Just a comic that has been in my mind for a while now, it’s been a long time since I did a full colour comic so I’m still experimenting with stuffs. Making comics are a lot of work and pretty time consuming but it’s really a lot of fun to work on, so I’ll definitely do more!

Grimpa does know what a selfie is but he doesn’t know the modern version of it.

also, Grimpa’s camera isn’t just an ordinary polaroid camera c;


After the previous comic strip started to hit a lot of notes, I’ve decided to do another one! :)
I’m officially naming this series as “Weylyn & Wendy”, a story focusing on the daily lives of 2 best friends. Weylyn, a werewolf with a condition that only allows him to return to his human form during the fullmoon and Wendy, the human girl who has the ability to see or communicate with ghosts or any other supernatural beings, she’s also the great grand daughter of the Grim Reaper.

I’m not turning this into a webcomic project that updates frequently because I don’t think I’ll be committed enough to do so and this will only be a little project that I’m doing for fun.

I had a dream about you last night again. It was nice, back there just sitting on your couch… my safe haven from the world. I dont know why you wont just talk to me, I dont know why you think I still dont accept who you are or wouldnt take you back in the blink of an eye. I would. Even though I dont know how I could trust you, I would do it anyway. I would try. I woulf trust anyway. I havent loved you a single iota less since you kicked me out of your life. You are still the greatest person Ive ever met and I miss you so terribly. Also, if that was you, my eyes arent sea green. If it wasnt, then I guess Im just rambling crazy again.

As you march off the field for your last performance,
Chin up, chest out, and toes to the sky,
Remember all the hard work you put in through the season.
Remember the days where it was too hot to function, and the days you were too tired and you thought about quitting.
Remember them and reflect on how much you’ve improved as a player, and as a person.
And think about what it would have been like if you never joined in the first place

Marching band has changed me, it made me a better player, a stronger person, and it has given me friends that i will always be close to.

As i marched off the field, knowing that i will never perform with that group of people again, i had a bitter sweet feeling knowing i found where i truly belong


I’m sorry, but it’s a thing and no amount of “Naruto’s ending was shit because Sakura didn’t get together with Naruto” is going to chabge that.

Like, guys. You may hate Naruhina all you want, but seriously. It has a lot of similarities and that’s a fact. At least, in the arechetypal category.

What I don’t understand is how some of you can compare it to Narusaku. Narusaku was such a glorified m e s s.