Prompt: @whothehellisbella‘s song challenge - I’m In Here by Sia

A/N:This. Was. A. STRUGGLE!!! I wound up outlining a whole series that I felt really went with this song (yet to come), and this is the blob that I wrote for a one shot in in its stead. It’s angsty af and sooooo damn long. Idk team. Idk.

Warning: aaaangst, poor relationship dynamics.

Word Count: 6247 I’m fainting. This is the longest fic I’ve ever posted. I’m done.

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“She gonna be okay?” Tony asked, handing Steve a cup of the shitty black sludge that the cafeteria passed off as coffee. His sharp brown eyes scanning the windows for any glimpse of you through the partially closed blinds. The muffled steady beeping of the monitors was a comfort, at least.

“Think so,” Steve sighed, finally lifting his gaze from his feet to mimic Tony’s glances into the room. He’d been seated opposite your door with his elbows on his knees and his head buried in his hands since your arrival. “As long as the grafts take and she gets through the quarantine stage, she should recover alright.”

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TUAFW you never realised you have a tendency to wander until you go to a store with your sister and she says, “Stay close, don’t disappear on me,” and you say, “What do you mean?  I always do!”  And she looks at you skeptically and reminds you of the several occasions when your family had to get the cashiers to call you over a store intercom because you’d spotted something interesting and forgotten that everyone else was still walking and you wound up getting yourself lost repeatedly, and remembering that makes you feel oddly valid. - emoticat


Okay, I just watched Vivziepop’s stream and it was AMAZING! So I just wanted to draw her character Angel from her series Hazbin Hotel, because he’s one of my favorites and he gives me so much inspiration! I wasn’t quite sure what to do for backgrounds so I wound up doing a simple one and a transparent one. I hope you guys like them! ^-^

(Click on them for better quality. ^-^)

(Angel belongs to @Vivziepop)

Ok so I just started playing Breath of the Wild yesterday. I literally just got the paraglider and once I left the tutorial area before I found any villages I found a horse, mounted it, got REALLY lost trying to find a stable to register it, wound up finding the horse god who wants 1000 rupees to revive dead horses when I only have 3 rupees that I found on the ground and only the one horse that wasn’t even registered, finally found a stable to register my horse, sold a bunch of stuff to even get 20 rupees, caught and registered another horse, and I’ve just found the Giant Horse and found out I actually need stamina to ride horses. I only have the one stamina bar since I used my only upgrade on another heart. I need two and a half to get it apparently. :P

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friends fight, I will always say this because it's what is basically going on. everything has calmed down and I'm sure they will talk about this sooner or later. Twitter is the only thing that they are have problems on. Their Instagrams, Youtube, etc. they are still following one other and that gives me the hope. All it take is time for them to heal wounds and back up the shattered glass. all we can do is just wait for any info they want to give and support both sides besides with happened today

You’re right. I just feel bad whenever this kind of thing happens, like when Ohm tweeted in March about Buddy being sick (he hasn’t died since I’ve been gone, has he?) or when Mini tweeted that thing where he said something like, “keep the good friends around, because bad ones will eventually fuck you over. you know who you are. fuck you,” or something like that, and then he sent out a tweet apologizing saying that so much shit has been happening that he just released it all in that angry tweet. And now there’s this discourse between Ohm and Bryce, which will obviously blow over, because it always does, but I hate when it happens at all, because people get into it, over-analyze, and generally stick their noses into people’s business that they don’t belong in. It’ll blow over when it blows over, but until then, some people just need to mind their own business and leave the angst of the guys’ personal lives and relationships out of the fandom.

Whew, sorry for that rant. I apologize.

“One smile has the power to… Calm fears. Soften stone walls. Warm a cold heart. Invite a new friend. Mimic a loving hug. Beautify the bearer. Lighten heavy loads. Promote good deeds. Brighten a gloomy day. Comfort a grieving spirit. Offer hope to the forlorn. Send a message of caring. Lift the downtrodden soul. Patch up invisible wounds. Weaken the hold of misery. Act as medicine for suffering. Attract the companionship of angels. Fulfill the human need for recognition. Who knew changing the world would prove so simple?” — Richelle E. Goodrich

helloyoubeautifulsoul said to naimly: ooh can i share my dnd oc too?? shes a spunky drow sorcerer who ran away from the underdark and wants to come back and prove to everyone that the surface is better by getting super good at magic!! except shes also just a reckless rebellious teenager so she gets into a lot of fights and keeps almost dying because she’s small and has no hp and will set off traps in dungeons because she rushes into everything and likes shopping in the dead of night for magic items while all the humans are sleeping

