cheer kids up
  • 21)an Apollo astronaut wrote his daughters inicials on the moon that will stay there for 50,000 years at least
  • 22)Norway once knighted a penguin
  • 23)goats have accents(Dont ask I have no idea)
  • 24)dolphins have names for one another's
  • 25)male puppies will sometimes let female puppies win in a play fight
  • 26)octopuses make gardens by collecting sea grass and such and lining them in oder in the sand
  • 27)there is no angry way to say the word bubbles
  • 28)in China,killing a panda is punishable by death
  • 29) the voices of Micky and money mouse got married in real life
  • 30)spiders can't fly
  • 31)sweden has a rabbit jumping show competition
  • 32)kissing burns 2 calories a minute
  • 33)some window washers dress as superheros to cheer up kids
  • 34)during the apollo race the astronauts got sleeves to piss in that were labeled as 'small,medium,large' and no body wanted to tale the first two options to the NASA labeled them as 'large,gigantic,humongous' and the problem was solved
  • 35)turtles can breathe trought their ass
  • 36)lemurs hug each other when they're cold
  • 37)otters have a favourite rock that they carry around
  • 38)for a moment you were the youngest person on the planet
  • 39)Canadians eat more donoughts a then any other country
  • 40)there's a type of jellyfish that lives forever
  • 41)somebody is having the best day of their life right now
  • 42)cows produce the most milk listening to everybody hurts by REM
  • 43)a monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette
  • 44)2013 is the first year since 1987 that has all different digits
  • 45)when sea horses travel,they hold each others hands
  • 46)dogs nose prints are like finger prints to human
  • 47)before they hatch,baby chicks can communicate to their mother's by sound systems
  • 48)squirrels will adopt baby squirrels if they're abandoned
  • 49)a group of pugs is called a grumble
  • 50)abraham graham bell originally wanted people to say ahoy when answering the phone
  • 51)every year Netherlands send 20,000 tulips to Canada to thank them for their aid in the world war 2.
  • 52)an average person laughs 13 times a day
  • 53)if you walk with somebody,you will eventually synchronise your steps
  • 54)in Korea.there is a cat coffee where you can drink coffee while hanging out with cats
  • 55)honey bees communicate by dancing
  • 56)a new born panda weights as much as a cup of tea
  • 57)crows play pranks on each other
  • 58)if you shave a guine pig if looks like a baby hippo
  • 59)ants bow as to say hello
  • 60)dolphins sometimes menage to save humans from drowning
  • 61)Russia didn't consider beer to be an alchocolic drink until 2011.
  • 62)2/3 people on earth have never seen real life snow
  • 63)a hummingbird weights less then a penny
  • 64)a jellyfish is 95 percent water
  • 65)it would take 1000 years to watch every single video on YouTube
  • 66)a giraffe can clean its own ears because of its huge tongue
  • 67)that tongue is 21 inches long
  • 68)the number of words posted on twitter each day would fit a one million page book
  • 69)Donald duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants
  • 70)French was the official language of england for over 600 years
  • 81)our genes show that we all share the same male ancestor who lived 208.300 years ago
  • 82)there are vending machines that you can buy pizza from
  • 83)in some countries its illegal to advertise to children to keep them from asking their parents for things to much
  • 84)in 1906 a man was sentenced to a minute in prison
  • 85)there's a vulcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava
  • 86)a house burglar was cought once cause he loged on to Facebook at the persons computer and forgot to log off
  • 87)ants have mini wars
  • 88)alpacas can die of loneliness
  • 89)kanye west rapped his entire album to Seth rogan,just to hear his opinion
  • 90)people in poorer countries are more likely to say they're having a good day then the people in huge countries
  • 91)the happiest state of USA is Hawaii
  • 92)there's a woman named marijuana Pepsi
  • 93)40 million people in China live in caves
  • 94)there are towns in France where its illegal to die
  • 95)no egyptian President has been resigned unless dead or arrested
  • 96)woman spiders eat male spiders after mating with them
  • 97)there's a hybrid between a raccoon and a dog at east Asia
  • 98)unfaithful men tend to have lower IQs
  • 99) the entire country of Liechtenstein can be rented for 70,000 $ a day
  • 100)the biggest fact to be happy about-you exist.and you're awesomesauce.
  • I love you all.
  • Stay strong.

