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It might have been a combo of all three tbh. His tooth may have been broken from trauma, and the exposed nerves/pulp would have been vulnerable to decay via bacteria and later on eventual infection. I’M SORRY

Wow Ash thank you for the heartbreaking contribution :)))) That makes a lot of sense though!! His teeth honestly didn’t stand a chance. He probably had to get a lot of them pulled (the ones that weren’t knocked out/didn’t fall out). A bit of a silver lining though – at least it looks like he’s gotten them all fixed up now! He probably got dental implants/crowns. A lot of his teeth may be fake but they’re beautiful.

Scarecrow Year One: Animated Casting Call

I’m looking for actors for my soon to be animation for the Scarecrow Year One comic. For now, I am going to focus upon only a few of the characters, however all characters are going to be eventually required. I do want to have the whole thing animated at some point.

Anyone can apply for one or multiple characters. I’d also like to preface that gender of the actor does not matter, if your voice fits.  I’ve added notes below each character so you have an idea what I’m kind of looking for. These are not set in stone, so feel free to divert a little, however the main characters should stay pretty close to their descriptions.

Characters are listed from most important to least important in terms of who I need cast first. I plan on animating this comic out of order, so I want to focus on characters that appear the most and scenes that will be easiest to animate first. This means that I am focusing on Jonathan’s part of the story first, then Batman’s.

How it Works If you would like to try out, Please send me a chat//message stating which character(s) you want and I will get back to you with a small script. (Currently in the process of writing up the draft, it should be ready by tonight. The full version will come later) 

You will then have three days to record you lines. However, I am going to set a rough deadline for the Main characters, let’s say December 16th  By then, I want to have some auditions in for those characters. Deadline may be extended if necessary.This gives people time to see the post, and record lines. You only need to record a few lines to try out. Please send me an mp3 file or something similar once you have your lines recorded. I may consider a Skype chat if people would rather try out that way.


I would need these character’s lines recorded first

Jonathan Crane (adult): Looking for someone who has a clear southern accent and can sing, however I need you to downplay the accent well enough that it seems like it barely has one. Or perhaps you only show off the accent during the stressful situations? While not required, its always been my own personal preference that his voice be somewhat effeminate, akin to how he was portrayed in the Arkham games by Dino Andrade.
Jonathan Crane (child): obviously needs to sound younger, and the accent can be more pronounced.
Mary Keeny (Great Grandmother):
Tyrannical southern old woman, crabby passive aggressive tone, should also have a singing voice.
Marion Keeny (Grandmother):
similar voice to Mary, but slightly younger sounding
Karen Keeny (Mother):
Softest voice of them all, almost tender and with hidden undertones of heartbreak. A much different tone than the rest of her family.
Gerald Crane(Father):
Gruff/hoarse sounding voice.
Charlie (Karen’s husband): Give me the biggest, most ignorant, southern accent you can muster for this abusive husband.
Professor Pigeon:
Esteemed and intelligent tone, humble (Also including the faculty member here who has one line during his hearing)
Jonathan’s Bullies: 
Immature and pathetic sounding (Three children total, can be played by one person)

These characters are not required at the moment , but I am listing them if someone is interested in participating, but can’t play an accent. You are still welcome to try out for these characters now, but their scenes won’t be animated till later.

Batman: Doesn’t need explanation, similar to arkham games maybe?
Its dick grayson and he’s obviously young, high pitched teenager voice
same as batman, voice already defined
Pigeon’s butler has one line. Any butler voice will do.
Costume Shop Owner:
Semi-southern old man voice
Black college student, currently on
parole for selling weed.
Lamar’s girlfriend, one or two lines.
Forensics worker, appears in one scene. No particular voice needed.
Robert Stanton: Student reading off essay, No particular voice needed
Bartender and “Solly”: Biker gang voices
The Poker Players:
Generic southern male background voices
Gotham County Records Employee
: young black female voice
Olivia Dove (Formerly Marion Keeny) & Other Yacht Attendees:
Aristocratic/Misc voices


I have no idea if this voice acting thing is going to work, but I’m going to give it a shot. If you would like to follow this Project, then follow the tag “Scarecrow Year One Animated” or follow me for updates. I am tagging some users who expressed their interest in voicing characters. I hope you guys don’t mind. Apologies for the long post.

If you could, reblog this so as many people see. I need all kinds of voices, not just southern accents.


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