Anonymous said to naimly: Homebrew OC time! My first DnD experience was a crazy mishmosh of everything. I was meant to be the healer, Anya the Celsian (like a satyr but with blue skin & white stripes). Wound up carrying the group cause she maxed out aquamancy and electromancy (simultaneously making enemies wet & electrocuting them), befriended a flying narwhal & equipped it with Flight of the Valkyries to ride into battle, and opened a brothel in Hell. Good times, damn good times.

cliomancer said to naimly: One of my old D&D characters was a wizardess computer hacker from a cyberpunk fantasy setting who had green hair braided to look like snakes and a magic 8-ball as her casting implement. My other favourite D&D character was a burly Half-Orc Barbarian who thought of herself as a princess even though her island homeland was a democracy. She had a pretty machiavellian outlook on political events and was very proud of her skill at a traditional game which just happened to resemble beach volleyball in all aspects save that the ball was on fire.

Drows are adorable and I love them, I wish your bb all the best in her future adventures! I’m sure she’ll turn into an amazing badass sorcerer someday!! :D

A FLYING NARWHAL oh my, that sounds so freaking cool, heck! What a bamf, you could make a religion out of that - I’d join it anyway B)

A magic 8-ball is a beautiful casting implement, I approve of this greatly, and green snake hair is also a fantastic addition! AWWWW I LOVE HER she’s a princess in my eyes! Flaming beach volleyball pro buff half-orc is a lady I can definitely get behind <3

Okay so there’s this quote of 2D talking about a weird tour experience where he wound up with Murdoc and Murdoc gave him strawberries and hugs right. Well for the longest time my dyslexic mind switched strawberries with raspberries, so here I am for like three weeks thinking Murdoc had some weird fetish like. He just invites groupies in and pulls up their shirts to blow raspberries on their bellies and drink chmpagne and cry.

And this was just such a bizarre thing for me for the longest while until I realized it was strawberries and everything made sense again.

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​ fic title: Too Many Tulips


I obviously wouldn’t just rewrite that concept, though. I think to call a fic “Too Many Tulips,” there has to be an OBSCENE amount of tulips involved. Like, Castiel is shipped THOUSANDS of tulips to his front doorstep, and no one knows why. Well, one person does. An out-of-breath Dean Winchester appears to angrily inquire what Castiel of all people is doing with HIS tulips. 

Well, I surely don’t know, Castiel replies. I certainly didn’t put them here? Who needs this many tulips anyway???

The answer turns out to be a misunderstanding: Dean, in charge of shipping flowers to his wedding, accidentally input the address for the reception hall incorrectly. Castiel wound up with the decorations instead.

Of course, this wedding never ends up happening, does it? But why and how is a mystery to even me….

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“Is this 03 or Brotherhood?”, the definitive guide

I know a lot of people have trouble telling the two FMA anime apart, and I’ve noticed an increase in confusion lately, so I thought I’d make a post to help clear it up! I’ll go over some telltale differences between the two styles, in order of ease. For images, Brotherhood will be on the left, and 03 on the right.

1. Al’s armor

If Al is present in an image, he’s the quickest way to tell the difference between the two series. 03 Al is fairly greenish in hue, and his face looks similar to the early stages of the manga, with a very rectangular chin. Brotherhood Al is much greyer, a little shinier, perhaps a bit bulkier, and his face is more angular with a curvier chin, giving him something of a permanent >:( face. His toes curve up in Brotherhood, but not in 03. Also, since the fight with Buccaneer never happened in 03, if Al’s ponytail is short, it’s definitely Brotherhood!

2. Characters who appear in one series but not the other

This is something of a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. Look at what characters are present in the image. Anyone who appears after the Dublith arc in the manga/Brotherhood would not be in 03. Conversely, characters such as Dante, Lujon, Archer, the Tringham brothers, and Leo don’t appear in Brotherhood.