Doing a 30-day spring challenge. 

Day 1: Butterfly.
Character: Deadpool/Wade Wilson.

anarfea  asked:

How would you treat a minor stab wound (shoulder/pectoral muscle) with the contents of a first aid kit? And what kinds of things would you put in a first aid kit if you were the sort of person who expected you might get stabbed in your line of work?

This answer assumes you’ve read this post about muscle-deep shrapnel wounds, this post about creatively closing non-life-threatening lacerations and this post on deeper stab wounds.

I spent some time in the first post there typing about how you would probably have a lot more injuries than a small shrapnel wound in the case of an explosion. The stabbing scenario questioned here is different in that it very well could be the character’s only injury.

Now, fortunately for your character, the stab wound you’re seeing in your story is shallow, probably stopped by a rib, clavicle, or ball of the humerus (upper arm bone). If your character is expecting to get stabbed to the point of planning it in their first aid kit, however, they’re probably expecting it to be a lot more serious than that.

This post will be looking at what commercial products are available for this sort of first aid kit. 

They’d be looking at devices for control of bleeding first off, including:

  • Wound dressings (gauze/abd pads). if their job puts them in serious danger regularly they may also have a field dressing, which is basically a ready-to-apply dressing that is already attached to an elastic wrapping device, which can help put pressure on the wound when applied.
  • Hemostatic agent. This can come in a powder, gel-filled syringe or on prepackaged wound dressings. Brand names are QuikClot, Celox, and several others. Hemostatic chemicals can stop bleeding more quickly, and are especially useful in wounds with arterial bleeds for which pressure is not or would not work.

  • Commercial tourniquet. Applied “above” the wound to decrease blood pressure to bleeding site on limbs. See this post for more details on tourniquets.

They would also need something to control pain, Including:

  • Non-opioid painkillers- If your character is not a military medic and they’re making their own kit, they’re probably not carrying anything stronger than what you could typically get over the counter at a pharmacy. This means that in a situation like this, they’re probably mixing a (non-aspirin) NSAID (ibuprofen, meloxicam, naproxen) with acetaminophen. This is safe as long as they do not exceed the recommended doses of either medication.
  • Opioid painkillers- These are very tightly controlled drugs in most countries, but can be found on the black market. Likely your characters would not have access to them legally if constructing their own kit, however, military medics carry “pill packs” which may contain opioids.
  • Local anesthetic- They probably couldn’t get injectable stuff without a prescription, which likely wouldn’t be feasible if constructing their own kit. However, benzocaine gel, which is typically used as a local anesthetic for mouth pain, is available over the counter and works similarly. Benzocaine gel should not be placed in a wound, but can be put around it in order to facilitate wound closure. It does not penetrate the skin very deeply, though.

Oral Antibiotics: These are probably going to be necessary as prophylaxis in this environment for this injury. Unlike the opioid painkillers, these can be  obtained for later use by prescription (whether or not this is ethical due to growing concerns about drug resistance is debatable). They would also be available in a medic’s pill packs mentioned above.

Once the bleeding is stopped, pain controlled, and infection prevented, closing the wound itself will likely be necessary, especially if your character has to make it out of an environment before other help can be obtained. Products available for that include:

  • Butterfly bandages- used to hold wound edges together while exposing as much of the wound as possible. Butterfly bandages can also be improvised by twisting medical tape.
  • Steri-strips- used for the same as above, but without the “exposing as much of the wound as possible” part.
  • Medical superglue- Loctite or dermabond are medical-safe versions of the same resin as traditional superglue.

Anything requiring something more in-depth than this probably wouldn’t be going into a homemade first aid kit, so this is what would be available to your character supposing they’re a typical person. Yes, you can buy most of this online without a prescription or at a pharmacy.

Hope this helped!

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Wedding Date Part 3 (finale)

‘Please proceed to your left for the wedding of the lovely Callie Adams Foster and Aaron Daring.’

Jude’s hand was still gripped tightly within Connor’s as he read the poster written in delicate hand writing. Jude assumed it was Aaron’s sister who wrote it, a talented artist and one of the only people Jude could seem to talk to without having to force himself to find words which hide in the back of his mind.

Despite the clamminess of their intertwined fingers, Connor didn’t even bother letting go to wipe them upon his pants before entering the outside of the golf club, knowing that even such a small gesture like holding his hand could comfort him the most.

