the new snapchat update lets any of your snapchat friends see where you are on a map!!! apart from being really creepy,, this is unsafe especially if you don’t want people you’re snapchat friends with knowing where you are down to the EXACT location (ppl dealing w/ abusive ex’s, sex workers, etc)

I can see myself in my kitchen and my friend at work on the map its v accurate make sure you set your status to ghost mode

Dating Diego Luna Would Include:

  • dancing around the house with him at 1 am 
  • getting along with his kids
  • playing with his hair
  • cooking and listening to loud music, dancing around the kitchen with him
  • him talking about you all the time in interviews
  • watching all of his young stuff and teasing him, him getting extremely red
  • talking in spanish with him
  • he always draws you a bath, and always gets in the shower with you 
  • holds you tightly at night 
  • also hanging out with Gael Garcia Bernal 
  • thinking he was just the cutest kid, again making him completely red
  • the first time he saw you naked, he did a quiet high pitched laugh and was smiling a bunch before tackling you with kisses
  • sings to you, even though he gets embarrassed at first 
  • he cooks breakfast everyday 
  • playing soccer with him, or watching him play soccer
  • exploring Mexico with him
  • calling each other “mi amor” 
  • saying “ay papi” around him, making him once again go completely red
  • “men are awful” *diego walks in smiling* “nvm” 
  • “Do you have any Mexican in you?” “no” “Would you like some?” 
  • “You have a jabba kink” “..yeah” 

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Which one of the boys wpuld be the best boyfriend/husband? Because they are quite abusive so i thought maybe you could do a headcanon of what they woulf be like :) thank you

*:・゚✧  Best to Worst as a S/O  *:・゚✧













*:・゚✧  Headcanons  *:・゚✧


Shuu: He is affectionate about 75% of the time, and loves to cuddle whenever really. But there are times when he has mood swings where he would rather be alone and listen to music, which results in him apologizing and more cuddles.

Reiji: This one is complicated. If Reiji ever started dating, it would start as somewhat of a reward system for him. Of course his partner wouldn’t intend for this, it would just happen. Everything he would do for his s/o would be for praise and genuine love. For example if you left your room messy before work, he’d clean it for you and expect/hope for you to be proud of him and praise him when you got home. He needs approval. As the relationship furthers, he wouldn’t be as needy for praise because he would have the confidence that you are in love with him and genuinely care for him.

Ayato: Similar to Reiji, he would want you to be proud of him and everything. He wouldn’t exactly go out of his way to do things for you to make him proud, but rather things that he did himself. He’d be loving in a sense, but not a lot for the first few months of dating.

Kanato: Heck all of these boys just crave praise and approval. ( thanks cordelia :)) ) But he wouldn’t do anything to make you proud of him because he expects you to already approve of him. But you just gotta say stuff like “hey you’re doing a good job” or “that looks perfect!” you know? He’d be very possessive and wouldn’t let you go outside very much. Good luck <3

Laito: This one is also pretty complicated. He thinks of sexual gestures such as forcing himself upon you or slapping your butt, he’s thinks of that as showing affection. Saying “I love you” to him is the same as saying “Good Morning” in his eyes. You’d have to teach him that words mean more than touching and tell him that there is a line between sex and sexual harassment. Being with him would be tough until you taught him what love is. He’d be very grateful about this and he would cherish and love you in the right way. He’d actually be a very very good husband.

Subaru: Okay y’all already know he’s the best candidate for a husband on this list (if you’re looking for one who won’t torture you). He’d be very loving, he wouldn’t hurt you for his own pleasure like is other brothers. ?


Ruki: Oh boy look finally a nice one. Yes, I do have a very big headcanon that Ruki would make a lovely s/o. Taking care of them when their sick, buying them random gifts frequently, or even keeping them home from school every so often (not all the time that’s bad) to give them a break. He’d just be a good one! Good luck ! <3

Yuuma: Hmmm , ? I mean, yes I could see him as being the “strong cuddly” s/o type. But he would have his moments of being way too abrasive in how he shows it. He’d be nice and all, a little short tempered but everyone on this list sort of is anyways.

Azusa: Oh my gosh it is no wonder why this boy is number 2 on our list. There is really on one reason why he is’t number one, it’s the whole “Pain” thing. It’s somewhat like Laito (though Azusa knows that “I love you” means more than “Good Morning”), they both show their love in wrong ways because of their childhood. You need to show him that stabbing someone in the neck is not equivalent to the meaning “I love you”. Other than that, he’d be a very sweet, and kind s/o.

Kou: Eh ? He’d be an alright s/o. It really depends on what kind of person you are and who you can get along with. For instance, if you easily get annoyed by clingy people, Kou is’t the one for you. But, if you like that kinda thing go ahead. Not only is he clingy, he has severe mood swings. He can go from “I love you!” to “Oh my gosh I hate you” in under a minute. That’s the major reason he’s so low on this list.


Carla: Sure ! He’s a good s/o, if you tilt your head a little. A relationship with him would be complicated for many many reasons. He is a pretty serious character who rarely lets his guard down. It’d be hard to get any emotion out of him without doing anything that would threaten his or your life.