3. The women

While this doesn’t necessarily apply to every screencap, women in 03 tend to have somewhat defined lips, while they don’t usually in Brotherhood (with the exception of Olivier, who wouldn’t be in 03 anyway). This is especially true of promotional art, as opposed to screencaps.

4. The chain

(Running in the shadooooows~)

On every Amestrian military uniform, there’s a rope chain on the right shoulder, which also attaches to the front of the breast. In 03, the bit connecting the chain to the front of the uniform is braided, while in Brotherhood, that portion is a single cord.

5. Colors + general vague feeling

Colors can sometimes be used to tell the difference, if the lighting is standard. Colors in Brotherhood are fairly muted, but not too dark, and generally stick to shades of red, blue, yellow, black, white, and brown. They might almost be described as pastel, at least compared to 03. While colors in 03 are usually more saturated than Brotherhood, they’re also a lot darker, and not nearly as coordinated in hue. Also, 03 characters in general tend to have something of a youthful look to them, compared to Brotherhood, and noses are usually longer and pointier than in Brotherhood.

6. Specific character differences

Certain characters have notably different looks between series. If these characters appear in a screencap, you can look to them for clues. Some examples:

  • Ed: His hair is darker and more orange in 03. He also wears the same outfit throughout most of it, while his alternate outfits from Brotherhood don’t appear. His face shape also pretty much stays the same in 03, while in Brotherhood he matures physically towards the end of the series.
  • Al: His human form in 03 has noticeably darker, more brown hair than Ed, whereas in Brotherhood there’s really very little difference between the two. Shamballa Al is also very distinct: Long hair in a ponytail, basically dresses like Ed. Post-Promised Day Brotherhood Al looks older than Shamballa Al, and has short hair.
  • Winry: Her “work outfit” in 03 had a pink bandana and light purple pants. In Brotherhood, the bandana is green, and her pants are tan.
  • Rose: Had dark skin and pink bangs in 03, while in Brotherhood, her skin is light and her bangs are more of an auburn color. She also appeared much more in 03.
  • Scar: 03 Scar looked way younger, and had no cheekbones. Brotherhood Scar has cheekbones and could crush 03 Scar’s teen vogue looking ass with his bare hands.
  • Bradley: Brotherhood Bradley has wrinkles on his forehead, and a very defined nose. 03 Bradley has a more empty face, and also usually a darker skin tone. Brotherhood Bradley also looks a lot more pissed off compared to 03 Bradley, most of the time.
  • Greed: In 03, Greed’s shield form is dark blue with red eyes. In Brotherhood, it’s grey with black eyes. His undershirt is also dark blue in 03, while it’s dark red in Brotherhood. Also, obviously, Greeling does not appear in 03.
  • Kimblee: Brotherhood Kimblee is a suave ass motherfucker with the best fashion sense in the entire series. 03 Kimblee has this absolutely terrible circa 1980s Rachel Summers-esque braid/buzz cut combo that makes me want to cry every time I look at it.

Imagine if season 6 was sterek, not stydia.

Imagine Stiles, scared and desperate, using his last breath and final seconds to tell Derek that he loves him before being taken.

Imagine Derek knowing straight off that someone was missing and goes wandering around town until he finds Stiles’ Jeep and instantly remembers Stiles and all the times the scrawny kid had dragged Derek’s near-dead bod into that Jeep.

Imagine Derek breaking into the Stilinski home to prove Stiles’ room is there and to show his dad that his son was real.

Imagine Derek not believing Claudia is real for a second because he knows how many nights he spent talking to Stiles about how it felt to lose a mother.

Imagine Derek telling Scott to dig through his memories and reminding him who Stiles was.

Imagine Scott and Derek hovering over the police scanner in Stiles’ jeep to talk to Stiles.

Imagine Derek doing everything he can to make Sheriff Stilinski remember his son.

Imagine Derek crying into Stiles’ lacrosse uniform, scared that he’ll never see him again.

Imagine Derek and Scott opening the rift to bring back Stiles (because you know, Scott was his best friend, inseparable, and it was bullshit that he couldn’t open the rift).

Imagine Sheriff Stilinski shooting not-Claudia and then Derek charging at her and tearing the bitch in two to save his man.

Imagine, when everything is over, Derek moves away from Beacon Hills with Stiles and stands as his emotional support, best friend and number one boyfriend while Stiles goes through the pre-FBI program (and aces it).