And honestly, Connor did not want to let go at all in the first place. Jude’s soft hands felt no different than when he had held it years ago in the darkness of the tent, the only light he remembers being the piercing brown of Jude’s chocolate eyes.

And although he tried his hardest to push it past him, Jude felt it too. Connor’s grip was just as tight yet passionate, and he wondered if his lips still held the same passion which Jude can sometimes still feel linger upon his lips whenever he sees him. He wonders if Connor thinks as much about that night in the tent as he does.

Arriving by the doors which open to the ceremony, Jude pauses, his heart beating much too quickly in his chest, butterflies wounding their way into his tight stomach. His grip immediately tightens on Connor’s and he feels his best friend’s other hand find their way to his upper arm, lightly stroking it. Suddenly, Jude feels his heart begin to swell for a far more different reason.

“Hey,” Connor whispers tenderly, as though trying to comfort a small child. “You’ll be fine, you’re stronger than your stupid heartbreak over that dumbass midget, alright?” Jude feels his lips tug up for half a second before regaining his composure as he sucks in a breath and opens the heavy doors leading to the beautiful outdoor of the club.

Instinctively, the pair squint at the bright light coming from the blue, cloudless sky. And although the sun is quite blinding, what they can manage to see is quite beautiful. Chairs and benches and people are all spread over the landscape of mowed green grass, as bright and blinding as the sun.

At the end of the white carpet, surrounded by aligned chairs on either side, is a beautiful arch covered in all sorts of flowers and leaves. Blue’s, violets, reds and whites being the most vibrant colors in sight.

“Damn,” Connor muttered, leaning over to Jude, his warm breath sending tingles through his body. “They’ve really turned this place into a beautiful reception. I was expecting something nice coming from Robert, but this is just ridiculous.” Jude shrugs, only half paying attention to his date, his attention truly dedicated to his eyes which dart through the crowd. Connor, noticing what he’s doing, lets out an exasperated sigh.

“You know, you’ll never be able to find him in this crowd,” Connor teased, a smirk evident upon his feature’s without him instructing there to be one. “He’s too short.” Although he knew it was coming, Connor internally flinched when Jude handed him the dirty look he managed to loathe and adore all at once.

“He wasn’t that short.” Jude sounded as though he were protecting him, even after all Josh has done, he still managed to try and protect him. Connor hated how Josh had managed to sweep Jude off his feet so highly he could not come down. Connor almost felt as though he needed the tallest ladder in the world the rescue him from the clouds.

“Whatever you say,” Connor smiled genuinely this time, a real toothy grin which held a depth even Jude couldn’t reach out to. He looked down at their hands, still tightly wounded together. Connor watched as Jude’s eyes trailed down upon their fingers as well, a small smile threating to escape from his lips as well.

Connor watched as Jude’s features softened when he smiled, lighting every aspect of himself. Connor couldn’t help but be in awe about how beautiful he was. He wonders how he kept himself from the boy all these past years, how the tension could not have pulled him in sooner. How high were the walls Connor built to protect himself from something he knew he never could? How bulletproof were the bricks he built the wall with? How had Jude still managed to tear them down to shreds, even when he thought that nothing ever could?

Connor still keeps his gaze locked upon Jude, even when he looks up to him, his eyes still piercing, and his hands still soft. He was certain his lips were still as soft. He wanted to figure out.

“Jude?” A well-grounded voice echoes into Connor’s ears, his head snapping from his tight gaze on Jude’s face to the figure who stood before him. He knew who the face belonged to. He knew it too well to forget. It was the face which caused Jude too much pain. It’s the face who still causes Jude too much pain.

“Josh,” Jude croaks, his eyes locked within Josh’s dull green eyes. Jude’s heart begins to swell again, so delicate he fears that another word Josh if another word would utter out of his lips, the lips he knew so well, that it’d break.

“Jude, wow!” He chuckled, his feature’s scrunching together on his face. Connor looks down upon him, disgusted at how easily he could play with Jude’s feelings. He knew that just those words sent an array of memories freshly into Jude’s head. His head snaps away from Jude, turning to land upon Connor, and then, their intertwined fingers.

He sees his face twist in confusion, and Connor tries his hardest to hold back a smirk of intimidation. “Oh,” Josh said awkwardly. “You two are… a couple?” His thick eyebrows darted up, almost winding together as the furrowed in confusion.