Shin: Here’s the thing with Shin, he’s like Ayato but a little bit more mannered. No he doesn’t need the constant praise and whatnot, but he has the same demeanor. Honestly just behave and do as he says and he’ll be nice and kind! I don’t think I need to explain what will happen if you do otherwise.

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How do you think pregame amami woulf react to ingame ouma? Like this sweet pushover becoming such a lil shit lmao

Either he’d think of him as a huge annoyance or just a fun object, or-

They’d get along way too well, creating chaos where ever they go together!

『 Please do not use without permission!! Do not claim as your own!! ੧(❛□❛✿) 』
Birthday Proposal

Title: Birthday Proposal

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: Chris celebrating his birthday with family.

Word Count: 1,100

Warnings: None (Rating G)

Note: So this story was inspired by one of @emilyevanston recent Head Canons. Thank you so much for giving me permission to play in your sandbox.

Feedback and thoughts greatly appreciated. This story is not beta’d.

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Ahhh I totally love your bakunawa au!!! Its so cute. Is Jeremy actually a moon/sea spirit or is it just a recurring motif? (Bc it woulf be super cool, especially if he didn't really know about it and it just like happened one day?)

this is actually @actualbird‘s au that i am Carrying! its established in their fic  that jeres an ordinary human that is likened to both the sea and the moon because gay

I mentioned before that I think Sinnoh could definitely benefit from Alola’s Ride Pager, what with how many HMs Sinnoh needs to get around. So here are some proposed Pokemon for the job.

First off, I call it the Guide Pager rather than the Ride Pager since you wouldn’t ride every Pokemon. And I tried to limit this to Pokemon you could find in Sinnoh.

Cut would be handled by Scyther, who you could call to cut down small trees or bunches of bramble and thorns in your pathway. Thinking like a hedge maze of sorts leading to places like the Eterna Mansion or Turnback Cave, in place of one or two cut trees. You would follow behind Scyther and direct which way he would go down a path, and he’d automatically cut down stuff until he comes to a crossroads and awaits further instruction.

Fly would be handled by Staraptor this time around. After all, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia used Staraptor as your key Flier, so why not?

Surf would be handled by Lumineon for short distances/small bodies of water, and be used kinda like a jet ski, like Sharpedo in Sun and Moon, but not as fast. Larger bodies of water woulf be handled with Gyarados, and you could fish off its back, and crush boulders, too.

Strength would, again, be handled by Machamp, just like in Alola. But he’d pull double duty, being able to use Rock Smash as well. I figure Strength would be mapped to the A button and Rock Smash to the B button.

Waterfall would be handled by Gyarados, in a nod to its mythological origin of the salmon jumping a waterfall to become a dragon.

Rhyperior would be used for Rock Climb, and could also drill into certain places in the mountainside for items.

Staraptor could also be used for Defog, just blowing away the fog a few feet directly in front of you. Although, you would have to keep using it every now and then, as the fog would roll back in. Just to make Defog a little less useless.

And Rapidash would be kind of a bonus/bike replacement. You can ride around on it for extra speed, but its mane and tail could also be used to light caves. If you approach ledges with high enough speed, you’ll be able to jump up them, same with steep slopes.

There would be other Pokemon you could ride on, but they would be tied to their areas, unable to be called like these ones. I’ll sketch those up later.

Sometimes I think about how it’s a good thing that the Weasley children came and rescued Harry from the Dursleys in the second book.
Not so much becuase they saved him from terrible suffering, but because Mrs.Weasley would have been sent to Azkaban on charges of the murder of the Dursleys if she had gone to get Harry herslef.

Dating Klaus Mikaelson would include


Hell yes you can, honey! First of all, thank you for reading my story - to whom it may concern, it’s called Family Above All // The Mikaelsons, on Wattpad, with the username same as here, @not-a-total-cunt.

So, dating Nik would definitely include:

• Okay let’s be real, his temper being worse than one of a tired, unfed 5 year old at 11 pm, so yeah, yikes
• Him not understanding your 21st century abbreviations, memes, and other stuff, becuase, he is a very, very old man
Hey Nik, ever met Marilyn Monroe?
• How about Kurt Cobain?
• Hey Nik did you know Leonardo DaVinci?
• Yes, love, we were practically best friends.
• Making him read to you because HOT DAMN THAT ACCENT
I am not watching Twilight, sweetheart.
• Shut up Nik you’re just jealous you don’t sparkle
• Being best friends with Rebekah
• Him drawing you
• Like a lot
• Him, along with the rest of his family, always protecting you
• You kinda have a love-hate relationship with that because let’s be honest
No, Nik, it’s just a cough, I do not need your blood to heal me
• Caroline low-key hating you
• Caroline high-key hating you
• Hayley hating you too
• Everyone low-key hating you because you have all that hybrid ass to yourself
• Even the people who hate him and wish he burned in hell
• Eventually becoming just as psychotic as he is
• Having to put up with Stefan and Klaus giving each other eye sex
• All day
• Every day
• You love it when he talks about him because “rippah

Well I guess that was it, hahah, seriously, if you have any fandom-wise requests, I’d love to do it! Hope you liked!