wound up penguin

Why I Love Wonderfalls, Reason #1

I LOVE how every episode started with a little toy animal giving Jaye incredibly vague mission statements, and, no matter how hard the viewer tries, you can never guess what the little animals actually mean.

One of my favorite ones was the wound up penguin, from the episode of the same name (1x04)

“Bring her back to him”
Of course, we all thought the penguin meant to bring the runaway Nun back to the Priest, and it was too early in the series to fully catch on to the show’s clever trickery (cause later you are pretty sure that what Jaye thinks they mean is just a red haring, but you can never guess what the mission really is). I’m annoyingly pretty good at guessing endings, but Wonderfalls was one of the few shows that consistently surprised me episode-by-episode. 

And we later learn [SPOILER ALERT] that the penguin actually meant for the Priest to find his daughter that he never knew he had (dawwwwwwww). For those who’ve never seen the episode and read the spoiler anyways, the priest conceived (if you will) the child before he ever decided to become a priest (see, now it all makes sense)