Before Jude could answer, Connor unraveled their fingers and backed up a little, throwing his hands around Jude’s waist from the back, gently placing his chin upon Jude’s right shoulder.

Jude felt Connor’s soft hairs tickle his neck, his warm breath sending electric shocks throughout his body. He was the best distraction yet, even when it came to Josh. All he could think about was pressing his lips against Connor’s instead of pressing them against Josh’s. For the first time ever since the breakup, Jude could feel as though his heart no longer belonged to Josh’s hands, bloody which where he held his shredded heart.

Connor instinctively pressed his lips tightly softly against Jude’s neck twice, trailing upwards. Jude felt his entire body turn soft at the lips which he never realized he wanted so badly until this day. Perhaps he knew all along, but he was too strung over by someone who never truly loved. How had it been hidden for so long? How had he not noticed how much his seventh grade crush on Connor had really never left, but evolved into something much stronger?

Suddenly, another man pops up behind Josh throwing an arm around his shoulders. His skin was dark, and his eyes were a strong brown. “Josh,” the boy began, handing him a warm smile. “Who’s this?” Josh turned his attention to the much taller boy, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“Oh, right,” Josh said blankly, almost as though he were just waking from a confusing dream. “Matias, this is Jude and,” he paused, uncertain. He certainly knew who Connor was. But Josh didn’t know about the tent kiss, and the true facts about Connor’s hidden sexuality. To Josh, Connor was simply Jude’s best friend who was as normal and kind as any best friend would be. He would’ve never assumed anything would’ve been going on between the two. Connor had always been with girls in his mind.

“My boyfriend,” Jude assured, twining his hands around Connor’s which still held firmly around his waist. He planted a soft kiss on his temple, his chin heavy on his right shoulder. But Jude could let him leave it there for all eternity if he wanted to. Connor closed his eyes as Jude kissed his temple, the tent scene flying back into his mind for the hundredth time this day.

“His boyfriend,” Josh continued, reluctant as he spoke the words. “His boyfriend Connor. And by the way, this is my boyfriend, Matias.” Matias nodded politely their way.

Suddenly Jude felt a pang in his chest. Nothing close to jealousy, but everything close to anxiety. Matias looked like a kind, big-hearted guy. He could only imagine the kinds of things Josh might be doing behind his back. “Nice to meet you,” Matias acknowledged genuinely.

“You too,” both Jude and Connor said in synchronization. After what felt like moments of staring, Josh opened his mouth once more, still seeming caught in the net of disbelief. “Well, um, I guess I’ll be going now. See you around boys.” Without another word he grasped onto Matias’ hand and practically jogged out of sight, Matias not having to time to wish them a good day like he planned to.

Watching the two trail away, Connor and Jude shared a look and then burst out into laughter. Their warm chuckles filling one another’s ears like the sound of the most beautiful music they’d ever heard.

Their eyes on one another as they laughed, their warm smile only directed for each other. Connor was standing in front of Jude now, grasping his arm tightly as he led him back inside, still laughing as he dragged him into a corner where the only people in sight were each other.

Their laughs died down as they both noticed that the warmth in each other’s eyes was turning into something much deeper, and their lips were only left tugging up lightly at the corners. Connor placed his forehead onto Jude’s, and Jude pressed his forehead back, balancing each other out.

“Fucking shit,” Connor muttered in the softest way he could. “I think I love you. Like, I really, really love you. So much. Too much. I think it was so obvious that I didn’t even notice. It was so big that I had to back up to see what it really was.” He could feel Jude smile against him.

“Well I guess we’re both fucked then,” Jude whispered back. “I’m sorry it took me so long to figure out. We wasted so much time.” Jude’s breath lingered on Connor’s lips as he spoke.

“Let’s not waste any more then,” Connor stated, his hand on the back of Jude’s neck, Jude’s fingers already wounding their way into his hair. “I don’t think I can anymore.”

And with what felt like all the relief in the world, their lips found each other for the second time in their lives. The softness and roughness being mixed all together, years of confusion and obvious oblivion wounding its way into the kiss, making each movement more precious and passionate. Jude felt his heart relax, mending back together fully, and Connor felt every fear in the world strip away from him.

And now, finally, it felt like everything in the world had turned good in that very moment, and that it would stay that way forever.